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Alison Wilde

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Cinematic Thoughts

Essays on Film and the Philosophy of Film

Gary James Jason

Cinematic Thoughts: Essays on Film and the Philosophy of Film is an anthology of essays Gary Jason published (mainly) between 2012 and 2018. The book has seven parts. Part One consists of essays on propaganda films. The topics include how the Nazi Regime used film as a tool of propaganda, and its use of radio for propaganda. Part Two contains articles on genocide and film. These include two broad surveys of Holocaust documentaries, ranging from those that were done at the end of WWII to Claude Lanzmann’s work. Also included are pieces reviewing the five major propaganda films the Nazi Regime produced aimed at arousing anti-Semitism in the populace leading up to the Holocaust. Part Three of the anthology concerns ethical theory as explored in film. Included here are three essays surveying how egoism is portrayed in classic movies, as well as one showing how Rossian ethical theory can be used to analyze conflicts of loyalty in classic war movies, and pieces illustrating virtue ethics. Part Four includes various articles on the history of cinema. One of the topics raised was whether the American film industry produced better films under the old, allegedly "monopolistic" studio system. Part Five of the anthology contains articles on the aesthetics of film. The topics here include how creativity can be portrayed in film, and why some great actors never win Oscars. Part Six contains pieces on classical liberalism in film, and Part Seven has miscellaneous articles on topics ranging from artists to criminals.

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Xiaokun Wang and Wenjing Zhang

As the most important ancient cultural relics in prehistory, rock painting has become a direct basis for the reproduction of human history and ideological process. Since the late 1970s, Yinshan rock paintings have been found in large quantities. In this study of Yinshan Rock Paintings, 2842 rock paintings, which can be used as research materials in the Yinshan area, are collected, sorted and classified systematically and the distribution characteristics of rock paintings in each area and the distribution and change rules of main rock painting types are summarized, and the staged study and age exploration are attempted. At the same time, this book places Yinshan Rock Paintings into the overall framework of Chinese rock paintings for analysis, so that we can have a more comprehensive understanding of the overall characteristics and status of Yinshan Rock Paintings, and on this basis, preliminarily establish the basic framework of Yinshan Rock Painting type distribution and chronological sequence.

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MIMOS 2020

Jossi Wieler


Edited by Paola Gilardi

Jossi Wieler ist einer der prägendsten Schauspiel- und Opernregisseure im deutschsprachigen Raum. Kreation im Dialog und tiefgründige Erkundungen eines Stoffs auf seine gesellschaftspolitische Relevanz für die Gegenwart zeichnen sein Schaffen aus. Mehrstimmig gibt der vorliegende Band Einblick in seine Arbeitsweisen, die wechselseitige Inspiration im Probenprozess und die Ethik seiner Ästhetik.

Jossi Wieler est l’un des metteurs en scène de théâtre et d’opéra les plus influents de l’espace germanophone. Son art repose sur la création en dialogue et sur une exploration des pièces et partitions à la recherche de leur pertinence pour le monde d’aujourd’hui. A plusieurs voix, cet ouvrage met en lumière sa démarche, l’inspiration mutuelle dans le processus de répétition, et l’éthique de son esthétique.

Jossi Wieler è uno dei registi teatrali e d’opera più apprezzati nel mondo germanofono. La creazione in dialogo e lo scavo nelle pièce e partiture al fine di estrapolarne la rilevanza per il presente caratterizzano il suo lavoro. A più voci, questo volume mette in luce il suo approccio, l’importanza dell’ispirazione reciproca nel processo creativo, e l’etica della sua estetica.

As one of the defining theatre and opera directors in the German-speaking world, Jossi Wieler has developed his signature style by creating ideas through dialogue and dissecting works for their socio-political relevance for present-day audiences. In this volume, a range of voices shed light on his working methods, the significance of reciprocal inspiration in the creative process and the ethics of his aesthetic.

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Felicity Baker and Markus Tessing Schneider

Although Mozart’s Don Giovanni (1787) is the most analysed of all operas, Lorenzo Da Ponte’s libretto has rarely been studied as a work of poetry in its own right. The author argues that the libretto, rather than perpetuating the conservative religious morality implicit in the story of Don Juan, subjects our culture’s myth of human sexuality to a critical rewriting. Combining poetic close reading with approaches drawn from linguistics, psychoanalysis, anthropology, political theory, legal history, intellectual history, literary history, art history and theatrical performance analysis, she studies the Don Giovanni libretto as a radical political text of the Late Enlightenment, which has lost none of its ability to provoke. The questions it raises concerning the nature of compassion, seduction and violence, and the autonomy and responsibility of the individual, are still highly relevant for us today.

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Transmedia Cultures

A Companion

Edited by Simon Bacon

What is Transmedia?

The Transmedia Cultures companion demonstrates that transmedia, and indeed transmedia storytelling, are fundamental to the human experience of being in the world and creating the stories of who we are, both as individuals and communities. Transmedia is not just limited to the Star Wars or Harry Potter franchises nor narratives exclusive to new media platforms and devices, though both these areas will necessarily be discussed. Indeed, transmedia embraces a multiplicity of media platforms (old and new, online and offline), content expansion, and evolving forms of audience engagement.

This collection of concise, readable essays takes a holistic approach, expanding the areas of everyday life implicated in transmedia worldbuilding and the levels of immersion that they, purposely or otherwise, create. Beginning with a comprehensive introduction and historical overview, the volume explores contemporary transmedia worlds like Buffy the Vampire Slayer, The Walking Dead, Life is Strange and BTS Universe as well as urgent topics such as COVID-19, Black Lives Matter, and human rights on the internet. User-created worlds (Magic: A Gathering) and ones that express individual identities (Queerskins) are also of particular interest.

This volume offers a fresh approach to transmedia cultures, revealing the ever-increasing levels of entanglement they have within our real lives and with those we experience in other more imaginative or creative ones, bringing into focus exactly what is at stake in the «worlds» we choose to call our own.

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Jüdisches Kulturerbe MUSIK – Divergenzen und Zeitlichkeit

Überlegungen zu einer kulturellen Nachhaltigkeit aus Sicht der Jüdischen Musikstudien


Edited by Sarah M. Ross

Seit den 1960er Jahren steigt in Europa die Zahl der jüdischen Kulturerbeprojekte. Im Gedenken an die Schoa suchen Nichtjuden die Relikte der Vergangenheit zu bewahren und lassen dabei nicht selten die gegenwärtigen jüdischen Gemeinden außer Acht. Die Autorinnen unterziehen diese Praxis des „authorized heritage" einer kritischen Betrachtung. Mit Blick auf das jüdische Kulturerbe Musik enthüllen sie vor dem Hintergrund aktueller Debatten um kulturelle Nachhaltigkeit die Gefahren von Konstruktion, kultureller Aneignung und Instrumentalisierung des Erbes. Mit der Diskussion innerjüdischer Nachhaltigkeitskonzepte, flankiert von philosophischen Thesen zum Erbe und zur Verantwortung für den Anderen, werden Denkanstöße für einen neuen, zukunftsorientierten Umgang mit jüdischem Kulturerbe gegeben.

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Missa una cum tribus Mottetis 1681

Valentin Müller (Molitor) OSB


Edited by Luigi Collarile

Am 15. September 1680 fand die feierliche Translation der Reliquien der Katakombenheiligen Sergius, Bacchus, Hyacinthus und Erasmus im Kloster St. Gallen statt. Als Director musicae bekam der Stiftsorganist Pater Valentin Müller (Molitor) die Aufgabe, die Musik für die Feier zu verfassen. 1681 wurde ein Teil des dafür komponierten Repertoires unter dem Titel Missa una cum tribus Mottetis in Solemni Translatione SS. MM. Sergii, Bacchi, Hyacinthi et Erasmi ab octo vocibus concertantibus, et 7. Instrumentis, sed tantium quatuor necessariis in Monasterio S. Galli decantata herausgegeben. Der im Kloster St. Gallen produzierte Musikdruck enthält ein vollständiges Ordinarium missae (Kyrie, Gloria, Credo, Sanctus und Agnus Dei) sowie drei Motetten. Grandios ist die aufwendige Besetzung mit zwei vierstimmigen Chören sowie einem reichen, dem Festcharakter angemessenen Instrumentarium. Die Musik stellt damit ein wertvolles Zeugnis des benediktinischen Musikrepertoires dar, wie es im Kloster St. Gallen in der zweiten Hälfte des 17. Jahrhunderts gepflegt wurde.

Der vorliegende Band enthält die vollständige kritische Ausgabe der 1681 erschienenen Werke von Pater Valentin Müller (Molitor) sowie eine historische Einleitung.

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Distinto amanecer: Max Aub en México, 1943-1944

Industria cinematográfica y política cultural


César A. Núñez

En 1943 se filmó la película Distinto amanecer, basada en la obra teatral La vida conyugal, de Max Aub. A partir de entonces, el escritor trabajará en la industria cinematográfica mexicana, que experimentaba un notable desarrollo, una verdadera "época de oro", y será una de sus principales fuentes de ingresos con las que subsistir en su vida de exiliado republicano. Las tensiones resultantes de la primera relación con esa industria tendrán consecuencias sobre su posterior inserción en el ámbito cultural del refugio. Revisar esas tensiones ayuda a comprender los primeros tiempos de Aub en México tanto como a vislumbrar rasgos del mundo intellectual en el que desenvolvió su trabajo. La película, en fin, permite hilar una compleja red de nexos entre la política, la industria cultural y la esfera artística, para mostrar una imagen no siempre perceptible a simple vista. Dado que la adaptación de la obra teatral al film generó una serie de conflictos entre Aub y el director, Julio Bracho, se estudia aquí esa polémica, a partir no sólo de los documentos rescatados por diversos investigadores, sino también, por primera vez, del guion original de la película. Este guion, olvidado desde 1943, es un interesante testimonio que echa luz sobre los objetivos y pretensiones de una producción con la que, a pesar de todo, Aub comenzaba su extenso vínculo con el cine mexicano.

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Dramatism and Musical Theater

Experiments in Rhetorical Performance

Kimberly Eckel Beasley and James P. Beasley

Dramatism and Musical Theater: Experiments in Rhetorical Performance is an innovative workbook for both students and teachers in advanced communication performance. Meeting at the nexus of English composition, advanced rhetoric, theater, music, and drama, this book utilizes Kenneth Burke's method of dramatism to discover the motives inherent in performance practices, whether they be in the classroom or on the stage. In this book Kimberly Eckel Beasley and James P. Beasley take the five corners of the dramatistic pentad (act, scene, agent, agency, and purpose) and demonstrate their utilization in performance analysis. The authors then correlate those performance practices with the production of five contemporary musicals: Little Women, Aida, Street Scene, Into the Woods, and Children of Eden in order to emphasize the use of the dramatistic pentad in character, scene, and staging direction. By doing so, the book highlights dramatism as a performance practice necessary for effective participation in artistic communities.

Dramatism and Musical Theater: Experiments in Rhetorical Performance is also an indispensable guide for teachers and directors to successfully navigate the challenges of collegiate theatrical production.