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Universitäre Englischlehrerbildung

Wege zu mehr Kohärenz im Studium und Korrespondenz mit der Praxis


Edited by Bärbel Diehr

Die Englischlehrerbildung findet in einem Spannungsfeld zwischen Theorie und Praxis statt. Die Aufgabe ihrer Weiterentwicklung stand im Mittelpunkt des Wuppertaler Symposiums Kohärenz und Korrespondenz in der universitären Englischlehrerbildung. Der Band enthält Beiträge aller Vortragenden aus Wissenschaft, Schule und Ausbildung. Sie gehen der Frage nach, wie die fachliche Fundierung des Studiums mit dem Professionsbezug zur Praxis verbunden werden kann. Dabei diskutieren sie Kohärenz in Bezug auf das Verhältnis zwischen Sprachwissenschaft, Literatur- und Kulturwissenschaft, Didaktik des Englischen und Praxiselementen. Zudem beleuchten sie den Austausch, die Korrespondenz, zwischen dem Schulfach Englisch und der universitären Disziplin Anglistik/Amerikanistik.

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Edited by Birgit Bauridl, Ingrid Gessner and Udo Hebel

Rooted in Transnational American Studies, this collection explores German-American encounters in Bavaria since 1945. Spanning a trajectory from the end of World War II to the contemporary American presence in the region, the articles and visuals discuss the impact of the transnational contact zone on negotiations of democratization, historical guilt, cultural diplomacy, identity politics, military cooperation, economic interaction, pop and folk culture, literature, memory, museums, and tourism. Articles on Rhineland-Palatinate, Austria, and the Netherlands signify the complexity of European-American relations. The volume complicates bipolar, solidifying comparative approaches in favor of multidirectional, fluid conceptualizations of intercultural transfer and transnational entanglements.

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Reading Authentic English Picture Books in the Primary School EFL Classroom

A Study of Reading Comprehension, Reading Strategies and FL Development


Julia Reckermann

This book deals with reading authentic English picture books in the primary school EFL classroom in Germany. Questioning whether teachers and researchers underestimate young learners’ competences in English as a foreign language, the author conducted a mixed methods study that investigated Year 4 EFL learners’ reading of six different picture books. While focusing on the learners’ reading comprehension and reading strategies, the study also explored the possible effects of regular reading on foreign language development. The results of the study suggest a greater focus on meaningful reading tasks in the primary school EFL classroom to create a challenging, authentic and individualised learning environment for young learners of English.

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Sichtweisen auf den Englischunterricht

Die Bedeutung des Migrationshintergrunds von Englischlehrerinnen und Englischlehrern für den inter-/transkulturellen Englischunterricht – eine empirische Studie


Soumaya Djemai-Runkel

Das Buch untersucht die Sichtweisen von Englischlehrern mit Migrationshintergrund auf den Englischunterricht. Die Autorin geht hierbei der Frage nach, welchen Einfluss die inter-/transkulturellen Lebenserfahrungen auf die LehrerInnen ausübt und rekonstruiert diese systematisch, um sie für didaktisch-methodische Überlegungen zu nutzen. Das Buch bedient sich des problemzentrierten Interviews als zentraler Untersuchungsmethode. Die Auswertung der Datenerhebung lässt darauf schließen, dass Englischlehrer mit Migrationshintergrund ein besonderes Potenzial für den Englischunterricht aufweisen. Darüber hinaus resultieren die Ergebnisse in der Erweiterung und Modifizierung des ICC/TC-Modells sowie in dem Modell zu portativen Kompetenzen.

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Beyond Diversity

The Past and the Future of English Studies


Edited by Przemysław Żywiczyński, Marta Sibierska and Waldemar Skrzypczak

This book offers a collection of papers that, taken jointly, show the academic potential of English Studies – its most contemporary lines of investigation seen against the area’s traditional concerns. The chapters illustrate a cross section of research in English literature, linguistics, language teaching and translation studies – disciplines traditionally pursued at Departments of English. They also show an expansion of the core philological lines of research into other areas of knowledge, such as semiotics or comparative and cognitive studies. The book thus makes a strong case that the philological ethos, reflected in the Polish translation of «English Studies» as filologia angielska, still constitutes a valuable academic formula.

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Representations of Women in Theocritus’s Idylls

Authenticity of the Female Voice in the Erotic and Non-Erotic Portrayals

Marilyn Likosky

Hellenistic poet Theocritus showcased a wide variety of women and their relationships to men in his work. Representations of Women in Theocritus’s Idylls: Authenticity of the Female Voice in the Erotic and Non-Erotic Portrayals is the first comprehensive analysis of these women. This book uses a unique and widely inclusive set of tools derived from gender studies, literary criticism, and Hellenistic history to extract the voices of females, as most are silent themselves and spoken for by others. This analysis questions the validity of the female voice and determines authenticity through a method derived from Lacanian psychoanalysis. Author Marilyn Likosky identifies a female erotic voice that according to criteria is not attributed to a woman but rather to the imagination of the male responding to perceived risks in engaging with a female at a time in which she received greater liberties. Theocritus explores a number of candidate strategies for males to lessen disruptions from erotic encounters. Likosky identifies an ambiguity in the presentation of voice, finding it likely an intentional means for Theocritus to engage his audience in troublesome issues. This book supports academic seminars in gender studies, Hellenistic poetry, and literary criticism.

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inklings – Jahrbuch für Literatur und Ästhetik

Faszination Harry Potter / The Allure of Harry Potter. Symposium 2017 in Aachen


Edited by Dieter Petzold and Klaudia Seibel

«Inklings» nannte sich eine Gruppe von Schriftstellern und Geisteswissenschaftlern in Oxford, deren bekannteste Mitglieder J.R.R. Tolkien und C.S. Lewis waren. Die Inklings-Gesellschaft e.V. widmet sich seit 1983 dem Studium und der Verbreitung der Werke dieser und ihnen nahestehender Autoren sowie der Analyse des Phantastischen in Literatur, Film und Kunst allgemein. Ihre Jahrestagungen werden in Jahrbüchern dokumentiert. Dieser Band enthält zehn Vorträge der Tagung «Faszination Harry Potter», die 2017 in Aachen stattfand, sowie drei weitere Beiträge und zahlreiche Rezensionen.

«Inklings» was the name of a group of Oxford scholars and writers; its best-known members were J.R.R. Tolkien and C.S. Lewis. The German Inklings-Gesellschaft, founded in 1983, is dedicated to the discussion and dissemination of the works of these authors and of writers commonly associated with them and to the study of the fantastic in literature, film and the arts in general. The proceedings of the annual Inklings conferences are published in yearbooks. This volume contains ten papers presented at the 2017 conference entitled «The Allure of Harry Potter». In addition, there are three general articles and numerous reviews.

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John Bickley

In Dreams, Visions, and the Rhetoric of Authority, John Bickley explores the ways dreams and visions in literature function as authorizing devices, both affirming and complicating a text’s authority. After providing a framework for categorizing the diverse genres and modes of dream and vision texts, Bickley demonstrates how the theme of authority and strategies for textual self-authorization play out in four highly influential works: the Book of Daniel, Macrobius’s Commentary on the Dream of Scipio, Julian of Norwich’s Revelations of Love, and Chaucer’s Hous of Fame.

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The Power of Silence

Exploration of Muteness in Jerzy Kosinski's «The Painted Bird» and Ken Kesey's «One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest»

Hasine Şen

This book discusses silence as a state born either by trauma-inflicted muteness or deliberate abstinence from speech focusing on the mute(d) characters, the nonverbal forms of communication and textual ellipses in Jerzy Kosinski’s «The Painted Bird» and Ken Kesey’s «One Flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest». Using a methodological approach based on the close reading of the novels, the work proposes that Kosinski and Kesey disrupt the conventional equation of power with speech and present silence as a valiant mode of resistance too. It also explores how the trope of muteness functions as an implicit strategy for the investigation of language itself, its power to create meaning, to control and eventually— silence.