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Edited by Barbara Janusz-Pohl

Juvenile Justice Systems outlines options for shaping the juvenile liability models, in the form of model-patterns: the welfare model, the justice model, the rehabilitative treatment model, the restorative justice model, and different mixed models, especially the so-called “4xD formula.” This comparative work consists of 4 parts, describing the general issues of juvenile criminal liability and characterizing three mixed models: the Polish, the Brazilian and the Portuguese. The comparison of three systems severely influenced by welfare ideas is seen as an innovative element of the presented work. The critical, theoretical analysis contributes to the reflection on the modelling of juvenile justice systems. Therefore, it may be of particular interest to legal researchers and practitioners.

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Voluntary Sustainability Standards

Illusions of Progress and a Way Forward

Ulrich Hoffmann and Arpit Bhutani

Sustainability standards, and in particular voluntary sustainability standards (VSS) have become an integral part of facilitating green consumerism and promoting green economy and green growth. While such standards have undoubtedly led to some desirable change in production structures and methods, as well as in improved material, resource and energy efficiency, overall results have remained modest, mostly incremental and far from leading to transformational, sector- or economy-wide changes. It is therefore high time that after some 30 years of increasing use of sustainability standards one takes stock of their achievements and pros and cons. This analysis should however not be confined to a technical review of the progress in improving or perfectioning the standard system and best practice in standard application and use, but primarily focus on a review of the political economy of VSS and their record in reshaping the current largely unsustainable agro-food economy and the situation of farmers. Many, in particular voluntary sustainability standards are now at a crossroads, but instead of realizing the systemic, deep-rooted nature of the crisis and conceiving of much-required reforms most standard advocates continue to focus their activities on improving the functioning of the standard system and emulating or disseminating best standard-compliance practice. Against this background, the book wonders what the illusions and what the reality of VSS have been in recent decades and whether these standards can be made fit for a future, in which sustainability issues are bound to play an even more important and pressing role. As appendix we looked into the relationship between the Corona crisis as one of the many other epidemics which have hit us hard and the future of globalized supply chains, of which VSS are part of.
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Measuring the Effectivity of Environmental Law

Legal Indicators for Sustainable Development

Michel Prieur and Christophe Bastin

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Mesurer l’effectivité du droit de l’environnement

Des indicateurs juridiques au service du développement durable

Michel Prieur, Christophe Bastin and Ali Mekouar

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Christiane Krumme

Edited by Karlheinz Muscheler

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Ehe und Familienschutz in Zeiten des demografischen Wandels

Ein Rechtsvergleich zwischen dem deutschen und ivorischen Einkommensteuerrecht


Patric Kra

Ziel dieser Arbeit war, das Wesen der deutschen Steuerdisziplin und des ivorischen Steuersystems, welches aufgrund der Kolonialzeit auch als Erbe Frankreichs angesehen wird, historisch auszuarbeiten. Besonders betrachtet wurde der steuerrechtliche Rahmen, da dieser in hohem Maße dem Schutz der Ehe und Familie dient. Anhand der unterschiedlichen Steuersysteme werden Verbesserungsvorschläge für das Steuersystem Deutschlands und der Elfenbeinküste gegeben, um die Ehe und die Familie besser zu schützen. Das Hauptaugenmerk liegt bei meinen Betrachtungen immer auf dem Schutz des/der Kindes/r. Insbesondere wird dabei auf die Stellung der Frau und deren Wandlung in den letzten Jahrzehnten eingegangen und es werden Vorschläge gemacht, wie vor allem Alleinerziehende und berufstätige Mütter sowohl in Deutschland als auch in der Elfenbeinküste steuerlich entlastet werden können und verfügt daher über einen hohen aktuellen Bezug.

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L’organisation et la valorisation de la recherche

Problématique européenne et étude comparée de la France et de l’Allemagne


Jean-Alain Héraud and Nathalie Popiolek

Le système de recherche et d’innovation constitue un élément central de notre société moderne fondée sur la connaissance. Or, avec la numérisation de l’économie et la globalisation de la recherche comme des échanges, son contexte est en train de changer radicalement. Au vu des grands enjeux sociétaux tels que le changement climatique, les crises sanitaires ou les défis démocratiques, la science doit être requestionnée pour nous aider à construire un monde plus résilient et plus juste. La problématique est celle de l’organisation de la recherche.

En se référant aux fondements de l’économie et en prenant un recul historique, ce livre décrit les liens entre recherche, innovation et transformations sociétales de grande ampleur. Il considère de manière systémique le triptyque État-Université-Entreprise et suggère de reconfigurer tant les politiques publiques que les stratégies de recherche et d’innovation en entreprises, pour accorder davantage de place à la concertation stratégique entre acteurs, à tous les niveaux (Europe, États-membres, territoires). Une des questions centrales du livre a trait à la valorisation de la recherche, en évaluant ses impacts économique, mais aussi sociétal, environnemental, culturel et éthique.

De nombreux exemples, empruntés aux cas allemand et français, illustrent le propos en montrant l’évolution de leur système de recherche dans un contexte historique et culturel différent. Si les deux pays partagent beaucoup d’enjeux propres à notre époque, leur manière de répondre aux défis n’est pas exactement la même. La comparaison peut être fertile.

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Christopher M. Tingley

This book is a look inside the day-to-day life of a retail manager as he witnessed from the front lines a company take the country by storm. Through a model of selling low priced clothing partnered with celebrity endorsements, the company’s rise was as big as their fall. After over a decade of teaching, the author, now a marketing and strategy professor, recalls his former life in retail. In a light-hearted and funny first-person narrative, the author takes you on a ride through his time with the now defunct clothing retailer Steve and Barry’s. He shares the lessons he learned from inside the store while watching mistakes made along the way. Through stories of being robbed at gunpoint, finding a dead body in the dumpster, and working to the point of exhaustion, the reader is given a firsthand account of the best and worst practices in store management. Designed to introduce students to business, management, entrepreneurship, and retail, it allows students to answer the question “Do I really want to be a manager?”