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Herbert E. Craig

This book examines in detail the numerous translations and revisions to these two essential languages of one of the outstanding works of French and world literature. Although the Spanish poet Pedro Salinas completed the first translation in the world of Proust’s first two volumes (1920, 1922), it was C. K. Scott Moncrieff of England who was largely responsible for the first complete translation of the Recherche (1922-1931). Since then there have been many partial translations of Proust’s seven volumes, as well as one new complete translation for English and three for Spanish since 2000. Through comparison of first the English versions and then the Spanish versions of each important segment of the Recherche, the author attempts to determine which translation or revision is the best for each one. Factors included the addition or omission of elements, mistakes in the translation of words, phases or levels and the importance given to equivalency or fluency.
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Die Bekämpfung des Anschleichens an eine börsennotierte Gesellschaft und das Gebot der Rechtssicherheit

Eine Analyse der aktuellen Meldepflichten des WpHG bezüglich stimmrechtsvermittelnder Instrumente des Kapitalmarkts unter besonderer Beachtung des strafrechtlichen Bestimmtheitsgrundsatzes des Art. 103 Abs. 2 GG


Erik Emmerling

Der Autor untersucht die Offenlegungspflichten des 6. Abschnitts des WpHG, namentlich die §§ 33, 38 und 39 WpHG. Seit ihrem Inkrafttreten haben die Regelungen zur Beteiligungstransparenz bereits mehrfach Änderungen erfahren. Dies vor allem aufgrund aufsehenerregender Fälle des sog. Anschleichens. Die für ein Anschleichen genutzten Finanzinstrumente der Gestaltungspraxis veranlassten den Gesetzgeber zu weitreichenden Anpassungen des Anwendungsbereichs. Der Autor geht nicht nur der Frage nach, ob die derzeitigen Meldepflichten geeignet sind, das Anschleichen an eine börsennotierte Gesellschaft zu verhindern, sondern es wird vor allem herausgearbeitet, wie die Meldepflichttatbestände auszulegen sind und ob sie den verfassungsrechtlichen Bestimmtheitsanforderungen genügen.

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Rafał Kosiński, Kamilla Twardowska, Aneta Zabrocka and Adrian Szopa

Edited by Philip Rance

This book provides the reader with a comprehensive edition of the Church Histories by John Diakrinomenos and Theodore Lector. It contains the original texts along with translations into English and a commentary. We offer a completely new edition, which should be a convenient tool to be used by the researchers. We have made a clear distinction between what is certainly the content that comes from Theodore and the later transmission of the factual information derived from his Church History as can be found in various Byzantine works. We have also attempted, in each particular instance, to trace the connection between the transmission in the later works and Theodore’s composition. It should be emphasized that it is the first translation of all Theodorean tradition into modern language.

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A Hypertextual Commentary


Bartosz Adamczewski

This monograph demonstrates that the book of Genesis is a result of highly creative, hypertextual reworking of the book of Deuteronomy. This detailed reworking consists of around 1,000 strictly sequentially organized matter, and at times also linguistic correspondences between Genesis and Deuteronomy. The strictly sequential, hypertextual dependence on Deuteronomy explains numerous surprising features of Genesis. The critical analysis of Genesis as a coherently composed hypertextual work disproves hypotheses of the existence in these writings of Priestly and non-Priestly materials or multiple literary layers.

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Susan K. Brondyk and Nancy L. Cook

Changing people’s practice is difficult, shifting the culture of an organization even more so. This book is a description of how one education preparation program did both. This is the story of how they transformed their student teaching program, creating tools and structures that resulted in mentors and student teachers working together in new ways. At the heart of their model is an assessment tool—STAT, for short—used to track the growth and development of student teachers and guide conversations between the college supervisor, cooperating teacher and student teacher. Although this book describes Hope College’s new student teaching model it is really about change. This story takes the reader through the complex change process of one institution, examining the loosely coupled dynamic between leaders and individuals. It describes the natural tension between support and autonomy as program leaders walk alongside individuals as they enact a new practice. This book is intended for teacher educators interested in a developmental model of mentor support, but also for those faced with the daunting task of making changes in their own program. There are lessons learned, however, that go beyond teacher preparation and may serve as a catalyst for others as they engage in their own change process.

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Increase Supply, Reduce Demand and Punish Severely

A Contextual History of Meat in Communist Poland


Maria Pasztor and Dariusz Jarosz

A monograph on the social history of meat in Poland under the Communist regime (1945–1989). Based on an extensive archival research, which included the records of state institutions and the Communist party, the authors trace back the social and economic aspects of the production and circulation of meat in this period. They analyze, among other things, the problem political interventions into the meat economy in post-war Poland; abuses in meat trade, subjected to severe punishments including death; or the role of meat in the everyday life of Polish families. The dissatisfaction with shortages of meat products emerges as an immanent feature of Polish everyday life until 1989, often resulting in social unrest and becoming a popular theme of rumors and political jokes.

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Edited by Stephanie G. Schartel Dunn and Gwendelyn S. Nisbett

Narratives and storytelling are how we create shared meaning and experience the world with others. Implications of narrative are vast and apply to many disciplines. The persuasive function of narrative can be seen in marketing, advertising, strategic social media, and public relations whose practitioners are using narrative based strategies to deeply engage audiences.

This interdisciplinary volume seeks to explore the range of applications and implications of using persuasive narrative and storytelling. Persuasive strategies include the use of influencers, celebrities, virtual reality, interactive games, and content marketing (among others). The authors explore the impact of the innovative strategies that persuaders are using to capture attention and actively engage audiences.

Through a variety of theoretical, qualitative, and quantitative approaches, this book focuses on the application and outcomes of narrative strategy. Ultimately we see this collection as a way to inspire narrative research into new directions and applications in media, marketing, public relations, advertising, and strategic communication fields.

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Anaïs Stampfli

Le roman francophone est souvent considéré comme le lieu d’enjeux stratégiques concernant la coprésence d’usages de langues. À cet égard, les Antilles présentent une situation tout à fait originale dans laquelle une « cacophonie » pourrait être envisagée, pour ce qui est des oeuvres de Patrick Chamoiseau et Raphaël Confiant comme un moyen d’expression des différentes tensions (narratives, énonciatives ou linguistiques) qui habitent le texte. Cependant, d’autres auteurs tels qu'André et Simone Schwarz-Bart, Maryse Condé, Daniel Maximin et Ernest Pépin adoptent une autre approche. Bien que leur écriture soit influencée par une certaine culture créole, ils livrent une différente vision de l’identité linguistique antillaise.

Cet ouvrage analyse la structure linguistique du roman antillais francophone en prenant autant en compte les différents partis pris des auteurs que la réception. Nous proposons ici une mise en perspective de l’écriture en coprésence de langues en mettant en relation les oeuvres des auteurs antillais contemporains avec des tentatives antérieures de superposition de langues. Ce travail permettra de saisir les influences et la portée de l’écriture en coprésence de langues des romanciers antillais contemporains.

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The Marianne Williamson Presidential Phenomenon

Cultural (R)Evolution in a Dangerous Time

R. Michael Fisher

The most important national election in U.S. history is underway. Marianne Williamson stepped-up to show she is confident to be president of the United States in 2020. She had to step down. Many people are supportive of her provocative healing vision for American, and that fan and voter-base is growing. She may run again in 2024. However, many are puzzled by her and many are critics on the Left and Right and in between. The book is a thorough case study of Williamson’s speeches, writings, and interviews. lt documents and analyzes the thoughts and feelings of her supporters and critics based on what they have written, performed, and published. It records history while it is being made. The author offers support and criticism of how Williamson’s leadership and her team could have done things different so as to be more successful in the presidential campaign. The big idea throughout the book is to emphasize, as does Williamson’s teaching, that spirituality and politics ought never be separated completely (as religion and the State), if we truly desire more than mere reforms of society, but desire a transformation to a truly better and more liberated world. The book highlights productive guideposts for Williamson and other leaders like Williamson in future campaigns. It offers Americans, and others, a view of "what happened" in 2019-20 that made Williamson an outstanding phenomenon. Students, scholars, journalists, politicians, and the general public interested in the improvement of politics will want to study this book.