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Communities for Social Change

Practicing Equality and Social Justice in Youth and Community Work


Annette Coburn and Sinéad Gormally

Communities for Social Change: Practicing Equality and Social Justice in Youth and Community Work examines core ideas of social justice and equality that underpin community and youth work. It informs understanding of a range of community concepts and practices that are used to identify practical skills and characteristics that can help to promote equality by challenging injustice. Working with people in different types of community can bring the kind of social change that makes a real and lasting difference. Although justice is a contested notion, Annette Coburn and Sinéad Gormally assert that it is closely interlinked with human rights and equality. A critical examination of contemporary literature draws on educational, sociological, and psychological perspectives, to set community practices within a context for learning that is conversational, critical and informal. Social justice is about identifying and seeking to address structural disadvantage, discrimination, and inequality. The authors assert that by refocusing on process, participation and collective rights, it is possible to create and sustain social justice. Transformative research paradigms help to produce findings that inspire and underpin political social action, and an analysis of practice based examples supports the promotion of increased critical consciousness. This makes Communities for Social Change a ‘must read’ for anyone studying or teaching community youth work or who is working in communities or with individuals who experience oppression or inequality. If you are committed to teaching and learning about theory and practice that promotes social change for equality and social justice, you will not be disappointed!

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Outils d’enseignement : au-delà de la baguette magique

Outils transformateurs, outils transformés dans des séquences d’enseignement en production écrite

Martine Wirthner

Un nouveau dispositif – un outil de travail – transforme les pratiques des enseignants qui, à leur tour, interprètent le nouvel outil et le réinventent. Comment cela se passe-t-il précisément dans les classes ? En quoi ces transformations sont-elles source de développement professionnel ?

Cet ouvrage rend compte des résultats d’une recherche en didactique du français, menée avec des enseignants du secondaire I de Suisse romande (élèves de 13–14 ans). Quatre enseignants ont expérimenté un dispositif original qui leur était présenté touchant à l’enseignement de l’écriture d’un résumé informatif. Avant cela, ils ont réalisé une séquence d’enseignement sur un objet similaire selon leur façon habituelle de le traiter.

Les observations faites dans les classes montrent comment les enseignants ont organisé les séquences d’enseignement, quels sont les outils qu’ils ont retenus, la manière dont ils les ont utilisés et les changements qu’ils ont choisi d’y apporter.

Démarche, constats et conclusions intéresseront aussi bien les chercheurs, les formateurs que les responsables scolaires concernés par l’introduction de nouveaux dispositifs d’enseignement dans les classes.

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Gerhard Banse, Christa Uhlig and Dieter Kirchhöfer

Der Sammelband thematisiert die Schulreform in der Sowjetischen Besatzungszone im Jahr 1946. Ziele, Inhalte und gesetzliche Grundlegung dieser Reform werden unter historischen, juristischen, schulgeschichtlichen und pädagogischen Aspekten analysiert. Geprägt wurde die Reform von der vielfältigen politischen, sozialen und kulturellen Suche nach neuen rationellen und nachhaltigen Wegen einer umfassenden antifaschistischen Demokratisierung, die einen grundlegenden Wandel der Bildung und Erziehung der heranwachsenden Generation anstrebte. Erstmalig in der Geschichte der deutschen Schule wurden gleiche Bildungschancen über Klassen-, Geschlechts- und regionale Unterschiede hinweg zum bildungspolitischen und pädagogischen Programm.

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Lisa Röder

Der Band stellt dar, inwiefern Teamarbeit bei Lehrkräften an berufsbildenden Schulen in Hessen mittlerweile implementiert ist und inwiefern ihre Einstellung und Motivation bezüglich Teamarbeit deren Qualität beeinflusst. Die Autorin nutzt standardisierte Items als methodischen Zugang. Ihre deskriptiv und inferenzstatistische Analyse bezieht sich auf eine große Stichprobe von Lehrpersonen an verschiedenen berufsbildenden Schulen in Südhessen. Die Autorin stellt fest, dass Teamarbeit mittlerweile an berufsbildenden Schulen etabliert ist, wenngleich deren jeweilige Ausprägungen von Team zu Team zwischen relativ pragmatischen und sehr internalen Ansätzen schwanken. Übergreifend sind die befragten Lehrkräfte tendenziell positiv gegenüber Teamarbeit eingestellt und schätzen deren Qualität mehrheitlich als hoch ein.

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Rules of Behavior and Interaction in German and Brazilian Classrooms

(Inter)cultural Uses of the Word in Schools


Fernanda de Castro Modl

This book synthesizes the results of fieldwork conducted using the method of participant observation in German and Brazilian classrooms at the same level of education (the German «vierte Klasse» of the «Grundschule» and the Brazilian 5th grade of elementary school). The author analyzes the phenomenon of distancing as related to linguistic and discursive behavior which is manifest through the use of the word in classroom interactions. This intercultural research contributes to a reevaluation of the understanding of classroom culture and to the perception of what cultural aspects inform institutional behavior within schools. The discursive analyses of transcribed classroom scenes and of narrative vignettes reveal aspects of the school within both culture and school culture.

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Black Women and Narratives of Resilience, Revised Edition


Robin Boylorn

Sweetwater: Black Women and Narratives of Resilience is a multi-generational story of growing up black and female in the rural south. At times heartbreaking, at times humorous, Sweetwater captures the artistry, strength, language and creativity shared by first-hand
accounts of black women in small-town North Carolina during the twentieth century. The book uncovers the versatility and universality of black women’s experiences and their exceptional capacity to love in the face of adversity, and hope in the midst of calamity. Sweetwater is about the black female experience as it relates to friendship, family, spirituality, poverty, education, addiction, mental illness, romantic relationships, and everyday survival. The merging themes show the resilience and resistance that black women exhibit while negotiating the intersecting oppressions of racism, classism, and sexism.

Written from field notes and memory, the author reveals the complexities of black women’s lived experiences by exposing the communicative and interpersonal choices black women make through storytelling. Narrative inquiry and black feminism are offered as creative educational tools for discussing how and why black women’s singular and interior lives are culturally and globally significant.

This revised edition preserves the original narratives but features new content including re-views, re-visions and re-considerations for re-writing autoethnography.

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Postgraduate Study in Australia

Surviving and Succeeding

Christopher McMaster, Caterina Murphy, Benjamin Whitburn and Inger Mewburn

Each contributor to this book was given the remit: "If you could go back in time to talk with yourself when you began your studies, what advice would you give?" Hindsight is such a bonus, especially, when vying for your doctorate or postgraduate degree. Postgraduate Study in Australia: Surviving and Succeeding addresses this with advice from postgraduate students and recent graduates that will assure that you are not alone in your endeavors.

This project follows similar editions that focus on Aotearoa/New Zealand, South Africa,
the United States, and the United Kingdom, and is currently being replicated in Scandinavia. This down-to-earth anthology shares personal stories from postgraduate students and recent graduates, employing a practical approach and focusing on the context of postgraduate studies in Australia. This first-person approach to research about postgraduate study helps curate the current understanding, with critical reflections adding to our collective knowledge. Both prospective and current postgraduate students will find this collection insightful.

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Transitions dans la petite enfance

Recherches en Europe et au Québec


Sylvie Rayna and Pascale Garnier

À la suite du colloque international Petite enfance, transitions et socialisation, ce livre rend compte de l’importance des transitions au cours de la petite enfance. Il montre toute la diversité des espace-temps transitionnels avant la scolarité obligatoire : entre la famille et des modes d’accueil familial ou collectif, et entre différents lieux institutionnels, comme la crèche et l’école maternelle. Il s’intéresse aussi à des micro-transitions dans la journée des enfants dans un même lieu d’accueil. Entre continuités et ruptures, il porte également sur des espaces institutionnels dont la vocation est précisément de faire transition entre la famille et l’école.

La pluralité des contextes nationaux de l’éducation des jeunes enfants est mise en relief, avec des contributions venant de Belgique, d’Écosse, de France, du Québec, de Suède et de Suisse. Dans ces différents contextes, les recherches montrent que l’éducation préscolaire est un lieu de tensions entre des systèmes de normes institutionnelles et culturelles différentes : les uns tournés vers le monde scolaire et les autres vers la sphère familiale. Penser les transitions permet d’en éclairer les définitions respectives en croisant les points de vue des professionnels et des parents, en lien avec les expériences vécues par les enfants. C’est aussi montrer les défis que représentent ces tournants décisifs de leur vie.

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Leading While Black

Reflections on the Racial Realities of Black School Leaders Through the Obama Era and Beyond


Floyd Cobb

What does it mean to lead while Black in America? How do Black educators lead for equity to ensure a quality academic experience for Black children when calls for equality are routinely discredited in our post-racial context? Through this book, Floyd Cobb passionately and honestly draws from his personal and professional experiences to describe his path to accepting the harsh realities of being an equity-minded Black leader in K–12 schools. Offered through the performance of autoethnography, Cobb highlights and gives voice to the often-unacknowledged vulnerability of equity-minded Black leaders who work in suburban contexts. Using the era of the Obama presidency as the backdrop for this work, Cobb illuminates the challenges and complexities of advocating for marginalized children who come from a shared racial heritage in a society that far too often are reluctant to accept such efforts. Through Leading While Black, emerging and aspiring Black leaders will be reminded that they are not alone in their struggles, but must nonetheless persist if we are to do our part in making education a better experience for our children.

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When Race Breaks Out

Conversations about Race and Racism in College Classrooms-3rd Revised edition


Helen Fox

The third revised edition of "When Race Breaks Out" is a guide for college and high school teachers who want to promote honest and informed conversations about race and racism. Based on the author's personal practice and interviews with students and faculty from a variety of disciplines, this book combines personal memoirs, advice, teaching ideas, and lively classroom vignettes. A unique insideräs guide to the salient ideas, definitions, and opinions about race helps instructors answer students' questions and anticipate their reactions, both to the material and to each other. An extensive annotated bibliography of articles, books, and videos with recommendations for classroom use is included.