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Daniel R. Heischman

The second edition of What Schools Teach Us About Religious Life continues to explore the ways in which private education in the United States mirrors the growing complexity and fluidity of religious life in the United States. Through the study of ten different private schools—representing a wide variety of religious traditions as well as some secular institutions—a picture of contemporary culture, and the place of religious belief within the culture, emerges. Each chapter of this second edition of What Schools Teach Us About Religious Life contains a different picture of how individual schools then address that culture.

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Edited by Patrick Gollub, David Paulus, David Rott and Marcel Veber

Dieses Buch präsentiert studentische Studienprojekte, die im Rahmen des Praxissemesters an der Westfälischen Wilhelms-Universität Münster entstanden sind. Sie sind Resultat aus Projektseminaren der ersten beiden Kohorten in den bildungswissenschaftlichen Begleitveranstaltungen am Institut für Erziehungswissenschaft. Thematische Schwerpunkte sind beispielsweise Unterrichtsqualität, Inklusive Bildung, Inklusionsorientierte Schulentwicklung, Lehrer-Schüler-Interaktion sowie Unterrichtskommunikation. Die präsentierten Studienprojekte überzeugen in multiperspektivischer Hinsicht durch bisher unberücksichtigte Fragestellungen, durch präzises methodisches Vorgehen beziehungsweise durch die schulpraktische Relevanz der Forschungsergebnisse.

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Wider die Integration der Inklusion in die Segregation

Zur Grundlegung einer Allgemeinen Pädagogik und entwicklungslogischen Didaktik


Georg Feuser

In der Entwicklung der Integration beziehungsweise Inklusion im deutschsprachigen Raum ist heute eine zentrale Tendenz zu erkennen: «Die Integration der Inklusion in die Segregation» eines sowohl selektierenden und ausgrenzenden als auch in Sonderinstitutionen zwangs-inkludierenden Erziehungs-, Bildungs- und Unterrichtssystems. Der Autor wirft den Blick zurück auf die Grundlegung einer „Allgemeinen Pädagogik und entwicklungslogischen Didaktik", die von Anfang an die Transformation dieses Bildungssystems in ein inklusives und eine entsprechende Strukturreform des institutionalisierten Bildungswesens gefordert hat. Die Einlösung des Menschenrechts auf uneingeschränkte Teilhabe an Bildung ist und bleibt im Sinne der UN-Behindertenrechtskonvention eine Frage der Didaktik einer nichtausgrenzenden Pädagogik.

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UnCommon Bonds

Women Reflect on Race and Friendship


Edited by Kersha Smith and Marcella Runell Hall

UnCommon Bonds is a collection of essays written by women representing multiple identities; all uniquely addressing the impactful experiences of race, ethnicity, and friendship in the context of the United States. The essays unapologetically explore the challenges of developing and maintaining cross-racial friendships between women. A primary goal of this book is to resist simplifying cross-racial friendships. Instinctively, the editors believe that there is a unique joy and pain in these relationships that is rarely easy to summarize. The essays reflect narratives that challenge assumptions, disclose deep interpersonal struggles, and celebrate the complex sisterhood between women across racial lines.

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Daniel Büttner

Nach der Einführung der 2015er-Novellierung der DIN EN ISO 9001 mussten Bildungsanbieter prüfen, ob diese Norm für ihre Tätigkeit relevant wäre. Fraglich ist dabei, ob die demokratisch nicht legitimierten Dokumente privater Normungsorganisationen zur Grundlage von Gesetzen oder Verordnungen werden sollten.

Der Autor betrachtet kritisch die DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 auf Grundlage einer Dokumentenanalyse. Die Bezugnahme auf die Norm in der Vertragsgestaltung birgt die Gefahr, dass es weniger um die Qualität der Bildungsmaßnahmen als um den organisatorischen Rahmen geht. Dieser wird mit der Realisierung von Lerneffekten gleichgesetzt, um Vertrauen in den Bildungsanbieter zu ermöglichen. Damit wird die Problematik der Vertrauenswürdigkeit des Bildungsanbieters auf die Vertrauenswürdigkeit des Bewertungssystems verlagert.

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Living on the Edge

Rethinking Poverty, Class and Schooling, Second Edition


John Smyth, Terry Wrigley and Peter McInerney

Living on the Edge: Rethinking Poverty, Class and Schooling, Second Edition confronts one of the most enduring and controversial issues in education—the nexus between poverty and underachievement. This topic stubbornly remains a key contemporary battleground in the struggle to raise standards. Living on the Edge maps and compares a number of competing explanations, critiques inadequate and deficit accounts and offers a more convincing and useful theory. The authors challenge the view that problems can be fixed by discrete initiatives, which in many instances are deeply rooted in deficit views of youth, families and communities. The book systematically interrogates a range of explanations based outside as well as inside schools. It draws upon positive examples of schools which are succeeding in engaging marginalized young people, providing worthwhile forms of learning and improving young lives. This second edition contains two expansive case studies that exemplify, explain and illustrate the themes coursing through the book. Living on the Edge's second edition remains a "must read" for anyone concerned about or implicated in the struggle for more socially just forms of education.

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Justice in Search of Leaders

A Handbook for Equity-Driven School Leadership


Gloria Graves Holmes

Justice in Search of Leaders: A Handbook for Equity-Driven School Leadership is a guide for educators who are committed to equity-driven teaching, leading, and policy-making, and would like to operationalize socially just school practices for all children. Moving beyond a heroes and holidays approach to addressing racism, bias, injustice, and a cluster of isms, it provides a deeper understanding of the causes of structural inequities in schools, and suggests approaches for deconstructing them. The book includes a frank discussion of race, racism, social dominance, and implicit bias, and encourages both objective and subjective analyses of how they infect school practice.

America’s ambivalent response to race, racial identity development, the nature of prejudice, and how humans form values and develop belief systems is explored in some depth. There is also a critique of Whiteness as a socio-political concept as it relates to power and privilege, and as a demographic reality as it relates to institutional discrimination in schools. The book is not a critique of white people, and it is important that readers make that distinction. This leads to a discussion of the tricky and challenging process of changing beliefs, values, and attitudes as they relate to school leadership and teaching, and how all of this is connected to the power dynamics in schools.

Justice in Search of Leaders: A Handbook for Equity-Driven School Leadership encourages educators to acknowledge that we all have racial identities and biases that inform professional practice, and to reflect on the significance of this. It means thinking deeply about socially abhorrent subjects which make us uncomfortable and cause us to retreat to the safety of our comfort zones. This is necessary because for most under-served students, there is no retreat and no safety; there are only discomfort zones.

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De 0 à 1 ou l’heure de l’informatique à l’école

Actes du colloque Didapro 7 – DidaSTIC

Edited by Gabriel Parriaux, Jean-Philippe Pellet, Georges-Louis Baron, Eric Bruillard and Vassilis Komis

Depuis que l’informatique est un objet d’enseignement–apprentissage, les acteurs de la recherche se rencontrent régulièrement autour des dilemmes que suscite cet objet. C’est à ce titre que, depuis 1988, les colloques de didactique de l’informatique, puis le colloque Didapro – DidaSTIC, explorent ce domaine.

Cet ouvrage constitue les actes de l’édition 2018 tenue à la Haute école pédagogique du canton de Vaud à Lausanne et présente les recherches les plus récentes dans le domaine, classifiées en trois grandes thématiques.

Au cœur de la discipline Informatique – rassemble les articles qui portent une réflexion sur les fondements de la discipline informatique, ce qui lui donne sens, la délimite ainsi que sur l’organisation de ses concepts.

Formation des enseignant·e·s et enjeux institutionnels – réunit les recherches centrées sur les questions cruciales de formation des enseignant·e·s à l’enseignement de l’informatique ou présentant la situation propre à un pays.

Quels enseignements, avec quels outils ? – fédère les études de dispositifs d’enseignement, d’outils et d’usages innovants pour l’apprentissage de l’informatique aux différents niveaux de la scolarité.

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Edited by Peter Cumper and Alison Mawhinney

This book examines the law and policy governing school acts of collective worship in England, Northern Ireland and Wales, and their equivalent in Scotland, which is known as religious observance. The fact that the majority of UK schools (including non-denominational ones) are required by law to organize acts of collective worship/religious observance for their pupils has provoked significant controversy in recent decades. Yet, perhaps surprisingly, there has (to date) been a relative paucity of published interdisciplinary scholarly material on such matters. In seeking to rectify this anomaly, the book takes a holistic approach whereby it examines the nature and consequences of the collective worship/religious observance duty from a variety of perspectives. These range from examining the law and policy governing collective worship/religious observance in each country within the UK, to exploring the legal and educational challenges and opportunities thrown up by the current obligations. In addition, scholars from beyond the UK offer insights into the possibilities and dilemmas that the current statutory duties pose for schools and wider society. The aim of this book is to shine a light on an important issue that has often been neglected and ignored by policymakers.
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The Shifting Landscape of the American School District

Race, Class, Geography, and the Perpetual Reform of Local Control, 1935–2015


Edited by David Gamson and Emily Hodge

The Shifting Landscape of the American School District offers a new perspective on the American school district. The educational system of the United States has long been characterized by its tradition of local control, and the district has symbolized community involvement in education. Scholars have written insightful studies on individual city systems and school districts, but rarely has the district—as an organizational form itself—been the subject of scrutiny, and Americans have continued to take the district for granted as the primary unit of local schooling. In recent years reformers have also built many of their innovations upon the belief that it is the traditional, bureaucratic, hierarchical district that requires overhaul. The Shifting Landscape of the American School District seeks to challenge that perception. The editors argue that the pervasive view of district history—the notion that the school district is a holdover from the progressive reforms of the early twentieth century—has shrouded a fascinating story of the ways in which districts have evolved, innovated, and reacted in response to state and federal mandates, national reform movements, demographic shifts, desegregation, structural/organizational changes, and a shifting political climate. The chapters in this volume offer compelling evidence of the many ways that districts have expanded, contracted, integrated, consolidated, reorganized, and been torn apart over the past century. By covering a wide range of time periods, the authors are able to draw fascinating parallels between the past and present.