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Masamune’s Blade

A Proposition for Dialectic Affect Research


Peter Zuurbier and Frédérik Lesage

Affect is so powerful and represents such ripe territory for study that, in its infancy, conventions of research need to be established that attend to its particular motion and shape. Masamune’s Blade: A Proposition for Dialectic Affect Research outlines an original research method for the study of affect known as affect probes, and proposes the establishment of a new knowledge project based in affect. The book begins with a call to discursively reshape research using affect, after which the authors develop a unique conceptualization of affect, one that brings it into the realm of Frankfurt School Critical Theory. The theoretical foundation sets up the affect probe method, which involves giving participants a package of small activities that require fun, easy, and creative participation. The activities are intended both to inspire affects and to mark their presence. Strategies for analysis are outlined and a series of critical interventions are woven throughout the text to situate the ideas.
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Learning to Teach in the Digital Age

New Materialities and Maker Paradigms in Schools


Sean Justice

Learning to Teach in the Digital Age tells the story of a group of K–12 teachers as they began to connect with digital making and learning pedagogies. Guiding questions at the heart of this qualitative case study asked how teaching practices engaged with and responded to the maker movement and digital making and learning tools and materials. Over the course of one school year, Sean Justice attended to the ebb and flow of teaching and learning at an independent K–12 girls school the northeastern United States. Teachers and administrators from across grade levels and academic domains participated in interviews and casual conversations, and opened their classrooms to ad hoc observations. In conducting the study, Justice interwove a sociomaterial disposition with new materialism, posthumanism, and new media theory. Methods were inspired by narrative inquiry and actor-network theory. Findings suggested that digital making and learning pedagogies were stabilizing at the school, but not in a linear way. Further, Justice suggests that the teaching practices that most engaged the ethos of twenty-first-century learning enacted a kind of learning we hear about from artists, writers, scientists, and mathematicians when they talk about what innovation feels like, leading to the proposition that a different kind of language is needed to describe the effects of digital materialities on teaching practice.
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From the Parade Child to the King of Chaos

The Complex Journey of William Doll, Teacher Educator


Hongyu Wang

From the Parade Child to the King of Chaos depicts the pedagogical life history of an extraordinary teacher educator and internationally renowned curriculum scholar, William E. Doll, Jr. It explores how his life experiences have contributed to the formation and transformation of a celebrated teacher educator. From the child who spontaneously led a parade to the king of chaos who embraces complexity in education, complicated tales of Doll’s journey through his childhood, youth, and decades of teaching in schools and in teacher education are situated in the historical, intellectual, and cultural context of American education. Seven themes are interwoven in Doll’s life, thought, and teaching: pedagogy of play, pedagogy of perturbation, pedagogy of presence, pedagogy of patterns, pedagogy of passion, pedagogy of peace, and pedagogy of participation. Based upon rich data collected over six years, this book demonstrates methodological creativity in integrating multiple sources and lenses. Profoundly moving, humorous, and inspirational, it is a much-needed text for undergraduate and graduate courses in teacher education, curriculum studies, theory and practice of teaching and learning, life history studies, chaos and complexity theory, and postmodernism.
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Educators Queering Academia

Critical Memoirs


sj Miller and Nelson M. Rodriguez

The memoirs in this collection represent a cross-section of critical reflections by a queerly diverse set of individuals on their experiences inhabiting a variety of spaces within the field of education. In their stories, the authors share how they queered and are continuing to queer the academy in relation to questions of teaching, research, policy, and/or administration. Their memoirs speak across generations of queer educators and scholars; collectively their work highlights an array of theoretical perspectives and methodological approaches. As snapshots in time, the memoirs can be taken up as archive and studied in order to gain perspective on the issues facing queers in the academy across various intersections of identities related to ethnicity, culture, language, (a)gender, (a)sexuality, (dis)ability, socio-economic status, religion, age, veteran status, health status, and more. By way of the memoirs in this volume, a richer body of queer knowledge is offered that can be pulled from and infused into the academic and personal contexts of the work of educators queering academia.
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Benoît Lenzen, Daniel Deriaz, Bernard Poussin, Hervé Dénervaud and Adrián Cordoba

La thématique du temps constitue le fil rouge de cet ouvrage collectif international. Les contributions qui le composent renouvellent les questionnements qui ont forgé l’identité du champ de la recherche sur l’intervention en éducation physique et sportive ou à la santé (EPS) et en sport. Représentatif des différents courants et champs d’application de ce domaine de recherche en pleine expansion, cet ouvrage met en relation le temps et l’intervention selon trois axes thématiques. Le premier concerne l’évolution des pratiques et des demandes sociales et ses implications sur les modalités d’intervention des praticiens en milieux scolaire et sportif et sur le travail des chercheurs. Le deuxième axe porte sur les temporalités inhérentes à l’avancée des savoirs en situation d’intervention et la construction des savoirs en formation. Enfin, le troisième axe thématique interroge la conception classique selon laquelle l’intervention, en tant qu’acte professionnel, est précédée d’une phase de planification visant à en contrôler l’incertitude au maximum, et se prolonge par une phase de réflexion destinée à l’améliorer à l’avenir.

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History Education as Content, Methods or Orientation?

A Study of Curriculum Prescriptions, Teacher-made Tasks and Student Strategies

David Rosenlund

Historical content, historical methods and historical orientation are three aspects that may be taught in history education. This study examines the emphases which are included in formal curricula texts and those which are included in teacher-made tasks. The results show that the curricula of history education contains historical content, orientation and methods, yet history teachers focus almost exclusively on the historical content. In a second step, this study examines the strategies with which students may process and combine elements from the three emphases of content, orientation and methods. The results provide insight into what strategies the students use and how they process the relationship between historical knowledge, historical methods and historical orientation.

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Christophe Ronveaux

Qui enseigne la littérature est plongé dans l’embarras lorsqu’il doit délimiter l’objet à enseigner. Soit la langue lui apparait dans la régularité d’un système irréductible à ses usages singuliers, considérés comme « littéraires », soit c’est la littérature qui s’impose comme l’usage le plus abouti d’une langue pour élaborer des savoirs scolaires sur celle-ci. Qu’il enseigne les littératures dans le souci de la langue ou la langue dans le souci des littératures, celui-là devra poser des choix qui renvoient aux savoirs scolaires d’une discipline, définie dans les configurations successives de son histoire. Les contributions rassemblées dans cet ouvrage questionnent ces choix sous l’angle historique des pratiques attestées, sous l’angle esthétique de représentations fantasmées, sous l’angle des pratiques de classe contemporaines, sous l’angle des objets à enseigner (la ponctuation, les albums pour la jeunesse, le comique, la lecture littéraire). Se côtoient analyses de dispositifs d’enseignement et de formation, du primaire et du secondaire, dans un dialogue constructif, dont la synthèse reste à faire.

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Breakbeat Pedagogy

Hip Hop and Spoken Word Beyond the Classroom Walls


Brian Mooney

Breakbeat Pedagogy provides a groundbreaking framework for the inclusion of hip-hop culture in schools. Looking beyond the previous model of hip-hop-based education, Brian Mooney argues for school-wide hip-hop events, such as poetry slams, as the ideal site for students to engage in the elements of hip-hop culture. Working from the perspective of a classroom teacher, the author reflects on the story of Word Up!, a hip-hop and spoken word poetry event that began with students in a New Jersey high school. He makes the case for a pedagogy with the potential to transform urban schools and the way we think about them. This is essential reading for any teacher committed to social justice and culturally relevant education.
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Bildung mit Mehrwert

Marie-Louise Rendant

Das noch schemenhafte Gebilde Grundbildung wird in diesem Buch mit all seinen Facetten und unterschiedlichen Erscheinungsformen dargestellt. Grundbildung hat in den letzten Jahren sehr an Publicity gewonnen. Für viele steht sie jedoch im Schatten der Allgemeinbildung. Dies zu Unrecht: Denn Grundbildung steht für zweckgebundenes und anwendbares Wissen und zielt damit auf die soziale und berufliche Teilhabe. Der Leser erfährt Wichtiges über die Abgrenzung zur Allgemeinbildung, über den Mehrwert und die politische Weichenstellung, über Rahmencurricula und methodische Ansätze und erhält interessante Arbeitshilfen für die Bewerbung von arbeitsorientierter Grundbildung. Grundbildung stellt sich bei dieser umfassenden Betrachtung als dynamisch und zweckgebunden, relevant und interessant heraus.

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ERP-Integration in Schulbüchern für den kaufmännischen Unterricht an berufsbildenden Schulen

Analyse und Design von Lernaufgaben für den Einsatz kaufmännischer Standardsoftware – gezeigt am Beispiel der Handelsakademie

Daniel Markus Kombacher

Das Buch setzt sich theoretisch und empirisch mit den Anforderungen an didaktisch hochwertige Lernaufgaben zum ERP-Einsatz auseinander. Trotz der großen Bedeutung von ERP-Systemen wie SAP und Infor LN für Unternehmen und damit auch für das kaufmännische Schulwesen gibt es bisher wenige wissenschaftliche Beiträge über deren Einsatz im Unterricht an Schulen. Der Autor zeigt didaktische Defizite derzeitiger Lernaufgaben auf und leitet Empfehlungen ab, die das Lehren und Lernen im kaufmännischen Unterricht anhand von drei exemplarisch entwickelten prototypischen Lernaufgaben-Sets verbessern sollen.