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Edited by Ciler Hatipoglu, Erdem Akbas and Yasemin Bayyurt

Taking metadiscourse as their starting point, the contributions to this edited volume focus both on the interactive and cross-cultural aspects of written texts from varying genres. Using rich and innovative data collection and analysis methods, comparing and contrasting patterns in frequently studied (English, Japanese) with understudied (Turkish, Russian/Ukrainian) languages, and relating empirical data to a web of theoretical frameworks, the articles in this book clearly display the variety, complexity and multiplicity of metadiscoursal analysis of written texts. The volume aims to substantially advance our understanding of the communicative nature of written texts and contributes to the advancement and expansion of researchers’ interests in this field.

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Postcolonial Departures

Narrative Transformations in Australian and South African Fictions

Hano Pipic

This book introduces a comparative transnational approach to Australian and South African literatures to move beyond the boundaries of the nation and to reveal a shared history of indigenous dispossession and violent repression. It engages with issues of trauma, suppression and the manifold concerns regarding the unfinished processes of reconciliation. The contemporary postcolonial fictions chosen for the text-based analysis intervene in the unfinished processes of coming to terms with the legacy of the colonial practices of the past. This book compares nationally diverse postcolonial texts with a particular interest in the parallels in their deliberate breaks with generic patterns and structures.

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There's No Word for «Saudade»

Perspectives on the Literature and Culture of Portuguese America


George Monteiro

There’s No Word for Saudade contains twenty-one essays aimed at a readership interested in cultural and historical materials, including those related to Portuguese America. Significant figures covered include John Dos Passos, Charles Reis Felix, Julian Silva, John Philip Sousa, Mark Twain, Herman Melville, James Merrill, and the Azorean John Francis, businessman, patron, and friend to the fabled Provincetown Players. Concluding essays scrutinize and judge the phenomenon of the Portuguese movie in the 1930s and 1940s, and trace the history of the tricky but persistently present Portuguese concept of saudade.
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Dominic Davies

Between 1880 and 1930, the British Empire’s vast infrastructural developments facilitated the incorporation of large parts of the globe into not only its imperial rule, but also the capitalist world-system. Throughout this period, colonial literary fiction, in recording this vast expansion, repeatedly cited these imperial infrastructures to make sense of the various colonial landscapes in which they were set. Physical embodiments of empire proliferate in this writing. Railways and trains, telegraph wires and telegrams, roads and bridges, steamships and shipping lines, canals and other forms of irrigation, cantonments, the colonial bungalow, and other kinds of colonial urban infrastructure – all of these infrastructural lines broke up the landscape and gave shape to the literary depiction and production of colonial space.

By developing a methodology called «infrastructural reading», the author shows how a focus on the infrastructural networks that circulate through colonial fiction are almost always related to some form of anti-imperial resistance that manifests spatially within their literary, narrative and formal elements. This subversive reading strategy – which is applied in turn to writers as varied as H. Rider Haggard, Olive Schreiner and John Buchan in South Africa, and Flora Annie Steel, E.M. Forster and Edward Thompson in India – demonstrates that these mostly pro-imperial writings can reveal an array of ideological anxieties, limitations and silences as well as more direct objections to and acts of violent defiance against imperial control and capitalist accumulation.

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Identity Trouble

Fragmentation and Disillusionment in the Works of Guy de Maupassant


Eva Yampolsky

In this book, Eva Yampolsky explores the questions of identity, illusion and suicide in the works of Guy de Maupassant. Utilizing a historical context which stimulated numerous social, technological and scientific transformations and developments during the 19th century, Dr. Yampolsky identifies two defining aims.

Firstly, she examines the various figures of the double, such as visual representations of the subject through painting, mirror reflection, generational proximity and resemblance, and the relation between self-perception and social norms. She seeks to show the complex and often conflicting relation between the individual and society, and more specifically the attempts and frequent failures to manipulate, control and embody a unique definition of self. This divergence between the social norms, such as class, profession, gender and honor, and the characters’ notion of self is what drives the narrative.

Secondly, Eva Yampolsky analyzes the consequent psychological turmoil, madness and even suicide of many Maupassantian characters. This impossible task of embodying an identity that is sole and unique, as it is lived and perceived by the subject and others, in most short stories and novels leads to the characters’ disillusionment and, in a great number of texts, violence or suicide.

This book draws on the social, political and economic revolutions that redefined the individual. New forms of visual representation and communication, namely with the invention of photography and the developments of the press, bring forth questions of authenticity, doubling, and a new distinction between private and public spheres. Finally, the birth of psychiatry at the turn of the 19th century and the emergence of new disciplines, such as sociology and psychoanalysis, inscribe passions, illusions and suicide in new discursive and disciplinary frameworks. These transformations and developments are pervasive and, in many cases, explicit in Maupassant’s work, influences that have aided and nourished the literary analysis of his texts.

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B/Orders Unbound

Marginality, Ethnicity and Identity in Literatures

Edited by Sule Okuroglu Ozun and Mustafa Kirca

Contemporary literature concerns itself with transgressing borders and destabilizing hierarchical orders. Border crossing to question the given limits and orthodox beliefs brings many disciplines and diverse experiences together, and the result is a myriad of ways of expressing the alternatives when the established boundaries are liberated. The volume presents fifteen essays and brings together many academics and scholars who share a common interest in transgressing borders in literatures. The book is determined to encourage border violations, and each paper tackles the issue of border crossing in different realms and territories.

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Wortschatzarbeit im Englischunterricht der Grundschule

Eine Studie zum autonomen Lernen mit Online-Wörterbüchern


Tanja Freudenau

Beim Erlernen einer Fremdsprache im schulischen Kontext ist der Umgang mit Wörterbüchern relevant. Die Autorin untersucht die Verwendung von Online-Wörterbüchern in einem themengeleiteten und schülerorientierten Englischunterricht der Grundschule. Anhand quantitativer und qualitativer Forschungsmethoden betrachtet sie empirisch, ob und inwiefern die Verfügbarkeit eines Online-Wörterbuches zum erfolgreichen autonomen Lernen in den Bereichen Wortschatzerweiterung und Wortschatzbehalten führt. Schüler unterschiedlicher Leistungsniveaus werden besonders in den Blick genommen. Die Erkenntnisse der Arbeit stellen weitreichende Implikationen für die Steigerung der Lernerautonomie, der individuellen Förderung und für die Sicherung längerfristiger Retention dar.

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Towards Turkish American Literature

Narratives of Multiculturalism in Post-Imperial Turkey


Elena Furlanetto

The author expands the definition of Turkish American literature beyond fiction written by Americans of Turkish descent to incorporate texts that literally ‘commute’ between two national spheres. This segment of Turkish American literature transcends established paradigms of immigrant life-writing, as it includes works by Turkish authors who do not qualify as American permanent residents and were not born in the United States by Turkish parents (such as Elif Shafak and Halide Edip), and on novels where the Turkish and Ottoman matter decisively prevails over the American (Güneli Gün’s «On the Road to Baghdad» and Alev Lytle Croutier’s «Seven Houses»). Yet, these texts were written in English, were purposefully located on the American market, and simultaneously engage the Turkish and the American cultural and literary traditions.

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Sabine Hemberger

Die Autorin untersucht die Repräsentation der amerikanischen Ostküste in den Lehrwerken des fortgeschrittenen Englischunterrichts verlags- und schulartenübergreifend. Neben den Zielen und Inhalten bezieht sie ebenfalls die Methodik und die Medien in die lehrwerkkritischen Analysen mit ein. Als landeskundliche Inhalte dienen Politik, Wirtschaft und Verkehr, Historie, Kultur, Tourismus sowie der Raum und die Menschen, die sowohl quantitativ als auch qualitativ untersucht werden. Die Ergebnisse der Analysen, die sich insbesondere auf die urbanen Zentren von New York, Washington DC und Florida beziehen, veranschaulichen Schwerpunktsetzungen bei der Vermittlung der amerikanischen Ostküste und betonen Einsichten in die Darstellung themenbezogener landeskundlicher Inhalte.

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Jonathan Swift’s Allies

The Wood’s Halfpence Controversy in Ireland, 1724–1725. Second revised and augmented edition


Edited by Sabine Baltes-Ellermann

The patent for coining copper money granted by King George I to the English manufacturer William Wood aroused nationwide protest in Ireland. It led to the publication of Jonathan Swift’s «Drapier’s Letters», in which the Dean of St. Patrick’s Cathedral, Dublin, attacked both the patent and England’s Irish policy. But this is not the whole story. This annotated edition contains more than 100 pamphlets, declarations, poems, and songs that were published during the dispute. Most of the reproduced texts are extremely rare and have hitherto lain dormant in various libraries. They illustrate that the protest was in fact carried on by the Irish population at large, who regarded the coinage scheme as a severe intrusion into the nation’s circulating cash which threatened to ruin the country’s economy.