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All Our Brothers and Sisters

Jews Saving Jews during the Holocaust

Edited by Judith Tydor Baumel-Schwartz and Alan Schneider

The book focuses on the heroism of Jews throughout Europe who risked their lives to save their coreligionists under Nazi rule. The contributors discuss and analyze the actions of Jews who rescued other Jews from the hands of the Nazis. These actions took place, to different degrees, in Germany, in Axis states and all across Nazi-occupied Europe, from the early stages of persecution until the war’s end, in the framework of collaborative efforts and individual initiatives. The Jews who rescued other Jews during the Holocaust came like their non-Jewish counterparts from different backgrounds: men and women, old and young, religious and secular, wealthy and poor, educated and uneducated. The rescue missions took place in ghettos, areas without ghettos, jails, camps, hospitals, children’s homes, schools, monasteries, in hiding. This book focuses on these rescue missions and the people behind them, reminding us of their courage and willingness to act, even when it put their own lives in danger.

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The Irish to the Rescue

The Tercentenary of the Polish Princess Clementina’s Escape

Edited by Richard Maher

In May 1719, the rescue and escape of Princess Maria Clementina Sobieska from her detention in Innsbruck was celebrated throughout Catholic Europe. It was a feat of painstaking planning, daring execution, and steel-nerved improvisation. Masterminded by Kildareman Charles Wogan, he and his Irish and French companions influenced the course of international relations, shocking King George I’s government in London, and providing a much-needed boon to the followers of the exiled Stuart claimant, James Stuart III.

This unique collection of essays does not merely recount the factual story of Maria Clementina’s rescue and subsequent marriage, it provides for the first time in any publication an authoritative analysis of its political and cultural significance and the full historical context in which the event took place. A full image of Europe at the time of the rescue is sketched out, including such topics as the question of the Irish in Europe in the eighteenth century; the illustrious Sobieski family and their origins; a short account of the rescue itself; the fate of Charles Wogan and

his followers after the rescue; the Habsburg-Hanoverian alliance and its context; the marriage of James Stuart III and Maria Clementina Sobieska; details of the collection of Stuart artefacts housed at Trinity College Dublin; and contemporary musical compositions which were written and dedicated to Maria Clementina.

This book is a follow-on publication from a public seminar titled The Irish the Rescue: The Tercentenary of the Polish Princess Clementina’s Escape. The seminar was held at Europe House in Dublin on 30th April 2019.

The seminar and the publication of its proceedings have been generously sponsored by the Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Ireland and the Embassy of France in Ireland.

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Edited by Wolfgang Wüst and Klaus Wolf

In der Geografie, als einer Leitwissenschaft in Sachen «Landschaft», definiert man aktuell Städtelandschaften als maßstäblich und räumlich ganz unterschiedliche Ebenen. Diese lassen sich auf einzelne Städte, auf bestimmte Stadtregionen und selbst auf Metropolregionen oder die seit 1918 eingeführte Megalopolis projizieren. Historiker verstehen unter einer «Städtelandschaft» meist ein Gebiet mittlerer Größenordnung mit unterschiedlich starker Urbanisierung, wobei in der «Stadtlandschaft» Städte und Märkte, Bürger und Händler im umschriebenen Raum zwangsläufig eine dominierende Rolle spielen. Der interterritoriale Vergleich führt uns einerseits hinaus in die Welt der europäischen Urbanität, andererseits liegt ein deutlicher Fokus auf den großen wie kleinen Städten Süddeutschlands. In Farbe und Ausführlichkeit analysieren die Autoren dort die Stadtkultur vom Mittelalter bis zur Moderne. Politische, soziale und ökonomische Netzwerke werden ebenso behandelt wie spannende interstädtische Bezüge durch Reisende, Gelehrsamkeit, Schulen, Literatur oder Musik. Teildisziplinen wie die Historische Ortsnamenforschung runden das Bild ab.

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Katrin Leineweber

Schwede, Amerikaner oder Schwedisch-Amerikaner? Diese Frage stellten sich viele schwedische Einwanderer in Bezug auf ihre kulturelle Identität in Seattle/Washington State ab 1890. Die Autorin befasst sich zum einen mit den Konflikten und Problemen schwedischer Einwanderer im Zuge ihres Akkulturationsprozesses. Zum anderen richtet sie ihren Blick auf die Versuche der Einwanderer, ihre schwedische kulturelle Identität im Schmelztiegel der amerikanischen Gesellschaft zu bewahren (cultural maintenance). Außerdem zeigt sie anhand von Fallbeispielen auf, wie die schwedische Gemeinde sich und ihr kulturelles Erbe ihren amerikanischen Mitmenschen präsentierte.

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Imad Salamey

The Government and Politics of Lebanon, Second Edition describes the special attributes of Lebanese politics and the functions of its confessional state. It aims to contribute to the reader’s understanding of contemporary Lebanese politics, consensus building, and government. It stimulates discussion concerning the nature of consociationalism as a power sharing arrangement for a divided society. The book captures the complexity of Lebanese politics by revealing the challenges embedded in the management of plurality, including institutional paralysis and system stagnations. The second edition features new and expanded chapters that pay particular attention to state’s adaptations to post-Arab Spring politics. It expands the analysis on the performance of the Lebanese consociational state in light of turbulent regional environment and the various repercussions associated with regional conflict. It is divided into several parts. The first introduces the particular form and foundations of Lebanese consociationalism and provides an elaborate description of its special features. The second part explains the different rules of the game as institutionalized in the country’s international and domestic power sharing arrangements. It describes the international politics of Lebanon and the influence exerted by regional powers in shaping its domestic affairs. It explains the manifestation of domestic parties and electoral systems in the power distribution among the country’s different sectarian and ethnic groups. It analyzes the political economy of communitarian politics. The third part focuses on the contemporary powers and functions of the different branches of government as well as their institutional expression of sectarian interests. The fourth part of the book places Lebanese consociationalism in light of contemporary regional turmoil and describes state’s responsiveness in mitigating and managing conflicts, particularly those associated with the spillover from the Syrian conflict.
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Culture et politique régionale de l'Union européenne

Stratégies et pratiques d’acteurs de Bruxelles à la Sicile


Fanny Bouquerel

Cet ouvrage étudie la programmation et la mise en œuvre de la politique de cohésion communautaire en Région Sicile en analysant particulièrement son volet culturel. Une approche au plus près du terrain, nourrie de nombreux entretiens réalisés de Bruxelles à Palerme, a mis à jour un cadre d’intervention inopérant. Caractérisée par son extrême complexité, la politique de cohésion s’articule difficilement avec la politique de développement des régions et pays concernés et sa mise en œuvre révèle de lourds dysfonctionnements. La culture est reconnue dans ce cadre pour sa contribution au développement du tourisme autour du patrimoine, pourtant cette vision centrée sur son impact économique est réductrice et trompeuse. Le principe du partenariat promu par cette politique suppose l’implication des parties prenantes du territoire, or la Région Sicile mobilise la majorité des financements disponibles, au détriment d’un secteur culturel qui reste globalement exclu. Enfin, la politique de cohésion apparaît comme un révélateur des crises politiques sicilienne et européenne : certains acteurs institutionnels insulaires privilégient l’inertie, tandis que la faible réaction des institutions communautaires pourrait traduire l’absence de volonté d’œuvrer pour une réelle cohésion européenne.

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Edited by Cosme J. Gómez Carrasco, Pedro Miralles Martínez and Ramón López Facal

It is necessary to know the opinions, practices and expectations of teachers in training and in practicing, to improve teacher education programs. This Handbook addresses the challenges for the profession of teaching of history and geography, who, in several European countries such as Spain and France, share initial training and teaching in both disciplines. Researchers’ contributions have been collected from eight countries. The majority of Spanish universities, eleven, have shared an extensive research project, but have also had the collaboration and participation of researchers from seven other countries: Brazil, Canada, China, Colombia, Portugal, Sweden and the United States. It is about collective work, in a network, rather than the sum of individual contributions.

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Edited by Emanuel Plopeanu, Gabriel Stelian Manea and Metin Omer

The book examines how different imperial models of diplomacy, administration, economics, and cultural and religious policies were challenged or, on the contrary, defended during and after the collapse of the Empires that promoted them. It provides an overview from multiple perspectives of the imperial phenomenon in all its dimensions, and the studies published in this volume address broad chronological segments and geographical areas relevant to the imperial idea.

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Arbeiten unter Hitler

NS-Sozialpolitik, Deutsche Arbeitsfront und Herrschaftspraxis im besetzten Luxemburg am Beispiel der Schwerindustrie 1940-1944


Marc Schoentgen

Die nationalsozialistische Besatzung Luxemburgs (1940-1944) beeinflusste alle Lebensbereiche der Bevölkerung. Für den Koblenzer Gauleiter Gustav Simon war das kleine Land ein Experimentierfeld «neuer Staatlichkeit» und im Zuge der Neuordnung nutzte er geschickt die Spielräume der Arbeits-, Lohn- und Freizeitpolitik. Damit wollten der Gauleiter und andere Parteifunktionäre in erster Linie die Arbeiter und Angestellten der luxemburgischen Schwerindustrie vom NS-Regime überzeugen und für den «totalen Krieg» mobilisieren. Der Autor zeichnet die Geschichte der Deutschen Arbeitsfront und ihrer Funktionäre nach. Die Organisation verzeichnete wegen ihres gesellschafts- und wirtschaftspolitischen Dynamismus gewisse Anfangserfolge. Sie war aber letztlich ein Kontroll- und Überwachungsinstrument, das die Menschen auf der Arbeit und im Privatleben im nationalsozialistischen Sinne erziehen und beeinflussen wollte. Der Autor untersucht anhand zahlreicher biographischer Beispiele deutscher und luxemburgischer Akteure, wie unterschiedlich die Menschen in einer Besatzungsgesellschaft auf Druck, Verlockungen und Unrechtsmaßnahmen reagierten.

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A Fateful Love

Essays on Football in the North-East of England 1880-1930


Gavin Kitching

How did the world’s most popular sport begin? How was the ancient family of pastimes called «folk football» transformed into a new codified game - «association football» - which attracted such large numbers of players and paying spectators? Gavin Kitching tackles the question through a strikingly original and deeply researched history of the game in one of its most passionate strongholds: the north-east of England. Making extensive use of previously neglected newspaper reports and other sources, he shows how, in just a few years of the 1870s and 1880s, soccer evolved from its origins as a collective scramble into a dispersed and intricate passing game, exciting and rewarding for players and spectators alike. But the booming popularity of football in the Victorian North-East also had deeply ambiguous consequences - for footballers, for the clubs for which they played, and for the local press which reported the game and further fuelled its popularity. Kitching analyses these ambiguities in chapters on the professionalization and commercialisation of elite soccer in Newcastle and Sunderland and in an account of the «shamateur» Northern League clubs of the Durham coalfield. A Fateful Love concludes by tracing these ambiguities through to the present day. The visual excitement and beauty that created professional football lives on, but the media–driven «commodification» which has marked it from its beginnings has now reached levels which raise profound concerns for the game’s future.