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Über Rede in Vers und Prosa

Die Funktion der Formensprache im Roman Doktor Shiwago


Ulrich Steltner

«Doktor Shiwago», der Roman des Lyrikers Boris Leonidowitsch Pasternak, geriet 1958 in ein Spannungsfeld zwischen Kunst und Politik, das seine Rezeption bis heute prägt. Diese Studie geht, mit dem Ziel der Objektivierung, von einem Form-Funktions-Gefüge aus. Sie analysiert die Formensprache sowohl des Prosateils als auch der Verse des Schlusskapitels, um die Funktion beider Redeformen für das Romanganze zu bestimmen. Ebenso berücksichtigt der Autor den Unterschied zwischen Textschema und kontextuellen Konkretisationen, seien es Urteile der Zeit oder historisch wandelbare Gattungsmerkmale, die das Textverständnis lenken. «Doktor Shiwago» ist ein Experimentalroman, in dem «Chaos» und «Ordnung», «Leben» und «Kunst» sowie «Prosa» und «Vers» einander metafiktional gegenübergestellt beziehungsweise miteinander verbunden werden.

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Women in post-revolutionary Egypt

Can Behaviour Be Controlled?


Mette Toft Nielsen and Hervik Peter

This book addresses how identity, structures, and agency affect women’s everyday lives in post-revolutionary Egypt. The authors analyses the topic both on a macro- as well as on a micro-level. Through interviews and workshops, women around Egypt express their own experiences in dialogue, in groups and in drawings. Based on the analysis of this material the reader gets insights into personal experiences, believes and opinions of a diverse group of women in terms of age, economic class, education, geography, culture, religion, ethnicity, marital status, and political orientation. The detail-rich empirical material presented in the book visualize that the 2011 revolution works as an utter frame on a macro-level, while different issues are more pressing on a micro-level.

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Ieva Reinersmann

Dieses Buch befasst sich mit Symbolen des Lebenslaufes. Im Rahmen der Individualisierung sind die kollektiv verbreiteten Bilder des Lebenslaufes aus dem kulturellen Raum weitgehend verschwunden. Das Hauptziel der Autorin ist die empirische Erforschung aktuell verbreiteter Vorstellungen vom menschlichen Lebenslauf in Form von Bildern, Metaphern und konkreten Zeichnungen. Sie kombiniert dabei im methodischen Design qualitative und quantitative Zugänge miteinander und analysiert neben alters- und geschlechtstypischen Effekten auch kulturelle Einflüsse im Vergleich von Deutschland und Litauen zueinander.

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Peter Langemeyer and Karen Patrick Knutsen

In this volume sixteen essays, in either German or English, present readings of international narratives for children and young adults (CYAL), including films and picture books, within a narratological framework. The works discussed come from different countries: Australia, Canada, Ecuador, Germany, Greece, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, the United Kingdom, and the USA. The contributors combine classical narratology with other approaches in narrative theory. This methodological approach leads to readings that produce new insights on the structure and meaning of the texts discussed.

Der Sammelband enthält sechzehn Artikel, teils auf Deutsch, teils auf Englisch, die sich mit dem Erzählen in Texten der internationalen Kinder- und Jugendliteratur sowie in Filmen beschäftigen. Die Beispiele stammen aus zehn verrschiedenen Ländern: Australien, Deutschland, Ecuador, Griechenland, Großbritannien, Kanada, Neuseeland, Norwegen, Polen und den USA. Die Beiträger verbinden die klassische Narratologie mit neueren geschichtlichen Entwicklungen und Ansätzen in der Erzählforschung. Auf diese Weise ergeben sich neue Einsichten in Struktur und Bedeutung der untersuchten Texte und Filme.

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Portraits of the Artist

Dionysian Creativity in Selected Works by Gabriele D’Annunzio and Thomas Mann

Jessica Wood

The Dionysian – an impetus towards abandon, intoxication and creativity, but also chaos, death and dissolution – captured the imagination of both Gabriele D’Annunzio and Thomas Mann, two authors whose work otherwise seems antithetical. Both admired Friedrich Nietzsche and engaged with his iconic yet enigmatic idea of the «Dionysian» in their depictions of writers and artists. Like many of their own fictional characters, D’Annunzio and Mann appear to have been drawn towards this idea and its significance in an artistic context. In their novels and short stories, both portray writers and artists who rely on the precarious form of creativity that results from interactions with the Dionysian. This book argues that the portraits of the artist offered by D’Annunzio and Mann, and the depictions of creativity found within these portraits, demonstrate that these two giants of European literature were more alike than has hitherto been acknowledged – and more alike than they would perhaps have liked to think.

This book was the winner of the 2016 Early Career Researcher Prize in German Studies, a collaboration between the Institute for German Studies at the University of Birmingham and Peter Lang.

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Language Shift in Southern New England

Morphosyntactic Variation in Franco-American French

Louis Edward Stelling

Although the Franco-American communities of Southbridge, Massachusetts, and Woonsocket, Rhode Island, have much in common historically, the shift from French to English has advanced to differing degrees in the two locations. In this book, Louis Edward Stelling explores morphosyntactic variation and the advance of language shift using historical documentation, U.S. census figures and interviews conducted with sixty-nine informants.
After comparing and contrasting the sociolinguistic profiles of the two communities, Stelling describes some of the linguistic consequences of the shift from French to English in these traditional Franco-American centers through an analysis of two morphosyntactic variables: use of auxiliary verbs ( être and avoir) in the passé composé and use of synthetic (inflected) and analytic (periphrastic) future forms. Findings provide new insight for understanding linguistic change during situations of language decline.
Southbridge and Woonsocket stand out as unique cases of language shift. Despite the differing degrees to which a gradual shift from French to English has advanced in the two communities, speech norms are remarkably similar today. While certain aspects of grammar are certainly changing, this is also the case in settings where French is the majority language. Moreover, variation among forms representing an overtly prescribed point of grammar bears all of the social meaning found in non-obsolescent varieties. Despite the sociolinguistic situation of language shift, the French language shows a degree of grammatical conservatism in both Southbridge and Woonsocket which may render this variety remarkably resistant to those qualitative changes which would otherwise add to the stigma of Franco-American French.
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An Autoethnography of a Life in Sign Language

Noel O'Connell

This book weaves intensely personal and evocative stories into a layered autoethnographic text about the author’s experience of childhood deafness, sign language and education. Interwoven with the performative narrative are powerful stories of stigma, trauma, friendships, relationships, love, isolation and displacement. Using interpretative and reflective analysis, the author explores the storied experience of self and belonging in family and school contexts, providing both personal and theoretical perspectives on language and culture. He traces the pathways he has taken in pursuit of a true sense of belonging in society, community and place.

This is an important contribution to the study of sign language, deaf education, disability and deaf health and well-being. It will be of interest to professionals and practitioners working with deaf children and parents and to students and researchers within social policy, social medicine, psychology, sociology, early childhood studies and special education.

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Fashion Tales

Feeding the Imaginary

Emanuela Mora and Marco Pedroni

Since its beginnings in the middle of the 19th century, fashion has been narrated through multiple media, both visual and verbal, and for such different purposes as marketing and advertising, art, costume history, social research and cultural dissemination. In this light, fashion has represented an important piece of material culture in modern industrial urban societies and in postcolonial and non-western contexts. Today, we are witnessing a turn in this imaginary as issues related to social, environmental and cultural sustainability come to predominate in many areas of human activity.
The book addresses this challenge. By facilitating encounters between disciplines and cultures, it explores a multitude of fashion issues, practices and views that feed the contemporary fashion imaginary: local cultures, linguistic codes, TV series, movies, magazines, ads, blogs, bodily practices. The book deals with a paramount issue for fashion studies: how do the production and circulation of fashion imaginary come about in the 21st century?

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Francesca de Lucia

This book focuses on the development of Italian American cultural identity throughout the twentieth and early twenty-first centuries.

Italy is becoming a destination, rather than a starting point for immigrants. Immigration remains a source of tension and debate both in the United States and in Europe. Analyzing the evolution of Italian American identity, from diaspora to globalization, from emblematic to latent ethnicity, can thus prove insightful.

Disparate works, including novels, films and newspaper articles, both by Italian and non-Italian American authors illustrate this paradigm. The catalyst for this transformation is the Second World War, which allowed Italian Americans to take part in the struggle to liberate Italy from Fascism, establishing in this way a connection with their roots while adhering more closely to mainstream American society through participation in the conflict. Post-war expressions of Italian American culture include the development of women’s writing, cinematic interactions with American Jews and African Americans, and the works of two novelists, Don DeLillo and Anthony Giardina, who embody different aspects of latent ethnicity.

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Ilse Nagelschmidt, Britta Borrego, Daria Majewski and Lisa König

In diesem Buch setzen sich die Autor*innen interdisziplinär und mehrperspektivisch mit Geschlechternormen und deren sozialer Bedingtheit auseinander. «Passing» ist dabei im Leben und Handeln von Menschen unterschiedlich verankert, wirksam und von Bedeutung. Es macht die Kontinuitäten, Grenzen und Spielräume innerhalb der Geschlechtersemantiken sichtbar. Der Band eröffnet Fragen nach dem (selbstbewussten) Scheitern daran und lotet Möglichkeiten und Grenzen der Subversion und anderer Handlungsfelder aus. Die hier versammelten Texte bieten theoretische, themenfeldspezifische, analytische und persönliche Zugänge. Sie verweisen damit auf eine breite Grundlage der Annäherung, machen Divergenzen der Gendertheorie transparent und laden die Leserschaft zur aktiven Weiterführung der Diskurse ein.