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Rethinking the Academy

Beyond Eurocentrism in Higher Education

Augie Fleras

Universities and colleges like to self-idealize as relatively neutral and value-free sites of higher learning. In reality, the idea of the Westernized academy is deeply embedded in a Eurocentric logic that not only excludes alternative forms of knowledge and knowing, but also remains racialized, gendered, and sited in coloniality with respect to governance, scholarship, and entitlements. Efforts to address this gap between the ideal and reality have tended toward diversifying the academy through multicultural initiatives in diversity, inclusion, and equity. However helpful as a first step, these interventions are insufficient in generating the kind of substantive changes that would abort the academy’s crisis of legitimacy. Moves to decolonize, ungender, and deracialize the academy will require a commitment to the transformative principles of inclusivity, including a focus on those root causes associated with structural barriers and systemic biases. It remains to be seen if the academia can rise to the challenge of deEurocentrizing the idea of the academy along postEurocentric lines, while engaging the emergent demands and evolving realities of a postmulticultural world.
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Shashank Shende and Mehal Pandya

Edited by Assis Flaviano Sequeira

Gujarat is the nursery for Special Economic Zones (SEZs) in India; the very first Asian EPZ was housed in Gujarat in 1965. This study examines the contribution of Gujarat SEZs in socioeconomic development with specific research questions: (1) Are SEZs in Gujarat effective on the development front in the context of social and economic aspects? (2) What is the impact assessment of Gujarat SEZs by reckoning metrics based on direct economic impact, indirect/wider economic impact and social impact? (3) How can vacant land in SEZ be optimally utilized in Gujarat to fulfill the SEZ objectives? In the first of the three phases a model (research concept) was constructed from the literature to explore and validate the variables within the SEZs‘ influence on the social and economic development. The second part is a combination of single cross-sectional descriptive research design and empirical research with the use of quantitative techniques such as questionnaires and interviews with various stakeholders. This part was concerned with the establishment and testing of the hypothesis. Through a multilayer perceptron neuron network built with use of various statistical tools and techniques, the factors for socioeconomic development were ranked to get the final model with predictor importance. In the third part the important parameters were validated and a cross-comparison case study was done to obtain a confirmation of the findings. The extremely important factors are increase in exports, indirect jobs, logistics and minimum wages. The final model with predictor importance with target of SEZ impact on socioeconomic development features economic factors, social factors, indirect economic and other local factors in descending order of importance. Some optimal uses of vacant land as derived from the research findings include conversion of sector specific SEZs to multiproduct SEZs with a few service sector units in the mix and broad banding of SEZs.

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Xiaokun Wang and Wenjing Zhang

As the most important ancient cultural relics in prehistory, rock paintings have become a direct basis for the reproduction of human history and ideological process. Since the late 1970s, Yinshan rock paintings have been found in large quantities. In this study, 2842 Yinshan rock paintings are collected, sorted and classified systematically. The distribution characteristics of rock paintings in each area and the distribution and change rules of main rock painting types are summarized, and the staged study and age exploration are attempted. This book also places Yinshan rock paintings into the overall framework of Chinese rock paintings for analysis in order to provide a more comprehensive understanding of the overall characteristics and status of Yinshan rock paintings, and on this basis, preliminarily establishes the basic framework of Yinshan rock painting type distribution and chronological sequence.

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Übersetzen. Theorien, Praktiken und Strategien der europäischen Germanistik

Akte der Jahrestagung des italienischen Germanistenverbandes − 13. bis 15. Juni 2019

Edited by Elena Agazzi, Raul Calzoni, Gabrielle Carobbio, Gabriella Catalano, Federica La Manna and Manuela Caterina Moroni

Der Band umfasst Beiträge zur Jahrestagung des italienischen Germanistenverbandes, die vom 13. bis 15. Juni 2019 an der Universität Bergamo stattgefunden hat. Die Beiträge diskutieren literatur- und sprachwissenschaftliche Zugänge der italienischen und der europäischen Germanistik zur Übersetzung. Im Mittelpunkt stehen dabei folgende Themenkomplexe: Kanon und Verlagswesen; Narrative Muster, Metaphern und Diskursstrukturen; Textkohäsion; Sprachvarietäten; Weltliteratur: Übersetzen in der Goethezeit; Mehrsprachige Autoren, Übersetzer als Schriftsteller, Selbstübersetzer.

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“We Are Not Scared to Die”

Julius Malema and the New Movement for African Liberation

Tiffany Thames Copeland

The charismatic Julius Malema and the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) have descended onto the South African political scene like superheroes, vowing to support South Africans with their radical, militant, and revolutionary stance. Their pledge to fight four evils in this world including colonialism, imperialism, racism, and sexism, has given them an allure of being saviors while striking fear in the hearts of the white monopoly capitalists and their black conspirators, labeled "sell outs."

Two social media studies on Malema’s controversial and humorous eye-opening rhetoric and his audience’s unfiltered reaction to it, during the 2019 South African general election season, are at the center of this book. Malema’s discourse is also assessed from South Africa’s historical, cultural, and socio-political environment, with special attention given to the poor black majority. The author at times draws connections between the South African and the African American experience—both of which have been severely impacted by an international system of white hegemony.  

Malema and the EFF are not only game changers for South African politics, but for the worldwide African liberation movement. The results of the research show that Malema’s fiery and witty rhetoric has firmly situated the EFF at the forefront of a new movement for African liberation. As Malema said, "The time for reconciliation is over, now is the time for justice," making those who oppose his message jittery, while simultaneously solidifying Malema as one of the most controversial political figures in South Africa and Africa, and perhaps one day, the world over.  

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Mikhail Martynov

В книге на материале русскоязычных поэтических текстов рассматривается вопрос об анархистских основаниях поэтического творчества. Раскрываются наиболее существенные моменты в истории взаимоотношений между анархизмом и поэтическим авангардом. С различных теоретических позиций показывается, каким образом принципы и ценности анархистского мировоззрения соприкасаются с принципами организации поэтического языка. Исследуются особенности поэтического акционизма. Отдельные главы посвящены изучению творчества Егора Летова и группировки «Ленинград», а также анализу поэтического блэкаута (blackout poetry), в практиках которого актуализируется протестная семантика черного цвета, являющегося одним из важнейших анархистских символов.

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Desde el clamoroso silencio

Estudios del monacato femenino en América, Portugal y España de los orígenes a la actualidad


Edited by Daniele Arciello, Jesús Paniagua Pérez and Nuria María Rosa Salazar Simarro

Las investigaciones que articulan este volumen se vinculan con todo aquello que se refiere al monacato femenino en América y en la península ibérica. La pluralidad de perspectivas, que abarcan multitud de disciplinas humanísticas (arte, archivística, arquitectura, cine, historia, literatura, etc.), es el componente esencial de la selección de los trabajos que configuran Desde el clamoroso silencio. Asimismo, la gran variedad de temas abordados revela su importancia aun desde una perspectiva cronotópica, puesto que se analiza el monacato femenino en América, España y Portugal, desde la Edad Media hasta la actualidad. El contenido de este monográfico, pues, evidencia la relevancia y el valor que la vida monacal suponía para las mujeres del ámbito luso-hispano.

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Christian Alexander Pleser

Patientenverfügungen bieten die Möglichkeit, im Voraus u.a. therapiebegrenzende Festlegungen für den Fall der Einwilligungsunfähigkeit zu treffen. Antizipiert gibt der Ersteller den Behandlungsrahmen für den Zeitpunkt vor, in dem er nicht mehr aktiv mitwirken kann. Dies ist Ausdruck seines Selbstbestimmungsrechts. Nun kann sich auch der Rettungsdienst mit Patientenverfügungen konfrontiert sehen. Insbesondere in Reanimationssituationen mit geringem Zeitfenster und hoher Entscheidungsdichte ist fraglich, wie mit Hilfe der Patientenverfügung zwischen den Beteiligten kommuniziert werden kann. Aufgrund vielfältiger Unwägbarkeiten in der vorklinischen Behandlungsphase wird ein digitales Patientenverfügungsregister erwogen und dessen Realisierbarkeit diskutiert.

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Finanznarrative als Krisennarrative

Literarische und filmische Modellierungen «kapitaler» Erschütterungen in der Romania


Edited by Kurt Hahn and Marita Liebermann

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Kay Wolfinger

Bei der Beschäftigung mit der Allgäuer Literatur gibt es Nachholbedarf – sie ist im Unterschied zu anderen Sparten des kulturellen Lebens vergleichsweise schlecht erschlossen und vernetzt. Dasselbe gilt für die Repräsentation des Allgäus als Literaturregion in der Literaturwissenschaft und der Literaturgeschichte. Dieser auf eine Tagung in Sonthofen im Allgäu zurückgehende Band möchte das Allgäu als literarische Region ins Bewusstsein rücken. Mit der Tagung wurde bereits eine kulturpolitische Akzentuierung vorgenommen. Der vorliegende Band nimmt die wissenschaftliche Einordnung der Literatur des Allgäus vor und versteht sich als Startpunkt der Erstellung einer fundierten Literaturgeschichte des Allgäus.