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Textproduktion in Interaktion

Eine Studie zum kollaborativen Schreiben in der Grundschule


Christina Bär

Das kollaborative Schreiben ist im Schreibunterricht der Grundschule eine besondere Form der Textproduktion, da Ko-Autor/-innen den entstehenden Text in der Interaktion miteinander abstimmen. Diese textproduktiven Aushandlungsprozesse haben Potenzial für Lernprozesse im Textschreiben und geben Einblicke in die subjektbezogenen Perspektiven der Schreibenden.
Die Studie rekonstruiert mit einem interpretativen Forschungsparadigma, wie Grundschulkinder die textproduktiven Gespräche beim kollaborativen Schreiben gemeinsam hervorbringen. Sie gibt Antworten auf die Frage, welche Aspekte der Textproduktion für Grundschulkinder in der Interaktion bedeutsam werden und liefert Befunde darüber, wie tiefgreifend Grundschulkinder ihre Texte in der Interaktion mit einem Gegenüber schon überarbeiten können.

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Lucio Carraro

Jede Rede über das Wesen Gottes ist Mythologie. Gott lässt sich nur durch seine Handlungen erkennen und nur in Korrelation mit dem Menschen. Die Tiefenpsychologie arbeitet mit den gleichen Ansätzen: Die Handlungen des Menschen zu befreien/erlösen, um sie zur vollen Bewusstheit/Heiligkeit kommen zu lassen. Das Ziel ist ‹Fortschritt in die Geistigkeit› (Freud) und Weg zur Entwicklung des geistigen Instinkts, Entwicklung zum Selbst. (Jung)

Ungeklärt bleibt «…mit welchem geistigen Impuls die fragliche geistige Bewegung ihren Anfang nimmt, so dass sie in diesem Impuls ihren Ursprung zu erkennen hätte.» (H. Cohen) Die Tiefenpsychologie arbeitet wesentlich mit der Negation als Privation: Jedes bewusste Etwas wird von Nicht-Bewusstem in Frage gestellt, um eine neue Bewusstheit zu erzeugen.

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MIMOS 2020

Jossi Wieler


Edited by Paola Gilardi

Jossi Wieler ist einer der prägendsten Schauspiel- und Opernregisseure im deutschsprachigen Raum. Kreation im Dialog und tiefgründige Erkundungen eines Stoffs auf seine gesellschaftspolitische Relevanz für die Gegenwart zeichnen sein Schaffen aus. Mehrstimmig gibt der vorliegende Band Einblick in seine Arbeitsweisen, die wechselseitige Inspiration im Probenprozess und die Ethik seiner Ästhetik.

Jossi Wieler est l’un des metteurs en scène de théâtre et d’opéra les plus influents de l’espace germanophone. Son art repose sur la création en dialogue et sur une exploration des pièces et partitions à la recherche de leur pertinence pour le monde d’aujourd’hui. A plusieurs voix, cet ouvrage met en lumière sa démarche, l’inspiration mutuelle dans le processus de répétition, et l’éthique de son esthétique.

Jossi Wieler è uno dei registi teatrali e d’opera più apprezzati nel mondo germanofono. La creazione in dialogo e lo scavo nelle pièce e partiture al fine di estrapolarne la rilevanza per il presente caratterizzano il suo lavoro. A più voci, questo volume mette in luce il suo approccio, l’importanza dell’ispirazione reciproca nel processo creativo, e l’etica della sua estetica.

As one of the defining theatre and opera directors in the German-speaking world, Jossi Wieler has developed his signature style by creating ideas through dialogue and dissecting works for their socio-political relevance for present-day audiences. In this volume, a range of voices shed light on his working methods, the significance of reciprocal inspiration in the creative process and the ethics of his aesthetic.

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Variazioni sull'apocalisse

Un percorso nella cultura occidentale dal Novecento ai giorni nostri


Edited by Alessandro Baldacci, Anna Małgorzata Brysiak and Tomasz Skocki

L’apocalisse, nelle sue innumerevoli forme e interpretazioni, costituisce uno dei temi cardine della cultura e dell’immaginario collettivo dell’ultimo secolo, in cui ritorna costantemente l’idea della fine e del «dopo la fine». Il volume si propone di indagare, in ottica comparata e interdisciplinare, le più diverse narrazioni e rappresentazioni apocalittiche del XX e XXI secolo, spaziando dalla letteratura al cinema, dall’arte alla filosofia, fino alle serie televisive contemporanee.

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Edited by Jean-Rémi Carbonneau, Fabian Jacobs and Ines Keller

Cultural security is a basic need for individuals belonging to national and linguistic minorities. Structurally exposed to asymmetric power dynamics, these minorities compete with the larger society for material and non-material resources, rendering their future perspectives particularly precarious. This book brings researchers from different social sciences together to examine the notion of cultural security and its meaning for different national and linguistic minorities through multiple case studies in Europe, Asia, North and South America. The cultural security of these minorities comprises various dimensions, including institutional and territorial arrangements, state stability, as well as different patterns of citizen belonging and participation. Through the prism of these dimensions, the contributors to this book present a variety of strategies of cultural resilience, societal structures and institutional frameworks allowing national and linguistic minorities to secure a certain degree of cultural autonomy and develop a sense of belonging to their respective states. Cultural security is an inescapable condition for the fair and sustained development of both minorities and majorities in today’s societies characterized by deep diversity.

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Language and Cognitive Aspects of Child Bilingualism

Research Observations and Classroom Applications


Maria Andreou

This book investigates how bilingualism affects children’s language, cognitive and narrative abilities. The data sample derives from 209 8-12 years old bilingual children, in three different targeted languages (Greek-English, Greek-German, Greek-Albanian) along with 100 monolingual Greek children. The children completed baseline and experimental tasks measuring their vocabulary, grammar, cognitive skills, and narrative production abilities. The outcome of this work reveals that learning to read and write in two languages is beneficial for the development of language and cognitive skills. A strong case can be made to the growing bilingual communities in Germany and beyond to provide literacy training in both languages within mainstream schools, afternoon classes outside of the curriculum or in community schools.

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Edited by Leslie J. Francis, Stephen Parker and David W. Lankshear

This volume brings together 15 studies reporting the latest international research on developments and trends in religious education. Together these 15 studies illustrate recurrent themes affecting the development of religious education in diverse locations and also illustrate the distinctive trajectories of locations shaped by different histories and by different contemporary contexts.

These contributions were brought together in a recent seminar convened by the International Seminar on Religious Education and Values, the leading international association for religious educators and values educators across the world. This volume has selected key contributions made to the seminar, spanning both conceptual and empirical perspectives, rooted in both religious and secular traditions.

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Yesterday’s News

The future of long-form journalism and archives

Marco Braghieri

Digital news production has gained increasing relevance in the last two decades. This book focuses on the affordances of contemporary, accelerated digital news production, proposing a new conception and connection between long-form journalism and archives. This approach is based on a theoretical framework of the contemporary digital experience which is defined as the «Digital Landscape».

Moreover, this book focuses on platforms and their practices as influential factors regarding long-form journalism and archival production, distribution and consumption. Assessing the shared features of these two entities – long-form journalism and archives – this book investigates how they can be re-imagined and re-used within the contemporary digital landscape.

Using a combination of multiple approaches, such as digital methods, text analysis as part of critical discourse analysis and semi-structured interviews, this book identifies common traits between longform journalism and archives. It aims to satisfy the need for novel approaches in the analysis, organization and output of digital news content, identifying novel connections and pathways which can be adopted in order to establish a fuller comprehension of contemporary digital news production.

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Cultures in Conflict

Religion, History and Gender in Northern Europe c. 1800–2000

Edited by Alexander Maurits, Johannes Ljungberg and Erik Sidenvall

This book includes studies of main conflict areas in modern Western societies where religion has been a central element, ranging from popular movements and narratives of opposition to challenges of religious satire and anti-clerical critique. Special attention is given to matters of politics and gender. With this theme, it provides a useful guide to conflict areas in modern European religious history.

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Felicity Baker and Magnus Tessing Schneider

Although Mozart’s Don Giovanni (1787) is the most analysed of all operas, Lorenzo Da Ponte’s libretto has rarely been studied as a work of poetry in its own right. The author argues that the libretto, rather than perpetuating the conservative religious morality implicit in the story of Don Juan, subjects our culture’s myth of human sexuality to a critical rewriting. Combining poetic close reading with approaches drawn from linguistics, psychoanalysis, anthropology, political theory, legal history, intellectual history, literary history, art history and theatrical performance analysis, she studies the Don Giovanni libretto as a radical political text of the Late Enlightenment, which has lost none of its ability to provoke. The questions it raises concerning the nature of compassion, seduction and violence, and the autonomy and responsibility of the individual, are still highly relevant for us today.