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Edited by Maria Sass, Ștefan Baghiu and Vlad Pojoga

The collected volume presents an overview of the most significant dialogues between Romanian literature and European as well as world literature with respect to translation. Deploying various research methods, ranging from distant reading and macro-analysis to close reading and translation analysis, this book aims to provide a toolbox for the integration of the Romanian literary system in a regional and global frame.

The articles either give a panorama of translation in Romania during the 19th, 20th, and 21st centuries or are close readings of relevant phenomena for the current state of affairs in the Romanian literary world.

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Arbeitsmarktmobilität in höherem Lebensalter

Eine empirische Untersuchung gelungener betrieblicher Wechsel und Reintegrationen

Martina Kattein

Die Autorin erforscht in ihrem Buch betriebliche Wechsel und Reintegrationen in Erwerbsarbeit, die Erwerbspersonen in höherem Lebensalter gelungen sind. Die Studie zielt insbesondere darauf, die Qualität der neu aufgenommenen Stellen zu ermitteln und Vorgehensweisen der Erwerbspersonen bei der Stellensuche sowie ihre Handlungsmodi mit der Umbruchphase in höherem Lebensalter zu identifizieren. Zudem werden Einstellungskriterien von Unternehmen untersucht. Basierend auf qualitativen Interviews verdeutlichen die Ergebnisse eine große Heterogenität in den Vorgehensweisen und Handlungsmodi der Erwerbspersonen in der Umbruchphase in höherem Lebensalter. Für einige Handlungsebenen werden Möglichkeiten zur Unterstützung von Erwerbsbiografien in höherem Lebensalter aufgezeigt.

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Lukas Böttcher

Unlautere Verhaltensformen im Gesundheitswesen standen in den vergangenen Jahren vielfach im Blickwinkel von Rechtsprechung, Gesetzgebung und juristischer Literatur. Der Autor untersucht in seinem Buch umfassend, welche Formen der Zusammenarbeit zwischen Vertragsärzten und Krankenhäusern die Effizienz im Gesundheitswesen steigern können und unter welchen Umständen eine zu enge Zusammenarbeit strafrechtliche Sanktionen nach sich ziehen kann. Die Untersuchung der Strafbarkeit erfolgt fallgruppenbezogen für Vertragsärzte und Krankenhausmitarbeiter. Der Verfasser stellt dabei insbesondere dar, unter welchen Voraussetzungen Zuweisungsvergütungen für Krankenhauseinweisungen als Bestechung und Bestechlichkeit im Gesundheitswesen und wegen Abrechnungsbetrug geahndet werden können.

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Poetry and Authority

Chaucer, Vernacular Fable and the Role of Readers in Fifteenth-Century England


David Nisters

This study argues that the vernacular fable constituted a productive site for negotiating scholastic poetics in late medieval England. On the basis of a close reading of Chaucer’s Nun’s Priest’s Tale and Manciple’s Tale, the book analyses how the concept of textual authority came to be both challenged and vindicated in the face of the growing importance of an empowered vernacular readership. Thus, the fables of John Lydgate and the presentation of Chaucer’s texts in some of the earliest printed editions of the Canterbury Tales indicate the development of a Chaucerian poetics that was grounded in Chaucer’s own critical reflection on the scholastic account of poetic fiction.

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Approccio sintagmatico alla preparazione terminologica nell’interpretariato

Uno studio del caso per la direzione linguistica A–B


Stefania D’Amico

La terminologia specialistica riveste un ruolo centrale nell’attività di interpretazione, sia simultanea che consecutiva, e nella preparazione che la precede. Ciò vale sia nel caso in cui sia prevista una resa dalla lingua nativa (lingua A) alla lingua straniera (lingua B), sia quando si deve interpretare dalla lingua B alla lingua A. La preparazione terminologica risulta però particolarmente importante nella direzione linguistica A–B, poiché si verifica spesso il caso in cui non è un termine in quanto tale a creare difficoltà traduttive, bensì il contesto in cui compare. L’autrice si propone dunque di elaborare un modello di preparazione basato su un approccio sintagmatico e un’analisi contrastiva, che consentono di analizzare i termini inseriti in un determinato contesto d’uso.

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Transformations of Social Bonds

The Outline of the Theory of Social Change

Mirosława Marody and Anna Giza-Poleszczuk

We live in times of accelerated changes – social, economic, and political – which are currently transforming most societies and areas of human life. Every day brings not only new shifts in political orders of various countries but also clearly observable metamorphoses of labour patterns, family forms, and modes through which we participate in political life, communicate, and which are related to each other. The pace of these changes and their complex mechanisms make it difficult to discern what directions they are actually taking.

This book is about transformations of social bonds, the most fundamental sociological concept. It examines how these bonds are formed, how they are dissolved, and how they are forged anew. The book offers a preliminary reflection on the course and consequences of the ongoing transformations of the social order. At the same time, it invites to reconsider the foundations of sociological thinking.

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Sprachkontakt - Sprachmischung - Sprachwahl - Sprachwechsel

Eine sprachsoziologische Untersuchung der weißrussisch-russisch gemischten Rede „Trasjanka“ in Weißrussland

Gerd Hentschel, Bernhard Kittel, Diana Lindner, Mark Brüggemann and Jan Patrick Zeller

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Andrzej Hejmej

This book represents an attempt to capture different links between modern literature and music. The author examines strict intertextual correlations, the phenomena of musicality and musicality of literary works, the musical structure in literature, so-called musical literary texts. He focuses on the novel Le Cœur absolu by Philippe Sollers, the poem Todesfuge by Paul Celan, the Preludio e Fughe by Umberto Saba and the drama Judasz z Kariothu [Judas Iscariot] by Karol Hubert Rostworowski. The analysis also includes Stanisław Barańczak’s cycle of poems Podróż zimowa: Wiersze do muzyki Franza Schuberta [Winter Journey: Poems to the Music of Franz Schubert] and a fragment of Scène from Hérodiade by Stéphane Mallarmé in Paul Hindemith’s composition «Hérodiade» de Stéphane Mallarmé.

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Dee Horne

Mary Oliver’s Grass Roots Poetry examines the poetry and essays of Pulitzer Prize winner Mary Oliver. Her writing offers an environmental ethics that is relevant to readers interested not only in poetry but also environmental writing. She neither replicates hierarchical relationships nor romanticizes nature. In situating all as kin while also respecting differences, Oliver creates a grassroots poetics and an environmental ethics that invite readers to rethink our responsibilities and how we interact with others, human and nonhuman, animate and inanimate. Respectful coexistence with differences is necessary for the survival of all.