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Katharina Frantzen

Anlass dieser Untersuchung ist ein obiter dictum des BVerfG im Honeywell-Beschluss: Kann der Bürger Ersatz eines Schadens vom Staat verlangen, der ihm daraus entstanden ist, dass er auf den rückwirkenden Bestand der Gesetzeslage vertraut und in diesem Vertrauen vermögenswirksame Dispositionen getätigt hat? Die Arbeit analysiert, in welchen Fallkonstellationen ein Vertrauensschaden aufgrund unionsrechtlicher Gebotenheit einer rückwirkenden Anpassung durch die Legislative und die Judikative entstehen kann. Insbesondere wird erörtert, ob eine Integration einer solchen Haftung für legislatives Unrecht in das nationale Staatshaftungssystem de lege lata oder de lege ferenda möglich ist und ob unionsrechtliche Wertungen einem mitgliedsstaatlichen Haftungsanspruch entgegenstehen.

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La cortesía en la Península Ibérica

Dialectología del «Sprachbund» suroccidental


Víctor Lara Bermejo

Las formas de tratamiento en el ámbito hispánico y lusófono representan uno de los temas más complejos y, a la vez, más estudiados. La diversidad de alternativas y usos a ambos lados del Atlántico es bien conocida, aunque la mayoría de estudios se concentra en casos aislados de una ciudad o región muy determinada, o bien muestra un análisis descriptivo de los pronombres de cortesía. Además, los especialistas han prestado más atención a la casuística de las variedades americanas y menos a la situación del español y portugués europeos. Este estudio pretende dar cuenta de la evolución de las formas de tratamiento en la Península Ibérica en los últimos cien años, con un especial énfasis en el fenómeno de nivelación que se atestigua en la zona suroccidental. De forma pionera, se expone el comportamiento geolingüístico, sociolingüístico y gramatical de dicha nivelación, aplicando métodos estadísticos y los programas de cartografía más actuales. Todo ello, auspiciado por una metodología innovadora y un corpus cuantitativo que refleja la estrecha relación que guardan el español y el portugués, no solo en la cortesía, sino a nivel lingüístico, derivando en un Sprachbund que tiene como foco el suroccidente de la Península Ibérica.

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International Public Relations

Practices and Approaches

Edited by Mehmet Umut Tuncer

Today, globalisation has reached its peak not only due to economic integration, but also by the multiplier effect stemmed from digital communication technologies. The concept of «global village», mentioned nearly half a century ago by Marshall McLuhan, confronts us as actual reality. Of course, this approach creates radical impact on all management practices.

Public relations is one of the management instruments which is affected most by the emergent change in approach within this context. In this volume, the authors define public relations through an international perspective within the context of both theory and practice. Consisting of fifteen sections, the book describes what intra- and extra-organisational public relation theories and practices correspond to in the present day.

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English as a Lingua Franca and Intercultural Communication

Implications and Applications in the Field of English Language Teaching


Edited by Ignacio Guillén-Galve and Ignacio Vázquez-Orta

The contributions collected in this book provide a wide range of perspectives on and prospects for the use of English as a lingua franca (ELF), and explore various contexts where ELF is used predominantly: Academic and research settings as well as teacher and general population education, including pronunciation teaching. The chapters look at ELF data and concerns taking into consideration the areas of phonology, grammar, pragmatics alongside more specific, sociolinguistic ones such as attitudes and identity. The chapters also seek to invoke and provoke further discussion and research on the complex and multifarious forms of the «Englishes» that people are using around the world in their daily encounters in English. Accordingly, most of the studies described in the chapters orient their methodology and discussion to a particular macro- or micro-context of intercultural communication (IC), as the main scope of the exploratory work presented here is not so much the system of ELF, but the pragmatics of communication and its strategies. The specific interest of this volume thus lies in bridging the gap between two distinct areas of scholarship, ELF studies, on the one hand, and IC studies, on the other, and in doing so from a «semiperipherical» European perspective and from a view of ELF as social practice.

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Lela Kornelia Donner

Manchmal stirbt ein Schädiger nach der deliktischen Handlung, noch bevor ein Schaden eingetreten ist. Im Zeitpunkt des Erbfalls ist dann also der Tatbestand eines deliktischen Anspruchs mangels Erfolgs noch nicht erfüllt. Es besteht somit keine Schadensersatzpflicht, die vererbt werden kann. Wenn nun nach dem Tod des deliktisch Handelnden ein Schaden entsteht, ist fraglich, ob dem Geschädigten gegen den Erben Schadensersatzansprüche zustehen.

Diese Arbeit untersucht, ob und unter welchen Voraussetzungen ein Schadenersatzanspruch gegen die Erben entsteht, wenn der Schädiger vor Schadenseintritt verstorben ist.

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Equity in Teaching and Learning to Meet Global Challenges of Standards, Engagement and Transformation


Edited by Joy Barnes-Johnson and Janelle M. Johnson

STEM21: Equity in Teaching and Learning to Meet Global Challenges of Standards, Engagement and Transformation is designed to contribute to discourses about how STEM teaching and learning can become more equitable, serving the needs of readers across the STEM educational spectrum. STEM21 is meant to problematize the status quo educational practices of STEM stakeholders including preservice and inservice teachers, district leaders, informal educators, policy makers, and the research community. While many books are narrowly targeted either for academics or practitioners, the outcome is limited dialogue between and across those spaces. This volume weaves together field-based research, personal narrative, and education theory, while providing for reflection and discussion. STEM21: Equity in Teaching and Learning to Meet Global Challenges of Standards, Engagement and Transformation is undergirded by the principle that engaged STEM education accommodates theory and practice that is equitable, rejects deficit model thinking, and is community relevant. Equitable STEM pedagogy builds autonomous pathways to learning; creates a culture of questioning and transparency; celebrates diversity of thought, habit and culture; and embraces a social justice stance on issues of race, class, gender, environmental responsibility, health, and access to resources.

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Edward Scarr

This books tells the untold story of Australia’s veteran bikers. Like other motorcycle clubs, the Australian War Fighters (pseudonym) are a fringe-dwelling subculture that provokes strong opinions. Newspaper editors have been salivating over motorcycle club imagery since the subculture emerged in California in the middle of the twentieth century. Motorcycle clubs remain the subject of persisting ‘moral panics’ in Australia and have been the subject of successive crackdowns, police operations, and hard-hitting legislation aimed at driving them out of existence. The War Fighters operate on the periphery of the hard-core one percent element of the subculture. While they enjoy the notoriety of looking mean, the War Fighters do significant charity work, and the seemingly bizarre combination of outlaw biker subculture aesthetic with raising money for local hospitals means these men enjoy the paradox of looking bad while doing good. Drawing on sociological research Edward Scarr tells the true story of how and why the veteran motorcycle club subculture came to be. What follows is an ultimately hopeful story of redemption from despair and the salvation of lives that had been all but given up on.

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Romantic Studies

Theories and Practices

Edited by Serena Baiesi and Lilla Maria Crisafulli

This series is mainly focused on English literature produced in Europe between the 1750s and the 1830s. It aims to explore the key concepts regarding Romantic texts and aesthetics, such as the relationship between the writer and the natural world; context and history; sensibility and the sublime; gender roles; language and the power of the imagination; studies of genre; slavery and abolition; migration literature, consumer literature; social transformation; critical reception; and transnational relations.

The series welcomes studies on major as well as less well-known authors and literary genres, and on historical and cultural contexts of the period. Within this framework, volumes included in this series will not only expand the canon beyond traditional authors and genres, but also provide opportunities for exploring texts and contexts from new perspectives, including those of gender, cultural and translation studies.

The series includes monographs, collection of essays, conference proceedings, critical editions and translations, and aims to address an international community.

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Romantic Dialectics: Culture, Gender, Theater

Essays in Honor of Lilla Maria Crisafulli


Edited by Serena Baiesi and Stuart Curran

Romantic Dialectics: Culture, Gender, Theater aims to emphasize the importance of collaboration and exchange in the exploration of neglected areas of Romanticism. The essays grouped in this volume, moreover, are themselves inherently dialectical, being built on, and shaped by, the underlying tension between competing and even at times opposing literary, social and political elements. The three sections of the volume include: Culture and international relations; Aspects of female-oriented aesthetics; and Theatre and drama of the Romantic period. These three topics well reflect the diversified areas of the research and teaching of Professor Lilla Maria Crisafulli, to whom this volume is dedicated. This collection also eloquently illustrates how current research in Romanticism, carried out by scholars from a number of different countries and schools, is nevertheless united by a shared dialectical engagement in generating and debating new approaches to this extremely rich intellectual field.

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Incorruptible Love

The K. H. Ting Story


Jia Ma and Suyun Liao

K. H. Ting (1915–2012) was an important Christian leader and theologian in China. Indeed, since the late-1970s, he has been seen as the spokesperson for Christianity in China. Many stories surround his life, but it is sometimes unclear which ones are true, making him a mysterious figure.

K. H. Ting became the principal of Jinling Theological Seminary in 1952 and remained in this position until his death, making him the longest-standing principal of any theological seminary in the world. He experienced many difficult times in his 97 years, and in any ways the history of Christianity in China is reflected through the ups and downs he experienced. In Incorruptible Love: The Story of K. H. Ting, the authors offer Christians, as well as people of other spiritual beliefs, intellectuals, and the general public, a greater understanding of K. H. Ting’s life and beliefs. This biography will help people learn not only about K. H. Ting, but also about the fundamentals of Chinese Christianity.

Written in a blend of creative and academic writing styles, Incorruptible Love makes the story of K. H. Ting vivid and convincing. This text can be used in courses on Christianity in China, the Chinese Church, religion in China, and modern Chinese history.