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Researching New Literacies

Design, Theory, and Data in Sociocultural Investigation


Michele Knobel and Colin Lankshear

This book provides an expansive guide for designing and conducting robust qualitative research across a diverse range of purposes concerned with understanding new literacies in theory and in practice. It is based on the idea that one of the best ways of learning how to do good research is by closely following the approaches taken by excellent researchers. This volume brings together a group of internationally reputed qualitative researchers who have investigated new literacies from a sociocultural perspective. These contributors offer "under the hood" accounts of how they have adapted existing research approaches and, where appropriate, developed new ones to frame their research theoretically and conceptually, collected and analyzed their data, and discussed their analytic results in order to achieve their research purposes. Each chapter, based on a substantial and successful study undertaken by the researchers, addresses the research process from one or more of the following emphases: theory and design, data collection, and data analysis and interpretation. Core elements discussed in each chapter include research purposes and questions; theoretical and conceptual framing; data collection and analysis; research findings and implications; and limitations, glitches, and difficulties experienced in the research process.

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Outliving Your Dissertation

A Guide for Students and Faculty


Antonina Lukenchuk

This guide focuses on the dissertation work as a step-by-step process and details the structure and the content of dissertation chapters. Unique to this edition is its conception of the dissertation in optimistic, realistic, and symbolic terms, which altogether provide theoretical basis and practical advice to students who are beginning their dissertation process. The guide features the personal accounts of doctoral students who have gone through the experience, which makes this edition stand out among other similar books on the market.
Dissertation is the work of a laborer, a craftsman, and an artist. Long hours of hard labor with our hands and head go into developing ideas, planning, and implementing research projects such as dissertations. But what ultimately drives our academic pursuits and, therefore makes them successful and enjoyable is inspiration that sets our hearts on fire and makes it impossible not to venture on the journey. The uncharted territories of the dissertation process – life events and happenings – make the path toward the highest academic degree attainment both exciting and challenging. Just like life itself with its unplanned and unpredictable twists and turns, the dissertation journey requires strength of character and an unwavering faith in one’s self and in the ultimate value of the pursuit of knowledge. So, why merely survive? Let’s enjoy the dissertation journey!
The guide is intended primarily for doctoral students pursuing dissertations in social sciences, as well as for faculty who teach doctoral-level research courses and seminars and supervise doctoral dissertations.   
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Devenir chef d’établissement

Le désir de leadership à l’épreuve de la réalité


Laetitia Progin

Devenir directeur, c’est apprendre à exercer une fonction hiérarchique à laquelle, en tant qu’enseignant, on n’est pas initialement préparé, en assumant une autorité que l’on est désormais censé incarner. Afin d’analyser cette phase particulière durant laquelle les directeurs apprennent à se positionner et à exercer du leadership, l’auteure identifie les contradictions et les tiraillements auxquels les cadres scolaires sont soumis, et qui génèrent des épreuves spécifiques à ce métier et à ses débuts.

Cet ouvrage offre des pistes quant aux ressources mobilisées par les cadres scolaires afin de surmonter les épreuves qu’ils rencontrent. Il interpelle également l’ensemble des acteurs du monde de l’éducation et de la formation en proposant, pour la première fois en Suisse romande, des données probantes sur les spécificités de l’entrée dans le métier de cadre scolaire. Enfin, il questionne les dispositifs actuels de formation des cadres scolaires en proposant des perspectives pour penser une formation adaptée aux besoins des formés.

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Patricia A. Mitchell

African American Males in Higher Education Leadership: Challenges and Opportunities presents narratives from thirteen African American males working in higher education leadership. Their narratives describe the barriers and roadblocks that continue to impede them while climbing the ivory tower ladder to leadership. This book highlights a number of topics relevant to the experiences of Black males on what it means to hold a leadership position at a historically black college and at a predominately white institution. This is an opportunity to hear the voices of African American males and to look at leadership through their lens. What have been some of the challenges and opportunities they have faced during their journey in higher education? What specific strategies helped them cope with barriers impeding their climb to a leadership position in higher education? What specific programs make a difference for emerging Black male leaders? Did they have a mentor or did they feel isolated during their journey? How are they feeling now? What tips can be passed down to our next generation of Black leaders? These narratives provide inspiration for all African American men aspiring to advance their careers in higher education. Hopefully, African American males will find these narratives useful as they prepare to enter the landscape of higher education leadership and avoid some of the pitfalls discussed in the book.

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Re-Assembly Required

Critical Autoethnography and Spiritual Discovery


Gresilda A. Tilley-Lubbs

Entering the academy as an older woman, the author had not foreseen the challenges that awaited her when she left behind a successful career as a public school Spanish teacher/department head to pursue a Ph.D. She took for granted her position of power and privilege in an educational setting, not at all prepared for the rapid demotion of respect, self-confidence, and salary that she soon faced as an older Ph.D. student/Spanish adjunct faculty member at a research university that would serve as her academic, and later professional, career home for the rest of her working years. In this critical autoethnography, she troubles her journey through the Ph.D. and the tenure process, as well as in her position as a tenured professor. She describes a process that led her into/through the murky waters and mire of academic machinations into the light of spiritual discovery to affirm wholeness and celebration of Self. What sets this book apart is the author’s refreshing willingness to critically interrogate her Self throughout the process.

Re-Assembly Required: Critical Autoethnography and Spiritual Discovery can be used in graduate and undergraduate courses in arts-based research writing, advancements in qualitative inquiry, autoethnography writing, creative non-fiction writing, women’s studies, and critical pedagogy. This book provides a methodological explanation of critical autoethnography and serves as an exemplar for how autoethnography can be combined with critical pedagogy to perform writing that examines the university as institution through the lens of personal narrative. This compelling creative non-fiction narrative is appropriate for both academic and non-academic audiences.

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Konzeption eines Modells der beruflichen Handlungskompetenz für die betriebliche Weiterbildung

Eine Kompetenzerhebung von drei Berufsgruppen aus dem pädagogischen und ökonomischen Tätigkeitsbereich

Nadine von Blücher

Das Buch behandelt die Förderung der beruflichen Handlungskompetenz durch eine betriebliche Weiterbildung. Die Autorin betrachtet zunächst den Kompetenzerwerb theoretisch und analysiert hierbei den aktuellen Kompetenzdiskurs. Anschließend folgt eine empirische Studie, die eine quantitative Untersuchung der beruflichen Handlungskompetenz von drei Berufsgruppen umfasst. An die Studie anknüpfend entwickelt die Autorin ein Kompetenzmodell, das sich auf eine duale Kompetenzförderung ausrichtet.

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Institutionalisiertes Controlling als Risiko-Träger

Theoriegeleitete Verortung und Bewältigungsoptionen im Rahmen eines dialogischen Führungsverständnisses


Jens-R. Olesch

Im Rahmen der risikoorientierten Unternehmensführung hat das institutionalisierte Controlling zunehmend Bedeutung erhalten. Jedoch erfährt die Frage nach dem Controlling als Risiko-Träger kaum Beachtung. Diesen blinden Fleck der Literatur beziehungsweise betrieblichen Praxis greift dieses Buch auf, um das Controlling als Risiko-Träger im Führungsgeschehen zu identifizieren und Bewältigungsoptionen im Rahmen dialogischer Führung aufzuzeigen. Im Ergebnis macht der Autor nicht nur systemische Risiken des Controllings im Führungskontext sichtbar. Vielmehr erlaubt der Bezug auf dialogische Führung eine Perspektiverweiterung auf ein «föderalistisches», auf Teilhabe getragenes und vertrauendes Führungsverständnis und ermöglicht den am Führungsgeschehen beteiligten Akteuren eine kritisch-konstruktiv reflexive Auseinandersetzung mit sich und ihrem Verständnis von betrieblicher Führung.

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Journeys of Social Justice

Women of Color Presidents in the Academy


Menah Pratt-Clarke and Johanna B. Maes

This edited volume documents the unique experiences of women of color in higher education administration. From full professors, senior administrators, deans, presidents, and chancellors, women of color share their social justice journeys to leadership roles in the academy.  With a focus on women of color presidents, a rich landscape is painted through their own voices of their experiences as they ascend and lead higher education institutions, navigating complex dynamics influenced by their race, culture, class, and gender status.  The narratives of African American, Native American, Asian American, Mexican American, and Puerto Rican women leaders reflect the importance of their cultural heritage; the role of family values; the necessity of professional mentorship and support; the presence of personal resiliency; and the need to lift others while climbing and thriving.  This book affirms the social justice imperative of diversifying the academy to include the scholarship, voices, perspectives, viewpoints, and leadership of women of color.  Through this work, we clearly see that women of color can climb to the highest rung; can penetrate the abode ceiling, the bamboo ceiling, and the plantation roofs; can sit in the president’s chair; and can thrive as leaders in the academy. This volume can be used in higher education, gender and women’s studies,  leadership, and sociology courses on education and identity.
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Integrating Content and Language in Higher Education

Perspectives on Professional Practice

Jennifer Valcke and Robert Wilkinson

This book offers a collection of original papers showing how Higher education institutions have coped with changing the language of instruction. It points out that Higher education institutions have undergone radical change in the past decades; of which the shift to English-medium instruction, as well as bi- or plurilingual programmes, is one notable example. The papers comprise new research on teaching and learning through an additional language, and its impact on professional development for university teachers, programme and course development, as well as quality assurance. The articles span different international contexts, and provide education developers, university teachers, educational administrators, language experts, and others, with global perspectives on the professional practices of university teachers.

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White Out

Understanding White Privilege and Dominance in the Modern Age

Christopher S. Collins and Alexander Jun

Colleges across the country, and the nation as a whole continue to be divided along racial lines. White Out: Understanding White Privilege and Dominance in the Modern Age is about the role of Whiteness and a defense of White dominance in an increasingly diverse society. Whiteness is socially constructed, just as race is undoubtedly a social construct, documented through various periods in history. This book proposes that White Out is a learned habit that serves to defend White dominance in a multicultural age. White Out is a strategy that covers systems, dispositions, and actions that cannot cover the full indentation or impact. However, the action of blotting, either intentional or unintentional, serves to obscure experiences of people of color in lieu of a competing definition of reality. The authors introduce the White Architecture of the Mind as a metaphor highlighting the mind as a collection of walls, doors, windows, and pathways that influence individuals to react based on a systemic logic that was socially constructed reason. White Out, a byproduct of a White architecture of the mind, is a set of individual actions, choices, behaviors, and attitudes that are guided by a system that predisposes these attitudes and perpetuates privilege for core members of a dominant majority. The often-unconscious purpose in denying privilege and articulating colorblind ideology is to support a larger system and view of reality. The concepts covered in this volume include: White Pain, Whitefluenza (privilege as a virus), White 22 (White if you do, White if you don’t), Whitrogressions, Angry White Men, White Pilgrims, and Good White Friends.