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Wickham Steed

Greatest Journalist of his Times

Andre Liebich

Hailed as «the greatest journalist of his time» Henry Wickham Steed (1871-1956) was editor-in-chief of The Times after World War I, having been its foreign editor since 1914, and, previously, its correspondent in Berlin, Vienna and Rome. «Spiritual godfather» of the post-Habsburg new states he was long acknowledged as the world’s greatest authority on Central Europe. In the 1930s, he stood at the forefront of the anti-appeasement camp and, in World War II, was the BBC’s Overseas Services chief broadcaster. Contemporaries remarked upon Steed’s impressive appearance, prodigious command of foreign languages, and extraordinary network of connections in high places. He was also a paradoxical personality of a liberal outlook and conservative disposition, torn too by complex personal relationships. Lionized abroad but denounced at home, Steed remained an outsider even as he reached the pinnacle of success in his chosen profession and exerted a significant influence on his times.

«Steed is a fascinating character, who moved easily and influentially between the worlds of journalism, diplomacy and academia […]. It has been a long wait for a biography, but this one is so thorough and definitive that I am sure it will be a long wait before a rival emerges.»
Prof. Tom Buchanan, University of Oxford

«This work constitutes the first biography of Wickham Steed who, […] was a seminal figure within the media and political worlds of both Britain and Europe during the earlier half of the twentieth century. […] Beyond offering us a personal history of a fascinating and highly influential figure, the author provides us with fresh insights into both British domestic politics and high society and the international diplomacy of a particularly turbulent era.»
Prof. Conan Fischer, University of St. Andrews

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Kulturwissenschaftliche Impulse in Theorie und Praxis

Integration: Evolution? Revolution? Re-Evolution!


Edited by Maria Lieber, Christoph Oliver Mayer and Rebecca Schreiber

Kulturwissenschaftliche Konzepte zur Integration gibt es zahlreiche: Multikulturalität, Interkulturalität und Transkulturalität werden jedoch zu selten in den öffentlichen Diskussionen benannt, historische Fallbeispiele sind zu sehr in Vergessenheit geraten und Expertinnen und Experten aus der Kulturwissenschaft kommen nur begrenzt zu Wort. Der Tagungsband plädiert für eine Re-Evolution des Integrationsbegriffs und damit für eine Vergegenwärtigung des kulturwissenschaftlichen Know-hows zum Thema Integration. Wissenschaft schärft nicht nur den Blick für gesellschaftliche Probleme, sondern wirkt beim Aufbau von sozialer und gesellschaftlicher Kompetenz mit. Sie kann auch Handlungswissen generieren, muss sich aber aktiv einbringen und ihre Berücksichtigung einfordern.

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Rise of the Early Roman Republic

Reflections on Becoming Roman

Thomas L. Dynneson

An audaciously daring narrative, this text presents an overview of the early history of Rome, focusing the reader’s attention to those distinctive and often hidden cultural features that contributed to create a unique ancient Roman mindset and civic outlook. Using an historical format, Thomas L. Dynneson addresses these cultural forces which ultimately shaped the Romans into the ancient world’s most powerful military city-state.

Comprised of numerous values and beliefs, the Romans sought to develop their citizens as a cohesive whole. This approach enabled a mastering of both the practical and utilitarian tactics for solving problems, an expression of classical intellectualism. Identifying this sense of idealism paralleled with the Romans embodiment of sacrifice to overcome all obstacles, the author explores several features of becoming Roman. Within this text, each section is designed to pull together the general historical elements which helped to create a unique Roman citizenship. The final section of each chapter contains further analysis, including the author’s narrative regarding the general sources used, and the second containing a review of one exceptional recommended reading. The later chapters of the book provide a special "Recent Scholarship" section, which explores the work of recent scholars’ "revisionists" perspectives related to the traditional ancient sources.

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Political and Literary Reflections on a Divided Country

Q M Jalal Khan

Bangladesh is now divided as "our" country and "their" country. This division has been solely created by the critically close to authoritarian and exclusionary Awami regime—belligerent and BNPhobic. This book is a detailed account of the divided Bangladesh, where there has been a near-total suppression and extermination (since 2009) of the political opposition, BNP. It is a recount of the horror and terror resorted to by the regime addicted to governing the country through a process of complete politicization and criminalization of all the branches of the state.

Being a descriptive narrative of the regime’s abuses of state tools and agents, the volume launches a crusade against the nearly autocratic and despotic one-party government, boastfully bragging about its denial of moral, political, and economic corruption and its obstruction of the democratic rights of the opposition.

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Von wegen: Lügenpresse

Analysen und Ansichten zur Renaissance eines Kampfbegriffs

Edited by Anna Geuchen and Christian Walther

Der Band vereint Beiträge der vom Förderbereich Politik und Kommunikation des Otto-Suhr-Instituts organisierten Ringvorlesung «Von wegen: Lügenpresse. Analysen und Ansichten zur Renaissance eines Kampfbegriffs». Im Kontext der so genannten Flüchtlingskrise sowie der um sich greifenden Demonstrationen gegen eine befürchtete Islamisierung des Abendlandes nahmen die Diffamierungen von JournalistInnen und Medien zu und subsumierten sich plakativ unter dem Schlagwort «Lügenpresse». Dabei ist dieser Begriff nicht neu. ExpertInnen aus Wissenschaft und Praxis erläuterten, warum es gerade jetzt zur massenhaften Misstrauenserklärung gegen die Medien kommt, wie Politik und Medien mit Rechtspopulisten umgehen sollten und welche Entwicklungen im Ausland zu beobachten sind.

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Towards Europe

The Story of a Reluctant Norway


Paal J. Frisvold

Does Norway belong to Western Europe? This provocative question, put to the head of the Norwegian delegation to the conference on the reconstruction of Europe after World War II, begins the history of Norwegian attitudes towards European integration. From 1905 to 1994, Norway opposed practically all types of European and international cooperation. Had Norway’s views gained traction, Europe and the world would look very different today. Towards Europe demonstrates how little Norwegians knew before the 1994 referendum about the EU Single Market and the European Economic Area (EEA). The book takes the reader behind the scenes of secret negotiations between the EU and Norway, giving an unprecedented insight into how the EEA works in practice. It illustrates with concrete examples Norway’s ability to articulate its views and to be heard in Brussels, from the perspective of both government and interest groups. It also looks at Norway’s potential to tackle future EU challenges such as the Energy Union, migration policies, transatlantic trade and the Banking Union.

Towards Europe will provide the reader with pertinent insights into whether the EEA is a suitable alternative for Britain’s future relations with the EU.

This edition includes an extra chapter on how to influence the EU from a non-member country.

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The Sino-African Partnership

A Geopolitical Economy Approach

Earl Conteh-Morgan

The Sino-African Partnership portrays with rigor and clarity the relationship between China and Africa by delving into the geopolitical, geo-economic, and sociocultural dynamics that underlie the extensive and deepening "South-South" cooperation between the two. The analysis highlights China’s role in the partnership by underscoring its geo-strategy, multidimensional approach, and the nature of its power projection in a continent of nation-states with differing geo-strategic importance and resource endowments. Supported by a rich texture of recent historical, political, and economic insights and interactions between China and Africa reflecting established knowledge, the book also delves deep into the impact on China of globalization imperatives following the end of the Cold War and its focus on ideological rivalry.

Graduate and undergraduate students, China-Africa scholars, and general readers interested in a new perspective on the relationship between the two entities will find this essential and interesting reading. It is a unique and multidimensional examination of bilateral and multilateral cooperation, relationships, and profound development in global politics between two significant developing actors. There are new insights in this study into China’s power projection into Africa and the global reactions spawned by its many activities.

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The Rise and Fall of Europeanization

What is Next for Turkey-EU Relations?

Çiğdem Üstün

The 2000s started with massive support for Europeanization but now, in 2017, whether the negotiations should be suspended is debated. What happened? How did we come to this point? And maybe more importantly, what is next for Turkey-EU relations? Those are some of the questions that this book tries to dwell upon. In its effort to answer these questions, it starts with a reminder of the golden years of Europeanization. The second part is on Populism and how populist rhetoric frames not only the politics, but also the public opinion on Turkey-EU relations. Finally, Differentiated Integration (DI) models, as alternative cooperation mechanisms, are analyzed. It is argued that DI models hold the risk of turning Turkey-EU relations into more interest-based pragmatic ones and overshadow democratic norms and values.

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Re-rising Japan

Its Strategic Power in International Relations


Edited by Hidekazu Sakai and Yoichiro Sato

"The lost two decades" of Japan’s economic power since the early 1990s have generated the image among scholars in the discipline of international relations (IR) that Japan is no longer a significant player. Hence, today’s IR literature focuses on the rise of China. Re-rising Japan: Its Strategic Power in International Relations challenges this trend by showing up-to-date evidence that Japan is still a major power in today’s international relations where the interests and power of the United States and China have increasingly clashed over many issues.

Indeed, since the Abe cabinet re-emerged in December 2012, there has been growing academic interest in Japan’s bold monetary/financial/social policies (Abenomics) and relatively assertive security policy. Where is Japan heading, and what path has it taken since the 2000s? This book responds to these questions.

Re-rising Japan assembles the latest studies on Japan written by today’s young and energetic scholars. It consists of three parts: (1) Geopolitics, (2) Domestic Political-Social Norms and Values, and (3) Asian Regional Integration and Institutionalizations. The individual chapters reveal what power assets Japan has and their strength and weakness in today’s international relations. Readers will attain a complete picture of Japan and its evolving new strategy in the decaying U.S. unipolar system where China has been behaving as a revisionist state.

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Mission écologie/Auftrag Ökologie

Tensions entre conservatisme et progressisme dans une perspective franco-allemande/Konservativ-progressive Ambivalenzen in deutsch-französischer Perspektive


Edited by Olivier Hanse, Annette Lensing and Birgit Metzger

Au XXe siècle, l’écologie est devenue, en France comme en Allemagne, un sujet social et politique de premier ordre. Quelle place occupent les divers acteurs, leurs idées et leurs modes d’engagement dans le paysage politique allemand et français ? Quels rapports entretenaient-ils ? Dans quelle mesure les débats sur le positionnement difficile de l’écologie politique sur l’axe traditionnel gauche-droite aboutissent-ils à des prises de position différentes en France et en Allemagne ? Ces questions sont au centre des contributions de cet ouvrage, qui s’inscrit dans une approche transnationale de l’histoire environnementale du XXe siècle et inclut dans sa réflexion, en plus des mouvements et partis politiques, des modes d’expression et d’engagement comme le syndicalisme, la culture du corps, la naturopathie et l’agriculture biologique.


Im 20. Jahrhundert wurde die Ökologie in Frankreich wie in Deutschland zu einem zentralen politischen und gesellschaftlichen Thema. Wie lassen sich die unterschiedlichen Akteure, ihre Ideen und Handlungsweisen in den politischen Landschaften in Deutschland und Frankreich verorten? Wie bezogen sie sich aufeinander? Inwiefern rufen die Debatten zur schwierigen Verortung der politischen Ökologie im Rechts-Links-Schema in beiden Ländern unterschiedliche Stellungnahmen hervor? Diese Fragen stehen im Zentrum dieses Bandes, der sich einer transnationalen Umweltgeschichte im 20. Jahrhundert verschreibt und über die politischen Bewegungen und Parteien hinaus vielfältige Ausdrucks- und Handlungsformen wie die Gewerkschaften, die Körperkultur, die Naturheilkunde und die biologische Landwirtschaft miteinbezieht.