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Jeux de nature, natures en jeu

Des loisirs aux prises avec l’écologisation des sociétés


Ludovic Ginelli

Les « sports et loisirs de nature » sont de plus en plus massivement pratiqués en France et dans le monde mais cet engouement est sélectif. Certains usages déclinent, sont contestés dans leur légitimité, voire interdits. Que révèlent ces tendances à propos de nos rapports à l’environnement et plus largement, des tensions induites par l’écologisation des sociétés ? Comment un loisir de nature en vient-il à être qualifié ou non d’écologique ? Quels en sont les enjeux et les effets ?

Pour le comprendre, l’auteur clarifie tout d’abord les liens entre deux processus normatifs de premier plan dans les loisirs de nature : la sportivisation et l’écologisation. Sa démarche combine l’analyse socio-historique des référentiels d’usages et l’enquête de terrain pour analyser les expériences socio-environnementales associées aux sports et loisirs de nature et leurs reformulations éventuelles en termes écologiques. Un focus est réalisé sur des chasses anciennes, le kayak de mer, la chasse sous-marine et la chasse à l’arc. Ces usages très différents par leur histoire, leurs publics et leurs techniques sont pourtant travaillés par des processus analogues dans deux « hauts lieux de nature » en partie protégés, le bassin d’Arcachon et les Calanques de Marseille. Au-delà de l’étude de cas, ce livre plaide pour la constitution d’un espace de discussion plus complexe autour des nouvelles questions normatives que pose la généralisation de l’impératif écologique dans la société. Le succès d’une politique environnementale est à ce prix.

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Borut Rončević and Matevž Tomšić

The book provides a compilation of idiosyncratic manifestations of information society in techno-economic, political and cultural spheres. The contributors focus on the increasing complexity within information societies. To manage this complexity, societies develop constantly evolving context-specific modes of meta-governance. The contributions allow a better understanding of well-known conceptualizations and definitions of information society and related concepts such as post-industrial society, post-modernity, as well as network society, and knowledge society.

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Lea Pild

Книга включает в себя статьи по идеологическим аспектам русской культуры и по идеологии перевода. Идеология понимается в широком смысле как система воззрений, а в узком - как комплекс идей, присущих какой-либо социальной группе. «Перевод идеологии» рассматривается как трансформация или транспозиция элементов оригинала в целевом тексте или, согласно Р.О. Якобсону, как межъязыковой, внутриязыковой и интерсемиотический. Ряд статей сконцентрирован на эстонском материале – от семантики нарвского иконостаса, ревельского травелога, до советской культурной дипломатии, первого эстонского советского фильма и переводов Лескова. Статьи располагаются в хронологическом порядке, начиная со структуры иконостаса 18 века и завершая анализом кинематографического языка 20 века.

The book includes research papers on ideological aspects of Russian culture and on the ideology of translation. Ideology is treated as any system of worldviews, and also as a set of ideas typical of a given social group. Translation of ideology is viewed as a transformation or transposition of some elements of the original in the target text or, according to Roman Jakobson, in intralingual, interlingual and intersemiotic sense. Some papers concentrate on the Estonian material, such as Narva iconostasis, Reval travelogue, Soviet cultural diplomacy, translations of Leskov, first Estonian Soviet film. The articles are ordered historically, starting with the study of the structure of 18th-century iconostases and finishing with the analysis of 20th-century cinematographic language. The book is written in Cyrillic.

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Genetisches Screening, Thalassämie und Ethik

Eine Interviewstudie mit Betroffenen auf Zypern


Charitini Hadjiafxenti and Gerald Neitzke

Dieses Buch ist ein Beitrag zur ethischen Bewertung von Carrier-Screening. Zypern führte 1983 als weltweit erstes Land einen verpflichtenden Gentest ein: Vor Eheschließung müssen beide Partner untersuchen lassen, ob sie Träger eines Gens ("Carrier") für Thalassämie sind, eine autosomal rezessiv vererbte Bluterkrankung. Dadurch sollen die durch die Geburt von Kindern mit Thalassämie entstehenden Kosten gesenkt und entstehendes Leid für Familien vermieden werden. Interviews mit betroffenen Paaren auf Zypern über deren Erfahrungen mit dem Thalassämie-Programm geben Aufschlüsse über die Folgen des Gentests für Partnerschaft und Reproduktion. Die Autoren hinterfragen die Aufklärung und Information über das Testergebnis und untersuchen, ob es aufgrund des Tests zu Diskriminierung und anderen negativen Konsequenzen kommt.

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Fairy tale interrupted

Feminism, Masculinity, Wonder Cinema

Allison Craven

Feminism, masculinity and fairy tale figure within an extended analysis of Disney's Beauty and the Beast (1991), in light of the live-action remake, Beauty and the Beast (2017). The history of the fairy tale Beauty and the Beast is compared with Disney's adaptation which centralises the figure of the Beast rather than the heroine, Belle. A flagship during a key period of Disney’s corporate expansion in the early 1990s, in the first section of the book, the production is situated with respect to gender histories in the corresponding period: the rise of post-feminism, and its implicit disavowal of feminism, the mythopoetic men’s movement and the crisis of masculinity. The following section canvasses views of masculinity in second wave feminism and the role of myth and fairy in key works of feminism. A critical discussion ensues of twenty-first century wonder cinema in which the influence of feminist ideas is seen to circulate within the pastiche treatments of fairy tales and enchantment.

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Facetten deutsch-koreanischer Beziehungen

130 Jahre gemeinsame Geschichte


Eun-Jeung Lee and Hannes B. Mosler

Die Beiträge dieses Sammelbandes behandeln ausgewählte Facetten der gemeinsamen Geschichte Deutschlands und Koreas in Geschichte und Politik, Lebensumständen und Migration sowie Kultur und Lebenswelten. Beide Länder verstehen sich jeweils als das Herzstück Europas und Ostasiens und feierten im Jahre 2013 das 130. Jubiläum ihrer diplomatischen Beziehungen seit dem ersten offiziellen Vertrag vom 26. November 1883. Trotz ihrer geographischen Lage, geschichtlichen Entwicklung und weltpolitischen Bedingungen, gerade in jüngster Zeit, haben Deutschland und Korea bis heute ihre teils recht engen, teils aber auch etwas lockeren Beziehungen aufrechterhalten.

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The Discursive Dimension of Employee Engagement and Disengagement

Accounts of keeping and leaving jobs in present-day Bucharest organizations


Alina Petra Marinescu

The book analyses organizational disengagement and its consequences at an organizational and at an individual level. The author argues for the existence of an additional dimension of employee disengagement, namely discursive disengagement. It is a distinctive dimension with respect to its dependence on a specific work of the employee. The author engages with discourse analysis to classify employee disengagement trajectories, vocabularies of motive and rhetorical resources. She analyses how people frame their decisions of staying or leaving organizations by defining their employment situation and how they justify their choices through their professional experiences.

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New Crops, Old Fields

Reimagining Irish Folklore


Conor Caldwell and Eamon Byers

From our homes to our houses of government, from our schoolyards to our stadia, from our galleries to our gable walls, folklore is not only preserved but continues to be reimagined in all aspects of everyday life in Ireland. In the twenty-first century, the traditions of Irish folklore are engaged in a constant process of regeneration, where the old and the new, the oral, the textual and the visual intermingle. However, while the «first life» of Irish folklore has amassed a vast literature, what has attracted less attention is its «second life»: the variety of ways in which traditions have been reused and recycled in other contexts by politicians, poets, visual artists, sportsmen, tourism officers, museum curators, writers and musicians.

This volume is concerned with those moments of cultural creation that occupy the space between the «first life» and «second life» of folklore and, in particular, the ways in which folk traditions are reinvented. Featuring essays from both authorities in the field and emerging voices, this interdisciplinary collection demonstrates the rich diversity of folk culture, as a practice and as an area of study, in contemporary Ireland.

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Teaching Business Culture in the Italian Context

Global and Intercultural Challenges


Peter Cullen and Maria Elisa Montironi

Italy often suffers from its cultural heritage. Certain themes have passed into stereotype and popular consumption, while others have been overlooked. This volume discusses teaching choices and topics on the implementation of a US study abroad business programme in Italy. The authors first have a look at business questions, then at culture through a chapter on the fashion industry. The final section focuses on methods in teaching Italian culture, language, history, and intercultural communication. This volume highlights non-traditional aspects of Italian culture, and focuses on the intercultural dimension of teaching and learning for study abroad students. The points of view found herein should promote a more contextualized and contemporary view of what studying Italy can be about.

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Community Action in a Contested Society

The Story of Northern Ireland

Avila Kilmurray

Much has been written about the history of the Troubles in Northern Ireland, but one story remains untold: that of the grassroots activism that maintained local communities in the face of violence. This book speaks through the voices of the activists themselves, drawn from both sides of a divided society. It records their memories of community organising and work on social issues, as well as their insights into surviving the politics of the period and contributing to peacebuilding. Providing a vivid account of how politics touched people’s lives, the book celebrates the energy, imagination and determination of community activism. It also examines the challenges faced by policymakers struggling to make sense of conflicting community narratives and official government positions.

There are vital lessons here for organisers, activists and policymakers working in any contested society, particularly those operating at the interface between social need and peacebuilding. Informed by an oral history approach, this book argues that conflict transformation is possible and that community activism has a major contribution to make in creating alternatives to violence.