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Rethinking the Australian Dilemma

Economics and Foreign Policy, 1942-1957


Bill Apter

This book explains how and why, Australian governments shifted from their historical relationship with Britain to the beginning of a primary reliance on the United States between 1942 and 1957. It shows that, while the Curtin and Chifley ALP governments sought to maintain and strengthen Australia’s links with Britain, the Menzies administration took decisive steps towards this realignment.

There is broad acceptance that the end of British Australia only occurred in the 1960s and that the initiative for change came from Britain rather than Australia. This book rejects this consensus, which fundamentally rests on the idea of Australia remaining part of a British World until the UK attempts to join the European Community in the 1960s. Instead, it demonstrates that critical steps ending British Australia occurred in the 1950s and were initiated by Australia. These Australian actions were especially pronounced in the economic sphere, which has been largely overlooked in the current consensus. Australia’s understanding of its national self-interest outweighed its sense of Britishness. 

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Stefan Jäkel

Der Einsatz von Interim Managern ist in den letzten Jahren für viele Unternehmen ein sehr beliebter Weg geworden, sich in ganz unterschiedlichen Situationen kurzfristig Spezialwissen zu beschaffen. In mittelgroßen, in der Rechtsform der GmbH organisierten Unternehmen sollen diese Spezialisten auf Zeit häufig auch die „Steuerung" des Unternehmens übernehmen. Der Autor geht der Frage nach, ob es einem Interim Manager möglich ist, eine GmbH zu „steuern", ohne dafür selbst zum Organ bestellt worden zu sein. Dafür nimmt er eine umfassende Analyse der rechtlichen Erfordernisse eines solchen Einsatzes vor und zeigt eine für die Rechtspraxis pragmatische und zugleich dogmatisch stringente Lösung mittels einer Generalvollmacht und einer Weisungsbefugnis durch die Gesellschafterversammlung auf.

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Die Strafbarkeitsrisiken der Geistheiler

Eine Untersuchung des deutschen, österreichischen und englischen Rechts


Anna Deborah Fink

Heilmethoden abseits der Schulmedizin, wie die Geistheilung, erfreuen sich in der Gesellschaft seit längerem einer steigenden Beliebtheit. Indes führt die Geistheilung nicht immer zur Linderung von Beschwerden oder zur Heilung. Die Autorin greift diese Problematik auf und befasst sich mit den Strafbarkeitsrisiken der Geistheiler. Dabei beleuchtet sie zunächst im Hinblick auf das deutsche Recht die nach dem speziellen Nebenstrafrecht, insbesondere des HeilPraktG und des HWG, bestehenden Risiken sowie die nach dem StGB bestehenden Risiken. Anschließend erfasst sie die nach dem österreichischen und dem englischen Recht bestehenden Strafbarkeitsrisiken der Geistheiler. Die gewonnen Erkenntnisse setzt sie in Bezug und zeigt schließlich für das deutsche Recht Potenziale zur Verbesserung auf.

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Edited by Valentina Litvan and Claire Placial

Ce volume collectif propose une étude comparative sur les traces de la judéité dans la littérature contemporaine. La question initiale est d’explorer en quoi le récit littéraire peut continuer à transmettre une mémoire juive et de quelle mémoire il s’agit. En effet, il interroge la place d’une mémoire juive qui tout en étant historique et collective s’exprime dans les différentes écritures comme étant ancestrale et transmise de multiples façons, notamment à travers l’intertextualité et les livres.

Bien qu’il s’agisse de proposer des lectures de textes littéraires, les approches sont donc interdisciplinaires : on y trouve autant de la sociologie littéraire que de l’histoire littéraire, de la traduction ou encore de la philosophie politique…

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Transmedia Cultures

A Companion

Edited by Simon Bacon

What is Transmedia?

The Transmedia Cultures companion demonstrates that transmedia, and indeed transmedia storytelling, are fundamental to the human experience of being in the world and creating the stories of who we are, both as individuals and communities. Transmedia is not just limited to the Star Wars or Harry Potter franchises nor narratives exclusive to new media platforms and devices, though both these areas will necessarily be discussed. Indeed, transmedia embraces a multiplicity of media platforms (old and new, online and offline), content expansion, and evolving forms of audience engagement.

This collection of concise, readable essays takes a holistic approach, expanding the areas of everyday life implicated in transmedia worldbuilding and the levels of immersion that they, purposely or otherwise, create. Beginning with a comprehensive introduction and historical overview, the volume explores contemporary transmedia worlds like Buffy the Vampire Slayer, The Walking Dead, Life is Strange and BTS Universe as well as urgent topics such as COVID-19, Black Lives Matter, and human rights on the internet. User-created worlds (Magic: A Gathering) and ones that express individual identities (Queerskins) are also of particular interest.

This volume offers a fresh approach to transmedia cultures, revealing the ever-increasing levels of entanglement they have within our real lives and with those we experience in other more imaginative or creative ones, bringing into focus exactly what is at stake in the «worlds» we choose to call our own.

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Edited by Soli Shahvar

This volume brings together a selection of essays from the Lecture Series in Bahá’í studies at the University of Haifa. Each chapter explores an aspect of the Bahá’í religion, including its history, community, culture and theoretical perspectives on contemporary issues. The authors discuss topics including the family and descendants of the Báb (founder of the religion from which the Bahá’í Faith emerged), the influential role of Bahá’í schools in the modernization of education in Iran, the process of introducing the law of monogamy into the Iranian Bahá’í community, early connections between Swiss citizens and Bahá’ís in the Middle East, the rich and varied landscape of Persian Bahá’í poetry, and the role of African Americans in the development of the US Bahá’í community, particularly with regard to race relations and the principle of the oneness of humanity. Also presented in this volume are Bahá’í perspectives on contemporary topics including changing conceptions of work and work values, the role of apologetics in interfaith dialogue, and the issue of ‘defamation of religions’ in international human rights discourse. This book will be of interest to readers in various disciplines in the humanities and social sciences who want to become informed in more depth about a wider range of topics in the emerging field of Bahá’í studies.
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Bachelor of Arts en Español como Lengua Extranjera (ELE) Online

Internacionalización, interdisciplinariedad y emprendimiento

Edited by Edison Neira Palacio

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Connecting Faiths and Nationalities

A Social History of the Clerical Profession in Transylvania (1848-1918)

Edited by Marius Eppel

This book examines the socio-professional background of the clergy in Transylvania, between 1848 and 1918, with a view to offering a comprehensive perspective on the clerical profession across various religious denominations. During the modern period, Transylvania was integrated in the Habsburg Empire and, as of 1867, in Dualist Hungary. As such, it represented a meeting ground for different ethnic groups and denominations. The prerogatives of the clergy could surpass their primary calling as spiritual leaders. They gradually assumed the role of intercessors between communities, higher ecclesiastical institutions, the government, and local authorities. Sometimes, they also took on the role of de facto leaders of the national and political emancipation movements.

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Coups de maître

Studies in Medieval and Early Modern Literature and Culture, in Honour of John D. Lyons


Edited by Michael Meere and Kelly Fender McConnell

This collection is dedicated to John D. Lyons, Commonwealth Professor of French at the University of Virginia and a preeminent scholar of early modern France and Italy. Lyons’s long and influential academic career has been instrumental in shaping generations of undergraduates, postgraduates and early career researchers through his teaching, advising, mentorship and critical reading. Bringing together original chapters from leading scholars in North America, Great Britain and France in the fields of medieval and early modern literature and culture, this volume will build upon the breadth and depth of Lyons’s wide-ranging corpus that spans a remarkable array of genres, including philosophy, the novel, theatre and history. The studies are organized around the key themes of Lyons’s research throughout his illustrious career and engage with authors ranging from Saint Augustine, Giovanni Boccaccio, Niccolò Machiavelli and María de Zayas to François Rabelais, Michel de Montaigne, Madeleine and Georges de Scudéry, René Descartes, Blaise Pascal, Marie-Madeleine de Lafayette, Pierre and Thomas Corneille, Molière, Jean Racine, Jean le Rond d’Alembert and Voltaire.