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Beyond Post-Communication

Challenging Disinformation, Deception, and Manipulation

Jim Macnamara

While many analyses have examined disinformation in recent election campaigns, misuse of ‘big data’ such as the Cambridge Analytica scandal, and manipulation by bots and algorithms, most have blamed a few bad actors. This incisive analysis presents evidence of deeper and broader corruption of the public sphere, which the author refers to as post-communication. With extensive evidence, Macnamara argues that we are all responsible for the slide towards a post-truth society. This analysis looks beyond high profile individuals such as Donald Trump, Russian trolls, and even ‘Big Tech’ to argue that the professionalized communication industries of advertising, PR, political and government communication, and journalism, driven by clickbait and aided by a lack of critical media literacy, have systematically contributed to disinformation, deception, and manipulation. When combined with powerful new communication technologies, artificial intelligence, and lack of regulation, this has led to a "perfect data storm". Accordingly, Macnamara proposes that there is no single solution. Rather, he identifies a range of strategies for communication professionals, industry associations, media organizations and platforms, educators, legislators, regulators, and citizens to challenge post-communication and post-truth.

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Adina Balint

Qu’est-ce que la littérature contemporaine d’expression française (Canada et France) peut nous apprendre de l’expérience de la mobilité comme parcours créateur orienté vers le transculturel?

Inspirée par les théories du mobility turn de John Urry et par la notion de nomadisme de Rosi Braidotti et de Gilles Deleuze et Félix Guattari, Adina Balint réfléchit aux rapports entre les frontières identitaires, spatiales et poétiques qui produisent de nouvelles figures d’appartenance. Cet ouvrage dont la réflexion se situe à la croisée des études littéraires, des études comparatistes et transculturelles explore des similitudes et différences entre les modes de représentation de la mobilité (géographique, des individus, des imaginaires) et la mise en tension entre le sujet littéraire, le territoire et la communauté chez Anaïs Barbeau-Lavalette, Simone Chaput, Sergio Kokis, Catherine Mavrikakis, Régine Robin, Maylise de Kerangal, J.M.G. Le Clézio et Andreï Makine. Il en ressort que la mobilité n’est pas une action achevée mais un processus inachevé/inachevable porteur d’une influence directe sur le devenir du personnage-narrateur/narratrice et de sa créativité.

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Edited by Andrew R. Spieldenner and Satoshi Toyosaki

Intercultural Health Communication brings together the fields of health and intercultural research in new work from leading communication scholars. This book is based on two premises: neither health nor culture is a neutral concept. The authors of this collection employ critical, qualitative, and interpretive research methodologies in order to engage the political and intersectional nature of health and culture simultaneously. Changing notions of healthy behaviors (or ill health) are not just a matter of knowledge; they live inside discourses about the body, aesthetics, science, and the world. We see this book as an important step towards developing a more transnational view of health communication. Intercultural Health Communication ties together the critical public health with critical intercultural communication. Through these connections, the authors engage the health research in, amongst others: HIV, cancer, trauma, celiac disease, radioactive pollution, food politics, and prenatal care. Intercultural Health Communication emerges from a broad need to address connections and challenges to incorporating health communication with intercultural communication approaches. After compiling this book, we see ready connections to public health, global studies, gender and sexuality studies and ethnic studies. In this day and age, nation states have to be considered within the broader frameworks of globalization, transnationalism and global health. We recognize that the contemporary health issues require an understanding of culture as integral towards eliminating health disparities.

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Layne Wallace

Karl Barth’s Concept of Nothingness: A Critical Evaluation is an examination of Barth’s discussion of the problem of evil in the Church Dogmatics. It provides a thorough exegesis of Barth’s thinking on the origin of evil and the nature of the "shadow side" of creation in dialogue with John Hick and David Bentley Hart. The book’s primary focus is in demonstrating the logical difficulties in Barth’s thinking on the problem of evil. Further, it proposes a way forward that is beneficial to the pastor and provides hope and comfort to those in the midst of suffering and evil.

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Laughter, Outrage and Resistance

Post-Trump TV Satire in Political Discourse and Dissent

Edited by Lori Henson and Stacie Meihaus Jankowski

The rise of candidate, then president, Donald Trump coincided with a near-total turnover of late-night hosts, as well as the additions of late-night shows in new formats. The result has changed the paradigm of late-night talk show hosting, in which each host or segment must weigh the political leanings of their audiences and their personal convictions as they choose how to poke fun at or pontificate on the issues of the day. The ways each host has navigated this new terrain of outrage and resistance in their comedy offers fascinating insights into hosts’ abilities to use new techniques to continue to inform, inflame, entertain and satirize, all while shaping their audience’s knowledge about their world. This volume examines the communication strategies, informed and influenced by their individual experiences, employed by the hosts as they seek to handle Trump and the fast-moving news cycle that trails in his wake. Examining topics as varied as politics as the carnivalesque, race and gender privilege, satire as education and the blurring lines between satire and journalism, this volume provides a starting examination of the rhetoric, humor and political chops these hosts have employed while they use their platforms to inform, entertain or resist.

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A Maasai Encounter with the Bible

Nomadic Lifestyle as a Hermeneutic Question


Zephania Shila Nkesela

This book is a critical analysis of how Maasai informants read some selected Old Testament texts that are thought to have an appeal to people with semi/nomadic ways of life. The Maasai is a Nilotic ethnic group of semi/nomadic pastoralists living in the northern Tanzania, and southern Kenya, East Africa. The book focuses on the parallels between the Maasai and biblical concepts of nomadic lifestyle. On the one hand, the semi/nomadic heritage of the Maasai faces severe cultural and political difficulties when encountering East African modern ways of life. On the other, the ancient Israel actually experienced the opposite, seeing a strengthening of semi/nomadic ways of life. Therefore, the book demonstrates the potentials of the supposed parallels between the two by allowing the experiences of the ancient Israel to contribute to strengthen the semi/nomadic ways of life, a key aspect of traditional Maasai values into the contemporary East African context.

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Practicing Futures

A Civic Imagination Action Handbook


Gabriel Peters-Lazaro and Sangita Shresthova

The real world is full of challenges and the sheer weight of problems facing us can stifle the genius of our collective human creativity at exactly the time when we desperately need imaginative and innovative solutions. Responding to this, Practicing Futures: A Civic Imagination Action Handbook harnesses shared values and taps the boundless potential of human imagination to break free of assumptions that might otherwise trap us in repetitive cycles of alienation. Utopias and dystopias have long been used to pose questions, provoke discussions, and inspire next steps, and are helpful because they encourage long view perspectives. Building on the work of the Civic Imagination Project at the University of Southern California, the Handbook is a practical guide for community leaders, educators, creative professionals and change-makers who want to sharpen their visions for the future and understandings of the how the past affects them. This book shares examples and models from our work in diverse communities. It also provides a step-by-step guide to our workshops with the objective of making our approach accessible to all interested practitioners. The tools are adaptable to a variety of local contexts and can serve multiple purposes from community and network building to idea generation and media campaign design by harnessing the expansive capacity for imagination within all of us.

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Shu Zeng

Against the modern cult for transnational love and mixed-blood babies, this book brings readers to revisit the prolonged anxieties over the mixing of races and the complexities underpinning the literary representation of thwarted Chinese-Caucasian romance in the twentieth century. Moreover, in the current world order where the rise of China has played a significant role and triggered different speculations on various fronts, this book takes readers to embark on a long, exciting journey back to the very beginning of how Westerners perceive China and Chinese people in the thirteenth century and travel across the centuries to the current era—a journey that enables the traveler to feel the pulse of historical moments that have come to influence Sino-Western relations and China’s image in the Western mind. Bringing an interesting, original corpus of Anglophone texts (some largely forgotten) into conversation around the vocabularies they deploy to deal with relationships between Chinese and non-Chinese characters, this book help readers to rethink current issues of migration, identity, sexuality, hybridity and diaspora that have taken the present shape under the residual effects of the racial and sexual discourses of the past and that are instrumental to our historical position and trajectory. Therefore, this book is about the past and the present, the East and the West, the Self and the Other, the center and the periphery; but it is more about the temporary, the fluid, the liminal, the in-between.

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Transformation After Trauma

The Power of Resonance

Yabome Gilpin-Jackson

This book expands on the idea of Transformation After Trauma through the concept of Resonance. Resonance is presented as the key to posttraumatic growth and transformation and provides practical guidance for accessing it. Resonance is defined as a moment of awakening, through personal stories, that creates an opportunity for transformational learning. This book presents an integrative, holistic and narrative development understanding to individual, organizational and social systems change and transformation after trauma. It proposes a Trauma-Informed Narrative Development Pathway for consideration at all levels of systems and institutions who support people post-trauma. Resonance is critical, timely, and relevant now more than ever. As we continue to work for a world of social justice where preventable sufferings are no longer normalized, a posttraumatic transformation lens allows us to take a developmental perspective to supporting ourselves and those among us touched by trauma to achieve transformational outcomes. In a world with ongoing suffering, the ability to return to core identity memories and access greater connection and love for humanity unleashes the desire to take actions to create a better world for all.

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Le Serment / Der Eid

De l’âge du Prince à l’ère des nations / Vom Zeitalter der Fürsten bis zur Ära der Nationen


Edited by Hervé Bismuth and Fritz Taubert

Ce recueil, qui rassemble les actes des colloques internationaux de Vienne (2017) et de Mayence (2018), est l’aboutissement d’un travail interdisciplinaire de longue haleine conduit par de jeunes chercheurs et des chercheurs confirmés provenant d’horizons divers et de plusieurs pays d’Europe. Il porte sur le serment, envisagé comme acte public performatif qui engage le corps de la personne qui le prononce, étudié depuis les débuts de l’Europe moderne jusqu’à nos jours. Ce parcours répartit les différentes périodes étudiées de part et d’autre d’un point de bascule : celui qui sépare l’époque où le serment est placé sous l’autorité de Dieu et de son représentant le Prince, et l’époque où, laïc, il repose sur le lien qui unit le citoyen à une abstraction, par exemple la Constitution de la nation dont il est le sujet.

Der vorliegende Band beinhaltet die Beiträge zu zwei internationalen Tagungen (Wien 2017 und Mainz 2018). Er ist das Ergebnis eines dreijährigen interdisziplinären Forschungsprojekts von Wissenschaftlern und Nachwuchsforschern unterschiedlicher Fachrichtungen aus verschiedenen europäischen Ländern. Das Projekt befasste sich mit dem Eid als performativem öffentlichem Akt, der die Person, die ihn leistet, physisch bindet, und beinhaltet Fallstudien von der frühen Neuzeit bis zur Gegenwart. So wird auch eine interessante Umbruchzeit mit behandelt: von einer Epoche, in der der Eid unter die Aufsicht Gottes und seines Vertreters, des Fürsten, gestellt war, zu einer Epoche, in der er, in säkularisierter Form, den Bürger an eine abstrakte Größe – etwa die Verfassung der Nation – band und bis heute bindet.