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Jiang Yi-hua

This book aims to introduce all aspects of Chinese civilization in a way that is easiest for readers in the Western world to understand. The first chapter of this book introduces the emergence, historical evolution and characteristics of Chinese civilization. The second chapter introduces the knowledge pedigree of Chinese civilization, which is characterized by human-centered and historical and social practice. The third chapter introduces the value pedigree of Chinese civilization with ethics and responsibility as the core and the fourth chapter introduces the national governance system of Chinese civilization in selecting and appointing talents. The fifth chapter introduces China’s self-organization of mutual assistance and mutual benefit and the final chapter discusses the relationship between Chinese civilization and world civilization in the new era. Since entering the 21st century, China's economic aggregate and political influence have increased day by day. However, for a long time, the Western world's view of China has been full of various prejudices and misunderstandings which are produced by the ignorance of the history and current situation of Chinese civilization. It is hoped that readers can profoundly change their views on China after reading this book.
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Philology and Aesthetics

Figurative Masorah in Western European Manuscripts


Edited by Hanna Liss

European Bible manuscripts and their Masorah traditions are still a neglected field of studies and have so far been almost completely disregarded within text-critical research. This volume collects research on the Western European Masorah and addresses the question of how Ashkenazic scholars integrated the Oriental Masoretic tradition into the Western European Rabbinic lore and law. The articles address philological and art-historical topics, and present new methodological tools from the field of digital humanities for the analysis of masora figurata. This volume is intended to initiate a new approach to Masorah research that will shed new light on the European history of the masoretic Bible and its interpretation.

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Biljana Tanurovska-Kjulavkovski

How do we think and imagine cultural and art institutions nowadays? How they need to be transformed to meet the needs of the artists and professionals in the field?

This book examines the theoretical and practical tensions and questions related to cultural and art institutions in the context of North Macedonia and the wider region of former Yugoslavia. The author explores the needs in the art field of contemporary performing arts (post-dramatic theatre, dance, performance, choreography, etc.) and offers approaches to modelling and governing contemporary performing art institutions from the perspective of the independent cultural and art sector. The book proposes a post-modern cultural and art institution, or a co-institution, based on co-curation and shared leadership as opposed to the traditional or standard model of institution of arts and culture. The author offers an activist, self-organized and horizontal approach to governing, instead of vertical or top–bottom, and modelling based on shared policies and a participative approach, instead of authoritarian partocratic policy-making.

"Innovative and challenging analysis of the changing realities of the institutional cultural system. Conceptually sophisticated, compelling and with imaginative and ethically relevant solutions, this book is the timely response to the crucial issues in cultural management and cultural policy."

- Milena Dragićević Šešić, prof. emerita, University of Arts Belgrade

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Edited by Deniz Denizel, Deniz Eyüce Sansal and Tuna Tetik

Multidisciplinary Perspectives on Narrative Aesthetics in Video Gamesis a collection of contemporary research and interpretation that explores the narrative structures in video games and ludonarrative content design in related media. Featuring coverage of a broad range of topics, including narrative theory, game studies, history of video games, and interdisciplinary studies, this book is ideally designed for scholars, researchers, intellectuals, media professionals, game developers, entrepreneurs, and students who wish to enhance their understanding of the relationship and correlation of video games, narrativity, and aesthetics.

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Edited by Edwin Carvajal Córdoba and Félix Antonio Gallego Duque

Este volumen pretende hacer visible el valor literario y cultural de la obra del escritor colombiano Fernando González Ochoa, sus méritos estéticos y la vigencia de su contribución a la literatura hispanoamericana. De manera especial, se aborda el estudio filológico de su creación desde diferentes perspectivas que recogen el análisis de la recensio en trece de sus obras, las cuales presentan todo tipo de inconsistencias y variantes en su historia de transmisión textual. Por lo tanto, es necesario revisar el devenir histórico de toda la obra de González para alcanzar una edición definitiva de la misma siguiendo los procedimientos conceptuales de la crítica textual y de la crítica genética, con el propósito de preservar la última voluntad del autor en el momento de la fijación textual del corpus y, de esta forma, contribuir con la realización de la edición crítica de su obra completa.

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Invisible Effects

Rethinking Writing through Emergence


Chris Mays

Invisible Effects directly engages systems and complexity theory to reveal how the effects of writing and writing instruction work in deferred, disguised, and unexpected ways. The book explains how writing and language that exist in "writing systems" can indirectly (though powerfully) affect people and environments in sometimes distant contexts. In so doing, the book takes on a question central to rhetoric and writing throughout its long history but perhaps even more pressing today: how do we recognize and measure the effects of writing when those effects are so tangled up with our complex material and discursive environments? The surprisingly powerful effects explored here suggest new ways of thinking about and teaching writing and the applications, lessons, and examples in the text precisely model what this thinking and teaching might look like.

This book is primed to serve as an important addition to reading lists of scholars and graduate students in Writing Studies and Rhetoric and should appear on many syllabi in courses on writing and writing instruction and on rhetoric, both introductory and advanced. As well, the book’s advocacy for the unrecognized potential impact of writing instruction makes it appealing for writing program directors and any potential university faculty, administrators, and non-academics interested in the importance and the efficacy of writing instruction. This book is also a useful resource for scholars and graduate students specializing in Writing Across the Curriculum, as the text provides a useful way to shift the conversation and communicate about writing across disciplines.

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Kipling the Trickster

Knowingness, Practical Jokes and the Use of Superior Knowledge in Kipling's Short Stories

John Coates

This book is an exploration of the way in which the characters in Rudyard Kipling’s short stories use superior knowledge, which often involves deception and the playing of practical jokes. There was early critical hostility to the stance adopted by Kipling’s characters, that of a superior knowledge acquired by friendship with a small male circle. This book engages with a long-standing critical tradition which treats the jokes as acts of vicarious revenge or symptoms of supposed defects in Kipling’s personality, instead setting his use of the practical joke in the wider social context of his time.

In this book Kipling’s writing is examined for what it reveals about a complex, self-conscious but powerful range of values rather than what it is supposed to disguise or conceal. Although he endorsed British colonial rule, Kipling was frank about the slackness, endemic rule-breaking and second-rate nature of British rule in India. He also criticised some of the widespread cultural, religious and moral phenomena of his time, which he thought harmful. Many of his short stories contain an implied but serious criticism of Victorian beliefs, from attitudes to death-beds, and schoolboys to Positivism.

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Mothers Voicing Mothering?

The Representation of Motherhood in the Novels and Short Stories of Marie NDiaye


Pauline Eaton

Mothers and mothering are significant features of contemporary women’s writing in France and mothers are narrators and key protagonists in nearly all Marie NDiaye’s novels and short stories. These mothers rarely strike the reader as attractive personalities and, in their mothering role, are portrayed as inadequate, abusive or even murderous. A pattern of maternal failure is passed on from mother to daughter and the relationship between mothers and daughters is one of rejection and suppression.

This book explores what this negative representation tells us about mothers and about how mothers represent their own mothering to themselves. Close readings of text and intertext are at the centre of the analytic approach, embracing references to existing commentaries on the author and to the psychoanalytic, mythological, religious and literary background against which NDiaye’s mothers demand to be read.

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Sejanus – Herrscher von Rom

Geachtet – Gefürchtet – Geächtet

Raimund Merker

Lucius Aelius Sejanus – wer diesen Namen im Munde führt, assoziiert unweigerlich Machtkampf, List, Verrat, Mord aber auch Scharfsinn, Taktik und Fleiß – eben all das, was man sich einerseits an politischer Skrupellosigkeit, andererseits an Ergebenheit in der frührömischen Kaiserzeit gemeinhin vorstellt. Sejan, dieser Name wurde im Laufe der Jahrhunderte zum bildhaften Synonym des machtversessenen Egoisten und rückgradlosen Opportunisten, dem jede moralische Ordnung hinsichtlich Ehre und Loyalität fehlt.

Der Autor stellt Aelius Sejanus in den Mittelpunkt seiner Abhandlung und lässt anhand der überlieferten Quellen seine Lebensgeschichte und sein politisches Wirken in Rom lebendig werden. Dabei spannt sich der erzählerische Bogen über drei römische Kaiser, von Augustus über Tiberius hin zu Caligula.

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Anna Dyda

Il volume presenta l’analisi della leggibilità e della comprensibilità dei foglietti illustrativi. Ai fini dello studio la leggibilità viene misurata attraverso l’utilizzo degli appositi indici, quali l’indice di nebbia, proposto da Gunning, l’indice GULPEASE, nonché l’indice ideato da Pisarek. La comprensibilità viene, a sua volta, illustrata attraverso lo spoglio linguistico degli elementi lessicali che pregiudicano e facilitano l’accessibilità ad un testo, fra cui i tecnicismi e le note esplicative. La ricerca parte da una dimensione teorico-descrittiva nella quale viene presentato l’oggetto di studio, per poi passare alla sezione analitica in cui si procede con un esame approfondito del corpus di riferimento. Lo studio si muove su una duplice prospettiva linguistica – italiana e polacca.