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Shouying Liu

Land system reform in China has always been a hot topic and a controversial one. After the Third Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee (2013) issued its “Decision,” people throughout society generally responded well to the part relating to land system reform, but there were also a few dissenting voices. In the face of controversy, the central government determined the principles of land system reform: it set the program, tested it in local pilots, and only then did it apply the reform uniformly, first by enacting the laws, and so on. Under this background, this book goes through the fundamental logic of China’s land system reform since the 1980s and studies the problems this logic has encountered and whether it still works well. Hence, this book covers topics ranging from the historic origin of China’s land system, China’s rural land system and the relationship between China’s urbanization and land system reform. As a famous policy expert in China, the author also provides his own insights into how to find a solution to the land issue in China. This book is suitable for anyone who is interested in the facts and relevant research works of China’s land system reform, especially researchers in similar fields.
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Edited by David N. Coury and Karolin Machtans

Abbas Khider (b. 1973) has established himself as one of the leading literary voices of refugees and marginalised communities in Germany today. Born in Baghdad, Iraq, Khider was at a young age a vocal critic of Saddam Hussein’s regime, during which he was jailed and tortured before fleeing the country. As a refugee, he crossed many countries before arriving in Germany, where he was eventually granted asylum. His own life experiences have served as a departure point for his novels, which similarly explore the refugee experience and the challenges that migrants to Europe face. This volume represents the first collection of essays devoted to Khider’s works to date. The contributions analyse his narrative works and probe important questions relating to political, cultural, and linguistic identity in Germany today. While his works explore what it means to be an immigrant, they do so with a wry sense of humour and an insight into the human condition that also reflect on the political situation in Germany today. His award-winning novels, including Der falsche Inder (2008, The Village Indian, 2013) and Ohrfeige (2016, A Slap in the Face, 2019), which have been translated into English, are discussed in detail. Additionally, an original interview with the author offers insight into his writing process and influences.

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Behind Closed Doors

Hidden Histories of Children Committed to Care in the Late Nineteenth Century (1882-1899)

Annie Skinner

Annie Skinner explores the challenges and obstacles faced by children who were removed from their families by the state in the nineteenth century. The children in this study were rescued from neglected, abusive or dangerous situations and committed to care, but in the process were criminalized and incarcerated in industrial schools until they turned sixteen. Using letters from the children, their parents and correspondence from the authorities, the author focuses on the children’s experiences of their removal. We hear first-hand how children growing up in a controlled environment learnt how to navigate their way through the tough regimes of the institutions and resisted authority. The author shows how attitudes towards children in care were dominated by the belief that removing contact with their parents was essential in order to avoid repeating a negative history. A wholly new life was needed for a healthy and secure social development. At the heart of this new life was a future in domestic service. However, here children also faced stigma from employers and authorities. Skinner positions the voice of the child at the forefront of her study by offering close readings of children’s letters, taken from source. And so she allows us to see the impact of such policies on lives, as well as their isolation as a result of removal and their search for identity.

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Edited by Joanne Pettitt

In Great Britain, discussions of the Coronavirus pandemic have frequently been intertwined with references to the Second World War. Such allusions are to be found in political speeches, journalistic accounts and opinion pieces; they are also replete in the cultural sphere. Bringing together scholars from a range of disciplines, this comprehensive volume seeks to evaluate the uses (and abuses) of this rhetoric. The result is a multifaceted meditation on Britain’s response to the pandemic.

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The Fractured Self

Selected German Letters of the Australian-born Violinist Alma Moodie, 1918–1943

Edited by Kay Dreyfus

Alma Moodie’s letters from 1918 to 1943 span two of the most tumultuous decades of modern German history. They document the responses of an individual professional musician to the vicissitudes of her public and private life: the challenges of post-war economic and political instability in the Weimar Republic, the impact of the Great Depression, the exclusionist cultural policies of the Third Reich and the perils of war.

Australian-born, Moodie gives voice to the vulnerabilities of her position, living alone and constantly on tour as an unaccompanied, female virtuoso. She describes the profound satisfactions of her career triumphs, the joys and tensions of her marriage and her deep love for her children. Weaving through the narrative is the miracle of her ability as a virtuoso violinist, an ability that commanded the admiration and respect of many of the leading cultural figures of the day. Famous conductors, prominent musicians, contemporary composers, writers and art connoisseurs all fell under the spell of her sensational playing and lively personality.

Originally written in three languages, the letters are made available here for the first time in English translation. Extensive annotations place the letters in their historical context while short essays by specialists in their fields reflect on particular themes.

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Performing Christ

South African Protest Theatre and the Theological Dramatic Theory of Hans Urs von Balthasar


Marthinus J. Havenga

In the latter part of the twentieth century, against the backdrop of the Sharpeville Massacre and the Soweto Uprising, theatre became a central means of artistic resistance in apartheid South Africa. One of the most significant plays from this time was Woza Albert!, which was created and staged by the actor-duo Percy Mtwa and Mbongeni Ngema, with the help and creative input of the renowned theatre-maker and political activist, Barney Simon. What made this protest play so powerful and provocative was the fact that it restaged the Christ-drama, as presented in the Gospels, in the context of apartheid South Africa. This book sets out to explore this performance of Christ during one of the darkest hours in South Africa’s history, by turning to – and offering an in-depth investigation of – the theological dramatic theory of the Swiss Catholic theologian, Hans Urs von Balthasar.

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Reflections on Syntax

Lectures in General Linguistics, Syntax, and Child Language Acquisition


Joseph Galasso

The lectures in this book are immensely Chomskyan in spirit, recursive-syntactic in nature, and tethered to a framework which takes as the null hypothesis the notion that language is an innate, pre-determined biological system—a system which by definition is multi-complex, human-specific, and analogous to a philosophy highly commensurate of Descartes’ great proverbial adage which announces the calling for a ‘ghost-in-the-machine’. The book begins with a gradual assessment of the kinds of complex constructs students of syntax need to work-up. Leading to the classic ‘Four-Sentences’—each of which bears as a kind of post-mark its own decade of Chomskyan analysis—we trace the origins of generative grammar from the fields of child language acquisition (of the 1960s), to psycholinguistics (of the 1970s), to where we stand today within the Minimalist Program. Various spin-off proposals have been spawned by envisioned analyses which treat syntactic movement as the quintessential human processing—a processing which would give rise to human language. Such spin-offs include ‘Proto-language’ and a new treatment of the so-called morpho-syntactic ‘Dual Mechanism Model’.

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Helmut Heißenbüttel

Edited by Christoph Rauen

Mit der dreibändigen Jubiläumsedition zum 100. Geburtstag liegen erstmals Helmut Heißenbüttels späte Schriften zur Literatur in gesammelter Form vor. Sie enthält bislang nur verstreut veröffentlichte Texte und zeichnet wesentliche Entwicklungslinien des essayistischen Werks nach.

Der dritte Teil beinhaltet Aufsätze zu Poetik und Literaturtheorie, Gattungen und Geschichte radiophoner Literatur sowie Comic und Science Fiction, ebenso wie autobiographische Essays, Interviews und Schriften zum Kulturbetrieb. Er versammelt außerdem Texte zum Kriminalroman aus allen Phasen von Heißenbüttels jahrzehntelanger Auseinandersetzung mit dem Genre.

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Verfassungsrechtliche Untersuchung der Impfgesetzgebung in Deutschland

Von Information und Aufklärung bis zum Impfzwang


Marleen Staudinger

Die Arbeit betrifft die historische Entwicklung, diedogmatische Verortung sowie die verfassungsrechtliche Bewertung derImpfgesetzgebung, insbesondere einer Impfpflicht. Der thematische Bogen reichtvom Reichsimpfgesetz 1874 bis zur Impfgesetzgebung 2019/2020. Die Verfasserinbehandelt sozial- und krankenversicherungsrechtliche Fragen, Schul- undKitarecht, zeigt aber ebenso den zivil- und strafrechtlichen Rahmen auf. Dabeibezieht sie auch Stellungnahmen verschiedener Expertengremien wie etwa der WHOin ihre Untersuchung mit ein. Des Weiteren würdigt sie die Impfgesetze amMaßstab des Grundgesetzes. 
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The Preamble as Policy

A Guidebook to Governance and Civic Duty

Robert Irons and Jim Twombly

In The Preamble as Policy: A Guidebook to Governance and Civic Duty the authors show that the Preamble to the Constitution is more than an introduction to the document; it sets the tone for the rest of the document and how it should be viewed and interpreted. It is also a list of goals for a new government and a tool for holding our elected representatives accountable for their efforts on our behalf. The Preamble as Policy looks at the history of the development of the Constitution to show how the Preamble can be used to judge the laws and policies enacted by the federal government. The Preamble as Policy weaves political thought, history, and current events together allowing for examination of an oft forgotten part of the Constitution. It provides a unique framework and firm foundation for class discussions or social interactions about what we have achieved as a nation and where we might have come up short.