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Hip Hop in Urban Borderlands

Music-Making, Identity, and Intercultural Dynamics on the Margins of the Jewish State

Miranda Crowdus

This book explores the role of Hip Hop in negotiating boundaries of identity in contemporary Israel. Hip Hop emerged in Israel in the early 1990s and is performed by many individuals and groups often divided by conflicting aesthetics, ideologies, positionalities, and national identities. Using an ethnographic, interdisciplinary approach, this text highlights the relationships between Jewish and non-Jewish identities operating in South Tel Aviv in grassroots and commercial Hip Hop initiatives. While this book focuses on one urban area, it addresses broader themes relating to popular music and globalization, including the disjuncture between the day-to-day experiences of practitioners and the ideological projections used to define them.

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Democracy and Education in the 21st century

The articulation of new democratic discourses and practices

Jordi Feu and Òscar Prieto-Flores

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Career Confusion

21st Century Career Management in a Disrupted World

Tracey Wilen-Daugenti

Career Confusion: 21st Century Career Management in a Disrupted World discusses why there is career confusion in today’s professional world. By examining the sequence of events and transitions that formed the current professional and career landscape, author Dr. Tracey Wilen aims to encourage and guide readers to navigate this new job market with tact and gumption. In reviewing prior revolutions in the United States economy and job landscape, insights unfold on how the past led us all to today, and how we can prepare for the continuing changes that will shape tomorrow. Career Confusion looks at how transitions have created skills gaps, new training requirements for jobs, different requirements for individuals, firm leaders, and effects on education and educators. The book also discusses career planning, talent management, and job pursuit in the modern world with suggestions on what can be done at each stage. Students and will find Career Confusion a must read while preparing to enter the professional realm, and professionals will find helpful tips and insights which will aid their career trajectory no matter the industry or experience in their career.

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Harald Aarbakke

The Eldest Brother and New Testament Christology explores the origin of cultural representations of Jesus as an eldest brother. Through ethnographic surveys, author Harald Aarbakke shows that the role of the eldest brother in different African societies is often accompanied by additional roles, among them mediator, protector and leader. Aarbakke also searches for an exegetical basis for this understanding of Jesus, and argues that an eldest brother Christology can be substantiated by the cultural and literary context of certain New Testament texts (Matt 25:31–46, 28:10; Mark 3:31–35; Rom 8:28–30; Col 1:15–20; Heb 2:10–18).

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Verena Weiss-Bölz

Dieses Buch beschäftigt sich mit der Problematik der Scheinselbständigkeit, in deren Fokus jüngst auch akademische Berufe, wie die der Ärzte, in den Fokus geraten sind. Die Deutsche Rentenversicherung (DRV) geht insbesondere bei Honorarärzten regelmäßig von einer abhängigen Beschäftigung aus. Höchstrichterliche Rechtsprechung existiert derzeit (noch) nicht. Die Entscheidungen der Instanzgerichte divergieren, so dass aufgrund des Fachkräftemangels und dem Wunsch der Honorarärzte zur selbständigen Tätigkeit die Lage für Kliniken besonders prekär ist. Vor diesem Hintergrund arbeitet die Autorin den Unterschied der aktuell im Fokus stehenden Tätigkeiten zur früheren Diskussion sowie die für die Tätigkeit prägenden Abgrenzungsmerkmale heraus. Sie untersucht dabei die zahlreiche Einzelrechtsprechung, um zu einer dogmatisch korrekten Statusprüfung bei Ärzten, insbesondere bei Anästhesisten, zu gelangen.

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Daniel Brauner

Das Werk behandelt den Vorschlag eines Gemeinsamen Europäischen Kaufrechts (CESL), der als «Meilenstein» des europäischen Vertragsrechts bezeichnet wurde, im Vergleich zum UN-Kaufrecht (CISG). Wenngleich vorerst an der Kritik aus den Mitgliedstaaten gescheitert, kann das Gemeinsame Europäische Kaufrecht dem europäischen Gesetzgeber als Blaupause für die weitere Rechtsvereinheitlichung des internationalen Warenkaufs dienen. Es sollte nur auf Vereinbarung der Vertragsparteien Anwendung finden. Folgen auch künftige Entwürfe diesem Ansatz, treten sie in Konkurrenz zum UN-Kaufrecht. Der Autor leistet einen detaillierten Vergleich beider Anwendungsbereiche. Denn der Erfolg künftiger europäischer Vorhaben wird maßgeblich auch vom Verhältnis zum UN-Kaufrecht abhängen.

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Materiality in Teaching and Learning


Edited by Pauline Sameshima, Anita Sinner and Boyd White

Ma is a curriculum. The Japanese concept of ma refers to the interval between two markers. Ma is somatically constructed by a deliberate, attentive consciousness to what simultaneously is expressed, repressed, or suppressed between two structures. In a dialectic exploration, the spaces between— private/public, teacher/student, old/new, self/other, among others are probed in ways that contribute to the significant research in teaching and learning that has been undertaken in the last decades.

Material culture is the study of belief systems, behaviours, and perceptions through artefacts and physical objects and is central to the socialisation of human beings into culture. The analysis of cultural materials offer sites for concretizing the self and the self in context. New materiality challenges assumptions and clichés and allows for possibilities not yet imagined, perhaps even inconceivable possibilities. New materiality approaches accept that matter itself has agency. As such, this book investigates the intersections at the core of ma, engagements wherein the investigations create something new, in order to demonstrate the layers of the teaching and learning self.

Interpretations of the concept of ma articulate new definitions to improve the conditions, practices, products, and pedagogies of being a teacher/learner in the 21st Century. Ma is a site for epistemological understandings, threshold learnings, and self and curriculum becomings.

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The Communication Strategy Handbook

A Toolkit for Creating a Winning Strategy

Betteke van Ruler and Frank Körver

Strategic development is one of the most daunting challenges that faces any professional, no matter the field. After all, stakes are high. Developing effective strategies can put you on the path to becoming a trusted advisor and a valued employee. The Communication Strategy Framework introduced in this handbook has been designed to help professionals make targeted choices toward strategic communication. Taking an iterative approach and continually reflecting on whether your choices remain congruent enables you to continually adapt to changing circumstances while staying in command. Linear planning models are ineffective. Quick strategy development can revolutionize the communication function and strengthen the relationship amongst members of a professional team. Linking communication and business strategy is the number one challenge for today’s communication practitioners.

Many CEOs still view the communication department as no more than as a tactical entity providing outreach but little else. It is time to fundamentally rethink how strategic communication is developed and start using modern tools to do this. The Communication Strategy Framework facilitates the communication professional to forcefully and efficiently make the right choices. It compels individuals to think about how communication can contribute to achieving the organization or client’s goals. As a result, it provides a clear picture of your communication strategy in one page by putting superfluous details aside and concentrating on the essentials. The Communication Strategy Framework has proven to be an instant eye-opener for clients and other stakeholders. A best-seller amongst professionals in the Netherlands, it is available for the first time in English. This step-by-step guide to creating strategic communication will help communicators of all types—from professionals and clients to students and teachers!

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Edited by Anindita Banerjee and Sonja Fritzsche

The first collection of its kind, this anthology documents a radically different geography and history of science fiction in the world. Western, specifically Anglo-American, SF is not the only hub of the global trade of alternative realities and futures. Rather it is but only one of several competing flows and circuits of distribution, contacts, influence, translation, adaptation, and collaboration, across space and time. The essays collected here focus on arguably the biggest and most influential of those competing hubs: the socialist world and its extensive cultural networks across the global South and East. Written by scholars from around the world, the chapters address the «other» transatlantic of the Caribbean, Latin America, African America, and the Soviet Union; the surprising multitude of transnational networks behind the Iron Curtain; and asymptotic and subterranean discourses across Russia, India, and China. Science Fiction Circuits of the South and East is intended for scholars, students, and fans interested in science fiction, popular culture, comparative literature, film studies, postcolonialism, techno-science, translation studies, and the literature and cultures of China, Cuba, Germany, India, Mexico, Poland, and Russia.