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The White Men's Countries

Racial Identity in the United States-Australian Relationship, 1933-1953


Travis J. Hardy

The White Men's Countries explores how a shared ideal of race united the American and Australian governments during World War II and the early Cold War periods. This interpretation places cultural and ideological factors alongside the traditional emphasis on pragmatic economic and security considerations in explaining why two nations whose objectives in the Pacific region were often at odds were able to craft one of the most enduring diplomatic relationships of the twentieth century. It examines not only official policies and attitudes but also emphasizes the shared views on race carried by both American and Australian citizens that helped to ameliorate, and at times complicate, the bond between Washington D.C. and Canberra. This work also places greater emphasis on the post-World War II relationship as being the most crucial time in the shaping of the alliance. The White Men's Countries serves to help broaden our understanding of how racial ideology played a powerful role in the transnational relationships formed by the United States and Australia in the mid-twentieth century and how influential ideological factors became an international diplomacy.

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The Central Legislature in British India, 1921–47

Parliamentary Experiences Under the Raj

Mohammad Rashiduzzaman

The Central Legislature in British India 1921-47: Parliamentary Experiences Under the Raj is an exceptional exposé of Colonial India’s highest legislative body. With its wealth of materials and in-depth description of the former Indian Legislature’s actual working, its political milieu and its institutional development, this book belongs to the larger genre of the British Indian narratives on the constitutional encounters between the rulers and the ruled. This book touches on a critical range of areas essential to our understanding of the British Raj in India. This book adds a significant depth to a neglected quarter of historical knowledge—the chronicle of parliamentary experiences and the representative institution-building in Colonial India. Undeniably, the Central Legislature was the only acknowledged all-India forum where the Indian legislators and the Imperial Executive, time and again, ran into each other. Yet, even at the lowest ebb of the Indian lawmakers’ disillusionment, the two flanks, intermittently, showed a modicum of mutual respect: though limited, the two sides indirectly shared power, went through the motion and contributed to policy-making typically over a strip of non-controversial subjects.

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Edited by Rebecca Madgin and Nicolas Kenny

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The Foreign Subsidiary

Working Within an International Firm

Yezdi H. Godiwalla

The book explores international management with a focus on the foreign subsidiary. The foreign subsidiary is an important entity within an MNC. Much of the future revenue and profit growth of the MNC will be from its foreign operations. Together with other foreign subsidiaries, the foreign subsidiary represents the future growth and survival of an MNC. This book investigates the theme that the future holds the MNC and the foreign subsidiary true to their purpose of enlarging the scope of business around the world and transferring from across countries: people, values, ideas and views and perspectives, knowledge, arts and know-how and skills, life styles and standards of living, goods and services, equipment, finance, and (engineering and organizational) technologies.

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Memory and the Trevi Fountain

Flows of Political Power in Media Performance

Pamela Krist

Why do you throw a coin into the Trevi Fountain and make a wish?

This book links cultural memory with the materiality of the Trevi Fountain as historical monument and uses this perspective to examine its imagery in art, literature, film and music, concluding with the e-Trevi on the internet. How memory takes different pathways is of current interest in memory studies and the cross-disciplinary approach taken here considers how memory travels between media as well as exploring related issues such as forgetting and media convergence.

Yet there is a dark side to the Trevi, previously unexplored, of memory linked to water, which runs counter to its usual blue sky image, and this ambiguity is unravelled. The book also conveys the international, national and localized meanings of the Fountain and describes the changing ideologies that are hidden in the many performances the monument is made to give. The Trevi is symbolic of both commodification and misogyny, symbols that flow with changing and contemporary meanings. Throw your coin with care!

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The Struggle for the Scepter

A Study of the British Monarchy and Parliament in the Eighteenth Century

Clayton Roberts

Edited by Stewart Dippel

The Struggle for the Scepter offers a richly-detailed narrative history of the relationship between the British Parliament and the Crown during the 18th century. Drawing on extensive primary source documents—including political pamphlets, diaries, and correspondence exchanged by major political players of the period—the book traces the gradual decline of the Crown’s power throughout the century, such that by 1800, political power had shifted to what might be called a modern parliamentary system.

The Struggle for the Scepter persuasively links this significant shift to the British nation’s recognition of five principal truths by century’s end: [1] That unified political parties based on principle rather than personality were here to stay. [2] That this was a good thing, in part because without party organization and party discipline it proved impossible to manage a House of Commons of roughly 550 Members; and, in part because the notion of a loyal Opposition came to be seen as beneficial, both for the sake of overseeing public administration and checking not only royal power but the power of a parliamentary majority. [3] That the Monarch must only appoint as ministers those that commanded a majority in the House of Commons. [4] That with regards to policy the Monarch must accept the dictates of those ministers. [5] That the organization of the parliamentary majority centered on a First, or Prime, Minister who headed a unified Cabinet; that is, a Cabinet based on collective responsibility and a Cabinet which spoke with one voice, through the Cabinet Minute, to the Monarch.

Clayton Roberts brings his shrewd command of British political history to bear on this meticulously researched and fascinating account of a turbulent and transformative century in British politics. The result is an engaging and insightful work that should appeal to scholars, graduate students, and advanced undergraduates interested in the origins of the British parliamentary system and political history more broadly.

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Three Tropes on Trump

A Textbook on Applied Marxism, Semiotics, and Psychoanalysis

Arthur Asa Berger

Three Tropes on Trump: A Textbook on Applied Marxism, Semiotics, and Psychoanalysis uses the term "trope" in an unusual way—not as an expression in a figurative sense but as a form or method of analysis. This book uses Marxist theory, semiotic theory and psychoanalytic theory in an attempt to understand what we might call the Trump phenomenon and the Trump style. Each chapter features a primer on its methodology, and it applies concepts from these theories to Trump’s candidacy and presidency, covering everything from his hair style, his use of spectacle, his use of insults, his comedic aspects, his personality, and his many psychological problems to help make sense of Trump and his relationship to his base and to the American public.

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Edited by Ľudovít Marci

The book maps the development of Hungarian society and its way of thinking with a specific focus on the territory of Slovakia from the 11th to the 18th century. The intention of the contributors was to present a continuity of history by examining contemporary phenomena, activities of institutions, as well as the relations and opinions of specific people, who were part of creating everyday history. The volume provides insight into the depth of Slovak and Hungarian history; it is the result of research activities carried out by professionals from the Department of History at the Constantine the Philosopher University in Nitra. It helps to highlight the contours of the history of Slovakia and the Kingdom of Hungary and to more deeply understand the relations of European history.

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Adam Nobis

В книге представлены современные мероприятия и проекты из различных областей: экономики, туризма, транспорта, дипломатии, художественных мероприятий, которые относятся к старому Шелковому Пути. Это проекты многих стран, компаний, общественных и международных организаций, а также частных лиц из разных регионов мира. В работе представлен анализ взаимосвязей между этими мероприятиями и проектами. В ней также указаны основные идеи, значения и ценности, на которые они ссылаются и которые они реализуют.

«Книга Адама Нобиса "Краткий путеводитель по Новому Шелковому Пути" является важным, интересным и нужным проектом. Важным, так как он затрагивает проблемы, практические признаки, которые мы можем наблюдать в событиях, происходящих вокруг нас, в реальном социокультурном мире. Интересным, так как способ представления этих вопросов является оригинальным, а кроме того также показывает синтетические и аналитические тенденции. Нужным, так как дает читателю возможность ознакомления с множеством подробной информации по вопросу описываемого явления».

Хабилитированный доктор Лечек Копцюх, чрезвычайный профессор Университет Марии Кюри-Склодовской (Dr hab. Leszek Kopciuch, prof. nadzw. UMCS)

«Этот небольшой труд является результатом кропотливой работы автора, который тщательно собрал разбросанные камешки, которые составляют впечатляющую мозаику, какой является Новый Шелковый Путь. Я думаю, что автор прав, когда во Введении пишет, что форма путеводителя идеально вписывается в такую структуру, какой является описываемый им путь. Читатель, у которого имеется в руках путеводитель Адама Нобиса, может свободно перемещаться по дорогам, ведущим из Китая в Европу, либо в реальности, либо в воображении».

Проф., хабилитированный доктор Лешек Кочанови, Университет СВПС (Prof. dr. hab. Leszek Koczanowicz, Uniwersytet SWPS)

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Des femmes et du crime

Société, modernité et mœurs à Shanghai sous la république, 1911-1949

Aglaia De Angeli

En plongeant dans les archives de la ville de Shanghai, Aglaia De Angeli offre une analyse de la vie des femmes criminelles autant que de celle des victimes de la criminalité à l’époque républicaine. Des centaines de cas judiciaires, des rapports de police et des comptes-rendus par les prisons et maisons de détention jamais utilisés auparavant nous racontent le milieu et les femmes qui y traînent.

Shanghai, connue déjà à l’époque comme le Chicago de l’Orient, est vue d’un côté pas encore exploré, celui de l’histoire des femmes, qui offre au lecteur une nouvelle vision de l’histoire sociale et urbaine de Shanghai, la métropole par excellence de la modernité en Chine.

À l’époque républicaine, la société en Chine bouscule entre tradition et modernité, ainsi l’histoire des femmes avec leurs méfaits autant que leurs malheurs nous offre un baromètre pour comprendre vers où les mœurs et le droit chinois se dirigent.