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Environment Matters

Why Song Sounds the Way It Does


Lynn Whidden and Paul Shore

Why does human music sound the way it does? To better understand this, the authors look at the human and even animal ability for mimicry, at existing acoustic niches and introduce the idea of at least three habitats for music. Is there a unified sound quality for music created indoors, for song sung outdoors, and for music produced with electric signals?

Whidden and Shore seek answers from music ethnography, from the closed space of medieval churches, from Gothic architecture, from particular buildings such as the Prague Estates Theatre and from their own experience and that of others in the contemporary electronic music environment. Drawing on fieldwork, archival materials and media studies research, they propose a model that will inspire scholars to explore human music in its rightful and important place in the natural world.

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Friedrich Wieck – Gesammelte Schriften über Musik und Musiker

Aufsätze und Aphorismen über Geschmack, Lebenswelt, Virtuosität, Musikerziehung und Stimmbildung, mit Kommentaren und mit einer historischen Einführung


Edited by Tomi Mäkelä, Christoph Kammertöns and Lena Esther Ptasczynski

Wie gelingt der Tagesablauf eines Kindes so, dass es sowohl für die schulische Ausbildung als auch für die Musik genügend Zeit hat? Welche Säle eignen sich für Konzerte am besten – und warum? Wie sieht Musikdidaktik in der Praxis aus? Für dies und vieles mehr – etwa für das Verhältnis von Begabung und pädagogischem Einfluss – zeigte Friedrich Wieck (1785–1873) leidenschaftliches Interesse. Der Vater und einzige Lehrer Clara Schumanns wirkt mit seinem künstlerischen und pädagogischen Sendungsbewusstsein ansteckend. In einem einführenden Essay und in zahlreichen ausführlichen Anmerkungen wird Wieck als eine mannigfaltig interessierte, lesefreudige und fachübergreifend denkende Persönlichkeit portraitiert. Erstmalig finden sich auch schwer zugängliche Schriften Wiecks berücksichtigt.

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Religion Across Television Genres

Community, Orange Is the New Black, The Walking Dead, and Supernatural

Joseph M. Valenzano III and Erika Engstrom

Religion Across Television Genres: Community, Orange Is the New Black, The Walking Dead, and Supernatural connects communication theories to the religious content of TV programs across an array of platforms and content genres, specifically the NBC comedy Community, the critically acclaimed Netflix series Orange Is the New Black, AMC’s international megahit The Walking Dead, and the CW’s long-running fan favorite Supernatural. Its contemporary relevancy makes Religion Across Television Genres ideal for use as a library resource, scholarly reference, and textbook for both undergraduate and graduate courses in mass media, religious studies, and popular culture.

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Twenty-First-Century Chinese Drama

Four Plays by Wan Fang

Edited by Valerie Pellatt

This anthology is a collection of four contemporary Chinese plays by the playwright Wan Fang, presented in the original Chinese and in English translation. Since the 1990s, modern Chinese drama has experienced a revival, and these plays are representative of the kind of theatre which audiences in China now enjoy. The time is ripe for them to be staged internationally through the medium of translation. This book provides Chinese and English versions consecutively, to enable the plays to be used for study or performance. The volume also offers an introduction to the development of modern Chinese drama over the twentieth century, as a background to the plays included here. In addition, Wan Fang’s own introduction to the writing of plays, and these plays in particular, gives us insights into the mechanisms of writing and staging in a twenty-first-century Chinese context.

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The Interartistic Phenomenon

Through Montaigne’s Essays


Vassilena Kolarova

The book explores the term of «interartistic phenomenon» that Vassilena Kolarova introduces in the semiotic field of intermedial researches. The writer manifests the existence of the interartistic phenomenon which expresses the relation arising between arts at the time of an aesthetic perception of a work of art. Her concept of interartistic phenomenon differs from intertextuality since it affects arts. The semiotic analysis is concentrated on the works of Michel de Montaigne focusing the research on his famous «Essays» and «The Diary of Montaigne’s Travels». The aim of the research is to study the work of Montaigne as a work of art in first place. The varieties of the «interartistic phenomenon» which exist in the work of Montaigne are analyzed in light of the artistic vocabulary he is using to qualify his work. The author of the book takes notice of the interartistic conception in the work of Montaigne revealed by the convergence of nature and art, particularly in the diary of Montaigne’s travels. Here the author studies the interartistic phenomenon in the context of the Renaissance and its evolution from ancient philosophy (Horace – Ut pictura poesis, Philostrate – ekphrasis) through Renaissance (Leonardo da Vinci’s Paragone) to modern ideas whereas the research is done from a theoretical point of view.

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Between Dream and Reality: «The Saragossa Manuscript»

An Analysis of Wojciech Jerzy Has’s Movie


Iwona Grodź

The book features a detailed analysis and interpretation of «The Saragossa Manuscript» (1964) by Wojciech Jerzy Has. The interpretative key is the director’s reference to the aesthetics of various art trends, starting with baroque, through romanticism, symbolism, surrealism and the culture of Orient. The artistic references named here which to a high degree can be brought down to quotations and hints (the composition of stop-frames referring to the style of a given painter or an art trend) are to a large extent the consequence of having been adapted by a particular novel (Jan Potocki). Notwithstanding, also this time Has stigmatised the project with his own style by referring to the aesthetics of surrealism which was alien to the literary prototype.

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MIMOS 2018

Theater Sgaramusch


Edited by Paola Gilardi, Delphine Abrecht, Andreas Klaeui and Yvonne Schmidt

Seit 1982 kreiert das Theater Sgaramusch inhaltlich wie ästhetisch anspruchsvolle Stücke für Kinder, die sich auch an Erwachsene richten. Der vorliegende Band beleuchtet verschiedene Facetten seines Schaffens, das immer poetisch sein will, nie didaktisch. Das Buch versucht zudem eine Standortbestimmung des Theaters für ein junges Publikum in der Schweiz.

Depuis 1982, le Théâtre Sgaramusch crée des spectacles au contenu et à l’esthétique ambitieux pour les enfants mais aussi pour les adultes. Le présent ouvrage aborde plusieurs facettes de leur engagement qui se veut toujours poétique, jamais didactique. Cette publication propose également divers éclairages sur la situation du théâtre pour le jeune public en Suisse.

Dal 1982 il Theater Sgaramusch crea spettacoli esigenti sul piano dei contenuti ed estetico, rivolti sia ai bambini che agli adulti. Il presente volume esplora vari aspetti del suo lavoro artistico, che vuole essere poetico, non didattico. Il libro tenta inoltre di fare il punto della situazione sul teatro per un pubblico giovane in Svizzera.

Founded in 1982, Theater Sgaramusch creates challenging plays in terms of content and aesthetics, staged for children and adults alike. The present volume showcases various facets of the company’s oeuvre – which aims to be poetic and never didactic – and seeks to assess the current standing of theatre for young audiences in Switzerland.

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Magdalena Walter-Mazur

The study is the first monograph devoted to the musical culture of a female order in Poland. It is a result of in-depth research into musical, narrative, economic, and prosopographic sources surviving in libraries and archives. Focused on the musical practice of nuns, the book also points to the context of spirituality, morality, and culture of the post-Trident era. The author indicates the transformation of the musical activity of the nuns during the 17th and 18th century and discusses its various kinds: plainsong, Latin and Polish polyphonic song, polichoral, keyboard, vocal-instrumental and chamber music. She reflects on the role of music in liturgy and monastic events and in everyday life of cloistered women, describes the recruitment of musically gifted candidates, and the scriptorial activity of nuns.

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Hip Hop in Urban Borderlands

Music-Making, Identity, and Intercultural Dynamics on the Margins of the Jewish State


Miranda Crowdus

This book explores the role of Hip Hop in negotiating boundaries of identity in contemporary Israel. Hip Hop emerged in Israel in the early 1990s and is performed by many individuals and groups often divided by conflicting aesthetics, ideologies, positionalities, and national identities. Using an ethnographic, interdisciplinary approach, this text highlights the relationships between Jewish and non-Jewish identities operating in South Tel Aviv in grassroots and commercial Hip Hop initiatives. While this book focuses on one urban area, it addresses broader themes relating to popular music and globalization, including the disjuncture between the day-to-day experiences of practitioners and the ideological projections used to define them.