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Toxic Silence

Race, Black Gender Identity, and Addressing the Violence against Black Transgender Women in Houston

William T. Hoston

Toxic Silence: Race, Black Gender Identity, and Addressing the Violence against Black Transgender Women in Houston contributes to a growing body of transgender scholarship. This book examines the patriarchal and heteronormative frames within the black community and larger American society that advances the toxic masculinity which violently castigates and threatens the collective embodiment of black transgender women in the USA. Such scholarship is needed to shed more light on the transphobic violence and murders against this understudied group.

Little is known about the societal and cultural issues and concerns affecting black transgender women and how their gender identity is met with systemic, institutional, and interpersonal roadblocks. During a time period in American history defined by Time Magazine as "The Transgender Tipping Point," black transgender women have emerged as social, cultural, and political subjects to advance our understanding of the lives of people who identity as a part of both the black and LGBTQIA communities. In the end, this book calls on the black community and culture to end the toxic silence and act instead as allies who are more accepting and inclusive of differing sexualities and gender identities in an effort to improve the generative power of black solidarity.

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Jadwiga Węgrodzka

The book focuses on popular genres of romance, fantasy, science fiction, dystopia, thriller, and What-if historical fiction in popular books, in artistic literature and on the borderline between the two. The author analyses the work of writers such as Jennifer Greene, Barbara Delinsky, and Lilian Darcy, Jennifer Lee Carrel, Michael Crichton, Ursula Le Guin, C. S. Lewis, Michel Faber and William Golding. She applies an analytical approach based on semiotics, structuralism and narratology and discusses genre mixture, adaptation and intertextuality, as well as world modelling.

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Edited by Anna Przybylska

Public consultations are a weak but institutionally embedded form of civic participation in political decision-making. Their input and output are often a cause for concern. This has motivated the authors to design the inDialogue platform to help transmit knowledge about the methodology of public consultations. It follows the deliberative public consultation model, and recognizes the value of social inclusion in knowledge-sharing and argument exchange in building an open political community. In this book, researchers as well as practitioners, in their respective fields, discuss various aspects of the inDialogue software’s development and implementation. They document the complexity of the work that was carried out in an applied interdisciplinary project in the area of democratic innovation.

«The value of this volume is not only in its presentation of inDialogue as an innovative application enabling those with disabilities to access public debate and consultation, but also in raising important questions about the introduction of ICT for debate and consultation. These questions are answered from both the perspective of the technical and social sciences.»

Jerzy Bartkowski, Professor at the Institute of Sociology, Warsaw University

«ICT for Dialogue and Inclusive Decision-Making is a splendid contribution to the literature concerning online deliberation and civic engagement. It usefully bridges the academic world of theory and empirical studies, and the practice of citizen deliberation, carefully documenting both the design and experiences of the In Dialogue project in Poland.»

Todd Davies, Associate Director and lecturer, Symbolic Systems Program, Stanford University

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Landschaften der Wiederholung

Tschechische und slowakische Lyrik der ‹‹Latenzzeit›› 1955–1965

Zornitza Kazalarska

Wer auf Wiederholungen aufmerksam wird, dem erschließt sich eine Landschaft: Vergangenes und Gegenwärtiges treten in Relation zueinander; zwischen ihnen entstehen Nachbarschaften, die zuvor nicht da waren. Wiederholungen treten dabei nicht nur als Sinn- und Strukturphänomene auf, sondern schaffen Passagen zwischen Sinn und Präsenz, bringen auch Latenzeffekte hervor. Im Zentrum der Untersuchung stehen die Erscheinungsformen der Wiederholung und ihre Effekte in der tschechischen und slowakischen Lyrik der Latenzzeit 1955–1965. Wiederholungen in und zwischen Texten – Permutationen und Variationen, Zitaten und Anspielungen, Selbstzitaten und Textvarianten, Nuancen und Ähnlichkeiten – bilden hier eine virtuelle Gesamtheit, im Rahmen derer nach einer Poetik der Wiederholung gesucht wird.

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Selected Essays in Kaleckian Economics

A Collection of Essays on Profits and Investment


Edited by Evangelos Charos and Savvas A. Katsikides

The essays within this book mainly include the co-authored writings of Douglas Mair and Anthony Laramie. Mair and Laramie extended Michał Kalecki’s macroeconomic theory. The authors analyse the political aspects of full employment, as well as inspect the Fiscal Policy in the European Union. The contributions also set their focus on the regional and national economic incidence, on the effects of taxation, and the long-run economic growth. They evaluate taxation, innovation and greenhouse gases and regard wealth vs. Income taxation comparing Michał Kalecki’s and Irving Fisher’s theories. The essays also investigate the accounting for corporate profits and investigate; and consider contemporary studies of investment orders and investment expenditures.

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Tying Micro and Macro

What Fills up the Sociological Vacuum?


Mikolaj Pawlak

This study critically discusses the thesis on the sociological vacuum formulated by Stefan Nowak. The author’s aim is to refute the claim that the sociological vacuum is relevant for major social processes occurring in Poland. He presents the sociological vacuum in the context of the debate on micro and macro levels and discusses how the theory of fields and social network analysis is useful to reconcile the micro-macro divide. The book considers the uses of the sociological vacuum in explaining such phenomena as the Solidarność social movement, civil society, social capital, and democracy. In the empirical part, the author confronts the data on identifications with the data on relations and claims that the vacuum is not in the society but it in sociology.

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Karrierestrategien jüdischer Ärzte im 18. und frühen 19. Jahrhundert

Symposium mit Rundtisch-Gespräch zum 200. Todestag von Adalbert Friedrich Marcus (1753-1816)

Edited by Gerhard Aumüller and Irmtraud Sahmland

Adalbert Friedrich Marcus (1753-1816) setzte als bedeutender Mediziner zahlreiche gesundheitspolitische Innovationen durch. Eine Voraussetzung für diese weitreichenden Handlungsoptionen war die Konversion vom jüdischen zum christlichen Glauben. Die Beiträge dieses Bandes verorten Marcus in seinen familiären, gesellschaftlichen und kulturellen Bezügen und Vernetzungen. Im Vergleich mit anderen jüdischen Ärzten der Sattelzeit (Stieglitz, Herz, Wolf, Henle, Stilling, Eichelberg) werden Bedingungen des Wirkens und Strategien der Karriereplanung analysiert. Nicht alle konvertierten, so dass auch der persönliche Stellenwert ihrer Religionszugehörigkeit thematisiert wird. Das Rundtisch-Gespräch zielt auf eine strukturelle Zusammenschau und Bewertung der individuellen Strategien jüdischer Ärzte; sie werden in ihren Bedingungszusammenhängen diskutiert, um zugleich weitere Forschungsperspektiven zu konturieren.

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Local Matters

How neighbourhoods and services affect the social inclusion and exclusion of young people in European cities

Edited by Simon Güntner, Louis Henri Seukwa, Anne Marie Gehrke and Jill Robinson

Where young people grow up makes a decisive difference to their life chances. Drawing on case studies from ten European cities, this book looks at how the local environment and the services available for young people affect their socialization. What comes to the fore are the local matters. On the one hand, there are experiences of discrimination and marginalization due to distance and isolation, decay and neglect but also related to piecemeal and top-down approaches to youth and social services. On the other, we find signs of positive transformation and drivers of social innovation: community building projects, the revitalization of abandoned places, appreciative approaches to servicing and a whole array of tactics that young people deploy to overcome their daily struggles.

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Capitalist Accumulation and Socio-Ecological Resilience

Black People in Border Areas of Colombia and Ecuador and the Palm Oil Industry


Edna Yiced Martinez

By combining Marxism with feminist political economy and political ecology, this book develops a theoretical frame about the continuity of plundering and looting in the region of Tumaco-San Lorenzo at the Pacific coast of Colombia and Ecuador, as well as the long history of resistance that Black-Afro communities of artisan fishers and small farmers have carried out for more than five centuries. Using the palm oil industry as example, the research shows the features of "primitive or primary accumulation" in these places. From a historical perspective, the author exposes the imperialist character of the palm oil industry. She analyses the connections between policies makers, scientists and businessmen in the development of this agribusiness.