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Forschungen zur Geschichte und Theologie der Siebenten-Tags-Adventisten / Studies in Seventh-day Adventist History and Theology

Edited by Daniel Heinz

Die deutsch- und englischsprachigen Publikationen der Schriftenreihe "Adventistica. Forschungen zur Geschichte und Theologie der Siebenten-Tags-Adventisten" umfassen sowohl Monographien als auch Sammelbände zur Theologie mit dem Schwerpunkt der Adventistik. Herausgegeben wird die Reihe von Daniel Heinz vom Historischen Archiv der Siebenten-Tags-Adventisten in Europa an der Theologischen Hochschule Friedensau.
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Edited by Jane Singer

Based on the concept of crowdsourcing, Scholarsourcing is a joint publishing initiative between the Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication (AEJMC) and Peter Lang Publishing. The series reimagines the way that scholarly books are proposed, peer-reviewed, and approved for contract during this time of relentless change in both the journalism and publishing industries.
Beginning with a call from AEJMC each fall, members are invited to submit short book proposals that are relevant to journalism and communication and speak to the mission of AEJMC. Proposals are uploaded to an online public platform that allows as many AEJMC members as possible to browse, review, and then vote on and pledge support. This platform encourages public dialogue among multiple parties to improve the potential of each book project. Whether awarded a book contract or not, authors benefit by receiving a valuable set of review comments, far more than they might receive via conventional reviewing processes, and from a more diverse range of reviewers (members). Using these votes and review comments, the AEJMC Scholarsourcing editorial committee, appointed by the president of AEJMC, selects the top proposals. The authors of the top proposals are invited to submit complete book proposals. Once those reviews have been evaluated by the editorial committee and the publisher, a decision on which proposals receive contracts is made.
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Edited by Joyce A. Joyce

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Edited by Jeggan C. Senghor

Editorial Board

Adebayo Adebiyi, University of Lagos, Nigeria
Fantu Cheru, Nordic Africa Institute, Sweden
Mamadou Diouf, Columbia University, USA
Guy Martin, Winston-Salem State University, USA
Pamela Mbabazi, Mbarara University, Uganda
Carlos Oya, SOAS, London University, UK
Tim Shaw, Royal Roads University, Canada

Series text

While African development remains a preoccupation, policy craftsmen and a multiplicity of domestic and international actors have been engaged in the quest for solutions to the myriad problems associated with poverty and underdevelopment. Academic and scholarly responses have built on the traditional and non-traditional analytical frameworks and promoted a multidimensional discourse on, for example, conflict management, peace and security systems, HIV/AIDS, democratic governance, and the implications of globalization.

This series is designed to encourage innovative thinking on a broad range of development issues. Thus its remit extends to all fields of intellectual inquiry with the aim of highlighting the advantages of a synergistic interdisciplinary perspective on the challenges of and opportunities for development in the continent. Of particular interest are studies with a heavy empirical content which also have a bearing on policy debates and those that question theoretical orthodoxies while being grounded on concrete developmental concerns.

The series welcomes proposals for collected papers as well as monographs from recent PhDs no less than from established scholars.

Book proposals should be sent to the editor at
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African-American Literature and Culture

Expanding and Exploding the Boundaries

Edited by Carlyle V. Thompson

The purpose of this series is to present innovative, in-depth, and provocatively critical literary and cultural investigations of critical issues in African American literature and life. We welcome critiques of fiction, poetry, drama, film, sports, and popular culture. Of particular interest are literary and cultural analyses that involve contemporary psychoanalytical criticism, new historicism, deconstructionism, critical race theory, critical legal theory, and critical gender theory.
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African Theological Studies

Etudes Théologiques Africaines

Edited by Gerhard Droesser and Chibueze Udeani

The profiling and promotion of the characteristics of African theology and its independence constitute the intention of the editors of African Theological Studies. The series is open for monographs, anthologies and congress and conference proceedings from all branches of the discipline concerning African theology. Authors from Africa, Europe and, of course, other continents find here an excellent platform for their scientific works. English and French are the series’ languages.
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Edited by Marianne Bechhaus-Gerst

Die Reihe Afrika und Europa. Koloniale und Postkoloniale Begegnungen ist eine Reihe aus den Bereichen Geschichts- und Kulturwissenschaften. Sie wird herausgegeben von Professorin Marianne Bechhaus-Gerst, deren Forschungsschwerpunkte im Bereich der deutsch-afrikanischen Begegnungsgeschichte und der deutschen Kolonialgeschichte liegen. Die Bände der Reihe umfassen neben der Geschichtswissenschaft auch Aspekte der Politik-, Kultur- und Medienwissenschaften. Die Reihe sieht sich insbesondere postkolonialen Ansätzen verpflichtet.
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After Spirituality

Studies in Mystical Traditions

Edited by Jonathan Garb and Philip Wexler

The role of mysticism is dramatically changing in Western society and culture as well as in the relationship between spiritual traditions throughout the world in the era of globalization. After Spirituality: Studies in Mystical Traditions seeks to develop a wide range of perspectives – anthropological, cultural, hermeneutical, historical, psychological, and sociological – on mystical and spiritual centers, figures, movements, textual and artistic products. The series will appeal to broad audiences, ranging from scholars to students to teachers.
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The Age of Revolution and Romanticism

Interdisciplinary Studies

Edited by Gita May

This series publishes and promotes significant works concerned with a crucial period in European cultural and literary history: from the Enlightenment to the post-revolutionary era. The emphasis is on studies that transcend traditional boundaries between disciplines and that focus on interactions of literature, art, philosophy and politics.