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Beyond the Juxtaposition of Nature and Culture

Lawrence Krader, Interdisciplinarity, and the Concept of the Human Being


Edited by Cyril Levitt and Sabine Sander

The essays contained in this collection represent an attempt by scholars from Canada, Germany and Mexico to come to grips with the innovative work of the American philosopher and anthropologist, Lawrence Krader (1919-1998) who has proposed nothing less than a new theory of nature according to which there are at least three different orders – the material-biotic, the quantum and the human order, which differ from one another according to their different configurations of space-time, and which cannot be reduced the one to the others. Each author takes up Krader’s theory in relation to its impact on their own discipline: sociology, anthropology, the study of myth, the theory of labor and value, economics, linguistics, and aesthetics. The question of how nature and culture can be integrated within a theoretical framework which links them in difference and nexus and allows each their non-reductive space leads each of the contributors to move in their thinking beyond the old dualisms of materialism and idealism, fact and value, nature and culture.

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And This Little Piggy Had None

Challenging the Dominant Discourse on Farmed Animals in Children’s Picturebooks


Janae Dimick

And This Little Piggy Had None: Challenging the Dominant Discourse on Farmed Animals in Children’s Picturebooks is a fascinating critique of how "farm" animals are represented in children’s literature. Drawing from the fields of critical animal studies, critical discourse analysis, and animal behavior research, Janae Dimick questions the validity of these representations as environmental, societal, and other negative effects related to factory farming emerge. Questioning the socially constructed categories that humans use to classify which animals are used for consumption and which are meant for companionship, the book works to dismantle the "truth" of what children learn from the informational texts that are read to them in educational and home sittings. The first of its kind, this book will make readers question their relationship with nonhuman animals and rethink how language creates narratives that ultimately act to the detriment of humans, nature, and animals. Students studying critical pedagogy, ecolinguistics, ecopedagogy, early childhood literacy, ecocriticism, bioethics, critical animal studies, environmental studies and education, and human-animal studies would benefit from reading this easily accessible text.

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Mitveräußerungspflichten im deutschen und italienischen Recht

Rechtsvergleichende Untersuchung bei Venture-Capital-Finanzierungen


Matthias A. Sauter

Mitveräußerungspflichten sind bei der Finanzierung junger Unternehmen mit Venture-Capital von hoher praktischer Relevanz. In Deutschland gibt es hierzu noch keine Rechtsprechung sowie keine tiefgreifende wissenschaftliche Auseinandersetzung mit deren Rechtsnatur und Zulässigkeit. In Italien liegen hierzu drei Gerichtsentscheidungen und ein Schiedsspruch vor. Der Autor untersucht die gesellschaftsrechtliche Zulässigkeit und Rechtsnatur der Mitveräußerungspflichten im deutschen und italienischen Recht. Auch aufgrund der Ergebnisse des von ihm vorgenommenen Rechtsvergleichs spricht er sich für die Zulässigkeit von Mitveräußerungspflichten bei Venture-Capital-Finanzierungen im deutschen Recht aus.

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Human Creation in the Image of God

The Asante Perspective


Eric Antwi

Drawing on Asante anthropology, Human Creation in the Image of God: The Asante Perspective examines the Christian understanding of imago dei. The book argues that human beings are the same and yet unique from God, reflecting the Trinitarian nature of Him. Human Creation in the Image of God will appeal to students, scholars, and practitioners interested in the meaning of creation imago dei.

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The Feminist Alliance Project in Appalachia

Minoritized Experiences of Women Faculty and Administrators in Higher Education

Edited by Alicia Chavira-Prado

The Feminist Alliance Project in Appalachia: Minoritized Experiences of Women Faculty and Administrators in Higher Education is about the minoritized experiences of women faculty and administrators in higher education highlights Appalachia as a geographic and cultural region, a sector that in academia still remains relatively ignored in mainstream feminist studies. The Feminist Alliance Project in Appalachia is based on autobiographical and autoethnographic narratives of diverse women who discuss their similar and unique forms of oppression as students and as professionals in the academic workplace within Appalachia. Their minoritized experiences here exemplify women’s relational ties and the need for what the volume editor Chavira-Prado names, the Feminist Alliance Project. Chavira-Prado calls for feminists to develop and enact an allied feminism that transcends class-, race-, or other artificially constructed borders and identities, as well as the specific subjectivities that have separated feminist groups. The narratives in The Feminist Alliance Project in Appalachia support the claim that white and nonwhite women experience similar minoritization within specific junctures of space, gender, and other identities. They thus show the need to be allies in recognizing and opposing all women’s minoritization in order to end women’s oppression. The book is of interest to women’s studies, Appalachian studies, Latina/x studies, Regional Studies, American Studies, Critical Theory, Cultural Anthropology and Ethnic Studies, Autoethnography courses, Sociology, Philosophy, Diversity and Inclusion and Human Resources Professionals in higher education, and the general public.

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A Translation of Luigi Paolucci's «On Birdsong»

Phenomenology, Animal Psychology and Biology

Paolo Palmieri

This book is the first English translation of a ground-breaking memoir on birdsong by the Italian naturalist Luigi Paolucci. It is accompanied by extensive annotations and introductory essay by the translator, Paolo Palmieri, that examines the scientific and philosophical questions raised by birdsong in relation to the history and philosophy of science, phenomenology, and the theoretical problems of the demarcation of the human and non-human animal. Paolucci’s memoir focuses on first hand ecological research and offers a fundamental theory of birdsong as language and music. Paolucci studies songbird species and behavior by bringing to bear linguistics, music and sound theory, and the debate on evolutionary theory and animal cognition. In the interlocutory essay, Paolo Palmieri adopts a phenomenological approach in order to investigate the problem of animal suffering and ethics, animal reasoning and will, the neurophysiology of hearing in humans and birds, and the relation between birdsong and laughter. This book will appeal to a large audience of philosophers, post-humanists, historians of science, animal cognition theorists, birdsong scientists and naturalists, and students. The book will also be valuable to the general public who is interested in the ethical debates on the presence of non-human animals in our society.

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Julia Bayer

Das Werk behandelt die bisher dogmatisch kaum durchdrungene Thematik der Leitung der Gesellschafterversammlung im Personengesellschaftsrecht. Es gibt einen umfassenden Überblick über die Person des Versammlungsleiters, die Möglichkeiten seiner Bestellung und Abwahl, die Zulässigkeit von Mehrheitsentscheidungen, das Eingreifen von Stimmverboten sowie die Begründung eines Sonderrechts. Es beleuchtet die Kompetenzen des Versammlungsleiters, insbesondere die Beschlussfeststellung im personengesellschaftsrechtlichen Beschlussmängelsystem. Darüber hinaus diskutiert es die Stellung des Versammlungsleiters, das Letztentscheidungsrecht der Gesellschafter sowie Haftungs- und Rechtsschutzfragen bei Leitungsfehlern in Bezug auf die Gesellschaft wie auch die Gesellschafter.

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Ästhetik, sinnlicher Genuss und gute Manieren

Ein biblisches Menü in 25 Gängen Festschrift für Hans-Winfried Jüngling SJ


Edited by Melanie Peetz and Sandra Huebenthal

Das Buch versammelt Beiträge zum Thema Ästhetik, sinnlicher Genuss und gute Manieren nicht nur als Selbstzweck, sondern auch als möglichem Ort der Begegnung mit Gott und Menschen. Die einzelnen Beiträge beleuchten das Thema aus unterschiedlichen Perspektiven und nehmen dabei einschlägige biblische Texte sowie deren Kulturräume in den Blick. Auf der Basis unterschiedlicher exegetischer Methoden arbeiten die Autorinnen und Autoren heraus, dass sich im Feiern, Singen, Tanzen und Lachen, im stilvollen und manierlichen Benehmen die Beziehung zu Gott und zu anderen Menschen konkretisiert.

Die Festschrift würdigt das exegetische Wirken von Hans-Winfried Jüngling SJ, für den die «sinnlichen Genüsse» als Thema in eine Theologie hineingehören, in der es um Gott und Mensch geht.

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American Learners of Arabic as a Foreign Language

The Speech Act of Refusal in Egyptian Arabic

Nader Morkus

American learners of Arabic as a foreign language, a group of learners critically understudied in foreign language research. The book investigates how American learners of Arabic realize the speech act of refusal in Egyptian Arabic in different speech situations, varying by setting, topic, social distance, and interlocutor status. Two groups of learners, one at the intermediate level and the other at the advanced level of Arabic proficiency, and two baseline groups of native speakers of Egyptian Arabic and native speakers of American English participated in the study.

Data were collected using the role-play method, which allowed for the elicitation and analysis of refusals at the discourse level. This type of analysis, which helps us reach a better understanding of the distribution and recycling of refusal strategies over a number of turns to achieve communicative goals, is rarely done in speech act research in general and in Arabic speech act research in particular. This study provides evidence of negative pragmatic transfer from L1 among American learners of Arabic. It also provides evidence that pragmatic transfer occurred more frequently among the advanced learners. The advanced learners, however, exhibited an overall higher level of pragmatic competence than their intermediate counterparts. This book is an excellent resource for instructors of Arabic as a foreign language as well as Arabic textbook writers and curriculum designers.

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Geschichte der mecklenburgischen Regionalsprache seit dem Zweiten Weltkrieg

Varietätenkontakt zwischen Alteingesessenen und immigrierten Vertriebenen. Teil 1: Sprachsystemgeschichte


Klaas-Hinrich Ehlers

Der erste Band der mecklenburgischen Sprachgeschichte rekonstruiert den Strukturwandel der regional gebundenen Varietäten des Deutschen im Norden Mecklenburgs. An ausgewählten Variablen aus der Phonetik/Phonologie, Morphosyntax und Lexik wird die diachrone Entwicklung des Niederdeutschen und des mecklenburgischen Regiolekts in ihrer kontaktlinguistischen Wechselwirkung mit dem überregionalen Standard herausgearbeitet. Erstmals in der modernen Regionalsprachenforschung bezieht die Studie auch die Herkunftsvarietäten der vielen Vertriebenen ein, die nach dem Zweiten Weltkrieg ins Land kamen. Die korpusbasierten Variationsanalysen zeigen die sprachlichen Folgen auf, die die Vertriebenenimmigration für die sprachlichen Ausgleichsprozesse in den mecklenburgischen Kommunikationsräumen hatte.