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Elizabeth C. Ford

It is a generally accepted truth that the flute was unknown in Scotland prior to 1725, and that it was played exclusively by wealthy men. Upon examination, these beliefs are demonstrably false. This book explores the role of the flute in Scottish musical life, primarily in the long eighteenth century, including players, repertoire, manuscripts, and instruments. Evidence for ladies having played the flute is also examined, as are possible connections between flute playing and bagpipe playing. Reasons for the flute’s disappearance from the pantheon of Scottish instruments are considered, and interviews with contemporary flute players in Scotland depict flute playing in contemporary Scotland. This work fills a major gap in knowledge of Scottish musical life and flute history.

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Genocidal Plague Besets Darfur

A Historical Perspective

John Kimani Waweru

The Darfur conflict began in February 2003 and became the ‘World’s Worst Humanitarian Crisis’ according to the U.N. records. The international community has been slow to respond to the crisis in Darfur. The U.N. Commission of Inquiry in Darfur concluded that the atrocities amounted to ‘war crimes’ and ‘crimes against humanity’ and the Human Rights Watch supported this. Conversely, the U.S. government declared that ‘genocide’ was indeed committed in Darfur. This sentiment was supported by the European Union, Germany and Canada. The role of the international community in Darfur is of great significance because, as the twentieth century proves, the absence of punitive measures against the perpetrators, the ignorance of victims and the forgetfulness of such crimes facilitate the path for genocides to happen again.

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Das Hochmittelalter – eine vernachlässigte Epoche?

Neue Forschungen zum 11.–13. Jahrhundert


Edited by Lisa Klocke and Matthias Weber M.A.

Mit dem Begriff «Hochmittelalter» verbindet sich ein Zeitraum etwa vom 11. bis 13. Jahrhundert. Lange als Blütezeit des deutschen Mittelalters aufgefasst, schien diese Epoche in den vergangenen Jahren zunehmend aus dem Blickfeld der Forschung gerückt zu sein. Dabei handelt es sich jedoch um eine Annahme, die nach zwei Bochumer Nachwuchstagungen aus den Jahren 2016 und 2017 zurückgewiesen werden kann. Deren Beiträge konnten nun im Rahmen dieses Bandes zusammengeführt werden. Es eröffnet sich ein breites Spektrum unterschiedlicher Methoden, Perspektiven und Herangehensweisen für einen neuen Blick auf eine bekannte Teilepoche.

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Saliba Sarsar

Focusing on peacebuilding, this book emphasizes how "grassroots" peacebuilding efforts contribute to closing the gap between the Israeli and Palestinian national communities that have been in conflict for decades. The analysis is undertaken at the individual, pair, and entity levels. The book explores how those involved at each level view the relationship with the other and act to bring about coexistence, a shared society, or peace in a sustained way amid major challenges and an uncertain future. A strong argument is to cultivate and embrace "the habits of peace," mainly wider perspective, long-term view, compassion, dialogue, forgiveness, nonviolence, and reconciliation. An open letter to Palestinians and Israelis concludes the book, urging them to reconsider their ways and imagine a better tomorrow for themselves and future generations.

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Sylwia Bykowska

This book describes the tragedy of a border society that had no place inside the boundaries of a nation-state under totalitarianism. It is the story of citizens of the former Third Reich with Polish ethnic roots in the second half of the 1940s. The story takes place in Gdańsk-Pomerania, which was a difficult homeland for its citizens. This book depicts the consequences of Third Reich’s policies on this territory and the disastrous effects of communist policy towards the indigenous population after 1945. In parallel with exchange of population, the fortunes of the indigenous population unfolded. Based on archival sources, this work presents the fate of Pomeranians and the residents of Gdańsk who had to prove their national usefulness before they joined the post-war life.

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Religious Toleration in the Middle Ages and Early Modern Age

An Anthology of Literary, Theological, and Philosophical Texts

Albrecht Classen

More than ever before do we need the critical engagement with religious tolerance. Historical perspectives allow us to gain access to the discourse on this universal, often very contested topic. Already the Middle Ages and the early modern age witnessed the emergence of significant voices addressing toleration, if not even tolerance. This anthology opens many new perspectives toward this centrally important topic, adding a cultural-historical, religious, literary, and philosophical dimension mostly unknown today.

„Albrecht Classen reminds us in this volume that, "we all know just too well that the survival of the human species and its future development depends existentially on its ability and willingness to subscribe to the fundamental ideals of at least toleration, if not tolerance." As with others of Classen's works on the full range of medieval and early modern culture, this book could not be more timely or more urgently needed, especially for its positive approach to a highly volatile topic."

Fidel Fajardo-Acosta, Creighton University, Omaha, NE

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Rights under Trial, Rights Reflections

13 Further Acts of Academic Journalism and Historical Commentary on Human Rights


Ben Dorfman

As the second decade of the twenty-first century closes, challenges to human rights have deepened. Democracy is under stress, cultural battles within states have become heightened, and strongman politics are on the rise. Contemporary and historical reflections on rights are perhaps more pressing than ever – projects this book takes on via plain-language forms blending academic and commentary-based styles.

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Sexual Harassment in the United States

Analyzing the Hostile Environment


Mary Welek Atwell

This work traces the historical and legal developments surrounding the public awareness of sexual harassment in the United States. The book looks at the issue from a theoretical perspective, analyzes relevant Supreme Court decisions, and discusses the reactions to the testimony of Anita Hill. It further examines sexual harassment in academic settings and the special issues that relate to sexual misconduct in the military. After considering the nexus between sexual harassment and politics, the book concludes with thoughts on the lasting impact of the #MeToo movement.

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Steven Veerapen

The Elizabethan era is generally understood to coincide with the blossoming of English language – it was the age of Shakespeare, Sidney, and Marlowe. Yet it is known also as a period of brutality and repression: saying or writing anything against the state, the queen, or its governors might result in hanging, fines, or the loss of limbs. Defaming neighbours could and frequently did result in a day in court, with slander emerging as a byword for unacceptable speech and writing.

Academic interest has long been divided into studies which focus on the power relations underpinning literary production, the ways in which authorities sought to suppress and censor transgressive material, or the role slander played in religious polemic. This book will explore the legal backdrop which helped and hindered the production and curtailment of slanderous and seditious material across multiple sites. In so doing, it will seek to uncover exactly how slander and sedition were defined, regulated, punished, and, ultimately, negotiated by those who grappled over control of discourse.

Through examination of the legal, theatrical, and religious conditions of the age of Elizabeth, this study will provide an explanation of the rise of the flagrantly slanderous political discourses of the seventeenth century.

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Kamila Budrowska

The book describes the system of communist censorship in Poland in the years 1948–1958, as well as its effects on the development of literature. It is the first literary studies work which takes up the subject in such broad and systematic terms.

The book is divided into three main parts: an attempt at synthesis (theory and practice of censorship), special cases (censorship of specific writers), authorial strategies (the authors’ ways of dealing with censorship) and contexts.

The most important conclusion which can be drawn from the research is that out of many small changes emerges an image of a very significant one. Numerous small cuts and alterations build up to an image of Polish literature of the 1940s and 1950s as a whole. A whole that was always dependant on and subservient to politics.