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Read, Write, Rhyme Institute

Educators, Entertainers, and Entrepreneurs Engaging in Hip-Hop Discourse

Crystal LaVoulle

Read, Write, Rhyme Institute: Educators, Entertainers, and Entrepreneurs Engaging in Hip-Hop Discourse describes how entertainers, entrepreneurs and educators, participating in Read Write Rhyme Institute (RWRI) examine today’s youth, hip-hop and social responsibility. Read, Write, Rhyme Institute provides a forum to engage in hip-hop Discourse (represented with a capital D) which includes a world view, ways of doing, being, and knowing (Gee, 1996) that is used in rap music, graffiti, spoken word poetry, and daily conversation. This book seeks to capitalize on the diversity within the hip-hop community by including successful individuals that grew up not only listening to hip-hop, but also living it, and therefore included participants who were entertainers, educators or were entrepreneurs.

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Arbeitsmarktmobilität in höherem Lebensalter

Eine empirische Untersuchung gelungener betrieblicher Wechsel und Reintegrationen

Martina Kattein

Die Autorin erforscht in ihrem Buch betriebliche Wechsel und Reintegrationen in Erwerbsarbeit, die Erwerbspersonen in höherem Lebensalter gelungen sind. Die Studie zielt insbesondere darauf, die Qualität der neu aufgenommenen Stellen zu ermitteln und Vorgehensweisen der Erwerbspersonen bei der Stellensuche sowie ihre Handlungsmodi mit der Umbruchphase in höherem Lebensalter zu identifizieren. Zudem werden Einstellungskriterien von Unternehmen untersucht. Basierend auf qualitativen Interviews verdeutlichen die Ergebnisse eine große Heterogenität in den Vorgehensweisen und Handlungsmodi der Erwerbspersonen in der Umbruchphase in höherem Lebensalter. Für einige Handlungsebenen werden Möglichkeiten zur Unterstützung von Erwerbsbiografien in höherem Lebensalter aufgezeigt.

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Edited by Nicolas Rouvière

A quelles conditions est-il possible d’enseigner la littérature par le questionnement éthique ? Quelles difficultés pédagogiques cela pose-t-il ? Quels sont les effets sur les élèves, en termes d’engagement dans la lecture et de réflexivité sur soi ?

Après la vague structuraliste, l’enseignement de la littérature s’est construit contre une lecture psychologique et moralisante des textes. Le présent ouvrage inaugure un tournant éthique de la discipline des lettres, à la faveur d’une convergence nouvelle entre la philosophie morale, les théories du sujet-lecteur et des lectures actualisantes, ainsi que la didactique du philosopher avec les enfants. Il réinterroge les corpus scolaires, les démarches d‘enseignement, les postures du professeur, et les gestes de lecture des élèves.

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From the Middle Passage to Black Lives Matter

Ancestral Writing as a Pedagogy of Hope

Marva McClean

In this narrative rooted in auto-ethnography, the author juxtaposes her personal story with that of international stories of resistance to oppression and calls on educators to include children’s personal stories as critical pedagogy to honor their funds of knowledge and foster their historical consciousness. With a focus on 18th-century freedom fighter Nanny of the Maroons, the text emphasizes the historical connections between Indigenous people worldwide who have harnessed their ancestral roots to disrupt cultural hegemony. The book emphasizes the imaginative and radical assertions of the enduring resistance of the formerly colonized, going back to the era of slavery through to the Civil Rights Movement and Black Lives Matter and calls for a radical shift in the global curriculum to include these stories.

Storytelling is acknowledged as an intergenerational teaching methodology rooted in Indigenous Epistemology which serves to honor our common humanity. The essential message of the text is conveyed through the socio-educational and cultural interventions that are asserted as transformational pedagogy that will serve to elevate students’ voices and promote their academic achievement. This book bears witness to the ways in which the history and sociocultural background of Indigenous people have been ignored and at times rendered invisible or inconsequential, and offers innovative strategies to correct history and write Indigenous people into the literature with creativity and sensitivity. From the Middle Passage to Black Lives Matter is a narrative of social justice which seeks to raise the reader’s historical consciousness and provide authentic strategies to decolonize the global curriculum.

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Contrasting Arguments

The Culture War and The Clash in Education  

Oscar Pemantle

Contrasting Arguments: The Culture War and The Clash in Education is a small study that presents the variable story of the culture wars and the clash in education from the point of view of the principle actors on the two sides. This makes it a very different story from the one told by their disciples and followers in the schools of education. Indeed, the two are diametrical opposites of one another. According to the main actors, the root of the contemporary culture clash goes back to the Enlightenment and beyond that to the historical Socrates and the platonic dialogues, dramatizing his form of teaching and the issues it raises and are still disputed by the best thinkers on the traditional side. Tolstoy’s critique of the traditional school in the Europe of his day is well known to the literate public. And Goethe famously greeted the Encyclopedie as "a dark, sumerian corpse-like affair," from which life, color, and spirit have been drained off. What, then, were the issues down deep and on a more fundamental level? With this the main issue comes to light on the level of pure theory. These issues are: (1) The subject-object distinction deriving from Hegel, (2) The nature of human consciousness either as perception or as experience, (3) The rejection of consciousness as an entirety and its acceptance by the other side from Gramsci and Freire to Bruner and associates, (4) The consequent development of a theory of instruction (to use Bruner’s phrase) and a craft of teaching, and (5) The phenomenon of "inversion" as explaining the moral force of the evangelical coming from the left. Each of these is taken out in a separate chapter devoted to the theme in question, with the appropriate title to guide the reader.

The book closesby contrasting the productive and best in Britain with the best and most erudite of the conservative side in the United States for the readers of these two countries to make their choice as those in Italy and Brazil are invited to make theirs and cut through the culture clash. Contrasting Arguments is a must read for students of Goethe, Freire, Gramsci, Socraties, Bruner, Hegel, and beyond who are interested in how these great minds clash in our global education efforts.

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Edited by M. Billye Sankofa Waters, Venus E. Evans-Winters and Bettina L. Love

The album The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill sold over 420,000 copies in its first week, received ten Grammy nominations (winning five). Celebrating Twenty Years of Black Girlhood: The Lauryn Hill Reader critically engages the work of Ms. Hill, highlighting the interdisciplinary nature of the album. Beyond the album’s commercial success, Ms. Hill’s radical self-consciousness and exuberance for life led listeners through her Black girl journey of love, motherhood, admonition, redemption, spirituality, sexuality, politics, and nostalgia that affirmed the power of creativity, resistance, and the tradition of African storytelling. Ms. Hill’s album provides inspirational energies that serve as a foundational text for Black girlhood. In many ways it is the definitive work of Black girlhood for the Hip Hop generation and beyond because it opened our eyes to a holistic narrative of woman and mother. Twenty years after the release of the album, we pay tribute to this work by adding to the quilt of Black girls’ stories with the threads of feminist consciousness, which are particularly imperative in this space where we declare: Black girls matter.

Celebrating Twenty Years of Black Girlhood is the first book to academically engage the work of the incomparable Ms. Hill. It intellectually wrestles with the interdisciplinary nature of Ms. Hill’s album, centering the connection between the music of Ms. Hill and the lives of Black girls. The essays in this collection utilize personal narratives and professional pedagogies and invite students, scholars, and readers to reflect on how Ms. Hill’s album influenced their past, present, and future.

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Edited by Magali Brunel, François Quet and Jean-François Massol

Premier ouvrage consacré aux usages du numérique dans l’enseignement de la littérature, ce livre ouvre un nouveau champ de recherche, à la croisée des travaux qui portent sur la littérature numérique, sur la littératie médiatique et sur le numérique éducatif.

La première partie se propose d’identifier les différentes approches de l’enseignement de la littérature recourant d’une manière ou d’une autre au numérique, en particulier les différents outils et dispositifs utilisés par les professeurs et formateurs ; la deuxième et la troisième parties interrogent la spécificité de la lecture, de l’écriture et de la littérature lorsque le numérique entre dans la classe. Enfin, pour élargir la réflexion, c’est la littérature numérique, comme objet d’enseignement dans les classes de littérature du secondaire, qui est envisagée.

Le parcours développé dans l’ouvrage présente ainsi les usages du numérique sous différents aspects : le matériel informatique et le recours à internet dans le cours de littérature ne sont pas seulement des outils, supposés faciliter le travail de l’enseignant et des élèves, ils modifient la relation pédagogique, le corpus littéraire, et les enjeux didactiques.

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Positionierungen im Fluchtkontext

Zur Handlungsfähigkeit geflüchteter Jugendlicher vor dem Hintergrund gesellschaftlicher Flüchtlingskonstruktionen


Mariam Arouna

Mit der Verbindung eines subjekt- und diskurstheoretischen Vorgehens erörtert das Buch die Lebenssituation geflüchteter Jugendlicher im Spannungsfeld von Selbst- und Fremdpositionierungen. Dafür rekonstruiert die Autorin zunächst die gesellschaftlichen Vorstellungen über Geflüchtete in ihrer historischen Entwicklung: Das Ineinandergreifen von Flüchtlings- und Fremdheitskonstruktionen bedingt eine Stigmatisierung von Geflüchteten als die gesellschaftlich ‚Anderen‘. Konträr dazu positionieren sich die Jugendlichen selbst als handlungsfähig und vermögen so essentialistische Narrative des ‚passiven Flüchtlings als Opfer‘ infrage zu stellen. Erst ein Narrativ, so das Fazit der Studie, das die Handlungsfähigkeit der Akteur_innen anerkennt, bietet die Grundlage einer gesellschaftlichen Zugehörigkeit.

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Seen and Heard

Exploring Participation, Engagement and Voice for Children with Disabilities

Edited by Miriam Twomey and Clare Carroll

This volume brings together a range of international contributors to explore new ways of carrying out research with children with disabilities. It also investigates how scholars across a wide variety of disciplines are engaging with one another in innovative research and practice related to children’s engagement, participation, agency and voice. It includes perspectives from fields as diverse as psychology, early childhood studies, speech and language therapy (SLT), occupational science and therapy (OST), law, education and disability studies. A wide range of creative and practical methodologies for eliciting children’s voices are interrogated and articulated in the book, which will be of interest to both professionals and researchers.

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L'Art d'enseigner

Précis de didactique

Marc Romainville

Coménius jette, en 1657, les fondements de la didactique. Ambitieux, il promet à ses lecteurs un « art universel de tout enseigner à tous ». Une foule bigarrée de successeurs, acquis à cette noble cause, apportent ensuite leur pierre à l’édifice, qu’il s’agisse de philosophes, de pédagogues ou, à partir du développement des sciences humaines, de chercheurs en éducation, en psychologie et en didactiques spécialisées.

La moisson a été abondante ; elle peut donner le tournis à l’enseignant du XXIe siècle qui chercherait, en peu de temps, à en tirer les principales leçons. Cet ouvrage a l’objectif de l’y aider : il se propose de ramasser – dans un langage clair, direct et dénué de jargon inutile – l’essentiel de ce que la florissante littérature didactique peut apporter à l’enseignant d’aujourd’hui pour la conduite efficace de ses enseignements. Pour alléger le propos et s’assurer de leur réalisme, de nombreux exemples et illustrations jalonnent la réflexion, l’humour n’étant pas exclu à titre d’assouplissant didactique.

L’ouvrage est articulé autour des principales composantes de l’Art d’enseigner : comment alimenter la soif d’apprendre des élèves ? Définir et annoncer des visées claires d’acquisition ? Bâtir les enseignements sur le déjà-là ? Apprêter les savoirs pour les rendre enseignables, sans les déformer ? Choisir la méthode adéquate ? S’assurer que la cible est atteinte et corriger le tir au besoin ? Gérer la discipline et installer son autorité de maître, au sens de celui qui a la responsabilité de faire apprendre ?