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Deutsche Kulturkader im Moskauer Exil und in der DDR


Edited by Silke Flegel and Christoph Garstka

Nicht nur die Bürger der Sowjetunion, sondern auch deutsche Emigranten, die vor Hitler Zuflucht gesucht hatten, darunter viele Künstler, waren dem Stalinismus als Herrschaftssystem und Alltagsphänomen ausgesetzt.

Wie hat diese Erfahrung ihr Handeln und Denken geprägt? Welches »Exilgepäck« brachten diejenigen mit, die 1945 nach Deutschland zurückkehren konnten? Wie stark bestimmten stalinistische Kämpfe und Konfliktmuster den oft positiv beschriebenen kulturellen Neuanfang?

Die Autoren fragen nach Parallelen zwischen dem sowjetischen Hochstalinismus und dem spät- und poststalinistischen Zeitabschnitt im westlichsten Satellitenstaat, zudem nach den Trägern dieser Erfahrungen und ihren je individuellen Verarbeitungen politischer Umbrüche und biografischer Zäsuren.

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Vladimír Naxera and Petr Krčál

This book contributes to the discussion about the instrumental use of history. It
analyses two examples of public festivities related to the events and legacy of the final
stage of World War II. The first of these commemoration events is the Liberation Festival
in Pilsen, a public event celebrating the liberation of Pilsen in 1945. The second
event is the celebration of the Slovak National Uprising anniversary, held annually
in Banská Bystrica. The analysis focuses on the manner in which public commemorations
of historical events are used and instrumentalised by contemporary political
elites. Prior to the political and social relevance of the analysed events, the narratives
they produce are transcending into the cultural and commercial spheres.
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Misbeliefs about Autonomy

The Constitutionality of the Autonomy of Szeklerland

Attila Dabis

The book aims to eliminate the misbeliefs that surround the question of the constitutionality and the feasibility of the territorial autonomy aspirations of Szeklerland, a predominantly Hungarian-speaking part of south-east Transylvania, Romania. The main hypothesis of the book is that the territorial autonomy of Szeklerland does not contradict the constitutional order of Romania. There are only political obstacles that are being presented as legal ones to avoid a dialogue on regional power-sharing. The doctrinal legal analysis outlined in the book, complemented with the comparative analysis, shows that the false presupposition that territorial autonomy would violate the constitutional system of Romania arises from the misinterpretation of the connection between state and autonomy, and as such can be falsified by the experience of functioning autonomies, the corresponding scientific literature, as well as the recommendations and documents of various international fora.

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Cycling Diplomacy

Undemocratic Regimes and Professional Road Cycling Teams Sponsorship


Jiří Zákravský

Due to the financial situation in the professional road peloton, many cycling teams struggle to find their sponsors. This situation is an opportunity for undemocratic politicians to promote their countries via cycling. Thus, some of them decided to create and support their own cycling teams. Generally, four WorldTour teams supported by undemocratic regimes and their governments have existed in professional cycling history. This book focuses on all of them; it reflects the existence of the Kazakh Astana Pro Team, the Russian Team Katusha (supported by the Russian government until the end of the 2015 season), the Bahrain Victorious (formerly called Bahrain Merida and Bahrain McLaren) or the UAE Team Emirates and the way they are/were used as sports diplomacy instruments.

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Edited by José Antonio Guillén Berrendero and Gijs Versteegen

Studying the different forms of socialization of the concept of virtue during the early modern age is currently one of the most complex and cross-cutting topics in the field of history and related disciplines. The work Studies on the idea of excellence in Europe (15th–19th centuries) Virtus vera nobilitas est brings together essays by historians and philosophers that set out to show the problems posed by the concept of virtue in the early modern era.

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Nova Acta Paracelsica 29/2021

Beiträge zur Paracelsus-Forschung


Edited by Pia Holenstein Weidmann and Markus Ries

Die Beiträge des Bandes untersuchen Paracelsus’ aggressiv wirkende Rhetorik, seine speziellen Aussagen über die Evolution, seine Konzepte von Engeln und Geistern sowie die Paracelsus-Bezüge russischer Gelehrter. Präsentiert werden ein authentischer Brief des Paracelsus und Bucheinträge im Stift Einsiedeln.

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Adel im Grenzraum

Transkulturelle Verflechtungen im Preußenland vom 18. bis zum 20. Jahrhundert


Edited by Miłosława Borzyszkowska-Szewczyk, Sabine Jagodzinski and Miloš Řeznik

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Israel’s Academic Arena

The Colleges and University Extensions Revolution

Pinhas Haliwa

Following mounting political and social pressures to increase public accessibility to higher education in Israel, in 1994 Israel’s academic arena was transformed from a monolithic system consisting exclusively of research universities to a binary one comprised of both research universities and academic colleges. Within the system’s expansions plans, Israel’s Council for Higher Education prioritized the increased accessibility of higher education to peripheral populations, defining this as a central aim. This transformation was achieved in a short period of time through regional colleges that operated in the periphery and offered professional academic courses. In addition to these institutions, a number of University Extensions operated in Israel, founded based on the American Protestant Colleges model, introduced in Israel in the 1960’s by Bar Ilan University. In 2000 all these institutions were officially included in the country’s higher education system, resulting in a huge increase in the total number of students in academia, with higher education becoming accessible to the country’s social and geographic periphery. This book reviews the evolution of Israel’s academic system and examines the ways in which it has met the national aims defined by the Council for Higher Education in its plans.

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Edited by Luďa Klusáková and Bianca del Espino Hidalgo

Small towns are continuously overlooked and under-researched, although they represent a type of urban settlement present in large numbers, especially in Europe. Questions regarding the resilience of small towns are an important issue acknowledged in the EU policy of regional development. This volume is written by an international and interdisciplinary team of scholars who are convinced about the importance of the small town as a research topic. It looks at how towns approach heritage, its instrumental use and its commodification in support of its survival, asking about towns’ strategies to achieve resilience to external pressure. The chapters present cases from Europe and beyond. It represents various types of situations and approaches of urban communities, but it is not limited to success stories. The authors deal with places that are undervalued, not fully exploited, or in danger because of lack of appreciation. They explore a wide range of strategies in the fields of revitalization, stabilization, stagnation, decline, or desertification, considering the possible role of heritage, as well as small towns´ creativity in networking initiatives.

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Edited by Stefan Mayr and Andreas Orator

In many parts of today’s world, populist politics increasingly challenge traditional constitutionalist conceptions. The present volume provides a variety of perspectives on democratic decay and the erosion of the rule of law, on the re-emergence of popular sovereignty as a political category, and on public reason in an age of ‘post-truthism’, focusing on the CEE region and South Eastern Europe. With each contribution approaching the subject from its individual angle and having its original ‘tone’, the volume combines theoretical insights and in-depth analyses of current developments in selected polities.