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Arbeit am Geist der Zeit: Journalisten, Schriftsteller, Professoren

Zur geistigen Physiognomie Deutschlands zwischen Kaiserreich und Bundesrepublik


Jens Flemming

Im Mittelpunkt dieses Buches stehen Schriftsteller, Journalisten und Professoren, deren Prägungen, Denk- und Wirkungsräume. Portraitiert werden außerdem einige der Medien, die sie zur Verbreitung ihrer Einsichten, Visionen und Überzeugungen benutzen. Sichtbar werden Gruppenbildungen, Netzwerke, Abhängigkeiten und spezifische Milieus. Berichtet wird über die Ansprüche von Intellektuellen, über die Weltbilder, die sie entwerfen und unter die Leute bringen, über Konflikte, die sie anstoßen und ausfechten, über Täler und Höhen, die sie durchwandern. Dies entfaltet sich in drei großen Kapiteln, die den Blick auf das Mit- und Gegeneinander von Generationen lenken, auf Zeitschriften unterschiedlicher Couleur sowie auf Biographien ausgewählter, im kulturellen und politischen Feld bedeutsamer Intellektueller.

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Edited by Agata Ziętek and Grzegorz Gil

As the center of gravity in international relations pivots to Asia-Pacific, the ASEAN region is emerging as both an important player on the global stage and an arena of international competition that includes a power struggle between the U.S. and China. With ASEAN’s competitiveness on the rise, however, its unity is hardly certain. In a changing world, economic and political protectionism gains a foothold. The book synthesizes our knowledge about ASEAN, with a specific emphasis on hot-button issues ranging from its domestic dynamics to external relations. It also reflects an evolution in ASEAN studies, which have largely shifted from a purely economic approach to understanding the region to a security-oriented one. Collectively, this book conveys an unambiguous and urgent message: ASEAN matters.

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Border Identities in the Early Modern Period

Venetian Friuli and the Habsburg County of Gorizia Mirrored in Contemporary Historiography


Neva Makuc

This book discusses early-modern collective identities related to territory, language, cultural milieu, state, and alleged "ethnic" origins in the border and multilingual areas of Friuli and the County of Gorizia before the rise of nineteenth - century nationalisms. It analyzes the perception of the Other, especially "barbaric" peoples and the early-modern Slovenian-speaking population, from the viewpoint of patriotisms of various types. These aspects greatly and in various ways influenced the perception of "others," which raises questions of linguistic and alleged "ethnic" otherness. Due to the multilingual environment of the border area studied, these topics display a very complex image. The volume is based on the analysis of an extensive number of early-modern historiographic works.

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Cultural Performances

A Study on Managing Collective Trauma amongst Displaced Persons in Daudu, Benue State, Nigeria


Shadrach Teryila Ukuma

This book documents the experiences of victims of violent conflicts, who used dance, music, and drama to negotiate their wellbeing, and build resilience and hope. The culturally familiar context used by the victims is a bottom-up approach that generates positive energies enabling them to attain emotional growth and psychological integration, including social skills with which they imagine and work towards a better future.

"Shadrach grasps the physical and psychological dimensions of theatrical events. He describes as an observer, analyses as a scientist, and understands the need for reflection before coming to a conclusion." Wolfgang Schneider

"... It is a stimulant for further research in cultural performances and their therapeutic properties." S. E. Ododo

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Edited by Huseyin Isiksal and Hüseyin Gökçekuş

This book is a very valuable and timely collection of original essays with brand new and refreshing ideas on alternative solutions for the Cyprus issue from leading experts including academics, policy-makers, politicians, including the current foreign minister and deputy prime minister of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, former foreign minister of Turkey and former MPs, diplomats, bureaucrats and top-ranking military officers. The book also makes a significant contribution to the literature on recent developments including the energy security and hydrocarbon problems in the Eastern Mediterranean. It is also unique in terms of analyzing the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus as a self-proclaimed internationally unrecognized state that is neglected by the international community and scholarly literature. The book has a wide spectrum of readership including, but not limited to, scholars, students, and readers who are interested in Cyprus, Eastern Mediterranean, Turkey, Greece, energy politics, and the hydrocarbon issue.

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Experimentalist Regional Governance

Policy Analysis in Geographic-Functional Regions

Jens Sorg

Today, decision-making increasingly takes place in highly complex situations where the optimal solution is unclear upfront. If the decision-making process extends over several years – as in cases of large infrastructure projects – best available technologies, the group of people affected, and the institutions involved change over time. The presented research provides a decision-making concept for such situations. Based on a sound content analysis with over 400 documents and more than 31,000 pages, the regulatory structure of governance of the extension of Frankfurt Airport since the 1960s is analyzed. As a result, the theoretically derived concept of Experimentalist Regional Governance to analyze regulatory structures of governance in highly complex decision-making processes is confirmed.

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Hebammen, Ärzte und ihr ‚Rosengarten‘

Ein medizinisches Handbuch und die Umbrüche in der Obstetrik des 15. und 16. Jahrhunderts


Theresa Hitthaler-Frank

Mit dem Aufkommen der ersten deutschsprachigen Hebammenordnungen ab der Mitte des 15. Jahrhunderts kam es zu Kompetenzverschiebungen innerhalb der Geburtshilfe und zur Kontrolle von Hebammen durch Stadträte und Ärzte. Gleichzeitig erschienen die ersten gedruckten deutschsprachigen Hebammenlehrbücher, die von männlichen Autoren explizit an Frauen und Geburtshelferinnen adressiert wurden. ‚Der Swangern Frauwen vnd hebam(m)en Rosegarten‘ (1513) von Eucharius Rösslin beantwortet Fragen zur Praxistauglichkeit der Lehrbücher und zeigt die Rolle männlicher Mediziner und Praktiker innerhalb der Geburtshilfe auf. Diese Forschungsarbeit beleuchtet neben dem Hebammenwesen am Beginn seiner Professionalisierung auch den Buchdruck und seine Rolle bei der Verbreitung obstetrischen Wissens.

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Identity of a Muslim Family in Colonial Bengal

Between Memories and History

Mohammad Rashiduzzaman

Weaving personal remembrances with diverse sources including the author’s academic research and field works, this book is an intriguing rural Muslim historiography in Colonial Bengal, a largely ignored swathe in South Asian history. The gripping true-life account is built around real people—not imagined characters. Between the twilight of the 19th century and nearly the first half of the 20th century, the Muslims in Colonial Bengal in India were haunted by their misgivings about an alien rule and its cohorts. The religiosity and identity questions, conflicting existential urges, the spiraling Hindu-Muslim discord, the feudal constraints, and marginalization by the bhadraloks swirled around them. Wracked by religious, cultural, social, and political conflicts, the old British Indian Bengal comes alive in this book’s intergenerational narrative. With its 9 main chapters plus a preface and introduction, this volume seeks out average individuals’ life amidst such turmoil while it amplifies the larger challenges of the Muslims in undivided Bengal.

Not rigidly structured, the multi-layered recount has utilized variable ways and means of research and innovative analysis. Authored by a well-published scholar on South Asia, this extraordinary study of a rural Muslim family in pre-partition Bengal addresses scholars, students, and specialists as well as the general readers. Framed by the known historical milieu and backed by reliable oral narratives, qualitative interviews, authentic memoirs, and scholarly sources, this is not a chronological memoir. Pertinent to the academics and refreshing to avid readers, this recount touches a range of disciplines from history, culture, and politics to anthropology.

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Edited by Maciej Pletnia and Olga Barbasiewicz

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Inventar zur brandenburgischen Militärgeschichte 1914−1945

Quellen des Brandenburgischen Landeshauptarchivs über das Zeitalter der Weltkriege − Bearbeitet von Klaus Geßner


Edited by Klaus Neitmann

Das Spezialinventar erfasst die militärgeschichtlichen Quellen des Brandenburgischen Landeshauptarchivs aus den Jahren 1914−1945 (ca. 5 000 Archivalieneinheiten). Damit hat das dreibändige Inventarprojekt zur brandenburgischen Militärgeschichte (1806−1945) seinen Abschluss gefunden.

Überlieferungsschwerpunkte der v.a. in der brandenburgischen Provinzial- und Kommunalverwaltung sowie in der Wirtschaft Brandenburgs entstandenen »zivilen« Unterlagen sind bisher kaum ausgewertete Aspekte der brandenburgischen Militärgeschichte wie

  • die militär- und kriegsbezogene Gedenk- und Erinnerungskultur in und zwischen den Weltkriegen (u.a. Militärdenkmäler und -vereine oder die »Kriegsgräberfürsorge«)
  • der extensive, häufig menschenverachtende Einsatz von ausländischen Kriegsgefangenen in der brandenburgischen Wirtschaft
  • die Auswirkungen des Luftkriegs auf Brandenburg
  • das Mitwirken brandenburgischer Behörden bei Mobilmachung, Demobilmachung und Ersatzgestellung
  • Aufbau und Einsatz des Volkssturms

Personen-, Orts- und Sachregister sowie eine Aufstellung über »Militärgeschichtliche Quellenkomplexe« führen an die Inventarinhalte heran.