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Anna R. Burzyńska

In recent years, the terms "ethics," "politics," "performativity," and "experience" have proliferated throughout the discourse of the humanities. However, it is rarely noted that their contemporary understanding has been shaped by the works of Jacques Derrida, who has employed all these concepts since the mid-1960s. The aim of this book is to present the lesser discussed topics of Derrida’s thought – not only as the creator of a specific mode of interpretation called "deconstruction" but also as an initiator of recent ethical and political reflection, a pioneer of performatics, and a precursor of current research on experience. At the same time, the book provides a panorama of the most important changes in the humanities of the last thirty years, and in particular – the ethical, performative, and empirical turns.

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Edited by Agata Brajerska-Mazur and Edyta Chlebowska

The book is the first volume of an extensive four-volume monograph devoted to the work of Cyprian Norwid (1821–1883), one of the most outstanding Polish authors. The impact of Norwid’s oeuvre does not fade, as he addresses fundamental and timeless issues, such as the moral and spiritual condition of man or his place in the world and history and seeks to answer universal questions. The book contains an extensive selection of contributions which represent different approaches to the poet’s work. They cover various areas of research, including interpretation, thematology, genology, and editing.

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Black Women’s Narratives of NHS Work-Based Learning: An Ethnodrama

The Difference between Rhetoric and Lived Experience

Peggy Warren

This is an eight-scene drama portraying black women reliving their journey through higher education and work-based learning. Black women’s voices are the focus, reflecting on the complexities and dynamics of institutional power, professional exploitation, silencing, subordination and non-transformative education. A black feminist standpoint theoretical approach with an autoethnographic presentation invites the reader into the camaraderie, emotions, tears and laughter of a cohort of mature black healthcare workers engaging in a foundation degree with a promise of promotion. The author captures the voices of the women, weaves in her own account and sets the stories in fictional locations. Using cultural sayings, black philosophy and black music in a creative way, this work offers a platform from which to start discussions on black women’s labour in the NHS.

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From Colonial to Post-Colonial Rule

The Transformation of Rule in an Important Strategic Area in South Vietnam

Bac Nguyen Van

This study is to analyze the transformation of the policies of different political systems for ethnic minorities in the Central Highlands (Vietnam) from French colonial rule to American warfare in the context of decolonization, cold-war politics, and attempts of national state formation. While substantial attention has been given to the pacification tactics, military campaigns, fighting took place in the hinterland battlefield; limited has been bestowed upon the domination strategies adopted over the Central Highlands during the period under review. This work goes one step further by examining the struggle of "the people-in-between" and interpreting policies of the actors those who fought terrible battles to gain the control, legitimize and stabilize their power in this contested space.

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Ráfagas y Vientos de un Sur Global

Movilidades recientes en estados fronterizos del sur-sureste de México

Edited by Luis Alfredo Arriola Vega and Enrique Coraza de los Santos

Ráfagas y Vientos de un Sur Global aborda temas de movilidad humana que son de trascendencia actual para la zona de interés, entre ellos el papel que juega la región fronteriza en la movilidad humana y viceversa, la significancia que adquieren fenómenos como la violencia en las migraciones, y lo que experimentan aquellos migrantes y solicitantes de refugio cuando sus diversas trayectorias de movilidad se ven suspendidas o interrumpidas, de manera temporal o permanente. La obra presenta miradas novedosas sobre diversas manifestaciones de la movilidad humana desde la historia, la sociología y la antropología. El libro resulta de interés para un público, principal pero no exclusivamente, especializado en temas migratorios. Se recomienda como material didáctico para cursos avanzados pertinentes a fenómenos de movilidad humana y al tema de la frontera.