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Narrating the New Nation

South African Indian Writing

Jaspal K. Singh and Rajendra Chetty

The purpose of Narrating the New Nation is to engage with South African Indian writings through a critical examination of the oeuvre of key writers within a postcolonial theoretical framework. With the advent of democracy, South Africa has witnessed new writings which either reflected on apartheid with elements of restoration for past atrocities and centered around reflective nostalgia, or looked ahead with optimism and foregrounded new beginnings. The end of the interregnum in 1994 drove people to narrate the relationship between past, present and future, which revealed an exciting diversity and rituals of bourgeois lives or reflected upon disadvantaged and marginalized homes in townships, casbahs and ghettos. These innovative narratives attempt to conquer and spatialize different histories, while at the same time finding creative ways to assemble shattered fragments of memory. A critical question this study asks is whether South African literature continues to address themes of journey, exile, migration and identity within the major concern of place and displacement in apartheid and post-apartheid South African Indian writing, or whether the new writings foreground critical self-awareness as citizens of a democratic and neo-colonial nation-state. What analytical questions and concerns do new writings from the Global South address? This book of critical essays hopes to endorse social and cultural—race, class, gender, sexuality—analysis, problematize them, expand them, and in the end enrich South African literature. In so doing, the authors attempt to encourage a critical, creative and empowering space for a plurality of voices, minds and stories and hope to reveal how literature involves itself in the unfinished business of the collective in South African history and literature.

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Middle English Names of Medical Preparations

Towards a Standard Medical Terminology


Marta Sylwanowicz

This study provides a comprehensive examination of Middle English names of medical preparations found in the available medical works produced in the 14th and 15th centuries, and in a number of dictionaries. Altogether over 1600 references to medicaments have been collected. They have been divided into three major categories: general terms denoting medical preparations, terms denoting dosage forms, and terms denoting specifics. The analysis concentrates on the origin of the terms, their structure, and their distribution and presentation in texts representing different traditions of medical writing.

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Language Revitalization

Insights from Thailand


Edited by Suwilai Premsrirat and David Hirsh

This volume reports on programs to revitalize and maintain languages of Thailand, with a particular focus on small enclave languages and school-based revitalization programs. Issues of language status, cultural heritage and identity are explored. The approximately 70 languages of Thailand belong to five language families: Tai (24), Austroasiatic (23), Austronesian (3), Sino-Tibetan (18) and Hmong-Mien (2). Currently, fifteen of these languages are classified as seriously endangered. This volume discusses language revitalization efforts involving six Mon-Khmer groups (Maniq, Chong, Nyah Kur, So, Mlabri, Lavue); four Thai-related groups (Phetburi western central Thai, Phutai, Lao, Nyaw); two Austronesian groups (Moklen, Patani Malay); and one Tibeto-Burman group (Bisu). The book provides a framework and model for future developments in revitalizing Thailand’s indigenous languages.

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In, on and through Translation

Tabucchi’s Travelling Texts

Elizabeth Wren-Owens

This study focuses on Antonio Tabucchi’s texts in, on and through translation. It combines an analysis of the ways his texts have been translated into other languages with an examination of the way his translations, critical essays and fictions reflect on the value and possibilities of translation.

The book suggests that using translation as a means through which to approach Tabucchi’s works enables us to both develop new perspectives on Tabucchi’s texts and to reflect on some key issues in translation studies. These include the way we think about the intersections between translation and other forms of writing, between translation and space, between translation and memory, between translation as process and product. This study combines a broad mapping of Tabucchi’s travelling texts with more detailed textual analysis of selected works themselves.

One of the study’s major innovations is the analysis of a new body of interviews with Tabucchi’s translators from across Europe, Asia and America. The interviews, conducted as part of the study, offer fascinating new perspectives on the transnational movement of the same (often Eurocentric) texts between and across languages as well as revealing the possibilities and challenges the translation process offers in different linguistic and cultural spaces worldwide.

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Nico Aschner

Die Frage nach den Grenzen der Medienarbeit der Strafverfolgungsbehörden ist im Zusammenhang mit den Ermittlungsverfahren gegen Jörg Kachelmann, Nadja Benaissa u.a. verstärkt in den Fokus gerückt. Für den Betroffenen besonders problematisch ist die den Auskünften der Strafverfolgungsbehörden nachgelagerte Berichterstattung in den Massenmedien. Diese kann persönlichkeitsrechtsrelevante Stigmatisierungen auslösen, die – unabhängig vom Verfahrensausgang – fortwirken. Ausgangspunkt der Untersuchung bilden die Darstellung der rechtlichen Grundlagen einer Auskunftserteilung und deren de lege lata bestehenden Grenzen. Die Analyse zeigt, dass das anwendbare Recht Kriterien für eine zulässige Medienarbeit bereitstellt und dem Betroffenen ausreichende Rechtsschutzmöglichkeiten zur Verfügung stehen.

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Flucht, Migration und Integration Flight, Migration and Integration

Eine Anfrage an die christliche Theologie und Diakonie A Question for Christian Theology and Social Engagement


Edited by Matthias Heesch, Russell Kleckley and Hans Schwarz

Das Buch legt theologische Deutungen der Thematik Flucht, Migration und Integration, ausgehend von verschiedenen kulturellen und sozialen Kontexten, vor. Viele der Beiträgerinnen und Beiträger sind an Orten tätig, in denen dieser Themenkomplex ähnlich bedeutend ist, wie in Westeuropa. Sie besprechen Flucht, Migration und Integration als Fragen an die christliche Theologie und Diakonie. Ihre individuellen Antworten und Sichtweisen bereichern die kritische Debatte über diese aktuellen Herausforderungen.

This book presents theological approaches to the subject flight, migration and integration from various cultural and social contexts. Many of the contributors are active in places where the issue of flight, migration and integration is similarly significant as it is in Western Europe. They discuss flight, migration and integration as questions for Christian theology and diaconia. Their individual responses and views illuminate and inform the critical discussion for the challenges facing today’s world.

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Evaluation of Acupuncture

An Intercultural and Interdisciplinary Approach


Edited by Friedrich G. Wallner and Fengli Lan

This book is the latest publication of the international research group «Theory, Methodology, and Structure of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM),» which has been working since 2008. It outlines a methodology that is adequate for research on Classical Chinese Medicine, followed by a detailed and careful analysis of Evidence-Based Acupuncture and Mechanistic Studies of Acupuncture. The authors also analyze and discuss classical texts, hermeneutical treatments, historical studies, clinical trials, women’s diseases, lifestyle-related diseases, placebo effects, and Baomai and Baoluo. Leading experts from America, Austria, Brazil, China, Germany, and South Korea demonstrate that Chinese medicine is a scientific system that is independent from Western medicine.

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Engaging with Diversity

Multidisciplinary Reflections on Plurality from Quebec


Edited by Stéphan Gervais, Raffaele Iacovino and Mary-Anne Poutanen

Contributed by leading scholars of Quebec Studies, both emerging and established, the 30 essays of this comprehensive collection offer a multidisci- plinary survey of the study of diversity in Quebec over space and time. The volume is organized around a variety of themes through which Quebec’s plural reality is expressed, including conceptual, historical and contemporary approaches, covering a wide range of social and economic cleavages, iden- tity markers, political contestation and, broadly, the lived experiences of Quebecers negotiating differ- ence over time. In an environment increasingly demarcated by conflicts around values and cultural and social practices, this collection hopes to contrib- ute to broadening the spectrum of voices to the cur- rent debate, adding an inclusive reflection to a con- versation that has only intensified over the last decade. Quebec as a pluri-national and multi-ethnic society has been and remains a great laboratory to study and to test public policies on ethnic diversity. It allows us to identify the tensions and to evaluate the balance between the majority and the minority; and between settler society and indigenous nations, in conceptualizing and finding a normative consen- sus around the configuration of collective rights. In short, the contributions in this volume seek to illus- trate how pluralism has and continues to constitute the lifeblood of belonging in Quebec.

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Edited by Ekaterina Velmezova

Plusieurs aspects de la slavistique helvétique sont représentés dans cet ouvrage, préparé à l’occasion du XVIème congrès mondial des slavistes à Belgrade (août 2018) : la linguistique, l’histoire, l’analyse littéraire, l’histoire des idées. Les auteurs des articles du recueil sont des slavisants helvétiques des sept universités (Bâle, Zurich, Saint-Gall, Berne, Fribourg, Lausanne et Genève) où la slavistique est enseignée en Suisse. 

Dieser Band aus Anlass des XVI. Internationalen Slavistenkongresses (August 2018) vereint mehrere Forschungsbereiche der Schweizer Slavistik: Linguistik, Geschichte, Literaturwissenschaft, Ideengeschichte. Die Autoren der Beiträge sind Slavisten der sieben Schweizer Universitäten, an denen Slavistik gelehrt wird (Basel, Zürich, St. Gallen, Bern, Freiburg, Lausanne, Genf).

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Beyond the Juxtaposition of Nature and Culture

Lawrence Krader, Interdisciplinarity, and the Concept of the Human Being


Edited by Cyril Levitt and Sabine Sander

The essays contained in this collection represent an attempt by scholars from Canada, Germany and Mexico to come to grips with the innovative work of the American philosopher and anthropologist, Lawrence Krader (1919-1998) who has proposed nothing less than a new theory of nature according to which there are at least three different orders – the material-biotic, the quantum and the human order, which differ from one another according to their different configurations of space-time, and which cannot be reduced the one to the others. Each author takes up Krader’s theory in relation to its impact on their own discipline: sociology, anthropology, the study of myth, the theory of labor and value, economics, linguistics, and aesthetics. The question of how nature and culture can be integrated within a theoretical framework which links them in difference and nexus and allows each their non-reductive space leads each of the contributors to move in their thinking beyond the old dualisms of materialism and idealism, fact and value, nature and culture.