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We Need to Talk About Heidegger

Essays Situating Martin Heidegger in Contemporary Media Studies


Edited by Justin Michael Battin and German A. Duarte

This collection assembles a number of chapters engaging different strands of Martin Heidegger’s philosophy in order to explore issues relevant to contemporary media studies. Following the release of Heidegger’s controversial Black Notebooks and the subsequent calls to abandon the philosopher, this book seeks to demonstrate why Heidegger, rather than be pushed aside and shunned by media practitioners, ought to be embraced by and further incorporated into the discipline, as he offers unique and often innovative pathways to address, and ultimately understand, our daily engagements with media-related phenomena.

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The Gaze of the Caged Woman

Sexuality and Performance in Selected Beckett Plays

Ila Ahlawat

This book investigates the themes of female entrapment and the feminine gaze, and explores how they function as theatrical metaphors in Samuel Beckett’s later plays. It offers a novel perspective on love between Beckettian women, interrogating the trope of bodily sickness and its manifestations on the stage, and analysing how this relates to queer drives in women. Ambitious and thought-provoking, the book engages with the work of a range of theorists on psychoanalysis, feminism, sexuality, voyeurism and theatricality. The arguments presented here will be of interest to specialists in modernism and postmodernism, theatre, and gender studies.

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Reconstructing National Identity

The Nation Forged in Fire-Myth and Canadian Literature


Karin Ikas

In the diversified and ambiguous, globally and glocally networked mobile present, national identities are challenged internally and externally in multiple ways. In Canada intellectuals and notable novelists have lately begun to remember and re-discover the significance of the First World War for their construction of a Canadian national identity. The book presents the first large-scale interdisciplinary analysis of these developments. The author of this Bourdieusian inspired literary-critical research work nails down the sociological foundations of the concept of the nation before then discussing aspects of the role of the First World War for (Canadian) national identity and the relevant memorial discourse. The reconstruction focuses on how remarkable Canadian authors – including Hugh MacLennan, Timothy Findley, Jack Hodgins, Jane Urquhart, Frances Itani and Joseph Boyden – have challenged, re-imagined and rewritten the Nation Forged in Fire-myth in the 20th and 21st century to bring to life the experiences of national minorities like women, indigenous people, migrants, war veterans, children and people with disabilities. The study shows that the literary workings on the myth, myth reconstruction and myth deconstruction is a fascinating though ambivalent and dynamic project in the Third Millennium.

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The Resurrection of the «Spectre»

A Marxist Analysis of Race, Class and Alienation in the Post-war British Novel

Sercan Hamza Bağlama

This book analyses the literary works of Alan Sillitoe, Sam Selvon, Doris Lessing and James Kelman since each of them is a representative of a different class or colour or gender or region in post-war Britain. The overall aim of the book is to reconceptualise the broader economic, cultural and social framework of the processes of alienation and of escape mechanisms employed by the individual as defence mechanisms in capitalist cultures. Suggesting that postmodern identity politics is unable to give a materialistic articulation of poverty and subordination, the book develops an anti-establishment, egalitarian and emancipatory framework in reading its authors: one which might also be implemented as part of a movement that aims to critique, resist and overthrow injustice and oppression.

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Poetry in the Novel

Selected Case Studies

Adrian Kempton

Taking up Virginia Woolf’s provocative claim that «the best prose is that which is most full of poetry», this study examines the different ways in which novelists have incorporated poetry into the fabric of their fictions. The inclusion of poems in a novel may serve a variety of purposes: to heighten the atmosphere, to represent a character’s sensations and thoughts as «stream of consciousness», to illustrate a protagonist’s creative output, to provide an explicit or embedded literary illusion, to function as an interlude or structural divider, or to create an unclassifiable literary hybrid that highlights an author’s dual talents.

To illustrate these and other forms of integration, twenty-two works of prose fiction are analysed under five headings: textual composites that combine prose, poetry and poetic prose to achieve original effects; apprenticeship novels about the development of fictive poets and their work; fictions concerned with the investigation and appropriation of a dead poet’s opus; works in which a single long poem constitutes a novel’s principal focus; and research-based biofictions relating particular events in the lives of real poets.

Intended to stimulate reflection on the interrelations of prose and poetry, this book works against literary compartmentalization by revealing how poetry can enhance prose narrative and how the novel can bring poetry to the notice of a wider reading public.

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Positive und negative Höflichkeit in der Interimssprache

Eine empirische Untersuchung zur pragmatischen Kompetenz gymnasialer Englischlerner


Christian Schröter

Vor allem im anglo-amerikanischen Sprachraum gelten Deutsche als unhöflich: Sie kommunizieren zu direkt, zu explizit und sie schrecken auch vor heiklen Gesprächsthemen nicht zurück. Der Band überprüft diese stereotypischen Vorstellungen kritisch. Aus linguistischer und fachdidaktischer Perspektive untersucht er die pragmatische Kompetenz gymnasialer Englischlerner: Welche Höflichkeitsstrategien beherrschen die Lerner im Englischen? Wie häufig verwenden sie diese Strategien? Mithilfe einer Fragebogenstudie werden Erkenntnisse gewonnen, die zentrale Aspekte des Deutschen-Stereotyps widerlegen können.

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Lautes Denken, «Stimulated Recall» und Dokumentarische Methode

Rekonstruktive Verfahren in der Fremdsprachenlehr- und -lernforschung


Edited by Karin Aguado, Claudia Finkbeiner and Bernd Tesch

Methodische und methodologische empirische Grundlagen wurden über einen langen Zeitraum aus der Psychologie, der Soziologie und aus den Erziehungswissenschaften in die fachdidaktische Forschung «exportiert» und sind mitverantwortlich für die gelungene empirische Wende auch in den Fachdidaktiken.

Der Tagungsband der Kasseler Methodentage 2016 zu den drei rekonstruktiven Analyseverfahren Lautes Denken, «Stimulated Recall» und Dokumentarische Methode spiegelt den Austausch junger Promovendinnen und Promovenden sowie Habilitandinnen und Habilitanden über relevante methodisch-methodologische Themen der Sprachlehr- und -lernforschung. Er leistet einen Beitrag zur Konsolidierung und Verbreiterung des forschungsmethodischen Wissens in diesem Bereich.

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Romantic Dialectics: Culture, Gender, Theater

Essays in Honor of Lilla Maria Crisafulli


Edited by Serena Baiesi and Stuart Curran

Romantic Dialectics: Culture, Gender, Theater aims to emphasize the importance of collaboration and exchange in the exploration of neglected areas of Romanticism. The essays grouped in this volume, moreover, are themselves inherently dialectical, being built on, and shaped by, the underlying tension between competing and even at times opposing literary, social and political elements. The three sections of the volume include: Culture and international relations; Aspects of female-oriented aesthetics; and Theatre and drama of the Romantic period. These three topics well reflect the diversified areas of the research and teaching of Professor Lilla Maria Crisafulli, to whom this volume is dedicated. This collection also eloquently illustrates how current research in Romanticism, carried out by scholars from a number of different countries and schools, is nevertheless united by a shared dialectical engagement in generating and debating new approaches to this extremely rich intellectual field.

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Nature, Nation, Consumption


Yi-peng Lai

This study focuses on the relationship between environment, history, politics, and rhetorical discourses in James Joyce’s Ulysses. Delving into different aspects of Joyce’s use of nature and linguistic discourses in orchestrating a specific dynamic of eco-politics, it adopts an interdisciplinary approach that includes cultural politics, historiographical poetics, and genetic criticism with close reading of the text. The first of the two sessions of the book addresses the environmental questions of land and consumption through discussions on co-operative politics, garden city movement, and the eco-politics of waste. The second section moves to examine the diverse ways in which nature and nation are (re)imagined exemplarily in Joyce’s composition of the forest and the marketplace.

By examining several thematic environmental issues addressed in Ulysses with the evidence of historical and archival resources, this study has demonstrated that Joyce is after all a writer with the environment in mind, and that the imagination of nature in Ulysses is inseparable from that of the emergent nation of fin-de-siècle Ireland.

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Universitäre Englischlehrerbildung

Wege zu mehr Kohärenz im Studium und Korrespondenz mit der Praxis


Edited by Bärbel Diehr

Die Englischlehrerbildung findet in einem Spannungsfeld zwischen Theorie und Praxis statt. Die Aufgabe ihrer Weiterentwicklung stand im Mittelpunkt des Wuppertaler Symposiums Kohärenz und Korrespondenz in der universitären Englischlehrerbildung. Der Band enthält Beiträge aller Vortragenden aus Wissenschaft, Schule und Ausbildung. Sie gehen der Frage nach, wie die fachliche Fundierung des Studiums mit dem Professionsbezug zur Praxis verbunden werden kann. Dabei diskutieren sie Kohärenz in Bezug auf das Verhältnis zwischen Sprachwissenschaft, Literatur- und Kulturwissenschaft, Didaktik des Englischen und Praxiselementen. Zudem beleuchten sie den Austausch, die Korrespondenz, zwischen dem Schulfach Englisch und der universitären Disziplin Anglistik/Amerikanistik.