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Appropriations of the German Minimum Income Scheme and Life Planning

Individualisation as a Way to Exit Long-term Benefit Receipt

Norbert Petzold

Against the background of a high incidence of long-term benefit receipt and an increasing focus of interventions on the individual beneficiary, this study shows how individualised policies within the German minimum income scheme serve long-term beneficiaries as a way out of benefit receipt. By applying a qualitative research design, the link between individual appropriations of policies and individual life planning is reconstructed in the form of an empirically grounded typology. The analysis shows that individualised policies are ridden with prerequisites. Beneficiaries, that are not able to expertly appropriate them and to plan in the long-term, face unintended consequences like a limitation of life planning, a separation from the scheme or an establishment within entitlement.

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Jedwabne und die Folgen

Eine semantische Analyse der Debatte über Juden in der polnischen Presse 2001-2008

Stefan Gehrke

Edited by Christian Voß

In diesem Buch steht die semantische Analyse der Argumentationsstrategien und sprachlichen Mittel im Vordergrund, die polnische Zeitschriften von 2001-2008 zur Konstruktion und Dekonstruktion stereotyper Aussagen über Juden angewendet haben. Mit linguistischen Mitteln wird untersucht, was die Gründe für Entstehung, Tradierung und Persistenz dieser Phänomene sind. Welche Bilder und Stereotypen von Juden tauchen auf, wie verhalten sich die aktuellen Aussagen zu älteren Redeweisen über Juden in der nationalen und religiösen Tradition Polens und welche Funktion spielt das Wort «Żyd» in der Debatte über Schuld und Unschuld der Polen bzw. Juden?

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Intergroup Contact between Germans and Turkish Immigrants Living in Germany

Exploring Tandem Language Classes as a Means to Reduce Prejudice

Anna Noack

In Germany, the relationship between Turkish immigrants and Germans without migration background is often characterized by negative views. Intergroup Contact Theory describes how social contact can improve relations between groups in conflict. This book examines a series of five tandem language classes that have never before been studied in an intergroup contact context. Applying the theory’s principles, native Germans and Turkish immigrants taught each other German and Turkish supervised by a bilingual language teacher. Statistical analyses reveal a prejudice-reducing effect for course participants relative to a non-participating control group. This and other findings promote tandem language classes as a means to improve relations between host population and immigrants from the start.

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Eine Christenlehre in mexikanischer Bilderschrift mit Dokumenten zur Geschichte Mexikos

Das Manuskript Mexicain 399 der Bibliothéque Nationale de France

Uta Berger

Das Manuskript 399 BnF ist eine mexikanische Doctrina Christiana in Bilderschrift. Derartige Missionsliteratur wurde von den Indianern als Gedächtnisstütze entwickelt. Die Autorin hat die Doctrina ins Nahuatl transferiert und ins Deutsche übersetzt. Sie interpretiert und vergleicht sie mit anderen Doctrinas in Bildern. Die Doctrina enthält Zusätze in Bilderschrift und als handschriftliche Texte mit persönlichen Daten des Pedro Tlacahuepan, Sohn des letzten Herrschers von Mexiko. Er und seine Nachkommen forderten gemäß dem Konzept der ›natürlichen Herren‹ Privilegien von der Spanischen Krone ein, die auch Pedro Cano, Sohn der Isabel, einer Tochter des Herrschers beanspruchte. Mit der Gründung und den Endkämpfen um Mexiko unter Quauhtemoc endet der Bericht, der mit bekannten Daten verglichen wird.

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Mehrheiten – Minderheiten

Sprachliche und kulturelle Identitäten der Slavia im Wandel der Zeit


Edited by Anna Kretschmer, Gerhard Neweklowsky, Stefan Michael Newerkla and Fedor B. Poljakov

Die im Buch versammelten Beiträge stellen das Ergebnis eines internationalen Symposiums dar. Den Anstoß für diesen Schwerpunkt bilden zum einen die Konfliktlinien zwischen Mehr- und Minderheiten in der Staatenlandschaft Europas, zum anderen die gesellschaftlichen Umwälzungen und Migrationen, die mit einer Pluralisierung der Gesellschaft einhergehen und teilweise auch Neubewertungen von Mehr- und Minderheitenverhältnissen notwendig machen.

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Toxic Silence

Race, Black Gender Identity, and Addressing the Violence against Black Transgender Women in Houston

William T. Hoston

Toxic Silence: Race, Black Gender Identity, and Addressing the Violence against Black Transgender Women in Houston contributes to a growing body of transgender scholarship. This book examines the patriarchal and heteronormative frames within the black community and larger American society that advances the toxic masculinity which violently castigates and threatens the collective embodiment of black transgender women in the USA. Such scholarship is needed to shed more light on the transphobic violence and murders against this understudied group.

Little is known about the societal and cultural issues and concerns affecting black transgender women and how their gender identity is met with systemic, institutional, and interpersonal roadblocks. During a time period in American history defined by Time Magazine as "The Transgender Tipping Point," black transgender women have emerged as social, cultural, and political subjects to advance our understanding of the lives of people who identity as a part of both the black and LGBTQIA communities. In the end, this book calls on the black community and culture to end the toxic silence and act instead as allies who are more accepting and inclusive of differing sexualities and gender identities in an effort to improve the generative power of black solidarity.

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Jadwiga Węgrodzka

The book focuses on popular genres of romance, fantasy, science fiction, dystopia, thriller, and What-if historical fiction in popular books, in artistic literature and on the borderline between the two. The author analyses the work of writers such as Jennifer Greene, Barbara Delinsky, and Lilian Darcy, Jennifer Lee Carrel, Michael Crichton, Ursula Le Guin, C. S. Lewis, Michel Faber and William Golding. She applies an analytical approach based on semiotics, structuralism and narratology and discusses genre mixture, adaptation and intertextuality, as well as world modelling.

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Edited by Anna Przybylska

Public consultations are a weak but institutionally embedded form of civic participation in political decision-making. Their input and output are often a cause for concern. This has motivated the authors to design the inDialogue platform to help transmit knowledge about the methodology of public consultations. It follows the deliberative public consultation model, and recognizes the value of social inclusion in knowledge-sharing and argument exchange in building an open political community. In this book, researchers as well as practitioners, in their respective fields, discuss various aspects of the inDialogue software’s development and implementation. They document the complexity of the work that was carried out in an applied interdisciplinary project in the area of democratic innovation.

«The value of this volume is not only in its presentation of inDialogue as an innovative application enabling those with disabilities to access public debate and consultation, but also in raising important questions about the introduction of ICT for debate and consultation. These questions are answered from both the perspective of the technical and social sciences.»

Jerzy Bartkowski, Professor at the Institute of Sociology, Warsaw University

«ICT for Dialogue and Inclusive Decision-Making is a splendid contribution to the literature concerning online deliberation and civic engagement. It usefully bridges the academic world of theory and empirical studies, and the practice of citizen deliberation, carefully documenting both the design and experiences of the In Dialogue project in Poland.»

Todd Davies, Associate Director and lecturer, Symbolic Systems Program, Stanford University

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New Uncertainties and Anxieties in Europe

Seven Waves of the European Social Survey


Edited by Franciszek Sztabiński, Henryk Domański and Paweł Sztabiński

This book aims to provide empirical evidence regarding the consequences of changes in European societies, focussing on migration and related phenomena of discrimination and xenophobia. The comparative analyses cover all countries of the European Social Survey in the period 2002–2014. They reveal that native members of so-called vulnerable groups, such as the unemployed, retired, permanently sick or disabled and the elderly, were more likely to experience threats and to exhibit anti-immigration attitudes. The contributors further examine social openness defined in terms of marital homogamy, social trust in the context of legitimization and social conditions of sleeplessness. A final methodological section presents the results of a mixed mode experiment involving the face-to-face mode.