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Community College Leadership and Management

Reframing Institutional Practices for Student Success


Carlos Nevarez and J. Luke Wood

Community College Leadership and Management places emphasis on reframing college practices in order to advance student success. This calls for leaders to be well versed on promising strategies which have illustrated evidence in advancing academic success. Such practices include intrusive academic advising, exit interviews with dropouts and graduates, and the use of technology to supplement face-to-face academic counselor advising. These leaders are aware of and welcome the challenges and opportunities a changing student population presents to community colleges. The authors critically analyze and call for a deconstruction of conventional practices and the construction of new approaches to understand how student success is envisioned. For example, a redefinition of what constitutes student success is advanced. A redefinition of student success—as the attainment of an academic, vocational, career, or personal goal—is put forth. This broader perception, definition, and meaning of student success is not limited to or constrained by an accountability paradigm. It is driven by the need to capture a more complete picture of the trajectory of contemporary and traditional enrollees from increasingly diverse backgrounds: students whose goals do not fit solely and neatly into two traditionally dominant outcomes like graduation and transfer. It is the role of community college leaders to affirm, inculcate, and communicate this more nuanced definition, allowing it to guide the vision and mission, programs, policies, and practices of the institution. Carlos Nevarez and Luke J. Wood support their arguments through various models, frameworks, research findings, case studies, and presentation of self-reflective questions aimed at advancing reflective community college scholar-practitioners.

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Doing Family on the Move

Highly-Skilled Migrants in Switzerland and Germany

Florian Tissot

This book focuses on the coordination between family life and professional career under the condition of repeated mobilities. It analyses the division between the labour force work and the care work of couples of highly-skilled migrants settling in either Switzerland or Germany. A mutually exclusive model provides an innovative understanding of gendered hierarchies in career achievement. The male partners operate three parallel elements: an upward professional career, a family-life implying child(ren), and maintaining their availability to further unplanned relocations. The female partners can only coordinate two of these concurrently. In fact, the male partners combine the three elements by taking advantage of specific, and mostly invisible, care work that the female partner provides.

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Gender in Organizations

The Icelandic Female Council Manager

Eva Marín Hlynsdóttir

The importance of local authorities in modern states continues to grow regarding service delivery and policy-making. As the role of local authorities has grown, so has the prestige and importance of the top manager positions at the local level. Traditionally, women’s advancement into these top-echelon positions has been much slower than into positions at the lower levels of local government. So how and when do women get hired into these positions? Is their career advancement similar to that of their male peers, or are there notable differences between the sexes? And are women really only hired as change agents during times of crisis? The author provides answers to these questions and more by focusing on the career advancement of Icelandic female council managers. The book draws from both comparative resources and a single case study on Iceland and provides comprehensive information on the recruitment of women into the position of council manager from the perspective of local government studies, organizational studies and gender studies. The book will help scholars, students and practitioners interested in exploring the subtle hindrances facing women’s advancement into top-echelon positions in organizations.

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Softpower, Soccer, Supremacy

The Chinese Dream


Edited by J. A. Mangan, Peter Horton and Christian Tagsold

Xi Jinping’s "Soccer Revolution" is unique: the most extensive politicization and geo-politicization of the Global Game. His purpose is to extend the global softpower projection of "the Middle Kingdom": an ancient Western imperial mantra ("bread and circuses") has been replaced by a modern Eastern "imperial" mantra ("rice and pitches"). The Asian Football Federation shares this "allopathic" vision of East Asian soccer: the future is Asia and it starts in China! Soccer is a talisman for a New Asia in a New Era. For China soccer is a hubristic instrument of softpower projection. Softpower, Soccer, Supremacy: The Chinese Dream makes this point forcefully. In East Asia soccer in now "much more than a game"!

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Sprachlernspiele im DaF-Unterricht in der VR China

Möglichkeiten und Herausforderungen ihres Einsatzes in Universitäten


Jing Zeng

Sprachlernspiele im DaF-Unterricht werden als multifunktionale Unterrichtsmethode für den Fremdsprachenunterricht angesehen. Ihre Wirksamkeit, insbesondere in asiatischen Ländern ist empirisch bis jetzt nur begrenzt belegt. Die Autorin stellt die Einsetzbarkeit und die Effizienz von Sprachlernspielen im DaF-Unterricht dar und versucht, ein umfassendes Bild zum Einsatz der Sprachlernspiele in China zu geben. Sie zeigt zeigt auf, dass Lehrende unter suboptimalen Rahmenbedingungen mit sorgfältiger Vorbereitung und Kreativität Sprachlernspiele als festen Unterrichtsbestandteil einsetzen können. Die Wirkung der Sprachlernspiele wird durch die Forschungsergebnisse bestätigt.

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Edited by Christine Manigand and Olivier Sibre

Jean-Bernard Raimond fait partie d’une génération de diplomates et de politiques dont la formation s’appuyait très souvent, à l’instar des élites de la IIIe République, sur une solide culture littéraire. Il fut d’abord un brillant khâgneux à Louis-le-Grand, comme Georges Pompidou –– normalien cultivé et russophone, sans politisation particulière, puis bascule vers la haute fonction publique, en intégrant l’ENA en 1954.

Deux ans plus tard, il rejoint la Carrière, chargé de la politique soviétique au Proche et Moyen-Orient. Convaincu de la nécessité d’un "gouvernement par les littéraires", Georges Pompidou l’appelle comme chargé de mission puis conseiller diplomatique, après l’avoir vu évoluer auprès de son ministre des Affaires étrangères, Maurice Couve de Murville dès 1967, puis comme conseiller technique de son gouvernement.

Des lettres à la diplomatie, Jean-Bernard Raimond déploie une action technique assise sur une maturation globale des enjeux, et une compréhension subtile des réalités géopolitiques qu’il appréhende. C’est ainsi qu’il évolue facilement des questions globales de la géopolitique de guerre froide, en particulier à travers les subtilités du Proche et du Moyen-Orient, au poste singulier de la Villa Bonaparte (Saint-Siège). Reconnu également pour son engagement et son intelligence politique, il est nommé ministre des Affaires étrangères de la première cohabitation, et élu député de la première circonscription des Bouches-du-Rhône, à Aix-en-Provence.

Des lettres à la politique, en passant par la diplomatie, c’est ce parcours riche, marqué par la figure de Georges Pompidou, que cet ouvrage tente de restituer.

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China's Path to Education Modernization, Vol. 1

Innovations in Education Concepts: From Correction to Creation

Zhenguo Yuan

China's Path to Education Modernization, Vol. 1: Innovations in Education Concepts: From Correction to Creation summarizes a set of socialist education development systems with Chinese characteristics from scratch in the past 40 years of reform and opening up in China. From the change of educational concept, the development of educational undertakings, the gradual improvement of educational legal system to the prosperity of educational science, China’s Path to Education Modernization involves the reform and development of all kinds of education at all levels. It can be called the encyclopedia of educational development in China for decades and covers the macro-analysis and practical guidance of China's educational development. It is a suitable supplement for educational theory experts, frontline workers, and general readers worldwide.

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Essays on Kurds

Historiography, Orality, and Nationalism


Amir Hassanpour

The essays in this collection offer robust theoretical analysis of language and cultural rights, class and gender, policy and politics, history and historiography, nation and nationalism, and Marxism. They continue to remain original to a vast array of debates and contestations in these areas. The book includes unpublished pieces and some key contributions that are most relevant to the contemporary debates on theory and method of nation/nationalism, and the struggle of national minorities for sovereignty, cultural and political rights. Each chapter provides original data and are written over a span of decades, but significantly, they offer a radical break with the colonial, orientalist, and nationalist traditions of knowledge production. This book is an exemplary exploration of nation and nationalism in a Marxist dialectical, historical materialism.

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Inclusión, integración, diferenciación

La diversidad funcional en la literatura, el cine y las artes escénicas


Edited by Susanne Hartwig

La inclusión es un tema de gran actualidad en muchos ámbitos de la vida contemporánea. Son muy amplios los sectores en los que se viene observando un considerable aumento de la sensibilidad social acerca de las circunstancias y condiciones en que se produce. El presente libro tiene dos intereses centrales: analizar la relación entre personas con y sin diversidad funcional en los textos culturales, a través de los tres términos clave inclusión, integración, diferenciación; y estudiar en los textos concretos cómo se tratan o incluso se practican la inclusión, la integración y la diferenciación. El campo de estudio se orienta hacia el corpus de los textos literarios, teatrales y audiovisuales.

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Der christliche Glaube als reflektierte Erfahrung

Eine Untersuchung der Schleiermacherrezeption Gerhard Ebelings


Jana Huisgen

Gerhard Ebelings Schleiermacherrezeption steht exemplarisch für die Wiedergewinnung der Erfahrungs- und Wirklichkeitsdimension der evangelischen Theologie nach dem Zweiten Weltkrieg. Die Studie stellt Ebeling als einflussreichen Vertreter der beginnenden Schleiermacherforschung in den 50er und 60er Jahren vor. Die Religionstheorie und Gotteslehre Schleiermachers werden als Ausdruck einer Theologie des Subjekts begriffen, die das religiöse Selbstbewusstsein und dessen Ausdrucksformen zum Gegenstand hat. Die Autorin zeigt, wie Ebeling diese theologische Grundeinsicht aufnahm, um den Herausforderungen einer modernen Dogmatik gerecht zu werden. Sie weist nach, dass Ebeling der «Glaubenslehre» eine hermeneutisch-theologische Lesart zugrunde legt und präsentiert als Folge die Akzentverschiebung vom religiösen Selbstbewusstsein auf die Sprache als hermeneutische Leitkategorie der Dogmatik Ebelings.