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Civilization – Nature – Subjugation

Variations of (De-)Colonization


Edited by Christoph Haar, Matthias Kaufmann and Christian Müller

This volume offers an interdisciplinary approach to some pivotal topics of (de-) colonization. It examines the early modern debate on just war, transatlantic conquest and slavery, followed by the shift of the debate in the 18th and 19th centuries towards assertions of racial hierarchies based on supposed matters of fact, and finally the philosophical discussion regarding decolonization. Two central themes emerge: first, the political circumstances and the exploitation of the available terminology resulted in the production of new meanings or "translations" during the 17th and 18th centuries, and second, the adoptions of established justifications of colonial activities and enslavement brought about models of natural science that increasingly developed a momentum of their own.

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The Conflict Revisited

The Second World War in Post-Postmodern Fiction


Marco Malvestio

This book traces the development of literary poetics after postmodernism and outlines the most important features of what is defined here as «post-postmodernism». This new literary form simultaneously recovers the characteristics of the traditional novel and abandons the ironic approach of postmodernism, while also retaining some postmodern narrative devices such as autofiction and metafiction. To render the global dimension of this phenomenon, this book focuses on the theme of the Second World War, an increasingly pivotal subject for historical novels in the twenty-first century worldwide. The study analyses the work of a variety of authors from several national literatures, focusing mainly on Roberto Bolaño, William T. Vollmann and Jonathan Littell, and drawing comparison with other authors, such as Rachel Seiffert, Sarah Waters, Laurent Binet, Ian McEwan and Giorgio Falco.

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Deutsch übersetzen und dolmetschen

Sprachvergleichende Perspektiven mit Blick auf die Didaktik


Edited by Claudio Di Meola, Joachim Gerdes and Livia Tonelli

Der Band erweitert und vertieft Ergebnisse einer Fachtagung der Germanistischen Abteilung der Universität Genua, die im Herbst 2018 stattfand. Er möchte eine Brücke zwischen aktuellen Forschungsergebnissen der Translatologie und der Universitätsdidaktik in übersetzungs- und dolmetschwissenschaftlichen Studiengängen schlagen. Die Beiträge beschäftigen sich in drei Sektionen mit linguistischen Aspekten der Übersetzung: der allgemeinen, der fachsprachlichen sowie der literarischen Übersetzung. Dabei werden anerkannte Forschungsansätze aus aktueller Perspektive weiterentwickelt und neue Erkenntnisse vorgestellt. Die behandelten theoretischen Aspekte werden im Hinblick auf ihre unterrichtspraktische Vermittlung in der akademischen Lehre diskutiert und mit didaktischen Anregungen ergänzt..

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Doris Lessing - A Life Behind the Scenes

The Files of the British Intelligence Service MI5

Peter Raina

In March 1949 the security service MI5 received notice of a suspect person about to enter Britain and went to great pains to keep her under surveillance. This person was the author Doris Lessing. She would eventually go on to win the Nobel Prize for literature as an «epicist … who with scepticism, fire and visionary power has subjected a divided civilisation to scrutiny». And it was precisely this scrutiny that troubled the guardians of the status quo. Lessing grew up in colonial Rhodesia and hated the scorn with which the colonists treated the native population. She worked tirelessly for a more just society and this drove her into support for communism. But a communist, as one of her fictional characters says, «is hated, despised, feared and hunted». Peter Raina’s book, reproducing the secret files kept on Lessing, shows that this was largely true, even though her emphasis in these troubled times was always on Peace. Lessing was eventually disillusioned by communism, and sought a better understanding of human relations than Soviet-conforming clichés could provide. However, her understanding was much enriched by the experiences of her activism and knowledge of the opposition it aroused. The secret files show how strongly Lessing followed her convictions and throw new light on how her perceptions of society evolved. Peter Raina elucidates this in a short Introduction and an Epilogue discussing aspects of her writings.

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Ernst Albrechts politisches Erbe

Wie Niedersachsen bis heute von der Wahl des Ministerpräsidenten 1976 geprägt wird

Klaus Wallbaum

Die Abhandlung versucht, die spektakuläre Wahl Ernst Albrechts zum niedersächsischen Ministerpräsidenten im Landtag am 15. Januar und 6. Februar 1976 zu beschreiben und unter politischen, sozialwissenschaftlichen und psychologischen Gesichtspunkten einzuordnen. Die bis heute andauernden Folgen dieser Wahl, die wie ein Mythos wirken, werden anhand vieler Zeitzeugengespräche und Einblicke in interne Akten beleuchtet. Politikhistorisch ist dies von großem Interesse, da diese Wahl nach dem Rücktritt des Ministerpräsidenten Alfred Kubel nur deshalb so ausgehen konnte, weil in geheimer Wahl bis zu vier Abgeordnete aus der SPD/FDP-Koalition nicht für ihren Kandidaten Helmut Kasimier (15. Januar 1976) oder Karl Ravens (6. Februar 1976) stimmten.

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The Institutions of State Business Relations

The Case of Food and Agriculture Sector of Georgia


Tamar Jugheli

State intervention in economic activities to drive development requires specific
institutional prerequisites that maintain strategic collaboration between the
state and businesses. Arguing that the design of institutions of state business
relations is critical for successful state intervention in economic activities, this
book seeks to understand the nature of the institutions of the state-agribusiness
relations in Georgia and its functional compatibilities to the institutions
of strategic SBRs. It analyses the nature of SBRs in Georgia through the lens
of the New Institutional Economics (NIE). It employs a qualitative research
strategy for the systematic collection, organization, and interpretation of the
data. Data from 39 interviews, documents on relevant regulations and laws,
and the reports from the international organizations are triangulated to address
the research question.
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Kony as Moses

Old Testament Texts and Motifs in the Early Years of the Lord’s Resistance Army, Uganda


Helen Nambalirwa Nkabala

This book discusses the Lord’s Resistance Army’s (LRA) use of Old Testament texts and motifs in their rhetoric to mobilise and sustain the rebellion in Northern Uganda, specifically in Gulu district, the area that has been particularly affected by the LRA’s actions throughout more than two decades. This book also delves into the much-ignored religious dimension of studies on the LRA, which forms the core of the LRA's ideology. The LRA uses biblical motifs to legitimize its ideology and practice and this is the first study which goes into a detailed empirical and hermeneutical analysis of the same. More importantly, this book proposes an ethical gender-sensitive model for reading and interpreting the Bible. The book can be used by students of political science, anthropology, religious studies, contemporary religions and new religious movements as well as by biblicists, theologians and general readers whose interests lie in understanding how issues have evolved.

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Nathalie Sebbane

Since the publication of James Smith’s groundbreaking book on the Magdalene laundries in 2007, many developments have made the issue even more topical. Even though the lack of access to archives and records of religious orders remains a major obstacle to writing a comprehensive history of the Magdalene laundries, the accessibility of witness testimony and the publication of the McAleese report in 2013 have opened up new avenues of research and methodology.

Written from the perspective of a French academic using French theory, holocaust studies and memory studies to analyze an eminently Irish question, the present publication proposes to make an assessment of the way the issue has evolved from being a media story at the onset of the twenty-first century to becoming a subject worthy of historians’ attention. If the McAleese report was a formative moment in anchoring the Magdalene laundries into the national narrative, this book will show how it also contributed to dis-remembering the laundries by offering a doctored and state-sponsored version of what really happened within the institutions and contributed to preventing proper memorialization. It will show how in the absence of official memorialization, cultural and activist memorial practices have emerged and developed to ensure that this particularly painful and infamous episode in the history of the nation state does not fall into oblivion.

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Rethinking Intercultural Competence

Theoretical Challenges and Practical Issues


Edited by Theo Harden and Arnd Witte

This book examines the concept of «intercultural competence» from the perspective of analysing theoretical challenges and practical issues. Despite its ongoing popularity across various discourses, «intercultural competence» has remained a necessarily vague and oscillating concept that lends itself to continual rethinking and redefinition. The essays in this volume approach the complexity of the concept from a number of different angles. The essays range from theoretical considerations of redefining and expanding the concept in terms of hitherto neglected dimensions and ideas; critically contextualising issues of assessing intercultural competence; analysing the virtual dimension of intercultural competence for the development of critical digital pedagogies; application of the concept for the teaching and learning of foreign/second languages, including for migrant learners; the impact of study abroad on developing intercultural and democratic literacy; analysis of the concept in classroom practice across different cultures; and querying the concept for its lack of teachability. The volume develops a broad range of new perspectives on intercultural competence, providing stimulating new ideas, considerations and reflections around this oscillating, yet relevant concept.

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Supply Chain Finance

Rechtsfragen der Lieferkettenfinanzierung


Jill Catherine Klüber

Hohe Außenstände, zu großzügige Zahlungsziele und eine anhaltend schlechte Zahlungsmoral belasten die Liquidität von mittelständischen Lieferanten. Sie führen zur Bindung von Kapital, welches das Unternehmen teuer finanzieren muss. Die Autorin beschäftigt sich mit zwei neuartigen Finanzierungsinstrumenten der sogenannten Einkaufsfinanzierung, dem Reverse Factoring und dem Finetrading. Im Gang der Untersuchung ordnet sie diese rechtlich ein und arbeitet rechtliche Problemfelder der Vertragsgestaltung, der Aufsichtspflicht und der bilanziellen Behandlung der Finanzierungsinstrumente auf. Sie kommt zu dem Ergebnis, dass Reverse Factoring und Finetrading in der Lage sind, die unterschiedlichen Interessen der Teilnehmer entlang der Lieferkette in Einklang zu bringen und die Bindung von Kapital zu reduzieren.