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Conflit au Pays basque

regards de militants illégaux

Caroline Guibet Lafaye

Euskadi Ta Askatasuna (ETA) a annoncé sa dissolution le 3 mai 2018 après un conflit avec l’État espagnol qui a duré 60 ans. Ce conflit s’est étendu de chaque côté de la frontière quoiqu’avec des conséquences distinctes. Médias et journalistes se sont emparés du sujet. Ils ont été invités, depuis août 1994 par le ministère de l’Intérieur espagnol, à devenir parties prenantes de la lutte antiterroriste. Du côté scientifique, existent en langue anglaise ou hispanique des travaux statistiques reposant sur l’exploitation de base de données d’attentats commis par ETA ainsi que quelques analyses de récits de vie recueillis dans les années 1990. L’ouvrage Conflit au pays basque: regards de militants illégaux comble une lacune de l’analyse scientifique à partir d’une enquête empirique menée entre 2017 et 2019 auprès de plus de 60 ex-militants d’ETA et d’Iparretarrak (IK) en convoquant une méthodologie de sociologie compréhensive. Le livre cherche à comprendre pourquoi la lutte armée persiste après la chute du franquisme en Hegoalde et naît dans les années 1970 en Iparralde. Il analyse les motivations et les raisons qui ont porté ces acteurs – inculpés pour des faits de terrorisme – vers l’engagement illégal voire l’action armée, tout en proposant une analyse générationnelle des trajectoires de ces militant.e.s. Il étudie enfin la façon dont chaque groupe clandestin élabore son « éthique de la violence politique » et précise comment l’éthique de la responsabilité fait partie intégrante de l’ethos du militant clandestin abertzale (patriote).

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A Dangerous Pursuit

The anti-sectarian work of Counteract


Roz Goldie

This is the untold story of Counteract, the trade union sponsored anti-sectarian unit tackling violent sectarianism in the workplace in the Northern Ireland conflict. As the death toll mounted through the 1980s key union women and men started what was planned as a campaign to support workers and became a ground-breaking facility for mediating sectarian disputes in the workplace in these violent times. People were shot for challenging flags at work, drivers hijacked at gun point and forced to drive bombs, taxi drivers murdered in tit-fortat sectarian killings, and workers were forced out of jobs because of sectarian threats and intimidation. This is a hidden part of the peace process, showing the path from «Shipyard confetti» to nuanced expressions of sectarian hostility.

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From Toleration to Religious Freedom

Cross-Disciplinary Perspectives


Edited by Mariëtta van der Tol, John Adenitire, Carys Brown and E. S. Kempson

This volume examines the knotty relationship between toleration and religious freedom. Spanning from the early modern period to the present day, it explores how discourses on toleration impact on current debates about religious freedom, and challenges assumptions about the associations between religious ideas and the law. Bringing together scholarship from the fields of history, law, political science, philosophy, and theology, it throws into sharp relief the disciplinary presuppositions that have—sometimes misleadingly—shaped our understandings of toleration and religious freedom.

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Edited by David Manning

This new book series will show that a critical understanding of religious pluralism in the past is of vital significance to debates about identity, diversity, and co-existence in the present. Studies will focus on using a historical perspective to address one of three key themes in the period between 1500 and 2000 CE: intra-religious pluralism; inter-religious pluralism; or, religion, secularism, and the nation state. Within this frame of reference, constructive contrasts between a wide range of foci, approaches, and viewpoints will be keenly encouraged. The series will champion established lines of research in political, social, cultural, and gendered histories of religious pluralism – e.g. studies on liberty, persecution, and toleration – whilst also encouraging novel ways of transcending a scholarly discourse which is dominated by ideologies and methodologies derived from the social sciences – e.g. by studies on the theological and literary dimensions of conflict, cohesion, and community. The series will embrace scholarship on subjects from any part of the world. European and extra-European perspectives that complement traditional Anglo-American thinking are particularly welcome.

As the ‘global turn’ continues to energize new types of enquiry, the series will also seek to advance studies of indigenous and displaced religious groups. With this scope there is a reflexive acknowledgement that the rationale for and defining concepts of the series are grounded in a ‘western’ intellectual tradition; however, this should serve as a challenge to prospective authors to pioneer new dialogues between ‘western’ and ‘non-western’ approaches and foci, or even surpass the dichotomy altogether. An emphasis will be given to promoting the best research of early career scholars from around the world, whilst also giving more established academics the opportunity to develop their multimedia policy-orientated work – e.g. podcasts, blogs, talks, press briefings, reports for thinktanks, governments, and public agencies etc. – into a book that would engage peers and students alike.

In association with Cambridge Institute on Religion and International Studies

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Literacy Heroines

Women and the Written Word


Alice S. Horning

Literacy Heroines is about twelve amazing women who lived and worked in the period 1880-1930 who used their literacy abilities to address major issues in the country in those years, including some we still face today: racism, sexism, voting rights, educational and economic inequality, health disparities and others. They used their exemplary literacy skills to teach, to bring issues to light, to right wrongs, to publish books, articles, pamphlets and other materials to reach their goals. They benefited from focused help in the form of sponsorship from others and provided sponsorship in many forms to others to foster literacy in people young and old. They stand as Literacy Heroines, working in a variety of roles, using their literacy abilities in heroic efforts to serve as respected exemplars and sponsors of literacy for others. They used their grit and willingness to stand up for their principles, took small steps, worked collaboratively, hospitably inviting people to literacy. Ultimately, it should be clear that in one way or another, the Heroines were addressing the many forms of inequality in American society; their lives and work show that literacy is thus a key tool in the struggle for social justice, then and now. Suitable for courses in the history of literacy or writing studies, history of feminism, history of education and related areas.

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The Origins of the Welfare State

Polish Social Policy in the Period 1918–1939


Paweł Grata

The book focuses on the Polish social policy, its contextual (historical, organisational, conceptual, financial) conditionings, the institutions it fitted in, and primarily on the practical activities, undertaken by the state and other entities with regard to its individual domains. The time span covered by the analysis is the period of 1918–1939. The scope of the research is based on the ways the social policy in the interwar period was conceptualised. It covers labour and employment issues (labour legislation, combatting unemployment, migration policy), social insurance (retirement pension, work injury, sickness insurance), social welfare (support for the poor, welfare for mothers, children, adults and the disabled, problems of social pathologies) and health care system.

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Political Music

Legitimization and Contestation


Edited by Tomasz Bichta and Anna Szwed-Walczak

In the 12 chapters of this book the authors argue for the universal presence of music in public space and social relations. The examples of American, British, Hungarian, Polish and Russian music serve to elucidate two functions of political music, that of legitimizing and contesting political power. Both satirical songs with their ironic commentary on specific events and people as well as protest songs undermining the system corroborate the universal character of the legitimizing and delegitimizing function of music. The book is addressed to readers interested in countercultural movements and politically engaged music, especially to students of political studies, sociology and cultural studies.

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Freiheit der Ausübung erwerbsberuflicher Tätigkeiten

Ein emanzipatorischer Ansatz zur Ausgestaltung qualifikationsfordernder Reglementierungen von Berufsausübung im Kontext der europäischen Integration


Alexander Maschmann

Die Freiheit der Ausübung erwerbsberuflicher Tätigkeiten war von Beginn an prägendes Element der europäischen Integration. Tradierte Reglementierungssystematiken und Denkmuster führen jedoch nach wie vor zum ungerechtfertigten Fordern von Qualifikationen. Für nicht wenige wird so die Ausübung eines erlernten Berufs erschwert oder gar verwehrt. Kann es gelingen, qualifikationsfordernde Reglementierungen zukunftsfähig auszugestalten? Nach grundlegender Untersuchung der Entwicklung europäischer Verkehrsfreiheiten, einer ausführlichen Betrachtung europäischer Grundgarantien als Gestaltungsprinzip sowie der exemplarischen Analyse hemmender nationaler Qualifikationsforderungen werden hierzu ein berufswissenschaftlicher Lösungsansatz entwickelt sowie Aspekte seiner Umsetzung dargelegt.

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Histoire des salaires en France des années 1940 aux années 1960 (1944–67)

Analyse historique et économique d‘un système salarial avancé

Michel-Pierre Chélini

Les salaires français constituent entre la Libération et l’année 1968, une veritable sphère salariale élaborée à travers la généralisation des conventions collectives. Ils forment la majorité du revenu primaire des ménages, les deux tiers de la valeur ajoutée des entreprises et la moitié du PIB. Leur organisation est alors caractéristique de celle des pays libéraux avancés et leur croissance est rapide (4% par an). L’existence de modes d’ajustement pluriels (conventions collectives, politiques publiques de libéralisme dirigeì, assurances sociales généralisées et juridictions prud’homales) tempèrent l’impression première de relations sociales tendues. Depuis les années 1980, l’érosion ou l’inflexion de ce système salarial à la fois libéral et social, qui a trouvé son apogée dans la haute croissance de 1950-1973, n’entame pas l’essentiel de son organisation.

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Raumgestaltung als pädagogische Aufgabe im Elementarbereich

Legitimationskritik und Prinzipienanalyse


Stephanie Gebert

Der Ausbau von Kindertageseinrichtungen ist eine bildungspolitische Aufgabe, welche nicht nur den Faktor Personal, sondern auch das Raumangebot und dessen pädagogische Gestaltung betrifft. Aus einer prinzipienwissenschaftlichen Perspektive heraus analysiert die Autorin sowohl grundlegende als auch praktische Gestaltungsorientierungen für den Elementarbereich, die zeigen, wie eine pädagogische Raumgestaltung im Elementarbereich umgesetzt werden kann.