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Love Around Us

The Role of Love in Education, Parenting, and Romantic Relationships

Edited by Kaarina Määttä and Satu Uusiautti

Love is the most important resource of every human being’s life. The authors examine what kind of roles love might have in different phases of life. They discuss how love makes life more meaningful and enjoyable. However, there are still love-related themes that are not so easy to discuss or accept. This book provides research-based analyses about the different roles of love including forms that have aroused contradictory feelings and prejudices, such as falling in love in the old age and love in people with intellectual disability are discussed. The book serves as a textbook for studies in psychology, education, and other fields in human sciences.

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Paradoxes of Reform

Change-Minded Superintendents, Language, Leadership, and Dualism of Progress

Aleksey A. Tikhomirov

In this era of externally imposed mandates, regulations dominate education. Fortunately, there are schools where education thrives despite the pressures of test-driven agendas. Featured in Paradoxes of Reform: Change-Minded Superintendents, Language, Leadership, and Dualism of Progress are superintendents who manage imposed change without abandoning local visions of good schooling, and who are unafraid to uphold their own views of what is important to students. By embracing what this book calls boundary-spanning leadership and resisting the  bureaucratization of the mind, these superintendents prevent their systems from becoming schooling machines with a non-democratic or counter-educative agenda.

Dualism can reign even among leaders known for their progressive qualities, masquerading as supposedly well-intentioned school reform that, in reality, makes schools more vulnerable to the workings of bureaucratic specialization, the technical-rational approach, administrative conformism, and an instrumental perspective on education. It can transform leaders into marionettes and immobilize local school reform.

Within Paradoxes of Reform is the humbling, tantalizing reality of dualism as more endemic to schools than reformers realize and are prepared to deal with. The text asks those pursuing educational change to seek a deeper understanding of schools themselves, and probe further into the reasons underlying mixed progress.

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(Under)Represented Latin@s in STEM

Increasing Participation Throughout Education and the Workplace


Edited by Timothy T. Yuen, Emily P. Bonner and María G. Arreguín-Anderson

(Under)Represented Latin@s in STEM: Increasing Participation Throughout Education and the Workplace presents a critical investigation into Latin@ underrepresentation in STEM throughout the education pipeline and workforce. (Under)Represented Latin@s in STEM highlights nationally relevant research related to the creation of opportunities for Latin@ students in STEM and the ways in which these opportunities increase Latin@ participation in STEM. Of particular interest across the chapters is the notion of building and sustaining a strong STEM identity within Latin@ students. As such, the authors present ideas through various lenses including teacher preparation and transformative teaching strategies, family and community involvement, and innovative programs for minority students. A broad range of STEM fields (including mathematics, robotics, and computer science), grade levels, and learning environments (including informal and formal, rural and urban) are represented throughout the chapters. Thus, (Under)Represented Latin@s in STEM presents research-based practices that increase Latin@ participation in STEM as a single collection for educators, administrators, and policymakers. In addition to learning about the great efforts that scholars are doing in broadening diversity in STEM, readers will be able to take away ideas for designing and implementing similar educational programs and teaching strategies for their own students.

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Edited by Nathalie Brillant Rannou, Christine Boutevin and Gersende Plissonneau

Depuis le colloque de Marseille « Enseignement & Poésie » en 1993, l’écoute des poèmes, les façons de les considérer, de les lire et de les étudier, ont donné lieu à de nombreuses expérimentations et à l’émergence de réflexions critiques quant à leur didactisation. L’édition poétique contemporaine, l’action culturelle, les pratiques pédagogiques ainsi que la réflexion des enseignants et des chercheurs dans toute la francophonie ont suffisamment cheminé pour qu’une mutualisation des travaux en cours s’impose.

Or l’enjeu de la recherche universitaire tient moins à la récapitulation de « bonnes pratiques enseignantes » qu’à l’analyse des phénomènes de réception des poèmes, des protocoles créatifs et des conditions qui en permettent l’accès aujourd’hui. L’oralisation poétique revisitée, tout particulièrement, engage des expériences de lecture à la fois sensibles, émancipatrices et réflexives.

Le présent volume rassemble des contributions d’origines géographiques et méthodologiques diverses, consacrées à la réception et à l’enseignement de la poésie de la maternelle à l’université. L’objectif des auteurs, en tant que poètes, chercheurs, enseignants, est de contribuer à la formation de lecteurs créatifs et disponibles à l’évènement de lecture des poèmes.

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Pensée verbale et raisonnement

Les fondements langagiers des configurations épistémiques


Cristian Bota

La problématique du raisonnement est habituellement modélisée à travers une formalisation d’opérations cognitives, considérées comme étant universelles et indépendantes de leur matérialisation dans des textes. En questionnant cette perspective traditionnelle et ses prolongements contemporains, l’ouvrage approfondit la problématique du raisonnement sous l’angle des interactions entre le langage et la pensée et de leur rôle moteur dans l’apprentissage. En s’appuyant sur les apports combinés de Vygotski, de Volochinov et de Medvedev ainsi que ceux de Saussure et de Coseriu, l’auteur met l’accent sur la nature sociale, systémique et dynamique des processus de signification et examine les corrélations dialectiques des signes linguistiques avec les opérations de la pensée.

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Teaching Double Negatives

Disadvantage and Dissent at Community College


Robert Cowan

Teaching Double Negatives: Disadvantage and Dissent at Community College asks whether exploring narratives that subvert dominant Western paradigms of progress in classrooms enables students to re-narrate and represent their lives. In seven years of teaching literature and philosophy at Brooklyn’s only community college, Robert Cowan worked with many kinds of disadvantaged students—those on welfare or homeless, single moms and the formerly incarcerated, traumatized war veterans, and immigrants from over 140 countries. These students had many reasons for wanting to dissent from the social norms that sought to define and marginalize them. One might imagine that disadvantaged students would identify with texts that are subversive, challenge dominant race/class/gender paradigms, and try to interrogate the globalized systems in which we live. But do they? Do the philosophies of Debord and Heidegger, the novels of Christa Wolf and Jean Genet, contemporary slave narratives and Dead Kennedys lyrics, poetry by Aimé Césiare and Taliban fighters, actually speak to them? Can you teach dissent to the disadvantaged and produce a positive result?

Teaching Double Negatives explores the responses of students to texts from a variety of traditions and time-periods within the context of overarching theoretical debates about counter-enlightenment, globalization, multiculturalism, identification, recognition, and critical pedagogy. Teaching Double Negatives is an insightful collection that problematizes the assumptions of instructors and powerfully engages the intersectionality of students, appealing to readers across the educational spectrum.

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Local Matters

How neighbourhoods and services affect the social inclusion and exclusion of young people in European cities

Edited by Simon Güntner, Louis Henri Seukwa, Anne Marie Gehrke and Jill Robinson

Where young people grow up makes a decisive difference to their life chances. Drawing on case studies from ten European cities, this book looks at how the local environment and the services available for young people affect their socialization. What comes to the fore are the local matters. On the one hand, there are experiences of discrimination and marginalization due to distance and isolation, decay and neglect but also related to piecemeal and top-down approaches to youth and social services. On the other, we find signs of positive transformation and drivers of social innovation: community building projects, the revitalization of abandoned places, appreciative approaches to servicing and a whole array of tactics that young people deploy to overcome their daily struggles.

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Edited by Natalia Collings

This book compiles cases of teaching and learning that were written by practitioners from a variety of backgrounds in education—elementary school, middle school, high school, and adult instruction—in public, charter, and private institutions, face-to-face and online. Cases of Teaching and Learning Across and Beyond K-12 Settings is intended primarily for use in education courses that have students from different specializations, but it also can be an important resource for instructors and students in any education courses who want to develop a broad focus on learning (for example, thinking about middle school students as former elementary and future high school, college, and adult learners). A historical and developmental approach to learning is a founding principle of this book: all cases are written as stories of never-ending multi-faceted development, making them distinct from video cases that are gaining popularity. These cases capture memorable experiences related to teaching and learning that problematized existing practices and thus presented ample opportunities for critical thinking and creative performances.

Each case in Cases of Teaching and Learning Across and Beyond K-12 Settings is paired with analysis written by its author that relied on the theories and research summarized in the first part of the book. The selection of the theories was based on their presence in current research literature, mainly serving as foundations for empirical research, and relevance to various standards for teacher education and leadership. The analyses embedded these theories and allowed for their in-depth understanding and exploration. They can serve as springboards for various written and oral assignments, collaborative and individual.

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Collective Skill Formation in Liberal Market Economies?

The Politics of Training Reforms in Australia, Ireland and the United Kingdom


Janis Vossiek

The book captures the development and variety of vocational training institutions in Australia, Ireland and the United Kingdom since World War II from a comparative perspective. While all three countries have undertaken several attempts to reform training from classical craft apprenticeships towards modern dual apprenticeships, their reform processes have yielded divergent results: In the United Kingdom training became largely organized around a publicly financed "training market" with little influence for employers and unions in training politics. Conversely, the social partners were included in reform processes and the provision of training in Ireland and Australia, which enabled the development of dual apprenticeships. These differences, which have been largely neglected in political science and education studies alike, are explained by the interaction between partisan governments and organized interests. Only non-right governments managed to bring together employers and unions in training reforms, which was the main political prerequisite for the development of dual apprenticeships.

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Critical Race and Education for Black Males

When Pretty Boys Become Men

Vernon C. Lindsay

Critical Race and Education for Black Males: When Pretty Boys Become Men is not another boring academic book full of complex theories and jargon that only people who have earned a doctoral degree can understand. It is a series of narratives based on the author’s experiences as a Black male from the third grade through earning his PhD in Policy Studies in Urban Education. Each chapter illustrates how race, racism, and gender influenced Dr. Vernon C. Lindsay’s upbringing in Chicago, Illinois, and the south suburbs. In vivid detail, he provides insight to his life as a preacher’s kid, the struggle in searching for an authentic vision of himself, and how school suspensions, detentions, and other infractions impacted the process to realize his full potential.

Critical Race and Education for Black Males: When Pretty Boys Become Men is written in a format conducive to students and teachers. It strategically uses language that makes the material relatable to Black males and practical for educators who desire to create positive relationships with their students. Critical Race and Education for Black Males is designed for courses that reflect the following themes: critical race theory in education; African Americans and education; introduction to urban education; social theory in educational foundations; critical pedagogy; gender, difference, and curriculum; and teaching and learning in the multicultural, multilingual classroom.