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Champs Didactiques Plurilingues : données pour des politiques stratégiques

"La recherche en mouvement" / " Savoirs pour savoir faire"

Edited by Patrick Chardenet

Book series overview

The Book Serie «Champs didatiques plurilingues» aims to promote practice and research about foreign language teaching and learning from a triple bond between subjects, objects and contexts, each with their individual and interacting dynamics. This involves the disciplinary fields involved in the production of practical and theoretical ideas, and of the concrete, educational and professional contexts of teaching and learning , together with school and university language policies which influence the learning of a particular language, the choice of languages and their status. The series is divided into two strands : one strand, "Research in action" is intended for researchers, student-researchers, and practitioner-researchers, which can include many teachers; the other strand "Knowledge for know-how" is intended especially for students, practitioners and decision-makers.

«Champs didatiques plurilingues» publish books in English, French, Spanish or Portuguese.

Présentation de la collection

La collection «Champs didactiques plurilingues» vise à promouvoir les travaux et recherches autour de l’enseignement / apprentissage des langues étrangères autour du triple ancrage sujets – objets – contextes et de leurs dynamiques propres et interagissantes. La collection se déploie sur deux volets : un volet "La recherche en mouvement" destiné aux chercheurs, aux étudiants-chercheurs et aux praticiens-chercheurs ; un volet "Savoirs pour savoir faire" destiné plus particulièrement aux étudiants, aux praticiens et aux décideurs.

Presentación de la colección

La colección « Champs didactiques plurilingues » tiene como objetivo promover la reflexión y la investigación en torno a la enseñanza/aprendizaje de idiomas extranjeros, con miras al triple anclaje sujetos/objetos/contextos así como la dinámica propia de cada uno de esos elementos y sus mutuas interacciones. La colección tiene dos vertientes : "Investigación en movimiento" se dirige a investigadores, estudiantes-investigadores y profesores-investigadores; "Saberes para saber hacer" se dirige más específicamente a estudiantes, profesores y responsables institucionales.

Apresentação da linha editorial

A linha editorial « Champs didactiques plurilingues » tem como objetivo promover trabalhos de pesquisa em torno do ensino / aprendizagem de línguas estrangeiras, numa tripla encoragem : sujeitos, objetos, contextos e suas dinâmicas próprias e interatuantes. A linha editorial é dividida em duas partes : um componente "Pesquisa em movimento", para pesquisadores e estudantes e práticos pesquisadores; um componente "Saberes para saber fazer" voltado especificamente para estudantes, profissionais e decisores políticos.

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Edited by Susanne Hartwig and Julio Enrique Checa Puerta

The series provides a forum for studying images of disability from the perspectives of cultural sciences based on literature and text analysis. ‘Images’ refer to both: to the visibility respectively visualization of stigmatized anomaly and to traditional as well as innovative conceptions of disability implemented in forms of artistic expression in the broadest sense.The topics range from traditional text, theatre and film analysis via the scope of Visual Studies up to various forms of virtual representation in the World Wide Web.

La serie constituye un foro para el estudio de imágenes de la discapacidad desde la perspectiva científica ​​de la literatura y de los textos que se fundamenta en los Estudios Culturales. Las imágenes tratan, por un lado, de la visibilidad y la manifestación de una divergencia estigmatizada; por otro, de las representaciones tradicionales e innovadoras de la discapacidad en la expresión artística entendida en su más amplio sentido. El espectro temático va desde los análisis tradicionales de textos, teatro y cine, pasando por el área temática de los Estudios Visuales, hasta las formas de las representaciones virtuales en la WWW.

Die Reihe bildet ein Forum für die Erforschung von Bildern von Behinderung aus der Perspektive einer literatur- und textwissenschaftlich basierten Kulturwissenschaft. ‚Images‘ beziehen sich zum einen auf die Sichtbarkeit und das Sichtbarmachen von stigmatisierter Abweichung und zum anderen auf traditionelle und innovative Vorstellungen von Behinderung in künstlerischen Ausdrucksformen im weitesten Sinne. Das Themenspektrum reicht von traditionellen Text-, Theater- und Filmanalysen über den Gegenstandsbereich der Visual Studies bis hin zu virtuellen Repräsentationsformen im WWW.

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Edited by Dorothy Price, Madhu Krishnan and Rhian Atkin

Transnational Cultures promotes enquiry into the cultural products of transnationalism with a particular focus on the visual arts, literature, music, performance, cinema and new media. With the growth of diasporic communities, migratory crossings and virtual exchange, cultural production beyond, across and traversing borders has become an increasing focus of scholarship within historical, contemporary and comparative contexts. Concepts of nationhood are increasingly understood as a limiting and limited way of understanding culture, as artists, writers, filmmakers and intellectuals produce multilingual or translingual texts, collaborate and communicate across national borders, and redefine and reject the national in favour of the global and/or the postnational.

This series encourages new work that investigates how a transnational lens might transform existing understandings of art and culture produced in any period or location. What broader flows of knowledge, capital and power mark the cultural crossings that appear and reappear in pre-modern, modern and contemporary social formations? How do the cultural products of transnationalism trouble existing narratives of the nation-state? How do transnational cultures interact with and become absorbed by local, indigenous and national narratives? Topics may include the production and consumption of culture across borders; mutual exchange of ideas, objects and practices as a result of exile, migration and displacement; the role of social media, blogging, reality television and digital gaming in transnational dialogue. The series strives to offer a renewed understanding of the networks of cultural exchange, transmission and translation that have helped to produce and disseminate aesthetic ideas across different continents and centuries.

Proposals for monographs and edited collections are welcome. All proposals and manuscripts will be peer reviewed. The main language of publication is English.

Editorial Advisory Board: Shakuntala Banaji (London School of Economics), Helena Buescu (Lisboa), Deborah Cherry (TrAIN, London), Harry Garuba (Cape Town), Richard Hibbitt (Leeds), Maria Koundoura (Emerson), Vijay Kumar Tadakamalla (Osmania, India), Bénédicte Ledent (Liège), Su Lin Lewis (Bristol), Oiyan Liu (Hong Kong), Churnjeet Mahn (Surrey), Jacqueline Maingard (Bristol), Ulrika Maude (Bristol), Stephen Morton (Southampton), Christopher Ouma (Cape Town), James Procter (Newcastle), Mark Sabine (Nottingham), Lisa Shaw (Liverpool), Siobhán Shilton (Bristol), Catherine Speck (Adelaide), Toshio Watanabe (TrAIN, London), Adam Watt (Exeter)
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Jahrbuch für Internationale Germanistik

Reihe A: Gesammelte Abhandlungen und Beiträge

Edited by Hans-Gert Roloff

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Edited by Jatinder Mann

This series is designed to advance the publication of interdisciplinary research in transnationalism from scholars in history, literature, politics, sociology, geography, and related disciplines in the social sciences and humanities. The series seeks to publish works that trace the ways in which concepts and ideas are expressed across national borders, focusing on imperialism, globalism, cosmopolitanism, diaspora, and other themes of interest in transnational studies. It embraces both established and innovative methodologies and welcomes submissions in various formats, including monographs, textbooks, colloquia, and reference books.

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Edited by Jane Singer

Based on the concept of crowdsourcing, Scholarsourcing is a joint publishing initiative between the Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication (AEJMC) and Peter Lang Publishing. The series reimagines the way that scholarly books are proposed, peer-reviewed, and approved for contract during this time of relentless change in both the journalism and publishing industries.
Beginning with a call from AEJMC each fall, members are invited to submit short book proposals that are relevant to journalism and communication and speak to the mission of AEJMC. Proposals are uploaded to an online public platform that allows as many AEJMC members as possible to browse, review, and then vote on and pledge support. This platform encourages public dialogue among multiple parties to improve the potential of each book project. Whether awarded a book contract or not, authors benefit by receiving a valuable set of review comments, far more than they might receive via conventional reviewing processes, and from a more diverse range of reviewers (members). Using these votes and review comments, the AEJMC Scholarsourcing editorial committee, appointed by the president of AEJMC, selects the top proposals. The authors of the top proposals are invited to submit complete book proposals. Once those reviews have been evaluated by the editorial committee and the publisher, a decision on which proposals receive contracts is made.
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Edited by Lawrence A. Wenner, Andrew Billings and Marie Hardin

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Mousikae Paideia

Music and Education/Musik und Bildung/Musique et Pédagogie

Edited by Markus Cslovjescek, Madeleine Zulauf and Janet Hoskyns

This collection brings together a range of academic texts looking at the development of music education in all its different modes and practices as well as considering the place of music in learning and teaching approaches. By targeting a clear exposition of innovative ideas and methods, it aims to enrich and develop reciprocal relationships amongst leaders, researchers and practitioners in the field.

Diese Reihe umfasst wissenschaftliche Texte, die sowohl zur Entwicklung der musikalischen Bildung in ihren unterschiedlichen Formen und Modalitäten wie auch zur Integration der Musik in die Auseinandersetzung um Lehren und Lernen im Allgemeinen beitragen. Bevorzugt werden gut fundierte und klare Darstellungen von innovativen Ideen und Zugängen, welche die Beziehungen und den Diskurs zwischen Bildungsverantwortlichen, Forschenden und Personen aus der Praxis bereichern und entwickeln.

Cette collection rassemble des textes scientifiques qui visent au développement de l’éducation musicale – dans ses différentes formes et modalités – ainsi qu’à l’intégration de la musique dans les démarches d’enseignement-apprentissage en général. En privilégiant une présentation claire et bien fondée d’idées et d’approches novatrices, la collection se veut un facteur de rapprochement et d’enrichissement réciproque entre toutes les personnes qui sont concernées par les questions éducatives, que ce soit au niveau de la gestion scolaire, de la recherche ou de la pratique de terrain.
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Edited by André Meyer

In der Reihe Studien zum Steuer-, Bilanz- und Gesellschaftsrecht werden Monographien, Sammelbände und Forschungsberichte aus dem Gebiet der Rechtswissenschaft veröffentlicht. Die Reihe steht für Arbeiten aus allen Teilen des Steuerrechts, des Bilanzrechts und des Gesellschaftsrechts offen. Willkommen sind auch interdisziplinär angelegte Arbeiten mit Bezügen zu angrenzenden Themen, etwa aus dem allgemeinen Zivilrecht, dem Wirtschaftsrecht, dem Verfassungsrecht oder dem Strafrecht. Der Fokus der Betrachtungen kann sowohl auf dem deutschen Recht als auch auf dem europäischen oder internationalen Recht unter Einschluss der zugehörigen Querschnittsbezüge liegen. Rechtsvergleichende Studien erhalten ebenfalls Eingang in die Reihe.

Homepage des Herausgebers
Prof. Dr. André Meyer

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Edited by Lorenz E. Baumer and Philippe Collombert

En complément de la série EGeA – Etudes Genevoises sur l’Antiquité –, les Cahiers EGeA s’inscrivent dans la tradition des travaux académiques (monographies, ouvrages collectifs). La série couvre tous les domaines représentés au sein du Département des sciences de l’Antiquité de l’Université de Genève, avec, dans l’intérêt de l’interdisciplinarité, une ouverture sur d’autres domaines avoisinants. Les domaines privilégiés sont notamment l’Archéologie classique, l’Egyptologie et le copte, le Grec ancien, l’Histoire ancienne, l’Histoire et l’Anthropologie des religions, le Latin et les langues et civilisations de la Mésopotamie.