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Patrick Leung

The book offers new perspectives on the history of China’s late imperial period and presents a much-needed novel explanation for China’s stagnation and decline in recent centuries. It begins by questioning all the conventional wisdom on the factors behind China’s relative lack of progress and subsequent decline since the 15th century and follows with a fresh interpretation of China’s past. The new vantage points provide insights into China’s resurgence in recent decades and its significance for other nations. The book also makes projections on the general direction that China’s future evolution is likely to take with respect to its market economy, rule of law and representative institutions.

The author aims to deepen international understanding of China’s past and present which will hopefully facilitate the development of more productive relationships between China and other nations. The book is written so that it appeals to students, academics as well as the general public and whoever is interested in gaining a better understanding of China’s rapid rise today. The book is relevant to third and fourth year undergraduate courses in history, economics, international relations, law and political science. It can be used as a text book for upper class core or elective courses in history and economics and as a reference book for upper class courses in international relations, law and political science. It can also serve as a reference book for graduate students in the above disciplines.

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Besonderheiten im sozialen Verhalten und emotionalen Erleben bei Lernenden mit Störungen des Lesens / Rechtschreibens

Analyse relevanter Faktoren aus Elternperspektive als Planungsgrundlage für Interventionsansätze

Yannic Wiegold

Probleme im Rechtschreiben gehen häufig einher mit Auffälligkeiten im Verhalten von Kindern und Jugendlichen, wie zum Beispiel Aufmerksamkeitsproblemen, Hausaufgabenkonflikten, depressiven Verstimmungen oder aggressiven Verhaltensweisen. In dieser Untersuchung wurden die Eltern von Lernenden mit Rechtschreibproblemen nach deren Verhalten befragt. Als Fragebögen wurden die Strengths and Difficulties Questionnaire (SDQ) und die Deutsche Schulalter-Formen der Child Behavior Checklist eingesetzt. Aus den beschriebenen Auffälligkeiten leitet der Autor Interventionspunkte ab.

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İsmet Burçak Vatansever Durmaz

Employer branding is a concept which was introduced in 1996 and is defined as «the package of functional, economic and psychological benefits provided by employment, and identified with the employing company» (Amber & Barrow, 1996).

Even though the concept was originally introduced as a marketing term, latterly the employer branding terminology has entered the human resource management world. Organizations have to work on the desired level of employer branding internally and also externally to achieve efficiency and effectiveness. Organizations focused mostly on attracting and recruiting talents in a wide range of competitive environment which is influenced by a «war for talents». Employer branding is also known as an effective mechanism which is related to the internal value perceptions on the organizations.

The Higher Education industry, which is one of the biggest service industries in the world, has to give importance to the term «employer branding» for external and also internal stakeholders. Since the idea of the universities has changed, it forces universities to be one of the growth industries. This growth generates some important and critical challenges on working conditions of academics and also administrative personnel in higher education institutions (HEIs).

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The Little Qanun of Ibn Sina

Little Model of the Great Qanun

Kadircan Hidir Keskinbora

Ibn Sina wrote many books on various scientific branches, many of which are on philosophy, religion, music, medicine, astronomy, physics, and natural sciences. Some sources state that the number of books he has written is over 240; 153 of these have been discovered. Among his valuable books, the two most well-known books are «al-Shifa», which deals mostly with philosophy, and the five-volume «al-Qānūn Fī al-Tibb», which is a complete medical encyclopedia. The Little Qanun is the model of «al-Qānūn». The idea of publishing this book struck the author’s mind when he thoroughly dealt with Avicenna’s views and thoughts. It is hard to imagine such discoveries were generated more than one thousand years ago.

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Edited by Hans-Christian Maner and Ioannis Zelepos

Der Sammelband enthält Beiträge internationaler Experten aus verschiedenen Fachdisziplinen zur Wahrnehmung von Antike und Byzanz als historischem Erbe in Südosteuropa vom 19. Jahrhundert bis in die Gegenwart. Die Fallbeispiele reichen von Bosnien-Herzegowina bis zur Türkei. Die Autoren untersuchen Medialisierungen von Vergangenheit in komparativer Perspektive im Hinblick auf wissenschaftliche Diskurse sowie auf politische und ideologische Indienstnahmen unter besonderer Berücksichtigung jüngster und gegenwärtiger Entwicklungen. Ihre differenzierten Einzelanalysen liefern somit ein wertvolles Kompendium zum aktuellen Thema «Public History» in der Region.

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Edited by Àngels Casals Martinez and Giovanni C. Cattini

The present book is a complex approach to the elements that built the Catalan national identity, which can only be analyzed through its complexity and longue durée historical times.
Regarding medieval and early modern centuries, the territorial construction, law and state are presented, along with the complexity added by the appearance of composite monarchies in the 16th century, and taking into account the significance of constructing a literary and historiographic tradition to define national character.
Regarding modern centuries, the authors do not ignore the importance of socioeconomic dimensions in a very complex diversity which flows both in the intellectual and political world and in the dissemination of identity through the mass media in an international level as well.
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Contemporary Topics in Computer Graphics and Games

Selected Papers from the Eurasia Graphics Conference Series

Edited by Veysi İşler, Haşmet Gürçay, Hasan Kemal Süher and Güven Çatak

This book provides an introduction and overview of the rapidly evolving topics of computer graphics and games, presenting the new perspectives employed by researchers and the industry, highlighting the recent empirical findings. Bringing selected papers from the Eurasia Graphics conference series together, the book aims to discuss issues, solutions, challenges, and needs for a better understanding of computer graphics and games.

The Games and Simulation section of this book covers the topics of game user experience, game narrative, playability heuristics, human computer interaction and various computer simulations. The Computer Graphics section deals with 3D modelling, procedural content generation, visualization, and interaction techniques.

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Thierno Guèye

Ce livre est une critique du consensus autour d’une sorte d’indéfinissabilité des « nanotechnologies » qui autoriserait chaque acteur à forger sa propre définition. C’est pourquoi, dans cet ouvrage, l’auteur s’est engagé à faire ressortir les débats autour de l’histoire du concept, de l’étymologie et de la prolifération des définitions influencée par les rivalités économiques, les enjeux stratégiques et les intérêts hétérogènes des acteurs. L’auteur cherche à dépasser ce relativisme convenu en mettant l’accent sur les instruments technologiques qui nous ont permis de contrôler physiquement les réalités à l’échelle nanométrique et de privilégier la prise en compte des changements de propriétés inhérents à l’échelle quantique où se déroule toute activité véritablement nano. Ce livre s’adresse à la fois aux chercheurs, aux étudiants et aux curieux désireux d’en savoir un peu plus sur cette technoscience révolutionnaire et les débats qui en ponctuent le développement.

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De la furia a la acción colectiva

Las represalias violentas en Argentina


Leandro Gamallo

Eventos catalogados mediáticamente como “ajusticiamientos populares”, “estallidos”, “puebladas” o “linchamientos”, entre otras denominaciones, se han multiplicado en Argentina desde fines de la primera década del siglo XXI. Dichos términos se han usado indistintamente para nombrar, por ejemplo, golpizas a supuestos delincuentes en la vía pública, incendios de casas de presuntos violadores, ataques a comisarías barriales luego de un delito y hasta destrozos generalizados en edificios públicos luego de un homicidio. Estas acciones violentas se han producido en distintas localidades del país con intensidad y repercusión disímiles, pero con un elemento común: surgen luego de un agravio inicial al que un colectivo de personas responde violentamente. Esta investigación describe y explica dichas acciones, conceptualizadas como acciones colectivas de violencia punitiva.
A partir de un diseño metodológico mixto apoyado en una base de datos cuantitativa y la realización de estudios de caso cualitativos, se corrobora el crecimiento de estos hechos en el tiempo y se muestran los distintos tipos: los linchamientos a personas, los ataques de casas o bienes y los estallidos en los que, con frecuencia, se destruyen dependencias estatales. Sostenemos que estos episodios se enmarcan en el proceso de transformaciones de la acción colectiva en Argentina, particularmente en dos de sus características: la emergencia de la violencia colectiva como un modo de expresión de disconformidades recurrente de las últimas décadas y el protagonismo cada vez mayor de las demandas de justicia y reparación vinculadas a diversos tipos de violencias.

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Aline Duvoisin

L’ampleur et l’exceptionnalité qui ont caractérisé le baby-boom ont concouru à en construire une représentation dénuée de nuances. L'ouvrage interroge alors l'hétérogénéité qui a caractérisé ce phénomène dans le contexte suisse. Dans une perspective de parcours de vie et en recourant à des méthodes mixtes, l'interrelation des trajectoires familiales et professionnelles des cohortes féminines est examinée au regard du système de valeurs promulgué dans la société suisse de l'époque pour montrer comment un phénomène d’ampleur a pu être le produit d’une diversité de parcours de vie. Si l'ouvrage se concentre sur la Suisse, le développement de l’approche méthodologique mixte qu'il propose offre un cadre d’analyse renouvelé, dont les apports pour la compréhension du baby-boom peuvent être transférer à divers contextes nationaux et à l'étude d'autres phénomènes démographiques.