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Rafael Yanushevsky

Written by an expert with more than 30 years of experience in system and control theories, Sociology, Politicians, and Human Nature presents a structural approach to macrosociological systems that describes pre cisely the dynamics of societal systems. The author provides an innovative presentation of the theoretical aspects of societal systems dynamics. This book enriches readers knowledge about human societies, their development and moving forces, and it enables readers to filter and better understand social media information.

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Shiqian Tong

Im Jahr 2002 wurde seitens der chinesischen Regierung die Forderung der Entfaltung der exzellenten nationalkulturellen Tradition aufgestellt. Nach einem Kultur-Gipfelforum mit dem Hauptthema „Globalisierung und die Chinesische Kultur" unter der Leitung von bedeutenden Wissenschaftlern wie Ren Jiyu, Ji Xianlin u. a. im Jahre 2004 stieg die Wertschätzung des Konfuzianismus als Kernbestandteil „exzellenter Nationalkultur". Folglich wächst heutzutage das Interesse an konfuzianischen Klassikern wieder, vorwiegend für Lunyu. Infolge des gestiegenen Interesses versuchten Autoren im neuen Zeitalter in China, diesen Klassiker neu auszulegen. Am bekanntesten wurden die Bücher von Yu Dan. Einflussreich waren auch die Interpretationen von Li Ling und He Xin. Folglich werden diese neuen Interpretationen hier als Formen der Rekonstruktion der konfuzianischen Tradition behandelt und in drei Arten klassifiziert: volkstümlich, populärwissenschaftlich sowie akademisch. Die Theorie dieser Forschungsarbeit stützt sich auf dem Traditionsbegriff. Infolgedessen wird die Tradition aus der neologistischen Perspektive, im alltagssprachlichen Bezug, nach politischem Verständnis und im wissenschaftlichen Gebiet analysiert. Dann wird die Tradition als ein Konstrukt definiert, das aus über Generationen weitergegebenen Kulturelementen besteht. Daher wird der Konfuzianismus sowohl als ein bedeutsames Element der chinesischen Tradition als auch als eine konfuzianische Tradition betrachtet. Die Forschung wählt drei einflussreiche Interpretationen dieser Art aus, um einen kritischen Zugang zum Prozess der Neuschaffung von „Tradition" im gegenwärtigen China zu finden. Die Interpretationen scheinen die Nachfrage und Erwartungen von Gesellschaft und Politik gleichermaßen zu befriedigen und können daher als Linsen dienen, mittels derer wichtige soziale und politische Anliegen und Entwicklungen Chinas seit der Jahrtausendwende in Augenschein genommen werden können.

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Unserved and Underserved Populations

New Approaches to Inclusivity

Edited by Sandra Levey and Sharon Moonsamy

This book describes problems faced by underserved and unserved populations. These are the growing number of migrants, refugees, and asylum seekers, as well as those among native born populations who lack equal access to basic health and education services, nutrition, clean water, and adequate living conditions. These inequalities result from the power deficit that derives from structural or systemic racism. Critical reflection or critical thinking allows us to better understand the systemic exercise of power by dominant groups that support a racial or ethnic hierarchy that has a negative impact on the living standards of the underserved and unserved. This hierarchy establishes a ranking of groups under the control of a dominant group, leading to inequalities in education, healthcare, income, and wealth. Critical reflection allows us to recognize how systems of privilege and oppression have influenced our thinking and actions. Studies conducted in the United States and South Africa show that marginalized groups reported receiving poor quality of health care, facing discrimination because of their race or ethnicity and communication/language barriers. The chapters in this book examine the inequalities faced by underserved and unserved populations in several countries across the globe, with strategies to address these problems.

This book would be of interest to the general population, along with courses in health care, sociology, political science, and courses and schools of public health.

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Africa in Europe and Europe in Africa

Reassessing the Cultural Legacy

Edited by Yolanda Aixelà-Cabré

This book studies the Afro-European and Euro-African past and present from an interdisciplinary and comparative perspective. It addresses Africa as a whole, eschewing historical divisions between North and Sub-Saharan Africa. Its content exemplifies the extent to which the histories of Europe and Africa are intertwined, and the way European sources are usually privileged in the writing of historical accounts of cross-cultural encounters. Using post/decolonial studies, the authors' point of view is based on anthropology, history, ethnomusicology, and film and literary studies. The authors argue that mutual experiences and imaginations have affected how cultural heritage and legacy are conceived and thought of, as well as memories and sociopolitical experiences. The aim is to establish and encourage a broader knowledge of Africa–Europe and Europe–Africa encounters, incorporating case studies of Euro-African and Afro-European legacies. The final goal is to favour a more relational point of view by comparing Euro-African and Afro-European realities.

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Suzanne Cahill

This book is all about dementia in Ireland and what has and has not been happening in a country where dementia has been a taboo topic for so long. In particular it examines the dementia landscape since late 2014, following the launch of Ireland’s first National Dementia Strategy. A lot has happened in Ireland since that time but a lot more needs to happen for people to live well with dementia and have their human rights upheld. There are an estimated 55,000 Irish people living with dementia and these figures are set to triple by 2050. Although topics explored in the book,such as obtaining a diagnosis, accessing home care services and moving from home into a nursing home relate to Ireland, they are discussed against the backdrop of policy, practice and research developments in dementia in other parts of the world. In this way the book provides the reader with a wealth of information including research evidence, best practice guidelines and international expertise. The book has been dedicated to Mnánah Éireann, in recognition of the hard physical and emotional work, caregivers,mostly women do behind closed doors. Throughout the book, an appeal is made for more state support to be given to these formal and informal caregivers.

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Perception of Physicians

A Qualitative Research


A Papa Smurf or Superman...Spring or winter…Woman or man…Circle or triangle…All of the people have definitely received treatment from a physician. All right then, how are the physicians perceived? Or how do you want to be perceived if you are a physician? This is an original work based on qualitative research. The author took a photo; here is a selfie opportunity for you. Do you want to know how patients see the physicians? This book offers clues about how physicians are perceived. If you want, you can have a look at the photo together with the author.

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Edited by Dino Mujadzevic

As digital humanities in recent years have been taking roots in major international research centers, this edited volume consisting of ten papers including the introduction seeks to examine the current state of the digital/data-driven research in history and neighboring disciplines dealing with Southeast Europe as well as with the Ottoman Empire and to give an interdisciplinary impetus by bringing together international scholars working with various digital approaches. The included papers give a broad introduction into the field and follow various methods of digital analysis and visualization incorporating approaches like corpus-assisted critical discourse analysis,GIS (Geographic Information Systems), agent-based modelling, computationalstatistics etc.

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L’émergence de la norme internationale sur le « crime d’honneur »

Une analyse du discours onusien dans la perspective de l’histoire des religions

Aurore Schwab

Ce livre ouvre un nouveau champ d’études : les dynamiques normatives globales relatives aux religions. Le cas de la norme internationale des droits de l’homme sur la pratique du crime d’honneur retient l’attention car elle a un potentiel de dissémination mondiale et participe à la controverse sur la religiosité de la pratique du crime d’honneur au Pakistan. En empruntant la perspective de l’histoire des religions et la méthode d’analyse du discours, l’auteure atteint trois objectifs : la reconstruction des événements qui produisent la norme internationale, la mise en exergue des mécanismes sous-jacents aux discours onusiens et l’examen de la religiosité des pratiques normatives onusiennes et pakistanaises.

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Edited by Catherine Maignant, Sylvian Tondeur and Déborah Vandewoude

French and Irish societies have been characterised in recent times by major upheavals brought about by the threat of terrorism, the collapse of economic and social structures, mass migration, the diminished role of organised religion, the ghettoization of minorities, increased homelessness and a general distrust of institutions. As a result of all these changes, the margins are now beginning to attract more and more people who find themselves placed in disadvantaged circumstances through political upheaval and/or economic or cultural necessity.In this volume, the sociocultural perspective theory which has emerged in the field of social psychology (as put forward by Catherine Sanderson)is extended to the study of life on the edge in France and Ireland. The effects of sociocultural factors on individual and collective identities are assessed in two societies that share a large number of characteristics as members of the European Union, but still retain specificities resulting from the impact of distinct historically shapedsociocultural forces. Three test research areas appear particularly significant to assess change: human rights, marginalisation and exclusion; food and drink on the margins;the links between diaspora and marginality. These areasare examined from an interdisciplinary perspective in the hope of proposingground-breaking hypotheses that might assist us to understand the world we live in.