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The Palmström Syndrome

Mass Murder and Motivation A Study of Reluctance

Dick W. de Mildt

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Realizing Greater Britain

The South African Constabulary and the Imperial Imposition of the Modern State, 1900−1914

Scott C. Spencer

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Edited by Jerome Teelucksingh and Shane Pantin

This book thematically analyses and surveys areas of Caribbean history and society. The work is divided into three parts: part one addresses migration and identity; part two explores policy and development; and part three explores music and literature. The volume places a fresh perspective on these topics. The essays depart from the usual broader themes of politics, economics and society and provide a deeper insight into forces that left a decisive legacy on aspects of the Caribbean region. Such contributions come at a time when some of the Caribbean territories are marking over 50 years as independent nation states and attempting to create, understand and forge ways of dealing with critical national and regional issues. The volume brings together a broad group of scholars writing on Caribbean issues including postgraduate students, lecturers, and researchers. Each chapter is thematically divided into the aforementioned areas. This book addresses areas much deeper than the linear historical and social science models, and it offers Caribbean academics and researchers a foundation for further research.

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A Citizen of Yiddishland

Dovid Sfard and the Jewish Communist Milieu in Poland


Joanna Nalewajko-Kulikov

This pioneering study shows what brought Yiddish-speaking Jewish intelligentsia to the Communist movement in the interwar years. They believed that Communism is not only a way to solve the Jewish problem but also to save the Yiddish culture. Biography of the central protagonist of the book, a Yiddish writer Dovid (David) Sfard, is just a pretext to show a full range of Jewish Communist activists (such as Hersh Smolar, Bernard Mark, Szymon Zachariasz, etc.) and their life choices. This relatively small milieu influenced and controlled the Jewish life in post-war Poland until the anti-Semitic campaign of 1968. Their lives, reconstructed thanks to sources in several languages, make up a panorama of Jewish Communist experience in 20th-century Eastern Europe.

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Alan Reed Libert

The boundaries between word classes are often fuzzy. This book looks at the classification of interjections and similar words of other classes. It reviews work done over the past 250 years on several languages, including English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Latin, Ancient Greek, Albanian, and Welsh. Most chapters discuss interjections in relation to one of the other traditionally recognized parts of speech: nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, adpositions, and conjunctions. A major focus is on the use of relevant terminology e.g. primary and secondary interjections, proper and improper interjections, and interjectives.

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Der Kartellbetrug

Die Frage nach einer gegenwärtigen und künftigen Strafbarkeit von auf einem Hardcore-Kartell beruhenden Angebotsabgaben auch außerhalb von Vergabeverfahren


Raphael Reims

Die Untersuchung widmet sich einerseits der Frage, inwieweit bereits gegenwärtig bestimmte Verhaltensweisen im Gefolge eines Hardcore-Kartells auch außerhalb von Vergabeverfahren strafbar sind. Zum anderen geht es darum, ob künftig ein neuer Kartellstraftatbestand normiert werden sollte. Dabei stellen sich vor allem Fragen der Strafwürdigkeit, der Strafbedürftigkeit, des Bestimmtheitsgrundsatzes, aber auch der praktischen Umsetzung. Als Resultat wird ein neuer Kartellstraftatbestand vorgeschlagen, der von bisherigen Anregungen abweicht und die Unzulänglichkeiten der gegenwärtigen Rechtslage beheben kann.

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Edited by Bernd Käpplinger

Nach dem zentralen Beitrag von Franz Pöggeler von 1959 wird 60 Jahre später der aktuelle Stand der Raum- und Ortssituation der Erwachsenenbildungshäuser präsentiert und diskutiert. Konzepte für Lernzentren und andere Lernorte fließen dabei ein und bereichern das Spektrum der räumlichen Optionen und Positionen wie Erwachsenenbildung architektonisch sichtbar und lokalisiert wird.

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Katrin Kanzenbach

The book introduces the model of the corporate compliance officer under US, UK and German law and practice. It aims to analyze the compliance function within private sector companies in the three selected jurisdictions in order to present a model of the German Compliance Officer. There is little uniformity and standardization of the German compliance function outside the banking sector. It has been recognized that a generally applicable definition of the compliance function is as yet absent. There is a need for a generally applicable definition and a modern understanding of the role of the compliance officer. This is why this book is intended to bridge the gap in knowledge concerning the applicable legal standards required to ensure the effectiveness of this position. As such, it may be useful to examine the legal environment of the compliance function outside of the German framework and to explore the professional status and role of the corporate compliance officer in other countries, such as in the US and the UK.

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Stereoscopic London

Plays of Oscar Wilde, Bernard Shaw and Arthur Wing Pinero in 1890s

Gül Kurtuluş

The book is about Oscar Wilde’s, George Bernard Shaw’s and Arthur Wing Pinero’s plays written and performed in London in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. The plays discussed in this book share important common points. They are set in London and illustrative of the realities of the metropolis. Performed extensively on the English stage and indeed throughout the English-speaking world, the plays reflect different backgrounds, origins, and life trajectories of the playwrights. There are perceptible differences in the attitudes as well as modes of expression of the playwrights. The works considered here are inextricably connected to London and they function as important documents of social history. They are examples of developing dramatic forms within which London and Londoners appear as both the dissolving and unifying elements of the broad spectrum of late nineteenth-century and early twentieth-century society. The themes and concerns of these works accurately reflect those of Victorian/Edwardian Londoners. This book provides an understanding of the close connection between London society, with its manners and morals, and the city’s visible and invisible impact on the characters depicted in these plays.

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Besonderheiten im sozialen Verhalten und emotionalen Erleben bei Lernenden mit Störungen des Lesens / Rechtschreibens

Analyse relevanter Faktoren aus Elternperspektive als Planungsgrundlage für Interventionsansätze

Yannic Wiegold

Probleme im Rechtschreiben gehen häufig einher mit Auffälligkeiten im Verhalten von Kindern und Jugendlichen, wie zum Beispiel Aufmerksamkeitsproblemen, Hausaufgabenkonflikten, depressiven Verstimmungen oder aggressiven Verhaltensweisen. In dieser Untersuchung wurden die Eltern von Lernenden mit Rechtschreibproblemen nach deren Verhalten befragt. Als Fragebögen wurden die Strengths and Difficulties Questionnaire (SDQ) und die Deutsche Schulalter-Formen der Child Behavior Checklist eingesetzt. Aus den beschriebenen Auffälligkeiten leitet der Autor Interventionspunkte ab.