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Jessica Fortin-Rittberger and Franz Gmainer-Pranzl

Demokratie, die bis vor kurzem als selbstverständliche Errungenschaft galt, wird gegenwärtig massiv in Frage gestellt. Durch Modernisierungs- und Globalisierungsprozesse, ökonomische Krisen, rechtspopulistische Politikstrategien, Dynamiken der Diskriminierung und Exklusion, extremistische Einstellungen und terroristische Bedrohungen gerät Demokratie gegenwärtig in eine Krise. Die Komplexität dieser gesellschaftlichen Problemfelder analysieren die Autor_innen aus interdisziplinärer Perspektive. Wissenschaftler_innen aus verschiedenen wissenschaftlichen Arbeits- und Forschungsbereichen setzen sich mit der Krise der Demokratie, aber auch mit Möglichkeiten ihrer Weiterentwicklung auseinander.

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Understanding Politics

Theory, Procedures, Narratives


Tadeusz Klementewicz

This book analyses how contemporary political science can develop as a structure of knowledge gathered by the individual sub-disciplines of political studies, as well as the remaining disciplines of social sciences. It helps to get a fuller understanding of political phenomena and to reconstruct the process of emergence of the global civilisation. The author reflects about the current state of research conducted by political scientists. The research is conducted within a few major research paradigms. This work presents a strategy of integrating knowledge about man and society.

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Arno Strohmeyer and Lena Oetzel

Das Buch untersucht in unterschiedlichen räumlichen Kontexten den Zusammenhang von Religion und Politik vom 7. Jahrhundert bis in die jüngste Vergangenheit. Aus historischer, theologisch-systematischer und literaturwissenschaftlicher Perspektive werden die Verflechtung der Religion mit Macht und Gewalt sowie der Umgang mit religiöser Pluralität in der Vergangenheit vor Augen geführt. Besondere Aufmerksamkeit finden die Weltreligionen Christentum und Islam. Die AutorInnen analysieren die Wurzeln aktueller Problemlagen und die vielfältige politische Instrumentalisierung des Religiösen sowie die Grundkonstellationen im historischen Wandel.

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Erinnerung als Mobilisierungsressource im Vorfeld ethnisierter Gewaltkonflikte

Das Beispiel Nordossetien – Inguschetien, 1989–1992


Dana Jirouš

Die Autorin untersucht Erinnerungsprozesse im Vorfeld der Konflikteskalation im Prigorodnyj Rajon (Nordossetien). Geschichte und Erinnerung sind in den meisten Gesellschaften umkämpft: sie werden zu Konfliktgegenständen und sie dienen Konfliktakteuren als Argumente für ihre jeweiligen Positionen. Das Buch verbindet Konzepte der Erinnerungsforschung mit Ansätzen der Friedens- und Konfliktforschung. Eine Diskursanalyse von rund 600 Zeitungsartikeln verdeutlicht, wo und wie Vergangenheitsbezüge im Mobilisierungsprozess zum Tragen kamen. Narrative Interviews machen die Perspektive der im Konflikt mobilisierten Bevölkerung sichtbar. Dabei zeigt sich, dass familiale Erinnerung bei gleichzeitiger Verschränkung von Information und Emotion die Wahrnehmung öffentlich vermittelter Erinnerungen entscheidend beeinflusst.

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John Sparrow: Warden of All Souls College, Oxford

«I loathe all common things»

Peter Raina

John Sparrow, Warden of All Souls, was a notable character in post-war Oxford. He was educated in the old-time classical humanist tradition, and this remained his field even as the world about him changed. A man with a brilliant mind, he is often remembered negatively – as a bogeyman to progressives because of his outspoken conservatism – and as a disappointment to those who expected a more solid academic achievement. It was felt that his talents were too widely scattered.

Presenting hitherto unpublished letters and papers which vividly evoke the contemporary Oxford scene, Peter Raina traces this scattering of talent. Sparrow may have been a generalist, but he dabbled in depth in many disciplines. He was an expert on Latin, on law, on inscriptions, on rare books and on poetry. Above all he was a tireless supporter and friend of other academics and poets in a special generation. The book gives context to his circles of influence and to his uncompromising intelligence and distinct charm.

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Sophie Wintgens and Audrey Weerts

Depuis l’avènement de l’État moderne au 17e siècle, l’État a connu de nombreuses évolutions. De l’idée d’État-nation en passant par celle d’État-providence, le concept s’est imposé dans nos sociétés contemporaines. Toutefois, son affirmation en tant que forme d’organisation du pouvoir politique s’accompagne également de questionnements croissants. L’État a-t-il la capacité de répondre aux enjeux nationaux et internationaux actuels ? Soumis à un grand nombre de contraintes tant internes qu’externes, dispose-t-il encore d’une marge de manœuvre ? Est-il en voie de transformation, voire de disparition ?

Cet ouvrage collectif a pour objectif d’apporter un éclairage original à ces interrogations. Construit autour de trois grands axes de réflexion mettant tous les aspects de l’État en question, il est un terrain d’échange entre plusieurs disciplines des sciences sociales. Mêlant réflexions théoriques et études de cas, il vise à enrichir le débat sur les évolutions de l’État dans une perspective pluridisciplinaire.

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Privatizing Democracy

Global Ideals, European Politics and Basque Territories


Jule Goikoetxea

Democratization is a process of collective emancipation through self-government. Continuous political contestation is essential for emancipation but, in order to know which strategies and conditions will emancipate us, we also need to know which ones subjugate us. Political mechanisms with the capacity to modulate our individual and collective bodies and make them docile tend to be close relatives of those which make us equal and free.

Drawing on the latest theories concerning globalization and democracy, this book argues that postnational and postsovereign multilevel governance regimes, including the European Union, should be understood as mechanisms of global capitalism aimed at privatizing democracy. Through a detailed applied analysis of the Basque case, the author illustrates how democratization is closely linked to ideas about territory, collective empowerment and institutional political capacity.

Democratization always takes place partially: it never «ends». Contrary to the dominant thinking, this book argues that the incomplete nature of democratization is a positive aspect, with perpetual conflict leading to perpetual change. This is precisely what allows, and obliges, each generation to shape its own forms of emancipation.

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Zdzisław Mach

This collection of articles is the result of the research project «The Polish local society in the process of European integration – a decade of experience», financed by the Polish National Science Centre (NCN). The aim was to investigate the process of integration in the EU of six selected local Polish communities. The same six communities had been studied ten years before, when Poland was preparing for the EU accession. The research was based on qualitative methodology. The results show that the knowledge of the EU in local Poland remains at a very low level. The exception is competence in the field of EU structural funds. These funds are the main factor which determines the positive attitude of Poles towards the EU and the Polish membership in it. At the same time the process of the construction of a European identity in terms of values remains very problematic.

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Fair Cooperation

A New Paradigm for Cultural Diplomacy and Arts Management


Annika Hampel

European cultural policy is based on the exchange of artists. It has devoted decades to the objective of encouraging dialogue and enabling cooperative production; especially between the countries of the so-called ‘Global North’ and ‘Global South’. Cultural policy makers and agents in Europe, such as those working in cultural institutions and at the ministries responsible for cultural relations, constantly stress their claims of a ‘dialogue of equals’. However, if and how cultural cooperations really are in practice brought to life on equal terms is an open question.

Annika Hampel analyzes the working conditions of partnerships to understand how current artistic collaborations function, what structures and processes they involve, on what premises and within what frameworks the collaborators work, and what challenges they have to cope with.The foundation of her reflections are the experiences and insights of actors in cooperative projects who are responsible for the implementation of the goals of the European Cultural Policies in practice.

Annika Hampel uses five case studies, which offer insights across the spectrum of artistic cooperation, to display the wide range of Indo-German collaborations in the arts. From her analysis of the practical reality, Annika Hampel develops and proposes cultural and political measures to foster a new culture of international cooperation on an equal footing. The author shows how to minimize power relations, promote cultural diversity, and exploit the underused potential of cooperative work.

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This Favoured Land

Edward King-Tenison and Lady Louisa in Spain, 1850–1853

Lee Fontanella

In the wake of the Irish potato famine, Edward King-Tenison, a sometime Irish politician of the liberal order and one of the first masterful photographers of Spain, and his wife, Lady Louisa Mary Anne Anson, the eldest daughter of the 1st Earl of Lichfield, left their estate of Kilronan in County Roscommon, Ireland, to reside and travel in Andalusia and, later, in Castile. The remarkable adventure on which these Irish nobles embarked in mid-nineteenth-century Spain led to a husband-and-wife team of astonishing cultural production. While Tenison focused on photography, Lady Louisa chronicled their travels, producing sketches and establishing relations on an international level with other artists, who collaborated in her illustrated chronicle. This book documents the fascinating travels of this couple and presents their work to a new readership.