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Ángel Esteban

La literatura siempre ha tenido relaciones con otras artes, de tipo temático o técnico, pero en los inicios de siglo XXI son cada vez más constantes esas confluencias con la música, la pintura y las artes plásticas, el cine, el teatro como espectáculo, la televisión, los mass media, los medios ligados a las nuevas tecnologías, la ciencia ficción, las redes sociales, y todo lo relativo a la crossmedialidad y la transmedialidad. En este libro, promovido por el Grupo de Investigación Hybris: Literatura y Cultura Latinoamericanas, de la Universidad de Granada, se pretende dar una visión específica de este universo en el contexto de la literatura latinoamericana actual.

Se abordan aquí obras de distintos escritores latinoamericanos cuyas novelas o cuentos se han llevado al cine, o bien textos literarios en los que el cine sea un tema específico, o bien obras literarias cuyos procedimientos técnicos emulen a los del cine. Asimismo, se analiza la presencia de la música, la pintura, arquitectura y nuevas tecnologías en autores procedentes de diversas zonas geográficas de América Latina, desde México hasta el Cono Sur. Edmundo Paz Soldán, Pablo Montoya, Mariana Enríquez, Isabel Allende, Hernán Rivera Letelier, Santiago Roncagliolo, Roque Larraquy, Eduardo Rubinschik, Gibrán Portela, Itzel Lara son algunos de los protagonistas de la fecunda hibridación artística presentada en este volumen, junto con una original actualización de la obra de clásicos como Alejo Carpentier, Reinaldo Arenas, Juan Carlos Onetti, Horacio Quiroga, Ricardo Piglia y El Inca Garcilaso en versiones cinematográficas o reflexiones sobre el mundo de la fotografía o la ciencia ficción.

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Black Magic Woman

Gender and the Occult in Weimar Germany

Barbara Hales

This book is a study of women’s involvement in occult practices in Weimar Germany. Women during the Weimar period experienced an unprecedented level of liberation. This included a greatly increased role in the work force as well as participation in other realms that were traditionally the province of men. They were also given the liberty to be more outwardly sexualized. Women engaging in occult practices during this period present an interesting example of the liberated woman. The occult woman reversed all traditional gender roles by the pretense of possessing powers that threatened male dominance.

The book investigates the significance of the occult in the Weimar period by drawing on popular, scientific, and legal writings of women’s involvement in the occult. In addition to examining reports of women engaging in actual occult practices (expressive dance, mediumism, and witchcraft), this book also considers various fictional depictions of women as demonic or as possessing supernatural powers (ghosts, vampires, and monsters). The author contends that both actual practices, as well as fictional depictions, constructed an imaginary female identity as a dangerous and grotesque monster.

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Edited by Timo Obergöker and Jean-Frédéric Hennuy

Dans le monde francophone, Mai 68 continue à être envisagé comme un événement s’inscrivant dans une temporalité et une spatialité bien délimitées : Paris, France, notamment les 5è et 6è arrondissements du 22 mars au 30 juin 1968, du début des manifestations à Nanterre avec l’émergence de Daniel Cohn-Bendit, leader du mouvement, jusqu’au second tour des élections législatives qui entérine la victoire de la droite. Peu de recherches ont été effectuées jusqu’à ce jour sur les répercussions de cet événement dans la sphère francophone. Ce livre explore cet événement et ses vies ultérieures entre Paris, Montréal et l’Acadie.

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Permanent Outsiders in China

American Migrants’ Otherness in the Chinese Gaze


Yang Liu

This book situates migrating individuals’ sense of Otherness in receiving countries front and center and systematically illustrates the configuration of Western migrants’ Other-identity during their reverse migration from the West to China, which has become a new destination of international migration due to its rise to prominence in the global labor market. Consequently, international migrants from Western countries, especially those with skills desired in China, have become this country’s main target in the global race for talent. In this context, this book attends to American migrants on the Chinese mainland, who are perceived as the prototypical waiguoren in this region, as an illuminating case, and illustrates the configuration of their Other-identity, rising from their intercultural adaptation as the privileged but marginalized Other in an asymmetric power structure. This book also attempts to reveal the condition and process of Chinese Othering of American migrants that exists but is far less openly discussed in China.

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Africa in Europe and Europe in Africa

Reassessing the Cultural Legacy

Edited by Yolanda Aixelà-Cabré

This book studies the Afro-European and Euro-African past and present from an interdisciplinary and comparative perspective. It addresses Africa as a whole, eschewing historical divisions between North and Sub-Saharan Africa. Its content exemplifies the extent to which the histories of Europe and Africa are intertwined, and the way European sources are usually privileged in the writing of historical accounts of cross-cultural encounters. Using post/decolonial studies, the authors' point of view is based on anthropology, history, ethnomusicology, and film and literary studies. The authors argue that mutual experiences and imaginations have affected how cultural heritage and legacy are conceived and thought of, as well as memories and sociopolitical experiences. The aim is to establish and encourage a broader knowledge of Africa–Europe and Europe–Africa encounters, incorporating case studies of Euro-African and Afro-European legacies. The final goal is to favour a more relational point of view by comparing Euro-African and Afro-European realities.

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Dramatism and Musical Theater

Experiments in Rhetorical Performance

Kimberly Eckel Beasley and James P. Beasley

Dramatism and Musical Theater: Experiments in Rhetorical Performance is an innovative workbook for both students and teachers in advanced communication performance. Meeting at the nexus of English composition, advanced rhetoric, theater, music, and drama, this book utilizes Kenneth Burke's method of dramatism to discover the motives inherent in performance practices, whether they be in the classroom or on the stage. In this book Kimberly Eckel Beasley and James P. Beasley take the five corners of the dramatistic pentad (act, scene, agent, agency, and purpose) and demonstrate their utilization in performance analysis. The authors then correlate those performance practices with the production of five contemporary musicals: Little Women, Aida, Street Scene, Into the Woods, and Children of Eden in order to emphasize the use of the dramatistic pentad in character, scene, and staging direction. By doing so, the book highlights dramatism as a performance practice necessary for effective participation in artistic communities.

Dramatism and Musical Theater: Experiments in Rhetorical Performance is also an indispensable guide for teachers and directors to successfully navigate the challenges of collegiate theatrical production.

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Sabrina Spies

Die Publikation zeigt, welchen Einfluss der technische Fortschritt auf die Verteilung der Löhne unter Berücksichtigung der Tarifbindung hat. Es findet eine Analyse der Lohnungleichheit in Deutschland statt. Methodisch wird auf Fixed-Effects-Modelle zurückgegriffen. Generell zeigt die empirische Analyse, dass sowohl der technische Fortschritt als auch die Tarifbindung die Verteilung der Löhne beeinflussen. Da der technische Fortschritt die Löhne von Hochqualifizierten erhöht, aber nur einen kleinen Einfluss auf die Lohnhöhe von Mittel- und Geringqualifizierten hat, erhöht dieser die Lohnungleichheit. Im Gegensatz dazu führt der starke positive Effekt der Tarifbindung auf die Lohnhöhe von Mittelqualifizierten dazu, dass sich die Lohnungleichheit reduziert.

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Narry F. Santos

 The social values of honor and shame, which have attracted much research from cultural anthropology and New Testament studies for the past five decades, is the main focus of the book. This book proposes the need to combine major contributions of narrative, rhetorical, and cultural anthropological approaches to trace the development of the twofold honor-shame concept throughout the Marcan narrative—with special attention to family relations. Though adequate social-scientific and socio-rhetorical studies in Mark’s Gospel (even in relation to honor and shame) have been conducted, there are still few scholarly monographs that trace the honor-shame motifs from the start to the end of the narrative through the use of helpful insights from literary methods and heuristic models (e.g., challenge-riposte; patron–client relation). Thus, this book seeks to undertake this kind of research. It argues further that Mark intends to reverse the content of the honor-shame value system of his audience by means of narrative reversal and family relativization. Such dramatic redefinition basically turns this value system upside-down, especially in relation to the natural family and the new fictive family of Jesus. Finally, the book unpacks how Mark persuades his readers to reverse their value system—what they consider as shameful must now be valued as honorable, and what they view as honorable must now be seen as dishonorable. NT scholars, seminary professors, and graduate students will benefit from reading this book, which offers a fresh integrated honor–shame approach in studying Mark’s Gospel from start to finish.

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Edited by Bartosz Makowicz

The Yearbook 2021 for Global Ethics, Compliance & Integrity offers an upto- date overview of the recent and most significant developments in the interdisciplinary area of organizational Ethics, Compliance & Integrity Management. The 2021 Yearbook focuses on (but is not limited to) integrity and ethics and consists of 40 highly valuable articles submitted by 55 experts. The authors include excellent ethics, compliance and integrity professionals, scholars and advisors from 20 different countries. As conceived, the publication offers exclusive insights both from practical and theoretical perspectives. This year’s edition consists of seven carefully arranged chapters dealing with governance and compliance management, integrity management, organizational ethics and culture, anti-bribery management, whistleblowing, the challenges of digitalization, and - last but not least - corporate incentives and sanctions. In each chapter, the yearbook provides a comprehensive range of views and expertise regarding Ethics, Compliance and Integrity in all kind of organizations.

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La Sociologie Militaire

Héritages et nouvelles perspectives


Edited by Anne Muxel, Barbara Jankowski and Mathias Thura