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Robert Butele

The Book asserts that: Violence at Family level, Clan level, upto State level is a reality in Africa in general and Uganda in particular. In systematic and critical exposure of the history of violence in Uganda using secondary sources, interviews and personal experience, the author comes to the conclusion that although the period before colonialism up to 1894 and the colonial period 1894-1962 were not without violence, the worst and institutionalised forms of violence in Uganda occurred after independence 1962-1985, leading to loss of lives of hundreds of thousands of Ugandans and destruction of nature and property. The Author agrees violence is a complex topic and still exists to date. Pointing fingers to the past is not enough, every Ugandan now should, renounce violence and adress the named causes of violence in Uganda. Based on the magisterial teachings of the Church, particularly of Pope John Paul II, the deliberations of the second Synod of African Bishops 2009 and the pastoral letters of Uganda Catholic Bishops, The author calls for Reconciliation, Justice and Peace in Uganda as opposed to violence. (Germany).

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Societies and Spaces in Contact

Between Convergence and Divergence


Edited by Milan Bufon, Tove H. Malloy and Colin Williams

This volume represents an inter-disciplinary discussion of some fundamental categories of convergence and divergence, focusing in particular on issues of both social integration and devolution related to ethnos as the space of identity, and demos as the space of polity. The aims of the book are to assess past developments within crucial parts of Central Europe where both conflict and coexistence potentials seem to best represent the actual “unity in diversity” managing dilemma in the continent; to provide an analysis of current approaches to minority protection, language planning, spatial and social cross-border and inter-cultural policies; and to develop an evaluation of the future trends and opportunities for co-operation and re-integration within a local and broader operational context.

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Animal Liberation and the Bible

Christianity and the Question of "Speciesism"

Randall E. Otto

Animal liberation contends that humans and animals are of equal value and that standard views of human uniqueness are an anthropocentric prejudice called "speciesism." It advocates ending human use of animals in recognition of animal rights. Animal liberation theology attempts to ground similar views in the Bible. It typically envisions an original creation free of predation to be restored free of meat-eating and animal use. It views animal sacrifice as murder and speaks of a "deep incarnation" by which God in Christ takes on "all flesh" for the salvation of all creatures in a "cosmic redemption." This is the first full-fledged critique of animal liberation in general and so-called speciesism in particular from a biblical and theological standpoint, with accompanying scientific and philosophical analysis. After it introduces the major thinkers, the book demonstrates the incoherence of animal liberation with human evolution, the use of animals in the domestic and religious life of Israel, and the New Testament assertion that God the Son was uniquely incarnated in the human Jesus for human salvation. This book reasserts historic Christian faith as sufficient to the scientific, philosophical and ethical challenges posed by animal studies, and concludes with an appraisal of key ethical concerns regarding animal use and foundational issues within the animal liberation movement.

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Felix R. Werner

Die Zahl der Kartellverfahren ist konstant, obgleich die Höhe der verhängten Bußgelder seit langem ansteigt. Der Autor greift diesen Umstand der mangelnden Rechtsbefolgung auf und untersucht, ob und inwieweit der kartellrechtliche Schadensersatzanspruch Abhilfe schaffen kann. Er betrachet die Passivlegitimation von Managern, um präventiv eine bessere Verhaltenssteuerung zu erreichen und beleuchtet ökonomische Aspekte zur persönlichen Haftung. Anschließend behandelt er die Kernfrage der Passivlegitimation im Kartelldeliktsrecht und stellt dogmatische Grundlagen dar. Zudem werden weitere Fragen wie die enthaftende Wirkung von Compliance-Systemen, der Gesamtschuldnerausgleich zwischen Unternehmen und Manager sowie weitere Möglichkeiten der Haftungsreduzierung des Managers untersucht.

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Lukas Prinz

Gibt der Gläubiger eine der in § 776 BGB bezeichneten Sicherheiten auf, wird der Bürge insoweit frei, als er aus dem aufgegebenen Recht hätte Ersatz erlangen können. Diese Arbeit untersucht zunächst den Ursprung und den zugrunde liegenden Rechtsgedanken der Norm. Die gewonnenen neuen Erkenntnisse dienen der Schaffung eines einheitlichen Normverständnisses. Dabei wird zwischen beiden Sätzen des § 776 BGB differenziert. Der zentrale Teil der Arbeit befasst sich sodann mit den Auswirkungen der Norm auf den gesamtschuldnerischen Ausgleich von Sicherungsgebern. Greift ein Gläubiger in diese Rückgriffsbeziehung ein, sind die Rechtsfolgen von denen eines Erlasses zugunsten einfacher Gesamtschuldner zu unterscheiden. Letztlich wird der Einfluss der Vorschrift auf das Bankrecht untersucht.

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Ficciones y límites

La diversidad funcional en las artes escénicas, la literatura, el cine y el arte sonoro


Edited by Alba Gómez García, David Navarro Juan and Javier Velloso Álvarez

Nuestra comprensión de la realidad y la relación que mantenemos con ella suelen estar condicionadas por la influencia de las imágenes que los sistemas culturales producen y ponen en circulación. Los discursos que contribuyen a conformar una idea socialmente admitida sobre la diversidad funcional son múltiples y variados, pero no cabe duda del papel definitivo que también desempeñan las artes. El presente volumen reúne una serie de aproximaciones teóricas y prácticas que analizan los usos y la naturaleza de algunas ficciones contemporáneas, y ofrece una novedosa mirada hacia los riesgos y desafíos, así como a las posibilidades y límites estéticos y políticos, que implica la representación de la diversidad funcional en las artes escénicas y audiovisuales, la literatura y el arte sonoro.

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Irresponsible Citizenship

The Cultural Roots of the Crisis of Authority in Times of Pandemic

Jean-François Caron

The Covid-19 pandemic has revealed the serious crisis of political authorities that liberal societies are currently experiencing. Indeed, a significant number of individuals living in these societies did not hesitate to defy the sanitary rules enacted by their government which has made it difficult for them to stop the virus from spreading. What can explain such a situation? This is what this book is discussing. Whether it is the growing popularity of conspiracy theories, the distrust towards governments or cultural and religious beliefs that take precedence over the respect of governments’ directives, all these factors that have led so many individuals to act in an irresponsible way during the pandemic find their roots in the liberal tradition as it originated in the 18th century and in its more recent development which has had the effect of decentralizing the individual from his collective responsibilities in favor of an almost unlimited enjoyment of his individual freedom. This health crisis has revealed the urgency for liberal societies to establish a better balance between collective interest and individual freedom through responsible citizenship capable of protecting its citizens against the adoption of draconian measures when they will be struck again by upcoming pandemics that appear to be unfortunately inevitable.

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Edited by Carmen Marimón Llorca, Wim Remysen and Fabio Rossi

Les idées que les locuteurs, et non seulement les linguistes, se font des langues influencent leur usage, les transforment et contribuent à définir leurs normes. Ce volume aborde, dans une perspective comparative, des débats sur les langues romanes : des manifestations anciennes et actuelles du purisme à la recherche d’une langue commune, de la langue journalistique à celle utilisée dans la traduction et des commentaires des experts aux doutes des locuteurs et scripteurs. L’analyse discursive et textuelle appliquée aux textes véhiculant les idéologies linguistiques révèle des questionnements négligés dans les grammaires ou dans les publications linguistiques traditionnelles.

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Edited by Mehmet Cem Odacioglu

Modern Approaches to Translation and Translation Studies serves as a collection of research describing the development of the discipline and its journey that has not been completed. The book deals with the latest developments within Translation Studies from the perspective of Turkish translation scholars. It consists of thirteen chapters with the participation of fourteen different authors working at universities in Turkey as academicians or having pursued or still pursuing their PhD within Translation Studies. The book contains topics such as translation technologies, meta-cognitive approaches in translation, eco-translatology, translators’ employability, approaches in literary translation, feminist translation, intra- and inter-lingual translation, legal translation, multimodality, translatability/ untranslatability, and translation education.

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Parables of Freedom and Narrative Logics

Positions and Presuppositions in Science Fiction and Utopianism


Darko Suvin

Edited by Eric Smith

This major two-volume collection presents Darko Suvin’s critical meditations on science fiction and utopia from the late 1960s through the early years of the new millennium, excluding only the landmark monographs Metamorphoses of Science Fiction, Victorian Science Fiction, and Defined by a Hollow. From essential programmatic statements charting the parabolic logic of science fiction and establishing the parameters of a theoretically supple and rigorously historical SF criticism to confrontations with both a postmodernist abdication of politics and a «neutral» sociology of literature, these writings reflect the evolving thought of the preeminent contemporary theorist of science fiction.  Underpinned by a method of heretical cognition and the steadfast insistence of utopian possibility, the varied essays, interviews, poems, and polemics presented here—encompassing four decades of sustained thought on the topic—offer up the affirmation of freedom as the truest horizon of science fiction.