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The Unknown Christ of Christianity

Scripture and Theology in Panikkar's Early Writings


Enrico Beltramini

Since its publication in 1964, The Unknown Christ of Hinduism has been singled out for praise as the quintessential example of Raimon Panikkar’s engagement with theology of religions. Controversies over the real meaning of the title and the author’s remark that Christ is unknown to Hindus and a fortiori to Christians have been waged among generations of scholars. Refusing to isolate Panikkar’s concerns with the Hindu-Christian dialogue from much larger theological and biblical debates occurring in the period before and during the Vatican Council II, this book suggests that the unknown Christ of Christianity is the plastic representation of an insufficient degree of universality of the Church. Rejecting traditional interpretations that identify a gulf between the first and the second edition of The Unknown, this book argues for a continuity in Raimon Panikkar’s thought.

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Binge Watching

Motivations and Implications of Our Changing Viewing Behaviors

Bridget Rubenking and Cheryl Campanella Bracken

This book situates binge watching as one of several new television viewing behaviors which collectively contribute to a fundamental change in the way we view television today. Simply put, binge watching changes, or has the potential to change, everything: Engagement, immersion, attention to content and other devices, identification with characters and social engagement with fellow viewers, as well as content choices, and cable and over-the-top (OTT) subscription rates. Binge watching has quickly become a new norm in television viewing across audiences.

Binge Watching reviews historically significant advancements in the television industry and in technology that better enable binge watching, such as timeshifting, increasing quantity and (sometimes) quality of content, as well as distribution strategies and suggestions algorithms employed by OTT providers. We situate binge watching as human-centered, that is, driven by innate human needs and wants, such as a desire to consume well-constructed stories and to connect with others. We also review the current state of academic binge watching research—from motives and habituation to the (over-pathologizing) addiction-based studies. This text concludes with a synopsis of the central arguments made and identifies several areas for future research.

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Edited by Peter M. Kellett and Stacey L. Connaughton

This series highlights leading-edge conflict transformation and peacebuilding work that is achieved through engaged scholarship in the contemporary world. Volumes in the series demonstrate the relationship between conflict and systemic issues related to culture, society, the environment, politics, history, and economics. The series emphasizes the lived experience of conflict transformation and peacebuilding for practitioners, as well as novel ways of representing the spectrum of lived experiences of people involved in conflict transformation and building. These volumes show the relationship between theory and practice, consider a variety of modes and domains of communication and interaction, and are written to engage multiple audiences.

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Edited by Joanna Jabłkowska and Karolina Sidowska

Dieses Buch bezeugt eine fortwährende Faszination für die Ewige Stadt, nicht nur in vergangenen Epochen der Klassik und Romantik, sondern auch in der zeitgenössischen deutschsprachigen Literatur – unter anderen bei Wolfgang Koeppen, Ingeborg Bachmann, Rolf Dieter Brinkmann, Hanns-Joseph Ortheil, Uwe Timm und Josef Winkler. Rom bleibt ein wichtiges Ziel für (Bildungs-)Reisen, Ort für Stipendienaufenthalte (Villa Massimo) und ist stets Quelle der abendländischen Kultur im europäischen Bewusstsein. Die Auseinandersetzung mit dieser Tradition, vor allem mit Goethes kulturprägenden Bildern aus der Italienischen Reise, mit der realen Stadtlandschaft und ihrer Ikonographie in der Pop-Kultur verläuft in der Gegenwartsliteratur oft kritisch und dient nicht zuletzt der Reflexion über eigene private oder nationale Ansprüche und Identitäten.

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The Genes of Culture

Towards a Theory of Symbols, Meaning and Media, Volume 1


Christine L. Nystrom

Edited by Carolyn Wiebe and Susan Maushart

Christine L. Nystrom’s provocative work offers up a fresh approach to ongoing—and increasingly urgent—questions about the role of symbols and technology in shaping human experience. In lucid, lively and always-accessible prose, she examines an eclectic range of topics—from Hopi grammar to the etiquette of beach-going to the primal allure of the horror film—to uncover the principles that structure the way we make meaning of our world. A cross-disciplinary tour-de-force, The Genes of Culture integrates insights from philosophy, the physical sciences, social psychology and cultural criticism to pose challenging questions for today’s students of media. An exemplary foundation reader for graduates or undergraduates in communication and media studies.

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Edited by Gabrielle Vail

Indigenous Cultures of Latin America: Past and Present is a new bilingual series that welcomes book proposals, in English or Spanish, focused on the fields of anthropology, archaeology, linguistics, ethnohistory, and art history, among others. We encourage original proposals for projects that use a conjunctive approach to understanding beliefs and lifeways of prehispanic, colonial period, and contemporary indigenous peoples inhabiting Latin America, broadly defined (i.e. extending into parts of the U.S. Southeast and Southwest), relying on a combination of methodologies and data sets to interpret the subject matter. We further encourage projects that utilize decolonizing methodologies and seek to promote research and fieldwork undertaken in collaboration with local indigenous communities and/or indigenous consultants.
The series will publish academic monographs, edited collections, and readers. All book proposals and manuscripts will be subject to a rigorous single-blind peer review process, conducted by experts in the respective field(s) of study.

Proposals and author/volume editor CVs should be sent to the Series Editor, Dr. Gabrielle Vail,

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The International Executive

Training for Ethical, Strategic and Competitive Leadership

Yezdi H. Godiwalla

This book explores the training of an international executive for ethical, strategic and competitive leadership. It provides conceptual review and analyses, as well as, implications for practice (including specific recommendations for actions, their justifications, and implementation guidelines, for practicing managers) for effectively managing a multinational corporation (MNC). The focus is on the effective training and skill development of the international executive, whether he or she works at the MNC headquarters, its foreign subsidiaries or other foreign operations. We should lead with values and vision.

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Multiethnic German and the Global English Debate


Lindsay Preseau

Is English a threat to language diversity in Europe? This question has been hotly debated in language policy and planning in Germany and the EU, particularly in institutional and business contexts. However, the effects of English on non-official minority speech communities, such as speakers of immigrant languages and multiethnolects, are rarely addressed in this context. This book presents two case studies involving speakers of multiethnolects and refugee youth in Germany which show that these populations, stereotyped as non-proficient English speakers, are using English in creative and innovative ways. For these communities, speaking English is not a choice, but a matter of the ability to
survive, to cross borders, and to create new identities in a foreign country. Drawing on corpus linguistic and ethnographic fieldwork data, this book sheds light on how validating these (standard and non-standard) Englishes represents an important act of empowerment and social justice for these communities. Situated at the interdisciplinary intersection of sociolinguistics and applied linguistics, this book is of broad appeal to linguists, language educators, language policy makers, and to the German Studies community at large. Situated at the interdisciplinary intersection of sociolinguistics and applied linguistics, this book is of broad appeal to linguists, language educators, language policy makers, and to the German Studies community at large.
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Melisa Stocco

La Autotraducción en la Poesía Mapuche interroga las diversas formas, contextos y motivaciones que hacen a la práctica de la autotraducción en la producción bilingüe de seis poetas mapuche contemporáneos: Leonel Lienlaf, Elicura Chihuailaf, Rayen Kvyeh, María Teresa Panchillo, Liliana Ancalao y Adriana Paredes Pinda. Se propone ofrecer un análisis comparativo y atento a las coordenadas culturales y sociohistóricas de la producción poética mapuche bilingüe de los últimos 30 años, a partir de la noción de traful y de una tipología de estrategias de autotraducción.

Es un libro orientado a la reflexión intercultural que propone una inmersión en el territorio sensible de la literatura desde la lectura de los cruces, tensiones, contradicciones y complementariedades entre las versiones de los textos poéticos bilingües mapuzungun–español. Se trata de un aporte tanto a la literatura comparada en términos de una apertura a las lenguas y discursos literarios emergentes en Abya Yala, como a los estudios de autotraducción.

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La casa que falta

Catálogo discursivo de Enrique Lihn, 1980–1988


Roberto Brodsky

Despliegue discursivo de los materiales poéticos, audiovisuales, críticos y teatrales que Enrique Lihn desarrolló desde fines de los años 70 y a lo largo de toda la década de los años 80 en Chile, hasta su muerte en 1988. Enfrentando la censura y el autoritarismo de la época, Lihn dejó a un lado su producción poética anterior para desplegar un conjunto de "proyectos locos", según la acertada definición de Christopher Travis, dando cuenta con ello de una radicalidad única en el marco en la producción crítica e intelectual de esos años. Por primera vez, el estudio aborda el conjunto de esos materiales desde la concepción de un "acto social total", según la definición dada por Lévi-Strauss para los actos de lenguaje que exigen una interpretación plena. Parodia, burla, provocación y defensa cerrada de la autonomía del arte transforman la figura de Lihn en un nuevo tipo de héroe dedicado a desplegar el discurso prohibido por las autoridades cívico-militares de la época. Su resistencia a dejarse capturar por las ideologías tanto de izquierda como de derecha, iluminan su trabajo del período e inspiran a las nuevas generaciones que surgirán con el regreso de la democracia a Chile el mismo año de su fallecimiento.