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The Digital University

A Dialogue and Manifesto

Michael Adrian Peters and Petar Jandrić

The Digital University: A Dialogue and Manifesto focuses on teaching, learning, and research in the age of the digital reason and their relationships to the so-called knowledge economy. The first part of the book, ‘The University in the Epoch of Digital Reason,’ presents the authors’ insights into the nature of the contemporary university. The second part, ‘Collective Intelligence and the Co-creation of Social Goods,’ explores various collective ways of knowledge creation, dissemination, and education. The final part, ‘Digital Teaching, Digital Learning and Digital Science,’ presents an ongoing series of one-to one dialogues between Michael Adrian Peters and Petar Jandrić about philosophy of education in the age of digital reason, relationships between learning, creative col(labor)ation, and knowledge cultures, digital reading, digital self, digital being, radical openness, creative labour, and the co-production of symbolic goods. Situated in, against, and beyond the current state of affairs, the book ends with the Digital University Manifesto, which explores what is to be done in and for a better future of the digital university.

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Didactique du français et accueil des élèves migrants

Objets d'enseignement, obstacles et régulation des apprentissages

Marc Surian

Un élève allophone est confronté à un ensemble de défis à l’issue de sa migration. Il doit à la fois apprendre une nouvelle langue, s’inscrire dans un contexte scolaire inconnu, construire des relations et s’ouvrir à l’altérité. S’il est adolescent, la tâche s’amplifie, car il est aussi tenu de préparer son insertion professionnelle. Ce livre analyse les pratiques des enseignants travaillant avec de jeunes migrants en fin de scolarité. Comment leur apprennent-ils à parler, à écrire et à communiquer dans des situations diverses ? Quels sont les obstacles auxquels ils font face ? Comment essaient-ils de les surmonter ? Voici quelques lignes de force de leurs démarches : les enseignants proposent des situations ancrées dans les contingences des élèves ; ils misent rapidement sur des activités de production ; ils conçoivent les dispositifs en fonction des projets individuels. La présentation de nombreux exemples permettra d’alimenter d’autres expériences et de former les enseignants. Une tâche particulièrement importante dans les espaces scolaires, pluriels et multilingues qui caractérisent nos sociétés actuelles.

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Randa Elbih

Dialectics of 9/11 and the War on Terror: Educational Responses examines how global financial and socio-political systems propagate a lopsided dialectic of current events that influences teachers’ pedagogies of 9/11 and the War on Terror. The lopsided dialectic is one that encourages patriotism and militarism, conceals imperialism, and shuts out Muslim voices. Interviews with Muslim American students and high school teachers plus textual analysis of high school U.S. history textbooks demonstrate how curriculum and educators impact marginalized students’ identities and sense of belonging. As Muslim students describe their isolation and fear, and teachers discuss the challenges they face, readers will also learn how "us versus them" rhetoric deflects attention from the erosion of democratic values and the underlying socio-economic reasons for the War on Terror.

Dialectics of 9/11 and the War on Terror: Educational Responses is easy-to-read and directed toward teachers, scholars, and curriculum developers, and includes actionable suggestions for teaching these topics in a balanced and holistic way. The ultimate goal of Dialectics of 9/11 and the War on Terror: Educational Responses is to grow critical dialectical pedagogy (CDP), a new introduction to the field of critical pedagogy, in order to nurture the next generation of global citizens. Dialectics of 9/11 and the War on Terror: Educational Responses can be used in teacher training, curriculum and instruction, multicultural education, secondary social studies education, research in education courses, as well as other areas of instruction.

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Civic Engagement in Diverse Latinx Communities

Learning From Social Justice Partnerships in Action


Mari Castañeda and Joseph Krupczynski

Students, faculty, and community partners alike will find Civic Engagement in Diverse Latinx Communities: Learning From Social Justice Partnerships in Action accessible not only because it includes an array of examples regarding Latinx civic engagement, but it also demonstrates that personal experiences are powerful tools for the production of new knowledge. This book reveals an epistemology of social justice that aims to investigate and develop a new Latinx community-university praxis for how to engage with diverse communities in the twenty-first century.

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A Black Woman's Journey from Cotton Picking to College Professor

Lessons about Race, Class, and Gender in America


Menah Pratt-Clarke

A Black Woman's Journey from Cotton Picking to College Professor:  Lessons about Race, Class, and Gender in America traces the journey and transformation of Mildred Sirls, a young Black girl in rural east Texas in the 1930s who picked cotton to help her family survive, to Dr. Mildred Pratt, Professor Emerita of Social Work, who, by lifting as she climbed, influenced hundreds of students and empowered a community.

As a daughter, sister, wife, mother, and scholar-activist, Mildred lived her core beliefs: she felt that it was important to validate individual human dignity; she recognized the power of determination and discipline as keys to success; and she had a commitment to empowering and serving others for the greater good of society. Such values not only characterized the life that she led, they are exemplified by the legacy she left. A Black Woman's Journey from Cotton Picking to College Professor reflects those core values. It celebrates ordinary lives and individuals; it demonstrates the value of hard work; and it illustrates the motto of the National Association of Colored Women, “lifting as we climb.” 

A Black Woman's Journey from Cotton Picking to College Professor can be used for courses in history, ethnic studies, African-American studies, English, literature, sociology, social work, and women’s studies. It will be of interest to sociologists, anthropologists, historians, political economists, philosophers, social justice advocates, humanists, humanitarians, faith-based activists, and philanthropists.

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Being and Becoming Professionally Other

Identities, Voices, and Experiences of U.S. Trans* Academics

Erich N. Pitcher

Being and Becoming Professionally Other: Identities, Voices, and Experiences of U.S. Trans* Academics is a path-clearing book that provides a rich, in-depth account of the lived experiences of 39 transgender or trans* academics.

Despite increased visibility of trans* issues within higher education, college environments remain unfriendly, and in some cases, overtly hostile to trans* people. While there is much discussion of gender equity and faculty diversity, these conversations rarely include trans* academics’ voices. As a study participant described, trans* voices are often out of place at best—or worse, completely discounted in academe, a betwixt place.

By not fitting into a particular mold, trans* academics experience a variety of adverse events including microaggressions, outright hostility, and exclusion. These adverse experiences create a context wherein trans* academics engage in various forms of additional labor. While not necessarily unique to trans* academics, these various forms of labor provided evidence to support my assertion that trans* academics are or become professionally Other.  Given this Other status, trans* academics must form broad coalitions to bring about change within higher education organizations. Additionally, higher education leaders have an opportunity to change organizational contexts to better support trans* academics by radically re-imagining colleges and universities.

This text would be an excellent choice for graduate and undergraduate courses about gender, qualitative research methods courses, and courses about academic careers, and organizational theories.

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Assault on Kids and Teachers

Countering Privatization, Deficit Ideologies and Standardization in U.S. Schools


Roberta Ahlquist, Paul C. Gorski and Theresa Montaño

In Assault on Kids and Teachers, educators from across the United States push back against the neoliberal school reform movements that are taking the “public” out of public education, demonizing teachers, and stealing from youth the opportunity for an equitable, just, and holistic education. Contributors, including teachers, educational and community activists, teacher educators, critical education scholars, and others, expose how racism, economic injustice, and other forms of injustice are created and recreated both locally and nationally through educational policies more intent on turning schools into profit centers and undermining teacher unions than on strengthening public schools. Topics include the privatization of public schools, the growing influence of grit ideology on school practices, zero tolerance policies and the school-to-prison pipeline, Teach For America, the lies behind the charter school movement, and the damage TPAs are doing to teacher education. Beyond leveling critiques at these and other troubling trends and practices, though, contributors describe the many sites and forms of resistance emerging in response to these assaults on kids and teachers from students, parents, teachers, and other concerned people. Assault on Kids and Teachers is both a call for deeper understandings of anti-democratic and regressive school reform initiatives and an invitation into movements for putting the “public” back into public education.

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Researching the Writing Center

Towards an Evidence-Based Practice, Revised Edition

Rebecca Day Babcock and Terese Thonus

Researching the Writing Center is the first book-length treatment of the research base for academic writing tutoring. The book reviews the current state of writing center scholarship, arguing that although practitioner-researchers continue to value anecdotal and experiential evidence, they must also appreciate empirical evidence as mediating theory and practice. Readers of this revised edition will discover an evidence-based orientation to research and be able to evaluate the current scholarship on recommended writing center practice. Chapters examine the research base for current theory and practice involving the contexts of tutoring, tutoring activities, and the tutoring of specific populations. Readers will investigate the sample research question "What is a ‘successful’ writing consultation?" Researching the Writing Center concludes with an agenda for future questions about writing center practice that can be researched empirically. This revised edition of the text is intended for writing center professionals, researchers, graduate students in English, composition studies, and education, and peer tutors in training. It is also suitable for courses in writing center theory and practice, learning center theory and practice, composition studies, education, and learning assistance.

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Critical Pedagogy, Sexuality Education and Young People

Issues about Democracy and Active Citizenry


Fida Sanjakdar and Andrew Kam-Tuck Yip

Critical Pedagogy, Sexuality Education and Young People presents cutting-edge empirical and theoretical research on the role of critical pedagogy in transforming sexuality education. Featuring the work of scholars from around the globe, including the US, the UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Argentina and Finland, this unique collection of work expands the meaning of pedagogy in the field of sexuality education by augmenting young people’s voices and agency, and by emphasizing a democratic and civic focus. This volume identifies and interrogates theoretical frameworks based on critical theory and critical pedagogical discourses, cross-cultural studies and critical literacy to offer new ways to conceptualize critical pedagogy in sexuality education. Many of the practical classroom applications presented will engage educators and classroom teachers in the areas of curriculum design, classroom pedagogies and institutional reform. They can also be applied to the formulation and implementation of more effective policies for sexuality education involving schools, community groups and students. The chapters in this volume interrogate texts, institutions, social relations and ideologies impacting contemporary sexuality education policies and pedagogical practices, prompting a consideration of alternative models of sexuality education for today’s globalized age.

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Critical Multicultural Perspectives on Whiteness

Views from the Past and Present


Virginia Lea, Darren E. Lund and Paul R. Carr

Whiteness is a narrative. It is the privileged dimension of the complex story of "race" that was, and continues to be, seminal in shaping the socio-economic structure and cultural climate of the United States and other Western nations. Without acknowledging this story, it is impossible to understand fully the current political and social contexts in which we live. Critical Multicultural Perspectives on Whiteness explores multiple analyses of whiteness, drawing on both past and current key sources to tell the story in a more comprehensive way. This book features both iconic essays that address the social construction of whiteness and critical resistance as well as excellent new critical perspectives.