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Bangladesh Divided

Political and Literary Reflections on a Corrupt Police and Prison State

Q M Jalal Khan

Bangladesh Divided: Political and Literary Reflections on a Corrupt Police and Prison State examines the totalitarian police regime of Bangladesh, responsible (since 2009) for hundreds and thousands of victims who have disappeared, been killed, and/or been imprisoned. This book is a contribution toward the need for autocratic Awami power to be openly examined and challenged. Bangladesh Divided calls for peace, tolerance, compromise, social justice, rule of law, and democratically free and fair elections with a level playing field for all concerned, especially the major political parties. This book will interest students and scholars of Bangladesh studies, as well as those specializing in South Asian (regional) studies all around the world.

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Dreaming Kurdistan

The Life and Death of Kurdish Leader Abdul Rahman Ghassemlou

Carol Prunhuber

A thorough work of contemporary history and a distillation of the complex web of the Iranian Kurdish political world, this biography of Kurdish leader Abdul Rahman Ghassemlou depicts the character and passionate action of one of the twentieth century’s most exceptional and democratic leaders of a national movement.

Carol Prunhuber, who knew Ghassemlou from the early 1980s, shows us the many facets of a humanist leader of magnitude and worldwide scope. From revolution that toppled the Shah to the dark and treacherous alleys of the Cold War, Dreaming Kurdistan revives the Kurdish leader’s fated path to assassination in Vienna. We know how, why, and who murdered Ghassemlou—and we stand witness to Austria’s raison d’état, the business interests that put a lid on the investigation, and the response of silent indifference from the international community.

Professor of economics in Prague, bon vivant in Paris, clandestine freedom fighter in the Kurdish mountains, stalked by the Shah’s secret police, Ghassemlou is ultimately assassinated by the hit men of Ayatollah Khomeini’s Islamic Republic. Prunhuber takes us, through a murky world of equivocal liaisons, complicities, treachery, and undisguised threats, from Tehran to Vienna.

While the Islamic Republic of Iran continues to perturb and defy the West, Dreaming Kurdistan is essential for an understanding of Iran and the Kurds’ longing for freedom and democracy.

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Lionel P. Fatton and Oreste Foppiani

Japan has been moving toward a more independent security policy since the early 2010s, duplicating the military assets of the United States and reorganizing the Self-Defense Forces. In Japan’s Awakening, Lionel P. Fatton and Oreste Foppiani argue that the country faces an entrapment-abandonment dilemma in which any attempt to prevent abandonment by the United States vis-à-vis China negatively affects its national security by heightening the risk of entrapment in the Korean Peninsula, and vice versa. A move toward autonomy is the only way for Japan to solve this dilemma. The subject is at variance with both the insistence on the constraining effect of domestic norms on Japan’s security policy and the assumption of everlasting reliance on the United States for protection.

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Joanna Tokarska-Bakir

This book focuses on the fate of Polish Jews and Polish-Jewish relations during the Holocaust and its aftermath, in the ill-recognized era of Eastern-European pogroms after the WW2. It is based on the author’s own ethnographic research in those areas of Poland where the Holocaust machinery operated. The results comprise the anthropological interviews with the members of the generation of Holocaust witnesses and the results of her own extensive archive research in the Polish Institute for National Remembrance (IPN).

«[This book] is at times shocking; however, it grips the reader’s attention from the first to the last page. It is a remarkable work, set to become a classic among the publications in this field.»

Jerzy Jedlicki, Professor Emeritus at the Institute of History of the Polish Academy of Sciences

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Edited by Leila Simona Talani and Matilde Rosina

In recent elections across the European Union, parties adopting an anti-immigration stance and making use of populist rhetoric have been gaining electoral breakthrough. Against this backdrop, and in order to contribute to a deeper understanding of the connections binding migration and populism dynamics in Europe, this volume aims to trigger a discussion on the causes and consequences of the rise of populism in Europe, and deconstruct the rhetorical frames it uses to depict migratory flows as an exceptional phenomenon.

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The Great Disruption

Understanding the Populist Forces Behind Trump, Brexit, and LePen

Anil Hira

The Great Disruption: Understanding the Populist Forces Behind Trump, Brexit, and LePen aims to put the shocking events of 2016–17 into a long-term, historical perspective. The seemingly disparate and separately discussed election of Donald Trump, Brexit vote, success of Marine LePen’s National Front Party, and the wider spread of populism have an overlooked commonality: They all start with a similar core constituency of disaffected older blue collar workers. Using a data-driven analysis, author Anil Hira shows that racism and xenophobia are linked to economic populism—xenophobia becoming widespread under conditions of economic stress. Hira shows further that since economic stress is felt very deeply, conventional solutions are inadequate. There is a perception among the affected group that politicians can not offer "normal" solutions and thus turn to populism. The Great Disruption traces long-term and largely un-linked shifts in the economy from globalization to automation to uncover the deeper sources of populist outbreaks. This book demonstrates that racial and immigrant attitudes have not changed, rather any backlash is a scapegoating effect of economic loss and dislocation. Populism not only misdiagnoses the situation but also misses the wider long-term threats of climate change, demographic shifts, and the rise of China. Recognizing the transformational nature of such threats depends on the maturation of the Millennial generation and its willingness to evolve towards a more global style of governance, in the process rejecting the shallow promises of populism.

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Jatinder Mann

Adopting a political and legal perspective, Redefining Citizenship in Australia, Canada, and Aotearoa New Zealand undertakes a transnational study that examines the demise of Britishness as a defining feature of the conceptualisation of citizenship in Australia, Canada, and Aotearoa New Zealand and the impact that this historic shift has had on Indigenous and other ethnic groups in these states. During the 1950s and 1970s an ethnically based citizenship was transformed into a civic-based one (one based on rights and responsibilities). The major context in which this took place was the demise of British race patriotism in Australia, English-speaking Canada, and Aotearoa New Zealand. Although the timing of this shift varied, Aboriginal groups and non-British ethnic groups were now incorporated, or appeared to be incorporated, into ideas of citizenship in all three nations. The development of citizenship in this period has traditionally been associated with immigration in Australia, Canada, and Aotearoa New Zealand. However, the historical origins of citizenship practices in all three countries have yet to be fully analysed. This is what Redefining Citizenship in Australia, Canada, and Aotearoa New Zealand does. The overarching question addressed by the book is: Why and how did the end of the British World lead to the redefinition of citizenship in Australia, Canada, and Aotearoa New Zealand between the 1950s and 1970s in regard to other ethnic and Indigenous groups? This book will be useful for history and politics courses, as well as specialised courses on citizenship and Indigenous studies.

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Edited by Jorge Cagiao y Conde and Alain-G. Gagnon

La question controversée de la sécession retient peu l’attention des spécialistes du fédéralisme. Les meilleures études fédérales soit l’éludent, soit l’évacuent en quelques lignes. Pourtant, la problématique de la sécession est bien présente dans l’histoire des fédérations. Cet ouvrage est l’un des premiers à explorer le lien complexe entre fédéralisme et sécession. Tout en reconnaissant le potentiel de ce système politique à gérer sous un même gouvernement et d’une manière équilibrée et relativement harmonieuse les relations entre États, peuples, nations ou territoires différents, les auteurs relèvent les risques d’échec de l’idée fédérale dans les contextes politiques où le principe de la souveraineté partagée est mis à mal. Si plusieurs histoires à succès (les États-Unis, la Suisse, l’Allemagne, etc.) peuvent être identifiées, permettant ainsi de souligner les mérites de la formule fédérale, il ne faut pas toutefois taire ses échecs (l’ex-Yougoslavie, ou plus récemment le Brexit), ou ses demi-échecs. Considérant ainsi les turbulences qu’ont dû traverser ces dernières années des systèmes dévolutifs (Royaume-Uni avec l’Écosse, l’Espagne avec la Catalogne) ou fédératifs (Canada avec le Québec), cet ouvrage dresse un portrait nuancé de la question et pose les bases en vue d’un questionnement du legs encore trop fragile des grands penseurs de la pensée fédérale.

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Gottschee revisited

Geschichtsnarrative und Identitätsmanagement im Cyberspace

Georg Marschnig

Das Buch bietet eine diskursanalytische Untersuchung kollektiver Identitätskonstruktionen im Internet. Dabei wird die globale Gottscheer-Diaspora hinsichtlich der Erzählung ihrer eigenen Geschichte fokussiert. Nach mehreren Auswanderungswellen, der Umsiedlung 1941 und der Flucht aus dem heutigen Slowenien, leben Gottscheerinnen und Gottscheer heute über die ganze Welt verstreut. Viele sind in Vereinen organisiert. Die auf den Websites präsentierten Geschichten werden diskursanalytisch untersucht. Dabei arbeitet der Autor gegenläufige Narrative heraus, verdeutlicht umkämpfte Erzählungen und beschreibt Kämpfe um Deutungshoheiten. Die Untersuchung ist von hoher Relevanz, da angesichts des langsamen Verschwindens der letzten in der Kocevska/Gottschee Geborenen eine neue Phase in der Erinnerung der Gottscheer Geschichte beginnt.

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Edited by Linda Bryder and Martin Gorsky