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David Ulrich

Bei der Abwicklung eines D&O-Versicherungsfalls, der aufgrund einer Innenhaftung ausgelöst wurde, führt die zwischen VR, VN und vP bestehende Dreieckskonstellation zu Interessenkollisionen. Bisher sind weder aus der Wissenschaft noch aus der Praxis zufriedenstellende Vertragsgestaltungen bekannt, die eine direkte Inanspruchnahme interessengerecht regeln. Die Arbeit zielt daher darauf ab, zu untersuchen, ob und wie eine interessengerechte Abwicklung des D&O-Versicherungsfalls durch eine direkte Inanspruchnahme des D&O-Versicherers erreicht werden kann.

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Against the Grain

The Poetics of Non-Normative Masculinity in Decadent French Literature


Mathew Rickard

Is it really a man’s world? At a time when masculinity is being challenged, this book explores the links between reading and writing and how they have historically been associated with masculine privilege. This book focuses on the representation of masculinity as a literary concept in Decadent literature by Huysmans, Lorrain, Rachilde, and Mirbeau to demonstrate how the movement both appropriated and subverted patriarchal assumptions surrounding reading and writing. The author takes a broad approach towards masculinity and its discontents by uncovering unlikely pretenders to the throne – witches, dandies, and cuckolds – destabilising its validity. By positioning the study against the backdrop of the fi n-de-siècle «crisis» of masculinity, the book undermines previously held assertions about the nature of masculinity then and now, opening up fresh ground for the appraisal and analysis of gender in French studies and beyond.

This book was Joint Winner of the 2019 Peter Lang Young Scholars Competition in Nineteenth-Century French Studies.

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«Dunkle Kontinente» und onirische Schreibweisen

Bausteine für eine alternative Genealogie der Traumliteratur von Nodier bis Cixous


Isabel Maurer Queipo

Die Literatur des 19. Jahrhunderts und die der historischen Avantgarde basieren auf einem traditionellen Gendercode, in dem in der Regel das weibliche Geschlecht als begehrtes Objekt männlicher (Wunsch)Träume und Phantasmen imaginiert und nur dem Mann die Rolle des Träumers zugewiesen wird. Dies ändert sich grundlegend erst ab den 70er Jahren des 20. Jahrhunderts mit dem Aufkommen der feministischen Bewegungen. Vor allem durch die kritische Relektüre der weiblichen Schreibweise (écriture féminine) als Variante der traumanalogen Schreibweise (écriture onirique) und des automatischen Schreibens (écriture automatique) bietet die Untersuchung eine alternative Traumgenealogie an.

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Edited by Fabio Caputo Dalpra and Anders-Christian Jacobsen

What is a human being according to Augustine of Hippo? This question has occupied a group of researchers from Brazil and Europe and has been explored at two workshops during which the contributors to this volume have discussed anthropological themes in Augustine’s vast corpus. In this volume, the reader will find articles on a wide spectrum of Augustine’s anthropological ideas. Some contributions focus on specific texts, while others focus on specific theological or philosophical aspects of Augustine’s anthropology. The authors of the articles in this volume are convinced that Augustine’s anthropology is of major importance for how human beings have been understood in Western civilization for better or for worse. The topic is therefore highly relevant to present times in which humanity is under pressure from various sides.

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From Potentials to Reality: Transforming Africa's Food Production

Investment and policy priorities for sufficient, nutritious and sustainable food supplies


Edited by Joachim von Braun, Assefa Admassie, Sheryl Hendriks, Getaw Tadesse and Heike Baumüller

This book identifies ways in which Africa can realize its potential to secure a supply of food for affordable and healthy diets through the sustainable use of its own resources. The focus is on investment, cooperation, and policy action. The agenda proposed here is intended to be a long-term one, but one that should be initiated in the short term with concrete actions.

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Edited by Adil Akinci and ÖZER ÖZCELIK

This volume is a collection of empirical and theoretical research papers regarding
economics, public finance and business written by researchers from several different
universities. It also includes a wide range of topics concerning issues in economics,
public finance and business. This book is aimed at educators, researchers and
students interested in these fields.
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Edited by Louis Fantasia

Playing Shakespeare’s Rebels and Tyrants is the fourth volume in the Peter Lang series, Playing Shakespeare’s Characters. As in the previous volumes, a broad range of contributors (actors, directors, scholars, educators, etc.) analyze the concepts of rebellion, tyranny, leadership, empathy with not only references to Elizabethan and Jacobean studies, but also to Donald Trump, the social justice movement, and the January 6, 2021 insurrection. Shakespeare's rebels occupy space in both the personal and political, and often quickly turn from rebel to tyrant once in power. How can Shakespeare's text inform current conversations about race, equity, representation, rebellion and tyranny? Who gets to define the power dynamics in Shakespeare’s plays? This volume looks at the Henrys, Hotspurs, Richards, Lears, Brutuses and Caesars, as well as the Juliets, Rosalinds and Cordelias who make up the panoply of Shakespeares rebels and tyrants.

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Edited by Kadircan Hidir Keskinbora

Even well after his lifetime, Ibn Sina was renowned, not just in medicine or philosophy, but in other areas, especially in the Islamic world. In brief, he was an authority in the Islamic East, or an “auctoritas”. However, in the west, his work was massively influential in not only the medical education curricula, but also in the important, innovative doctrines in philosophy. The most fundamental sections of his major encyclopedia, al-Shifâ being translated into Latin as early as the 12th and 13th centuries and spreading throughout universities dispersed this impact rapidly. Known as “the prince of physicians”, Ibn Sina is the writer of the Canon of Medicine (al-Qa¯nu¯ n fi ‘al-Tibb), which became a medical standard in the Christian west as well as the Islamic world.

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La frase pseudoscissa in italiano e in tedesco

Definizione, tipologia e analisi delle sue manifestazioni nella prosa giornalistica online


Rocío Agar Marco

The pseudoscissa sentence has not so far been the subject of an Italian-German contrastive study. This research sheds light on the much discussed boundaries of the structure, expands the knowledge on its syntactic, semantic and pragmatic nature, and proposes a definition accompanied by a typology that collects all its possible manifestations.
The corpus-based analysis of a sample of texts taken from online newspapers (created for the ICOCP project, Italian Constituent Order in a Contrastive Perspective at the University of Basel) helps us to better understand their form, distribution and discursive functions.
In addition to providing new data on the language of online newspapers, the results of the study are also useful and applicable in the field of translation and language teaching.
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Der Unternehmensnießbrauch als umfassende Belastung an einem Unternehmen

Dogmatische Grundlagen, deutsche Rechtslage sowie vergleichende Betrachtung der britischen floating charge als Vorbild zur weiteren Rechtsentwicklung


Christina Stella Papadimitriou

Unternehmen sind darauf angewiesen, Kredite in Anspruch zu nehmen. Der Umfang der eingebrachten Sicherheiten bedingt die Kreditkonditionen. Allerdings ist es immer weniger Unternehmen möglich, Sicherheiten zu gewähren. Es drängt sich der Gedanke auf, ein Unternehmen insgesamt als Sicherungsgegenstand heranzuziehen. In England ist seit Mitte des 19. Jahrhunderts die floating charge anerkannt, die bereits als Vorbild für andere Globalsicherheiten diente. Im deutschen Recht gibt es de lege lata keine Globalsicherheit an einem Unternehmen. Die Dissertation beschäftigt sich mit dem Unternehmensnießbrauch und prüft, ob und in welcher Form sich dieser als umfassende Unternehmensbelastung zu Kreditsicherungszwecken eignet.