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Serving Refugee Children

Listening to Stories of Detention in the USA

Edited by Montse Feu and Amanda Venta

Serving Refugee Children shows the struggles and traumatic experiences that unaccompanied and/or undocumented children undergo when seeking safety in the United States and find instead imprisonment, separation from their families, and ICE raids in what would have become their neighborhoods. Current legislation and bureaucracy limit first-person narratives from these children, but service providers and grassroots activist authoring the pieces in this collection bear witness to the children’s brave human spirits in their search for safety and their arrival in the United States. Through the power of storytelling, Serving Refugee Children exposes current detention center conditions while also protecting detained children. No child should have to live the persecution suffered by children featured in these stories, nor should they have to embark upon perilous journeys across Latin America or be subjected to the difficult immigration court process unaided. Researchers and the general public who believe that the emotional bonding of telling stories continues to humanize discussions and who want immigration policies that foster a culture of engagement and interconnectedness will be interested in this volume.
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Intercultural Issues and Concepts

A Multi-Disciplinary Glossary


Edited by Maddalena Colombo and Guia Gilardoni

Why an intercultural glossary today? How does interculturalism deal with the cultural shifts led by the resurgence of populism in Europe leading towards increasingly close-minded and selfish attitudes? Are the social sciences helpful in the implementation of an intercultural approach? How to teach students the fundamentals of interculturalism? Over the last years, the fierce populisms raising around Europe has been a strong enemy of interculturalism which grow weaker in front of the simplest solutions provided by intolerance and racism. Social sciences provide strong concepts to be grounded in social policy, urban administration, education, and interreligious dialogue. Drawing from sociology, psychology, history, philosophy, education, human geography, and international law, the book offers a list of 18 «middle-range concepts»– as social integration, migration governance, cultural identity, participation, citizenship, reflexivity, resilience - and «thematic issues», like overcoming racism, revitalising urban periphery, and human rights enforcement. Each entry includes elements of reflection for the development of practices and projects coping with major societal challenges in the extra-academic areas. The book, written by a multi-national pool of European academic lectures, is meant to facilitate all actors committed to the building of a more inclusive society.

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Ethnographic Borders and Boundaries

Permeability, Plasticity, and Possibilities

Edited by Robert E. Rinehart, Jacquie Kidd and Karen N. Barbour

Immigrants, migrants, displaced, and diasporic persons: all have been constrained or enabled by borders of some sort. This book explores international cases of how and why such boundaries come to be; who is affected by socially constructed borders; what it means to individuals and nation-states to recognise and deal with arbitrary divisions; and finally, what might be done to find – and act on – solutions to the inequity wrought by these borders and boundaries.

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Druze Reincarnation Narratives

Previous Life Memories, Discourses, and the Construction of Identities

Edited by Gebhard Fartacek

This book follows the journey of Druze individuals who can remember their former lives and go on search for their previous families. For the Druze, an ethno-religious minority in the Middle East split between different nation-states, such cases and related discourses embody ambivalent bridges between personal, familial, and ethnic identities.

The contributions in this book, presented by Eléonore Armanet, Nour Farra Haddad, Gebhard Fartacek, Tobias Lang, Lorenz Nigst, and Salma Samaha, draw on ethnographic inquiries and illuminate the broad field of Druze conceptions of rebirth and group coherence against the backdrop of everyday challenges and recent conflicts in the Middle East and beyond.

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Edited by Murat Özyavuz

Global warming and the resulting climate change affect our cities the most. In the recent years, migration to cities from the rural areas has increased. With this, an orderly structuring occurred in the cities, and as a result, the quality of the urban environment started to decrease. For this reason, planners and designers have started to introduce different approaches to make cities more sustainable and livable. This book contains new theories, approaches and practices that scientists deal with regarding physical planning and design.

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Edited by Holger Kuße

Протест – это коммуникативный акт отрицания и отклонения с целью изменить существующую ситуацию или воспрепятствовать какому-то намерению. В центре внимания международного коллектива авторов находятся массовые протесты в Республике Беларусь, вызванные официальной интерпретацией результатов выбора президента в августе 2020 года. Протесты рассматриваются с лингвистической точки зрения. Внимание уделяется используемой лексике, взаимодействию разных языковых систем, различным формам вербального сопротивления, в том числе лозунгам, плакатам, мемам, хэштегам, «речевкам» и др.

A protest is a communicative act of denial and rejection with the aim to change an existing situation or to prevent a given intention. The focus of the international team of authors is on the mass protests in the Republic of Belarus caused by the official interpretation of the results of the presidential election in August 2020. The protests are examined from a linguistic perspective. Attention is paid to the vocabulary used, the interaction of different linguistic systems, different forms of verbal resistance, including slogans, posters, memes, hashtags, "sayings", etc.

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Digital Wellbeing

Implications for Psychological Research

Edited by Dana Rad, Valentina Emilia Balas, Vasile Doru Marineanu and Roxana Maier

In today’s society where the development of digital technologies is emerging, it is important to take into consideration the development of individual wellbeing when it comes to engagement with the digital environment. This book represents one of the first scientific attempts to understand how the rapid deployment of digital technologies and their uptake by society have modified our relationships with ourselves, each other, and our environment. As a result, our individual and social wellbeing are now intimately connected with the state of our information environment and the digital technologies that mediate our interaction with it, which poses pressing ethical questions concerning the impact of digital technologies on our wellbeing that need to be addressed.

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Projet en partage, partage sans projet

Les dimensions sociales et territoriales du projet

Edited by Pauline Bosredon and Frédéric Dumont

Projet en partage, partage sans projet ou partage comme projet : quelle est la dimension sociale du projet ? Comment pense-t-on le partage avant le projet, quels acteurs sociaux y participent, quand en sont-ils absents ? C’est sur ces éléments que se penche cet ouvrage qui traite de projets urbains, de catégories d’acteurs, d’implications participatives et d’effets sociaux localisés. Et quels effets ? Effets de sens, effets de pouvoir, effets sociaux et décalages effectifs entre objectifs affichés et réalités sociales parfois tenaces. Au nord comme au sud, pour mettre en œuvre le projet les moyens sont variés, les outils sont divers, de la suggestion à la contrainte, des « bonnes pratiques » aux processus autoritaires. Aucun projet présenté dans les textes de cet ouvrage n’inclut parfaitement la participation à la totalité du processus. Certains l’intègrent à leur méthodologie, avec des résultats plus ou moins effectifs mais des intentions claires, des acteurs identifiés et une temporalité bien définie. D’autres projets qui se présentent comme partagés sont bien moins formalisés, informels voire déguisés et font parfois l’objet de contestations et de contre-propositions. Dans tous les cas, c’est à l’issue du projet de territoire que l’on en mesure réellement la dimension sociale, l’objectif visé par ces projets n’étant pas nécessairement un espace partagé. En présentant des projets de natures différentes et à plusieurs échelles (requalification de l’espace public, amélioration de l’habitat, renouvellement urbain…), les sept chapitres de cet ouvrage abordent ainsi des enjeux variés de mixité sociale et de gentrification, de dé-paupérisation, de préservation de l’entre-soi et d’éviction brutale de certains segments de population.

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Linguistische Beiträge zur Slavistik

XXVIII. JungslavistInnen-Treffen, 18. bis 20. September 2019 in Hamburg


Edited by Nelli Ritter and Martin Henzelmann

Der vorliegende Sammelband präsentiert die Ergebnisse des XXVIII. JungslavistInnen-Treffens, welches im September 2019 an der Universität Hamburg stattfand. Die Beiträge erstrecken sich über ein weitreichendes sprachwissenschaftliches Spektrum, das sowohl diachrone als auch synchrone Fragestellungen umfasst. So werden aktuelle Forschungsergebnisse aus der Linguistic Landscape, der Eye-Tracking-Forschung und der Arbeit mit empirischen Beobachtungen neben weiteren linguistischen Studien vorgestellt.

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Edited by Rasim Yilmaz and Günther Löschnigg

This book, the fifth volume of Studies on Balkan and Near Eastern Social Sciences, is a collection of empirical and theoretical research papers in the social sciences regarding the Balkans and the Near East written by researchers from several different universities and institutions. The book addresses economic, business, marketing, management, financial, political, historical, phycological, international economics, and international relations issues in the region of the Balkan and Near East. The book is aimed at educators, researchers, and students interested in the Balkan and Near Eastern countries.