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Leith Morton

This book analyzes the literature that emerged from World War II. It also examines the literature that resulted from the two major earthquakes that have struck Japan over the course of over the last hundred years. The small number of volumes previously published examining the literature of war and earthquakes in Japan have almost always focused exclusively on fiction while this volume focuses mainly on poetry. This volume breaks new ground in its attempt to draw together and analyze the literature produced by these tragedies as a single phenomenon. It provides a new template for the literature of trauma produced by such events as the earthquake that accompanied the tsunami and nuclear meltdown in northeast Japan in 2011.

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Culture and Psychopathology

The Anthropology of Mental Illness

Georgi Onchev

The book sets itself the ambitious task of exploring the relationship between human culture and the phenomenon of mental illness, that which has embarrassed, fascinated, and challenged educated minds throughout the centuries. Various manifestations of this phenomenon are examined in specific cultural contexts, presented with notable competence, and illustrated with memorable descriptions of clinical cases. (…) The book and its author have many merits—the capacity to present a highly specialized subject in an intelligible, absorbing, and simultaneously profound manner; respectable erudition and academic self-discipline; and the notable skill of handling different domains of knowledge, among others. The most remarkable quality, however, is the author’s concern both for the reader—who is carefully led into quite unknown and still frightening territory—as well as for his protagonists, the mentally ill. All told, I believe that this book will be of interest not just to students of psychiatry, psychology, and anthropology, but also to a broader circle of readers who are excited by the wretched and admirable destiny of being human.

Haralan Alexandrov

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Das Verhältnis von Buddhismus und Politik in Sri Lanka

Narrative Kontinuität durch Traditionskonstruktion


Madlen Krüger

In Sri Lanka galt über Jahrhunderte das in buddhistischen Chroniken festgelegte Verhältnis zwischen König und Mönchsorden. Mit dem Wegfall des Königs im 19. Jh. wird die Verbindung von Buddhismus und Politik neu verhandelt. Einführend in die Diskussion zur Konstruktion von Tradition illustriert die Autorin, wie vor dem Hintergrund kolonialer Einflüsse und postkolonialer Umbrüche vorkoloniale Ordnungen, wie etwa die Verbindung von König – Mönchsorden – Volk, neuen Aushandlungsprozessen unterliegen. Im Fokus stehen religionspolitische Debatten, die seit der Unabhängigkeit 1948 bis zu den Präsidentschaftswahlen 2015 zwischen politisch aktiven Mönchen und den jeweiligen Regierungen oder Präsidenten geführt wurden. Die Autorin zeigt auf, wie Fragen nach den Aufgabenbereichen und Verantwortungen des Staates gegenüber dem Buddha Sāsana sowie den Zuständigkeiten und Pflichten der Mönche debattiert werden.

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New Approaches in Health Sciences

New Methods and Developments in Health Sciences

Edited by Gökhan Aba

New methods, new approaches and advanced technologies have started to be used for patients to gain access to less costly and more quality diagnosis and treatment services in a shorter time. This book, which includes new approaches in health sciences, has been written by successful and expert researchers who work in different health disciplines of health sciences.