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Edited by Dorothy M. Figueira

This volume begins with the assumption that "Hindu" should not be conflated with "Indian" (as in the case of Orientalist criticism of Indian theatre) and that modern Indian theatre need not have its starting point in classical Sanskrit drama (as many Indologists would assert). Rather, this volume uses the insights of reception theory's critique of nationalist historiography to explore a possible framework with which one might theoretically locate the issues inherent in the terms "modern Indian theatre."

Following the work of the eminent Indian comparatist, Sisir Kumar Das, this volume looks at how modernity in Indian theatre entails attempts of various Indian language groups to adjust to the forced cohabitation with both foreign and indigenous traditions. Rather than looking at Indian theatre as solely a process of Westernization or Sanskritization, this book looks at it as a response. The aesthetics of reception is then seen as a transactional and dialogical process wherein one is not always just responding to the Western or the classical Indian contexts. As opposed to most postcolonial and Indological readings, this volume traces the domain of the social imagination that has shaped modern Indian sensibilities across various languages and thereby resisting the hermetic aesthetic of reliance on hegemonic languages such as Sanskrit and English. The cover tries to reflect the overall approach of the volume. A theatrical play begins with the lighting of the ritual lamp to signify drama being given to humanity by Brahma, the Creator. According to the compendium on dramatic arts (The Natyashastra, chapter 21), the hand gesture depicted here heralds the ensuing dramatic action.

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Verleger als Leser und als Vermittler von Lesekultur

Britische Verlegerkarrieren zwischen 1800 und 1926 unter besonderer Berücksichtigung lesebiographischer Ansätze


Sandra Simon

Verlegerpersönlichkeiten, die das Profil ihrer Verlage entscheidend gestalteten und auf die Lesekultur ihrer Zeit einwirkten, prägten das Verlagswesen im neunzehnten Jahrhundert. Gegenstand der vorliegenden Publikation sind die vier britischen Verleger William (1800-1883) und Robert Chambers (1802-1871), C. Kegan Paul (1828-1902) sowie J. M. Dent (1849-1926). Im Rückgriff auf biographische Ansätze der Leserforschung und Verlagsgeschichte arbeitet die Autorin die konkreten Umstände der Lesesozialisation der Verleger, ihren Bezug zum Lesen und zum Buch sowie die Auswirkungen auf das Selbstverständnis der Verleger und ihren Einfluss auf die Lesekultur ihrer Zeit heraus.

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Mario Praz

Voice in the Post-Romantic Scene


Edited by Elisa Bizzotto

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Translating Hafiz

Challenges and Strategies

Saman Rezaei and Ali Salami

Translating Hafiz: Challenges and Strategies examines to what extent mystical concepts in the poetry of Hafiz can be conveyed in the process of translation. Focusing on three English translations of the great Persian poet—who exercised a profound impact on prominent European and American poets such as Goethe, Emerson, and Tennyson—authors Saman Rezaei and Ali Salami assess the extent to which the translators have succeeded in transferring the mystical concepts in English. This book also investigates the strategies employed by translators based on Lefevere’s strategies of literary translation. Translating Hafiz ascertains how successful the translators have been in rendering these terms in English and which strategy is the best one in translating poetry, particularly classical poetry, into English. This book caters well to the needs of students and scholars in the fields of translation studies, cultural studies, and Iranian studies.

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Romanticism, Reaction and Revolution

British Views on Spain, 1814–1823


Edited by Bernard Beatty and Alicia Laspra Rodríguez

When the Peninsular War ended in 1814, the prolonged struggle had all but exhausted both British government finances and the British public’s enthusiasm for war. The authoritarian rule of Ferdinand VII aroused long-standing British suspicions of Spanish ways, which emerged in British literary works that depicted a retrograde, fanatical Spain. The tumultuous years following Ferdinand’s reign also led to divisions among the European powers, some favouring the restoration of Ferdinand, with the British government and liberal forces vehemently opposed.

This diverse volume focuses on British reactions to, and representations of, Spanish affairs during this lively period (1814–1823). It demonstrates both Spain’s visibility in Regency Britain and the consequent inspiration and dialectical activity of British politicians, artists and intellectuals. It does so through a combination of literary, social, historical and cultural perspectives that bring both fresh light to this formative period of nineteenth-century British attitudes to Spain and a wealth of new scholarly material.

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Ceremonial Storytelling

Ritual and Narrative in Post-9/11 US Wars


Frank Usbeck

US society has controversially debated civil-military relationships and war trauma since the Vietnam War. Civic activists today promote Indigenous warrior traditions as role models for non-Native veteran reintegration and health care. They particularly stress the role of ritual and narrative for civil-military negotiations of war experience and for trauma therapy. Applying a cultural-comparative lens, this book reads non-Native soldiers’ and veterans’ life writing from post-9/11 wars as «ceremonial storytelling.» It analyzes activist academic texts, «milblogs» written in the war zone, as well as «homecoming scenarios.» Soldiers’ and veterans’ interactions with civilians constitute jointly constructed, narrative civic rituals that discuss the meaning of war experience and homecoming.

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Revisiting Walt Whitman

On the Occasion of his 200th Birthday

Winfried Herget

The collection of essays explores the transnational and intermedial (music, visual arts, digital media) legacy of Walt Whitman. It provides examples of his influence as well as suggestive parallels in contemporary poetry and thought. One common concern is the question of Whitman’s understanding of democracy and its consequences for poetry and art. Revisiting Whitman has no revisionist agenda. Nor is it nearly celebratory: it also shows tensions and ambivalences in the oeuvre of "The Good Gray Poet."

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Edited by Ivo Fabijanić, Vesna Ukić Košta, Lidija Štrmelj and Monika Bregović

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Janina Kuhn

Die vorliegende länder- und schulartübergreifende Studie geht der Frage nach, welchen Beitrag der Englischunterricht zur politischen Bildung von Schülerinnen und Schülern leistet. Ausgehend von den Anforderungen an einen politisch mündigen Bürger, werden potentiell politisch relevante Themen einer inhaltlichen und didaktisch-methodischen Würdigung unterzogen. Das qualitativ angelegte Forschungsprojekt leistet einen Beitrag zur Lehrwerkkritik. Auf der Basis der Untersuchungsergebnisse zeigt die Arbeit Perspektiven auf, wie Potentiale für die Entwicklung politischer Bildung im Englischunterricht in einer neuen Lehrwerkgeneration genutzt werden können.

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American Patriotism and Corporate Identity in Automobile Advertising

«What’s Good for General Motors Is Good for the Country and Vice Versa?»


Markus Weik

The triumphal march of the automobile and its connection with American culture have often been acknowledged in scholarship. By contrast, the culture-specific, value-oriented advertising strategies of the most important US carmaker General Motors (GM) in its home market have received less attention, especially in American Studies. This study focuses on the connection between GM products and America and the fundamental values represented by politics, business, and society. The author examines which textual and visual strategies GM uses in its image advertising to establish and maintain its patriotic American image. He argues that GM’s advertising campaigns follow a patriotic leitmotif and are consistently in line with American core values, often generating new patriotic ideas.