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Der Abzug von Kapital aus einer Aktiengesellschaft im faktischen und im Vertragskonzern

Entzug von Vermögenswerten vor Beendigung eines Konzerns und beim refinanzierten Erwerb


Erik Stegner

Die vorliegende Publikation behandelt den Abzug von Vermögenswerten aus einer Aktiengesellschaft vor dem Hintergrund von zwei praktischen Fallkonstellationen: Zum einen liegt der Untersuchung der Fall zu Grunde, in dem Vermögenswerte in einem Vertragskonzern der beherrschten Gesellschaft entzogen werden, und der Vertragskonzern anschließend beendet wird. Zum zweiten geht es um Fälle des sogenannten »Leveraged Buyout«, des refinanzierten Unternehmenskaufs, bei dem die Vermögenswerte der Zielgesellschaft durch den Finanzinvestor herangezogen werden, um den Kaufpreis zu refinanzieren.

Die Publikation geht der Frage nach, ob hierfür ein Beherrschungs- und Gewinnabführungsvertrag rechtlich notwendige Voraussetzung ist, und welche rechtlichen Grenzen dem Entzug von Vermögenswerten gesetzt sind.

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Edited by Louis Fantasia

The essays in Playing Shakespeare’s Villains trouble our assumptions of what—and who—constitutes "villainy" in Shakespeare’s works, through probing and provocative analyses of the murky moral logics at play in the Bard’s oeuvre. Shakespeare spreads before us a panoply of evil, villainy, and amorality—of characters doing bad things for good reasons, bad things for bad reasons, and bad things for no reason at all. How does Shakespeare handle culpability and consequence? How much does he justify his villains’ actions? How much do we enjoy watching people get away with murder and mayhem? What are we to make of the moral universe that Shakesperare presents: a universe in which some villains are punished and others seem to be rewarded; where mischief can quickly turn violent; and where an entire world can be brought down by someone’s willful insistence on having one’s way? Questions like these animate the discussions in this lively volume, the second in the Playing Shakespeare’s Characters series.

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Der Streit um die Krefelder Fronleichnamsprozession

Ein lokaler Kulturkampf im 19. Jahrhundert

Volker Speth

In der ersten Hälfte des 19. Jahrhunderts bemühte sich der Krefelder katholische Pfarrer Reinarz gemäß dem Wunsch der katholischen Bevölkerungsmehrheit um die polizeiliche Erlaubnis zur alljährlichen Durchführung einer öffentlichen Fronleichnamsprozession in der Stadt Krefeld, die seit über 200 Jahren verboten war. Mehrere Versuche scheiterten am Widerstand des Bürgermeisters, des Landrats und der preußischen Regierung, welche damit die sozialpolitischen Herrschaftsinteressen der protestantischen städtischen Führungsschicht auch auf religiös-kultischem Gebiet vertraten und verteidigten. Erst die Revolution von 1848/49 und die Religionsartikel der preußischen Verfassung vom 5. Dezember 1848 ermöglichten 1849 die erstmalige Prozessionsabhaltung. Dadurch dass die langjährige Gegenwehr auf eine Säkularisierung des öffentlichen Raums mittels seiner Freihaltung von Gottesdiensten abzielte und in einem Antiklerikalismus, der wiederum in einem latenten Antikatholizismus wurzelte, mitbegründet lag, gewannen die Auseinandersetzungen den Charakter eines lokalen Kulturkampfes in der Reihe der vielen Kulturkämpfe des 19. Jahrhunderts.

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Edited by Michał Organ

The book offers a comprehensive collection of carefully selected studies covering some of the most intriguing aspects within the field of audiovisual translation. The presented contributions delivered by authors representing different academic institutions seek to discuss theoretical and practical implications arising from the application of audiovisual materials in the process of foreign language teaching, the aspects of interlingual subtitling of news programmes, analysis of closed captions, the study of traditional folktales, rewriting and censoring of iconic series, the rendition of wordplays in audiovisual productions and the translation of video games.

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Frank Feuerpeil

Der Kindesunterhalt ist nach aktueller Rechtslage im Namen des betreuenden Elternteils als gesetzlicher Verfahrensstandschafter geltend zu machen, soweit die Eltern miteinander verheiratet sind. Sind die Kindeseltern nicht verheiratet, so ist die Geltendmachung des Kindesunterhalts nur im Namen des Kindes zulässig. Der Autor greift die Frage auf, ob diese Ungleichbehandlung von ehelichen und unehelichen Kindern gerechtfertigt ist. Hierbei geht er auf die mit der gesetzlichen Verfahrensstandschaft verbundenen Probleme materiell-, verfahrens-, vollstreckungs- sowie standesrechtlicher Art ein. Unter Bezugnahme auf den Sinn und Zweck der gesetzlichen Verfahrensstandschaft präsentiert der Autor Reformvorschläge zur Gestaltung einer verfassungsgemäßen und praxisorientierten Gesetzeslage.

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Orthodoxy and Ecumenism

Towards an Active Metanoia

Razvan Porumb

This book explores the relationship between the Orthodox tradition and the ecumenical practice of engagement with other Christian traditions. This relationship has for a long time been compromised by an underlying tension, as the Orthodox have chosen to participate in ecumenical encounters while – often at the same time – denouncing the ecumenical movement as deficient and illegitimate. The author perceives this relationship to be even more inconsistent since the core of Orthodoxy as professed by the Orthodox is precisely that of re-establishing the unity and catholicity of the Church of Christ. This vision informs Orthodox identity as essentially a Church of exploration, of engagement and dialogue, a Church committed to drive all other traditions, but also itself back to the «right» primordial faith. The book exposes the risk of Orthodox theology turning into an oppositional picture of Orthodoxy as necessarily opposed to a heterodox antipode, rather than being the continuous dynamic reality of the living Church of Christ. The author proposes the rediscovery of a set of paradigms in an ethos of humble, active metanoia that would enable a more plenary ecumenical operation for the Orthodox as well as a renewed awareness of their own spirituality.
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Curricular Innovations

LGBTQ Literatures and the New English Studies

Edited by William P. Banks and John Pruitt

Where others have explored the teaching of LGBTQ literature courses, Curricular Innovations: LGBTQ Literatures and the New English Studies explores the impact that queer writers and their works are having across the broader undergraduate curriculum of English departments, as well as beyond those department spaces. While courses that focus on queer texts provide more space for students to think about the complexities of queer lives, this book breaks out of the specialized LGBTQ classroom to consider how we might also restructure and reframe a diverse set of undergraduate courses by paying attention to the contributions that LGBTQ writers make. Beyond simply including a text or two to represent "difference," contributors to this volume take a more structural approach in order to demonstrate ways of theming or designing courses around language, desire, and sexuality. They also demonstrate what happens when queer texts are given freedom to shape other classroom spaces, discussions, and reading/writing practices. This collection offers a practical intervention into conversations about the purposes and places of LGBTQ literatures by making good on the challenges that queer theories have posed to higher education over the last forty years.

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Dismantling the Disabling Environments of Education

Creating New Cultures and Contexts for Accommodating Difference


Edited by Peter Smagorinsky, Joseph Tobin and Kyunghwa Lee

Dismantling the Disabling Environments of Education: Creating New Cultures and Contexts for Accommodating Difference challenges assumptions that view people of difference to be "abnormal," that isolate attention to their difference solely in the individual, that treat areas of difference as matters of deficiency, and that separate youth of difference from the mainstream and treat them as pathologized. As outsiders to mainstream special education, the authors of this collection take a more social and cultural perspective that views the surrounding social environment as at least as problematic as any point of difference in any individual. Most of the scholars contributing to this volume work with preservice and inservice teachers and grapple with issues of curriculum and pedagogy. One of the primary audiences we hope to reach with this book is our colleagues and practitioners who have not made special education or disability studies the focus of their careers, but who, like we, are determined to engage with the full range of people who attend schools. Dismantling the Disabling Environments of Education: Creating New Cultures and Contexts for Accommodating Difference can be a valuable text for undergraduate and graduate courses in teacher education, as it addresses key issues of inclusion, diversity, equity, and differentiated approaches to educating the full range of students.

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Das Kartellbußgeldrecht unter ökonomischer Perspektive

Bewertung der europäischen und der deutschen Sanktionsnormen und Entwicklung effektiver Vorschriften


Thomas Knapowski

Geldbußen wegen Verstößen gegen das europäische oder das deutsche Kartellrecht erreichen nahezu jedes Jahr neue Rekordwerte. Der Autor untersucht daher, ob die geltenden europäischen und deutschen Bußgeldvorschriften nach der ökonomischen Theorie der öffentlichen Rechtsdurchsetzung optimal sind. Dazu stellt er dessen Standardmodell und die relevanten Erweiterungen dar. Eine Bewertung der geltenden Vorschriften ergibt, dass diese den Anforderungen der ökonomischen Theorie nicht entsprechen. Der Autor entwickelt daher anhand der ökonomischen Theorie neue Bußgeldvorschriften. Aus ökonomischer wie aus juristischer Sicht sind diese den geltenden Regelungen vorzuziehen.

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Language and its Effects

Proceedings from the 31st International Conference of the Croatian Applied Linguistics Society

Edited by Marija Brala Vukanović and Anita Memišević

The effects of language are numerous. Some are known and have been described, other effects are intuitive and are still waiting to be understood, explained and predicted, while – possibly – there might be more effects that we are still unaware of. The book brings together 16 contributions organized into two main sections: The first one relates to the issue of the effects of language in the FL classroom. The second one can, broadly speaking, be subsumed under the heading of sociolinguistics, given that it brings together a number of papers exploring the effects of language on society and/or on the individual. The answers to the questions have been provided by linguists – theoreticians and practitioners - from multiple perspectives. Thus, the conclusions and invitations for further research put forth in the papers collected in this book, should be of use to anyone with an interest in the effects of language, from cognitive scientists to FL teachers.