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Edited by Dino Mujadzevic

As digital humanities in recent years have been taking roots in major international research centers, this edited volume consisting of ten papers including the introduction seeks to examine the current state of the digital/data-driven research in history and neighboring disciplines dealing with Southeast Europe as well as with the Ottoman Empire and to give an interdisciplinary impetus by bringing together international scholars working with various digital approaches. The included papers give a broad introduction into the field and follow various methods of digital analysis and visualization incorporating approaches like corpus-assisted critical discourse analysis,GIS (Geographic Information Systems), agent-based modelling, computationalstatistics etc.

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L’émergence de la norme internationale sur le « crime d’honneur »

Une analyse du discours onusien dans la perspective de l’histoire des religions

Aurore Schwab

Ce livre ouvre un nouveau champ d’études : les dynamiques normatives globales relatives aux religions. Le cas de la norme internationale des droits de l’homme sur la pratique du crime d’honneur retient l’attention car elle a un potentiel de dissémination mondiale et participe à la controverse sur la religiosité de la pratique du crime d’honneur au Pakistan. En empruntant la perspective de l’histoire des religions et la méthode d’analyse du discours, l’auteure atteint trois objectifs : la reconstruction des événements qui produisent la norme internationale, la mise en exergue des mécanismes sous-jacents aux discours onusiens et l’examen de la religiosité des pratiques normatives onusiennes et pakistanaises.

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Edited by Elżbieta Hałas and Nicolas Maslowski

Politics of symbolization affects the semantics of identities and power relations between various subjects, and encompasses the changing meanings of social spaces, times, historical narratives, as well as modalities of collective memory. The volume focuses on politics of symbolization across Central and Eastern Europe understood as complex spaces of semiosis that are rife with similarities and differences. Politics of symbolization consists of various strategies of referring to past collective experiences from the perspective of projected visions and representations of the future. The European Union and its politics of symbolization is relevant in this respect. The volume facilitates understanding of the problems associated with politics of symbolization in Central and Eastern Europe.

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Der Traum in der neueren russischen Lyrik

Elena Švarc, Ol’ga Sedakova und Gennadij Ajgi


Katina Baharova

Der Traum als Medium transzendenter Erfahrungen ist ein bevorzugtes literarisches Motiv von der Antike bis zur Gegenwart. Auch in der russischen inoffiziellen Lyrik der Sowjetzeit entwickelt der Traum metaphysische Dimensionen, die auf individuelle Weise gestaltet werden. Anhand der Analyse exemplarischer Gedichte wird die Traumpoetik von Elena Švarc, Ol’ga Sedakova und Gennadij Ajgi erschlossen und im Hinblick auf ihre Spezifik vergleichend ausgewertet. Die dichterisch geformten Träume erweisen sich als Wege zur Gottesbegegnung (Sedakova), zu spiritueller Selbsterkenntnis (Švarc) oder auch zu mystischer Naturerfahrung (Ajgi). Die drei AutorInnen verorten sich dadurch im literaturhistorischen Kontext der metaphysischen Lyrik, deren Tradition sie durch das Traummotiv fortsetzen.

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Under the Sign of Contradiction

Mandelstam and the Politics of Memory

Anna Razumnaya

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Peter Fitting

Edited by Brian Greenspan

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Supporting Play-Based Learning in Primary Mathematics Curriculum

Effect of Teaching Mathematics Through Different Play Types on 1st Grade Students Achievements and Retention Levels

Raci Demir

Since the elementary school years, the power of the play has been used in cognitive, social, motor, and affective ways to overcome students’ anxiety of mathematics. This book examines the effect of play-based learning method on the achievements of 1st-grade students within the scope of 8 different math plays prepared for objectives in the primary mathematics curriculum. Supported by students’ views on different math plays, including theoretical reflections on play-based learning and thoughts about methodological, empirical, and experimental approaches as well as analyses of various play studies, the research examines the role of child-centered teaching methods in primary school math curriculum from planning to play evaluation processes. Practical examples of different types of plays in teaching primary mathematics are presented to researchers and classroom teachers.

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Edited by Mustafa Demirkiran and Burhanettin Uysal

All people around the world are directly or indirectly under the influence of the SARS-CoV-2 virus, which appeared in China in December 2019, and the COVID-19 pandemic caused by it. This pandemic, which is still ongoing, has infected over 40 million people and killed around 1 million, according to the latest data from the World Health Organization. Besides significant effects on human health, the overall effect of the pandemic will be much greater than predicted, as it can also cause major social and economic problems. In this context, the book contributes with 10 original scientific studies for understanding the health, social, and economic aspects of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Citizen, Citizenship and Awareness of Citizenship

Intellectual, Political, and Social Debates in the Historical and Theoretical Framework for the Western Citizenship Case

Fikret Çelik

This book discusses the political, social and cultural change of Western civilization since ancient Greek in the adventure of civic thought in political theory. The aim of this book is to contribute to the discussion of citizenship through "citizenship awareness", because the phenomenon of citizenship, which is sometimes included in other political and social theories in the Western literature, is an even less studied subject in the "citizenship awareness" dimension. This book, while giving the opportunity to examine the views of academicians and intellectuals living in the modern and post-modern period on citizenship through a single text, provides the views of these individuals within the framework of "citizenship awareness" to those who are interested in the subject with different comments and evaluations.