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Dafydd Sills-Jones, Jouko Aaltonen and Pietari Kaapa

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Queering Freedom

Music, Identity and Spirituality: Anthology from North America, UK and South Africa

Edited by Karin Hendricks and June Boyce-Tillman

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Claire MacNeill

Applied theatre is a continually growing and diversifying field. This book is the first of its kind to examine the use of applied theatre with looked-after children. It interrogates the experiences of young people in care in the UK and the potential of applied theatre as a liberation tool within these settings. Informed by twelve years of practice-based research, the book examines how a central pedagogy was initially developed with young people and front-line staff within a residential children’s home. The author then critiques the ways in which this pedagogy was adapted and expanded to work with other «looked-after», misrepresented and marginalised young people in related settings.

The research presented here describes a unique journey through care homes, children’s prisons and inner-city estates, exploring the possibility of reclaiming childhoods through theatre practice. It asks the questions: what does it mean to be «looked after» and «cared for» by an institution? What are the challenges of developing liberatory practice within rigid and homogenising frameworks? And how can theatre forge radical creative spaces within a network of power and control?

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Edited by Janina Falkowska and Krzysztof Loska

This book examines small cinemas and their presentation of society in times of crisis and conflict from an interdisciplinary and intercultural point of view. The authors concentrate on economic, social and political challenges and point to new phenomena which have been exposed by film directors. They present essays on, among others, Basque cinema; gendered controversies in post-communist small cinemas in Slovakia and Czech Republic; ethnic stereotypes in the works of Polish filmmakers; stereotypical representation of women in Japanese avant-garde; post-communist political myths in Hungary; the separatist movements of Catalonia; people in diasporas and during migrations. In view of these timely topics, the book touches on the most serious social and political problems. The films discussed provide an excellent platform for enhancing debates on politics, gender, migration and new aesthetics in cinema at departments of history, sociology, literature and film.

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Integrated Music Education

Challenges for Teaching and Teacher Training


Edited by Markus Cslovjecsek and Madeleine Zulauf

Schools are generally oriented towards discipline-based programmes and therefore students often accumulate fragmented knowledge, disconnected from real life concerns. The eighteen contributors to this work suggest that music offers a highway to developing a more appropriate integrated education. They present a range of views on Integrated Music Education rooted in various cultural traditions, based on several interdisciplinary models and integrated arts curricula, inspired by psychological concepts and referenced to recent teaching experiments as well as original research.

In this innovative book, the reader is invited to go beyond the dichotomy between ‘education in music’ and ‘education through music’, exploring the opportunities put forward by Integrated Music Education thanks to a constant movement from the theoretical roots through a precise description of teaching activities to the benefits for students in terms of integration of knowledge, personal development, and social and cultural belonging. Lastly, there are some new and interesting ideas for training teachers.

Ausgehend von einer Reihe kultureller Traditionen, interdisziplinären oder integrierten künstlerischen Ansätzen, psychologischen Konzepten sowie originären Erfahrungen und Forschungen, stellen die Autoren dieses Buches den Reichtum einer ‘integrierten Musikpädagogik’ für die schulische Bildung vor und reflektieren, wie Lehrpersonen für diese Herausforderung qualifiziert werden können. Jedes Kapitel enthält eine Zusammenfassung in deutscher Sprache.

Se basant sur certaines traditions culturelles, sur des approches interdisciplinaires ou d’intégration des arts, sur des concepts issus de la psychologie ou encore sur des expériences et recherches originales, les contributeurs de cet ouvrage exposent les richesses d’une ‘éducation intégrée de la musique’ en milieu scolaire et réfléchissent à la manière de former les enseignants pour relever ce défi. Chaque chapitre dispose d’un résumé en français.

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Die Zauberflöte, Sources - contexte - représentations

Douze études réunies par Henri Vanhulst


Edited by Henri Vanhulst

Les auteurs de cet ouvrage, musicologues de nationalité américaine, allemande, autrichienne, française et belge, y examinent Die Zauberflöte de Mozart sous divers aspects, depuis sa création à Vienne en 1791 jusqu’aux mises en scène mémorables de Karl-Ernst Herrmann en 1991 et de William Kentridge en 2005, en passant par les arrangements de la partition et les traductions du Singspiel, leurs éditions et la diffusion de l’ensemble de ces versions.

David Buch démontre que Mozart n’est pas intervenu dans l’élaboration et la rédaction du livret qui est dû au seul Schikaneder. Michael Lorenz fait l’historique du Theater auf der Wieden et détaille grâce à des actes de baptême et autres documents d’archives la nature des relations entre les époux Schikaneder et les membres de la troupe. Jean Gribenski dresse le bilan des premières éditions parisiennes tant de La Flûte enchantée que des Mystères d’Isis. Herbert Schneider et Rainer Schmusch analysent les particularités des traductions françaises et italiennes du livret. Pour ce qui est de Bruxelles avant 1815, Henri Vanhulst examine les traces de la présence du Singspiel à l’aide des catalogues et annonces des marchands de musique et des programmes des sociétés de concert. Alexandra Gelhay, Roland Van der Hoeven, Frédéric Lemmers, Serge Algoet et Valérie Dufour en collaboration avec Laurence Wuidar étudient les étapes marquantes des représentations du Singspiel au théâtre royal de la Monnaie de 1829 à 2005. Trollflöjten, le film réalisé en 1975 par Ingmar Bergman, inspire à Dominique Nasta une réflexion sur les conceptions artistiques du cinéaste.

L’ouvrage réunit douze études, dont deux en anglais et autant en allemand.

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Mimos 2017 Sonderband Numéro Spécial Numero Speciale Numer Spezial


Edited by Anne Fournier, Andreas Härter and Beate Hochholdinger-Reiterer

Die Schweiz weist in ihren vier Sprachregionen ein überaus vielfältiges Theaterleben auf. Diese Vielfalt zu Gesicht zu bringen und dabei über Grenzen zu gehen, Theaterwelten und Theatersprachen miteinander in Verbindung zu setzen, ist Anliegen dieses Buches. Es erscheint zu einem dreifachen Jubiläum: 90 Jahre Schweizerische Gesellschaft für Theater-kultur (SGTK), 60 Jahre Hans-Reinhart-Ring, 25 Jahre Institut für Theaterwissenschaft der Universität Bern (ITW).

Avec quatre régions linguistiques, la Suisse dispose d’une vie théâtrale très métissée. Cet ouvrage ambitionne de peindre cette diversité, de lui donner un visage et d’ainsi dépasser les frontières, de faire se rencontrer des univers et des langages théâtraux multiples. Sa parution coïncide avec un triple anniversaire : les 90 ans de la Société suisse du théâtre (SST), les 60 ans de l’Anneau Hans Reinhart et les 25 ans de l’Institut d’études théâtrales (ITW) de l’Université de Berne.

Il paesaggio teatrale della Svizzera quadrilingue è estremamente variegato. Il presente volume intende mettere in luce questa pluralità, oltrepas-sando i confini e ponendo in relazione tra loro i differenti universi e linguaggi teatrali. L‘occasione è data da un triplice giubileo: i 90 anni della Società Svizzera di Studi Teatrali (SSST), i 60 anni dell’Anello Hans Reinhart e i 25 anni dell’Istituto di Scienze teatrali dell’Università di Berna (ITW).

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The Power of Symbols

The Alhambra in a Global Perspective

Edited by Francine Giese and Ariane Varela Braga

This volume intends to foster a re-interpretation of the Nasrid architecture of the Alhambra in Granada and its post-Islamic appropriation and global diffusion. Taking into account the current debates on otherness, cultural exchange and artistic transfer, hybridization, stylistic renewal and national identity building, this collection of essays explores the significance of the Alhambra from the Nasrid period to the present time. Built as a military fortress and gradually enlarged to a multi-functional palace city, by the 19th century the Alhambra became a symbol of exoticism and reverie. As one of the most important legacies of the Islamic heritage of al-Andalus, its role as a mediator between East and West is more important than ever.

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Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky

A Critical Biography

Constantin Floros

Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky remains to this day one of the most-performed Russian composers. Based on recent studies and source editions, this book demonstrates the close interrelationship between Tchaikovsky’s life and his work. The author portrays the versatility of the musician who died at the mere age of 53 under controversial circumstances in St. Petersburg.

About the German edition of this book:

«[…] Constantin Floros devotes himself initially to the biography and then to the compositional oeuvre, divided according to genre and supplemented by concrete illustrations, thus giving greater significance to the music.»

(Forum Musikbibliothek 27, 2006)

«[…] the music gets more weight of its own in the more detailed analyses – illustrated with revealing note citations – which yet always remain readily accessible.»

(Steffen A. Schmidt, Das Orchester 02/2007)

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A New Corpus Christi

Plays for Churches

Norman A. Bert

In the tradition of the medieval cycle plays performed for education, enrichment, and entertainment, A New Corpus Christi: Plays for Churches presents 25 short plays and skits with one or two scripts for each of 21 events in the church year. The scripts range from celebratory pieces to problem plays to liturgical dramas to plays that call for no worship setting accouterments. The scripts will also provide discussion starters for Sunday school classes or small groups. And some of the plays might be grouped together as programs on particular topics such as poverty and homelessness or death and dying. This book also provides a resource for university and seminary courses in liturgics and worship.